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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning-The Lesbian Lucy

 Tam-Age 16

Mar-Age 16

Casey-Age 20

Liam-Age 22

Alex-Age 21

Seb-Age 17

Logan-Age 19

Con-Age 20

Pete-Age 19

Long before science became a science, (patriarchy) society in all its facets had to deal with a facet of that society that were lesbian. Before science became a science, if admitted or found out to be a lesbian, lesbians were forcibly raped (and still are), forced into marriage by family/society or survival (legally raped), executed in a variety of ways almost too troublesome to contemplate. Despite the difficulties of being a lesbian in historical times, despite the very real threat and horror of marriage (sex with) to a man, torture and even death, lesbians longed for, found each other, loved and lived. NO MATTER WHAT!

After science became a science, since lesbians wouldn't/shouldn't/COULDN'T stop being lesbians, we were hidden, locked away in mental asylums, where polite society could pretend we didn't exist! Where previous tortures still unfolded, only behind a barbed wire fence and an iron door. But love and desire are not quashed so easily, lesbians continued wanting, having and falling in love. NO MATTER WHAT!

Then one night, one lesbian had enough, her emphatic NO sparked the Stonewall riots! Sparking a ripple of cries in thousands of gays and lesbians across a continent. And for the first time these cries werent from torture, but battle cries from lesbians of histories past pouring from the throats of lesbians present. Before the medical community could stand up from our repeated kick to the groin, homosexuality (lesbianism) was removed from their precious mental illness Bible used previously to damn gays and lesbians to hell, on earth.

Lesbians were suddenly, in what surely must have felt like over night, on the map! Softball dykes, Andro dykes, Butch lesbians, Femme lesbians, Lipstick lesbians, Tweeners, Biker dykes, Granola dykes and every other lesbian in between. There were thousands of lesbian self published periodicals, lesbian groups, lesbian conferences, lesbian gatherings, lesbian discussions, lesbian potlucks, all forming a positive collective lesbian pride! Then in what has been over night, something changed. We neglected to read the fine print! Homosexuality/Lesbianism were never truly removed from the DSM (or polite LIBERAL society), merely shifted to the back pages in fine print.

The Mental/Medical Community had never quite wiped the taste for Lesbian blood from its grimaced mouth, so when science became a pseudo science, lesbians were hot on its list of prey. But lesbian youth had been predominantly privileged (meagerly so, but privileged still), to have come out in a era where there were no threats for simply hanging out at the local lesbian bar with their friends, hell there were lesbian bars! There were national lesbian magazines sold at local bookstores (sans the brown paper bags) along with tons of lesbian fiction and non fiction. There were t shirts with historic lesbian figures, out lesbian athletes, singers, actors, lesbian cruises, lesbian record labels, lesbian resorts, lesbian gyms. Older lesbians who had been through the ringer were so busy creating all the possibilities for young/future lesbians, once lesbian youth arrived, there was no one there to pass the lesbian baton. They simply inherited without any background on where they came from and how terribly difficult it was to get there.

Lesbian became born again: pornography whores, man haters, witches, mannish women, ugly, fat, ungodly, child molesters, sex addicts, drug addicts, mentally ill, masturbators, hairy armpited, hairy legged, sporty, aggressive, womanizing ∞ So when science became a pseudo science, lesbians weren't lesbians no matter what. Lesbian youth, with their smooth hands didn't have the callouses not to capitulate to pseudo science, political correctness and liberal ideas. Lesbian youth today fear lesbianism to such deep pathological extents, they (seemingly) willingly/pseudo scientifically change their lesbian brains/bodies/behaviours to unidentifying mythic proportions. Like murdered, dumped and disappeared women all over the world, when occasionally we stumble across their female corpses, so little of them is left, they are sometimes beyond our recognition them.

It has never been popular to be a lesbian, but for a time it was prideful. If we had retained lesbian pride and passed that lesbian pride forward, 99% of trans female would vanish right in front of our eyes. And if 99% of once lesbian trans females vanished, the other 1% wouldnt have fallen prey to popular lesbian Trans Trending. Lesbian youths are transitioning because there is no viable alternative. For that we cannot simply blame lezbophobic society and pseudo science, they have always been there ready, willing and able to pounce. In a multifaceted media frenzied global neighborhood a visible lesbian pride is the new Lucy and lesbians who still have a shred of lesbian pride left, must be the Mary Leakey's of our age.





  1. True, and well said....

    Thank you...

  2. You are assuming that 100% of FTMs are attracted to women, and neglecting the fact some just aren't and are exclusively attracted to men

  3. Great article, thanks Dirt.

    To the poster above me:
    Some FTM's are attracted to men due to testosteron, it can change the sexual orientation.
    And some FTM's are heterosexual girls who were abused/raped and try to run away form their female body, because they don't feel safe in that body.

    1. To this idiot:
      I was gay before I ever started testosterone. Never been abused. Believe it or not, transgender people aren't just looking for bodies to have sex with. Sorry to be the one to tell you the truth.
      I also feel like I should apologise to myself for reading this disgusting blog longer than 10 minutes. You should all be ashamed. Leave people alone to live their own lives.

    2. I was the poster above you. There are indeed FTMs who have always been attracted to men, never been attracted to women, and have never been abused. They might be a minority (most FTMs are attracted to women as are most MTFs) but they do exists. You are not going to disuade them from transitioning by insisting they are butch lesbians in denial when they really just are not in to women.

  4. Hi Dirt, I am writing here as I don't have your email. We have spoken before, I am an ex trans man. I was wondering if you could do a piece about being butch or passing as a man and navigating the work force. I just started a new job and the manager is using male pepronouns despite being told I am female.

    Respect from Canada

  5. I second Livia Çaçi's request.
    I'm a student in college right now who's never had a formal job, and I don't want to surprisingly find out I have to "change myself" once I'm hired or something.

  6. Liv and Anon, I'll try to have a post on the subject out tomorrow.


  7. Totally fine if you want to transition after 21 when one has gained more perspective and hopefully learned some feminist principals. But it's interesting that most Ftm's stick around the lesbian community, almost daring us to not find their newly claimed manliness offensive. Hey I'm a lesbian baby. Ain't got no romantic use for a dude.

  8. I'm a lesbian too, and an independent trade worker who has got no use for dudes enamored with the sound of their own loud chatter as they consistently overestimate their talents and fuck up projects.

  9. Still waiting for you to find me you creepy fuck

  10. Yeah. True to the male fucking privilege thing, swagger and talk over their lesbian girlfriends like they kings. Fuck that ftm macho bullshit. Creepy as fuck.

  11. Please write a post about California lawyer Matt McLaughlin trying to pass a law that would make homosexuality punishable by death:

  12. Poor Con(nie), her nipples look all-necrosed and just about to fall off :(

  13. "Please write a post about California lawyer Matt McLaughlin trying to pass a law that would make homosexuality punishable by death:

    Please do do not. Please, please, just laugh about it, as I did. Americans take themselves and each other far too seriously. I mean, really...

  14. And now you can have a good laugh about me too, because I'm ridiculously proud that my niece just passed her advocate exam (I think equivalent to bar exam in most US States). A smart, smart girl, and I allow myself to use the word "girl" because she's two generations younger than me, for the rest of you she's a women.

  15. Have you guys seen the French film "tomboy"? Thats a good film that portrays an out of the ordinary girl without making connections to trans...

  16. Have you guys seen the French film "tomboy"? Thats a good film that portrays an out of the ordinary girl without making connections to trans...

  17. @Peter Norman, why would we all "have a laugh at you" for being proud of your niece? Is the emotion of pride something people find humorous? I was not aware of people.. You say she is a woman, are you... offering her to us? As some sort of token of solidarity for being proud of her? IS THAT WHAT THIS PATRICK????

  18. whoops forgot your name there at the end! Lol!!

  19. Superslayer, I'm sorry if you misunderstood my comment, which was simply that of an old uncle's pride in his niece.Your other comments (in as much as I understand them) seem to me to be beneath contempt. If you insist, I will pass them on to my niece, but must warn you to expect a much sharper response from her then from me.

  20. @ Peter Normy
    I suppose I was using sarcasm and parody in order to illustrate that your post is extraordinarily off topic, and bizarrely out of place,

  21. Come and find me you fucking pedophile

  22. "Please write a post about California lawyer Matt McLaughlin trying to pass a law that would make homosexuality punishable by death"


    This is one sick puppy, and it's frightening. The underlying problem is California's state initiative process which can be manipulated and abused by both wealthy corporations and delusional, sick people.

    To counteract this frightening and demented man's petition, one brave California has paid the required $200 to gather signatures for the "Intolerant Jackass Act".

    Crazy Californians.......

  23. As a no-longer young dyke I often wonder, where did we fuck-up? When I came out at an age and in an era when it wasn't done, there was no trans anything. Lesbian happenings were an oasis in the hetero desert and gay men were not our friends.

    Things have really changed. I wonder what we could have done differently and if there is anything that could yet be done to reverse the self-hatred our little sisters experience. Lesbian, gay, queer are all just identities but same-sex attraction is an un-abstract reality no matter what you call it. So yes, as others have said, not all ftms were attracted to women but most were. Maybe those who become attracted to men do so due to t or maybe out of expediency for lack of other options. But it's also possible they do so out of conscious choice since obviously loyalty to their own is not a very high priority. In other words, g/l people who transition decide to not be g/l. There is a whole generation or two of "gender non-conforming" children and youth who have opted (or have been "opted") to not be gay or lesbian because they've come to believe that it's one of the worst things they could be. My questions is, why? Just generalized misogyny and an understanding of binary sexuality really doesn't seem would be enough. I would really like to know what force or power is causing this. After all, there were plenty of us 20 or 30 years ago who didn't agree or like the status-quo, official, quasi-respectable gl establishment, but we didn't repudiate our sex, identity and culture as a result of it. So, what gives?

    1. There were trans people 20 and 30 years ago, you just didn't know about them. You only know about trans people now because of the internet

  24. Hayden, you just proved MaryMacha's point with your hate against lesbians. You're insulting lesbians and showing your hate.

    What did we do wrong, are we such bad examples?
    It makes me very sad.

  25. "Because of human nature being what it is, however, opinions are going to clash. My opinion is that posting pictures of young trans people(most of which seem to be very young) is a big reflection of the author, whether or not you are for or against transgender people. "

    We are simply commenting and critiquing a cultural phenomenon. There are a zillion and one trans blogs, websites, etc. that basically tell young 12, 13, and 14 years old girls that they must really be trans or "boys" if they aren't the stereotypical frilly little princess, and don't want to look like Barbie. I argue that hyper-femininity and FTM transitioning are just flip sides of the same misogynistic coin. Both are largely fueled by neoliberal doctrine and the backlash against second wave feminism. We see it all around us, but we are told to ignore what we see and observe with our own eyes and our own rational minds. Perhaps transgender activists should ask themselves why 13 year old girls are asking about testosterone gel and "T". Google the following:

    FTM and "13 years old" and T

    There are about 39,800 results (0.56 seconds)

    Google FTM and "14 years old" and T

    There are about 195,000 results (0.62 seconds)

    Perhaps transgender organizations should stop giving away free breast binders to young women under the age of 18. It's not like they don't know that breast binding can mis-align ribs and cause other health problems.

    As to drugging children with GnRH agonists (puberty suppressing drugs) and/or cross gender hormones, most rational people view the sterilization of children as a human rights abuse. If puberty suppressing drugs are followed by cross gender hormones, infertility is an issue. Some doctors are skipping the expensive GnRH agonists and going straight to cross gender hormones when the child is 11 years old.

    1. I think the point the anon was trying to make was that DIRT is putting these teenagers in danger by posting their names and pointing them out to a site that is known to be viewed by people who hate trans people. These teenagers could get hurt or killed all because their names were posted on a site. Its happened before and I can bet you it'll happen again.

  26. Dirt, if you want my opinion, this is it:
    You are a good writer, no doubt, and you seem to have a tight grasp on the world around you, or that which you have sufficiently created of it. Consider my words constructive criticism and not a personal attack. And I apologize for any errors or autocorrections. My posts have deleted more than once and I'm not sure why. One writer to an obvious other, I think your talent is being wasted. I like to believe that the worst thing for a human mind is for it to rest idle and comfortable in its own sense of perfection. I spent a lot of my life trying to formulate what I considered the perfect way to be until I realized that pushing perfection, and insistence, in any ideation, are the beginning footsteps of fascism. I would challenge not your opinions but only your continuing use of unsuspecting individuals for reasons I can't understand.
    I think it would be promising for us to both chat sometime, one on one. In the meantime, I would like to leave you with one of the biggest, truest cliché quotes of all time by the Dalai Lama.

    "Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them."

  27. Erasing lesbian identity is patriarchy's wet dream.

    1. Erasing people who hate on other people is my wet dream

  28. "Trans people have been around forever."

    Fact: Transgender activists do not own some kind or patent or copyright on all non-traditional behavior both past and present.

    Throughout history, some brave souls have always stepped outside the boundaries of traditional sex roles. They went by many names, and how they were treated depended on their particular culture. Transing the dead has gotten so bad that some trans activists have declared that Joan of Arc was transgender because she often wore men's clothing and rode horses. According to trans activists, any woman who wore men's clothes for whatever reason was transgender. This amounts to shameless appropriation and colonization of non-traditional persons.

  29. @April 3, 2015 at 3:23 PM

    It's rather simple. These young women post things all over the internet. The ones that Dirt posts represent a tiny fraction of the whole volume of things posted. Google "FTM". There are about 20,900,000 results. Four of five photos compared to 20 million things posted about FTMs. Is this some kind of joke? Do the parents of these young women know what they are doing? When these young women go to the thousands of trans websites and blogs, what are they being told? For crying out loud, there are 12 year old girls talking about testosterone gel.

    Coming on this blog and pretending to have some kind of special right to preach to other people about ethics is like the proverbial pot calling the kettle black. I want to know why so many 12 and 13 year old girls are talking about "T" (testosterone), and where they can score "T" with no long term therapy. I want to know what the million and one trans websites and blogs are telling 11 and 12 year old girls. I want to know why transgender organizations give away free breast binders to young women under the age of 18. Breast binding for long periods of time can deform the rib cage. I am also curious as to how future historians will view the sterilization of children through GnRH agonists and/or cross gender hormones.

    Transgender activists don't want this cultural phenomenon exposed for what it is.

  30. "The more I read in the comment section the more I feel the arguments are just a form of thinly veiled fascism.."

    We know which direction the fascism is coming from. The woman who runs this blog has received numerous death threats. They are screen capped and saved. She probably would show J a few of the numerous threats, but since we are the ones accused of fascism, I seriously doubt that J wants to really see them.

    Fascists experiment on children, drug children, and mutilate children. In Iran, gay men and lesbians are coerced into sex reassignment surgery. The Iranian government will pay for sex reassignment surgery, yet it executes homosexuals. Homosexuals in Iran get their genitals mutilated and told that they really are members of the opposite sex. Then, the person called "J" comes on this blog and accuses us of being "fascists". No fascists has ever given a rat's patootie about women. No fascists sure as heck has never given a rat's patootie about lesbians.

    As to the individual women (they are female), no one is blaming these beautiful young women of anything because they are perfect the way they are. I view them as victims of sorts in a misogynistic culture that devalues women. They are simply products of this particular point in history.

  31. "The ugly beauty of the internet is that everyone's barfing their opinions on a public stage that doesn't have an actual audience sitting in front of it."

    At least he or she got something right. Google "FTM" and there are about 20,900,000 results (0.42 seconds). The FTM youtube channel has about 242,000 results. That sure sounds like a lot of "barfing of opinions".

  32. Give it a rest "j", these girls plastered their pictures on the internet for any and everyone to see, so take your concern trolling back to dumblr.

    Dirt, please ban this derailing jackass!

  33. Trans people don't have to read this blog if they don't want to. But luckily some do and some do realize in time that this isn't the right path to take. This blog saves lifes, wheather you like it or not.
    Since there are so many websites who promote transgender, sites like this are needed. People have the right to hear other opnions/thoughts.

    I would naver be nasty/hurtful to FTM's in real life, why should I? We're not the ones who kill and torture. Blame men, because they commit 97% of the crimes.

  34. It's apparent that J has not only drank the Kool Aid, he is drowning in it.

    "Big, I don't understand the point of the last sentence you wrote or what it has to do with the discussion. Blame men. I'm a man. Blame me for what, exactly. Does being a man make me an accomplice to some 97% of crime?"

    Stating that most violent crime is committed by males is a fact. Bless the male of the species, but it's true. No one is blaming J personally for crimes rates, or individual males, but we are simply stating the obvious.

    It's a fact that the vast majority of transgender identified persons are killed and seriously injured by males. Despite this fact, transgender activists will never address male violence. Instead, they make death threats against "TERFs" (any woman they don't like).

    Every year at the Transgender Day of Remembrance they list the names of transgender identified persons who have been killed due to violence. I think it's a good idea to honor people lost to senseless violence, but it's interesting because they never say who is responsible. Out of all the transgender identified persons killed, how many were killed by males? How many were killed by females? Transgender activists will never address male violence even when it's male violence that is killing them. Some transwomen have experienced horrible violence at the hands of males, and who do they attack? They make threats against "TERFs", and demand that women disregard their own safety and let men like Paul (Paula) Witherspoon into the women's restroom.

    Transwoman Paula Witherspoon

    By the way, males who cross dress, identity as "women", or say they are transgender offend at the same rate as other males.

  35. According to J, "matriarchal propaganda" brainwashes lesbians into hating a penis. It's all the fault of the "matriarchal propaganda".

    "I also don't view them as victims of a misogynist culture anymore than I would view a lesbian the victim of matriarchal propaganda that brainwashes them to hate a penis. "

    Have people noticed how long winded J is, and how much space he has taken up? Why do men always feel compelled to lecture women?

  36. In light of "J's" inability to do simple searches to answer her questions, stay on topic or follow simple instruction, her comments have been removed. If she bothers commenting again, do not engage her, she will be dealt with properly by me.


  37. @anon April 4, 2015 at 5:23 PM,

    Very good respond to J. I haven't seen J's post since it's removed, but your respond could have been mine. That was exactly my point.
    Thank you!


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