Sunday, March 1, 2015

Transgender Bodies-Modern Mental Asylums

My British BBF mentioned the other day she had just finished listening to a radio program of Hardy's Jude the Obscure. She asked if I had ever read it. I hadnt. But did think I had seen a Masterpiece Theater adaption of it as a kid, but couldn't remember any details. I did a quick search on MT's archives, yes I did see it and no still couldn't remember any details other than Jude's obscureness!

While looking through the archive reminiscing to myself as I perused, I saw this She's Been Away.
THAT now, I do remember and remember quite well. It is the story of female non-conformity, the severe price of female non-conformity as well as the severe price OF female conformity. I was moved to tears watching this in 1989 as I was yesterday watching it again.

The film centers first and Lilian, then Harriet and then draws parallels between the lives of both women, despite their seeming differences-one locked in a mental institution for 60 years and the other locked into a patriarchal society approved marriage. The institution Lilian has been confined to is being torn down -(Reagan/Thatcher era when state mental institutions were demolished, while its former inhabitants were free to a good home or the nearest street). Lilian is taken in by a distant great nephew and his wife and young son. The family is told Lilian doesnt talk, only stares out a window, "she'll be no trouble."

Once home, both women begin to SEE each other and we begin to see Lilian through snippets, as she remembers her past. We see a carefree girl, powerful, passionate and full of feeling, we see her try to communicate herself to her family to the point of anger. All failing and falling on deaf ears till she is forcibly removed to a mental asylum, where she will remain for 60 years. We see clips of her struggle in the asylum to retain her passion, her humanity only to be punished for it with electro shock. She briefly speaks of other tortures to Harriet and of slowly losing herself day after day till she woke up an old woman, worried she is now too old to start again. But despite the high price Lilian paid for being herself at all cost, Harriet admires and envies it. Harriet says she was always too afraid.

But as the film goes on Harriet, inspired by Lilian, finds the courage and she and Lilian run away; from Harriet's husband, her small but too logical son, from society and from female convention altogether.

A few review quotes:
In the 1920's, girls who were any form of non-conforming were pathologised and confined to mental institution where they were routinely drugged, tortured and their brains/minds forever mangled.

Today, non-conforming girls are being pathologised
only instead of confined into mental asylums, they're brains are being lacerated with drugs that are confined into bodies of acceptable mangled mannishness:
Through chance Lilian managed to escape her confinement, for today's "non-conformists" there will be no such chance of escape.



  1. Wow,,, the pictures are shocking!,, i didn't read the article,, the pictures says it all,,,, Whoa!

  2. I'm gonna watch that movie, thanks Dirt.

  3. Those aren't even the botched, or necrosed examples.

  4. @ March 2, 2015 at 2:10 PM

    Not botched?!
    So you mean to tell me her frankenchest (all sucked in lol, do men have chests like that??), her side to armpit scar and that quesadilla "penis" sewn over her clitoris, just above her labia that resembles everything but a scrotum and a pair of testicles is not an example of a botched body??! lmao, what world do you live in?

    More than a man, she looks like a shark attack survivor.

  5. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." George Santayana

  6. You misunderstand! What I'm saying is those are the macabre results of what they consider ok!

    That's the best they can do - which is horrible.

  7. "More than a man, she looks like a shark attack survivor."

    Oh my god. Yes. That's what this poor woman looks like.

  8. Not even thinking about penetration, how do they urinate after this surgery? I'm not seeing any urethral opening at the "tip" (that doesn't even look like a dick, yo...) so I'm guessing they don't extend the urethra in any way and instead just leave it where it is?
    If that's the case then they can't even pee standing up "naturally" after this surgery. Really, what is the point of all this...

  9. Hardcore Misogyny.

  10. To be fair, I read afterwards that they do lengthen the urethra, but there is scarring that can occur that can constrict and block the tubing, and other times the urethra itself can break and pee ends up coming out from the sides...
    Not even looking at them as women, but as human beings in general, I feel very sorry. Doing something like that to an organ that worked perfectly should never be necessary.

  11. Great job posting pictures of people's surgeries without any understanding that all of these pictures are directly after surgery while these men are still healing.
    And all of these phalloplasty photos are only after the first surgery, phalloplasty takes 2-3 surgeries and a long healing process.
    Who the hell do you think you are telling people what to do with their bodies, and telling them what would make them happy? Damn, you're like one of those homophobic politicians that gets caught blowing a dude in an airport

  12. Those phalloplasty pictures are disgusting!!!

  13. Oh, and by the way, there is no such thing as a "urethral lengthening" surgery that lasts more than 5 years with no follow-up surgeries or "revisions."

  14. Yeah 7:40
    We know its right after surgery - ah I KNEW a trender would make the comment you need - so simple minded and predictable.
    The finished product isn't significantly "better" and you know it.

  15. Excuse me the above comment was in reference to anonymous March 4, 12:24.. Typo on time
    I would like to further add that it is not stated anywhere here "what people should do with their bodies" .. You are just embarrassed by what is self evident.
    Your politician in the airport blowing a dude reference was ridiculously incongruent and nonsensical.
    My advice to you would be stop staring in the mirror and concentrate on school.

  16. @4:24 , these tiny phone keypads are murder

  17. @March 4, 2015 at 4:24 AM

    There is a reason why many, if not most, FTMs opt out of "bottom surgery". It is expensive, usually requires multiple surgeries, and never produces anything that is comparable to a penis on a biological male. Extending the female urethra has its own challenges.

    he majority of complications that occur in female-to-male gender reassignment surgery relate to the urethra and this is common to all phalloplasty procedures. The common complications include:

    *urethral fistulae;
    * urethral strictures;
    *stone formation;
    *urethral diverticula.

    Urethral Fistulae

    The urethra in the pubic phalloplasty is fashioned out of hairless labia majora and vestibular skin. One side is mobilised and incorporated in the phallus and the opposite side forms the perineal (perineum) urethra to gain continuity to the patients' native urethra.

    The fistula rate when the urethra was fashioned in one stage was 95 percent but this has been reduced in the two stage urethroplasty to 60 percent. In this technique the fistula is usually located at the junction of the native urethra with the neo-urethra and this is likely to be caused by an overlap of the suture line.

    Apparently, they consider 60% complication rate progress.

  18. With phalloplasty, there is always some scaring at the donor site.

  19. To all trans-trenders here...

    Do you REALLY think this rolled-meat dildo would get you any pussy or a the ass of gay man, or even a handjob??? LMFAO

  20. Anonymous, March 4, 2015 at 8:11 PM,

    Thank you for your intelligent and informed comment. Urethroplasty (even as necessary surgery for born-males) is no bag of fun. Can't add anything to your comment except that I agree with you.