Saturday, March 7, 2015

Planet Fitness "Self Reported Gender Identity" Transgender Policy

I joined Planet Fitness a few years ago while living in a small town with no other gym options. When I moved back to a larger city, out of the convenience of another Planet Fitness nearby, I kept the membership. I had my issues with the "fitness" center, no squat racks, benches and little free weights, but over the last year of recovering from major surgery, I didnt need much. I had planned on keeping the membership until my sweetheart and I found a house where we plan on building our own home gym, but given Planet Fitness's latest, I'm canceling my membership tomorrow pronto.
Any male who "self reports" to be female has FULL access to women's no longer private locker rooms/bathrooms and showers at ALL Planet Fitness's. IF a woman complains about a male in those area's SHE will be the one removed, NOT him!

Do women a favour-Boycott Planet Fitness!


Edit to add:

Me walking into Planet Fitness today....
Me canceling my membership:
Edit to add regarding Carlotta Sklodowska-the MAN in question.

Deja Vu isnt a "dance club" it is a STRIP club! Clearly Carl enjoys looking at the ladies.
This GUY clearly took HIS spycam laced "purse" into the Planet Fitness locker room to capture pictures of Planet Fitness MEMBERS (of which he wasnt) to later jack off too and exchange with HIS perv MALE friends! Male masturbation entitlement once again triumphs a WOMAN'S BASIC rights! 


  1. WTF?! No fucking way, this is insane!
    So where women's rights stand now? I thought SouthPark's episode "The Cissy" was an over-exaggerated joke. Turns out it's right there with reality. It only takes to pull out a "transgender" card to gain privilege over anyone.

    Yet another victory for men and to think tomorrow is the international women's day...

    Where our rights stand now? At the lowest, maybe a little above animals but under everyone else's
    (men >trasmales> gay men> transfemales> women).

  2. Gallus Mag reported on Gender Trender that PF's No Judgement Zone doesn't extend to women: a Muslim was asked to leave because she wore a headscarf, a pregnant woman because her belly was exposed, and another woman because she was "too toned" and "intimidating" other members.

  3. planet fitness allows a man with his penis hanging around a women's only space, but rejects a "too toned" female body? this is extremely disgusting.

  4. In this article, he says he doesn't even have a membership to the gym, but had an urge to use the women's locker room anyway. WTF is this all about?

    Scroll on down....Apparently, the man has been identified. See the screen capped posts where he says he is a "male slut" and he likes women to pee on him. He calls himself Carlotta.Sklodowska.

    Cross dressing straight or bisexual dude, apparently not on hormones and no sex reassignment surgery. Says he is a "male slut" and likes to women to pee on him. Since he doesn't have a membership to the gym, why was he in the women's locker room? This is really creepy. Look at the photos of this huge man. I would be afraid of seeing him in the women's locker room too.

  5. Why are male guests who aren't even gym members allowed in women's locker rooms? This needs to be fully investigated by law enforcement or a private investigator.

    I think the woman who was terrified and then slandered needs to get an attorney. She deserves more than an apology from Planet Fitness (Planet Insanity).

  6. He says he is not a member of the gym. He says he entered the gym twice to leave a bag hanging in the women’s locker room while he visited “a friend”.


    (1.) What was in his bag?

    (2.) Why was he there in the first place? He is not a gym member.

    (3.) As to "identifying as a woman", how long has he been supposedly doing this? He calls himself a "male slut".

    Scroll down to see screen capped photos of his kinky sexual desires.

    Just a freaky pervy guy who likes to dress as a woman when he isn't asking women to pee on him.

  7. He makes all these comments on women’s fitness pictures on Facebook. Like “pee on me” and “wrap your thigh muscles around me”.

    Great work by gendertrender to expose this man for who he really is.

    Planet Fitness revokes membership

    If the link doesn't work, copy and past url.

  8. ,Ms. Cormier is a hero!

  9. When a strange man comes in off the street and leaves a bag, most would call the bomb squad, not kick out the courageous woman who sounded the alarm. This guy has made it public he's a perv. Ms. Cormier's instincts were right!

  10. Another high educated (PhD) white man in a dress calling himself a woman. *sigh*

  11. This is just fucking insane... what now? She needs to get an attorney and bring Planet Rape down. A huge dude, leaving mistery bags inside the women's bathroom, without even having a membership?! Planet rape says Cormier was judgemental over this man on multiple does that mean that dude has been hanging around the women's restroom WITHOUT a membership and all this time?!!! This needs to be investigated

  12. "Planet Fitness is committed to creating a non-intimidating, welcoming environment for our members."

    Sklodowska wasn't a member, but Cormier was.

    Literally just what, Planet Fitness?

  13. This is why America has lost it's freaking mind. When the PC, liberal LGBT inc is forcing their views on to people.

  14. Real classy fitness center….

    A lawsuit was filed last November because two secret cameras were discovered in the tanning booths that women use.


    “Mary Barnhill, an Illinois resident and Planet Fitness member has filed a lawsuit alleging that Planet Fitness discovered a hidden camera in one of its tanning rooms but did not inform its members about the discovery until days later, and its members continued to use the tanning rooms at the gym while a second hidden camera was still secretly recording them. ”

    If this really happened the way the plaintiff describes it in the lawsuit, it’s utterly disgusting. They should have shut all the tanning rooms down immediately, notified women, and searched high and low for more cameras. They allegedly failed to inform the women until days later of the first hidden camera that they discovered all the while a second hidden camera was recording them. WTF is this? It makes me sick.

    Then, they bash a woman for being frightened about a strange man (Mr. male slut likes women to pee on him) in the women’s locker room. By revoking her membership, they probably did her a big favor.

    As to the cross dressing dude, Carlotta Sklodowska, I really want to know what he was doing in the women’s locker room considering the fact that he wasn’t even a gym member. Who was his friend that he was supposedly seeing? What was he doing in the women’s locker room? What about the bag he had, and what was in it? This needs to be investigated. No one is accusing him of a crime, but it looks suspicious.

    “Sincere self-reported gender identity” is a freaking joke, and everyone knows it. He calls himself a “male slut”. How can a man who calls himself male, and recognizes himself as male have a firm belief that he is truly a woman? Or, maybe he is “male slut” part of the time, and then his lady feels kick in. Is he just a “male slut” when his mistress wishes him to be?

    “I will be a male Slut-in-training on a leash held my mistress, Madame Domino, with a mask made of 2 pair of black panties covering my face and most of my head under a lurid black/red wig….”.

    Carlotta Sklodowska, Cook, Housekeeper, Chauffeur, Companion at Private home

    The date on this post is October 21, 2014 at 8:05pm. Apparently, he went from “male slut” to “sincere self-reported gender identity” as a “woman” in 4 months and 15 days (is my math right).

  15. “Sincere self-reported gender identity”?
    I used to raise a smile by telling people I was a butch dyke trapped in a faggoty queen's body, but, seemingly overnight, that wasn't a joke anymore.
    Also, last year, I googled "gynarchy" expecting to find some serious sex-pol discussion, but no, just a load of het male masochists, bemoaning the fact that no women would be cruel enough to them. Believe me, darlings, some of my girl-friends would be crueller to you than you can imagine, but they all have better things to do with their time.
    Anonymous, March 10, I can't fault your arithmetic, but logic is also a part of math, and if this "male slut" sincerely believes himself a woman, he, of logical necessity not in my opinion, believes that all women are sluts.
    Since I don't want to end my post on the word "sluts", what can I say? I despair of my sex? Yes, I do.

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  17. Good move to cancel membership. Planet Fitness is not only SJW's, but also harmful...