Thursday, February 12, 2015

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

Ari-Age 18

Rom-Age 19

Kay-Age 19

Dav-Age 20

Nik-Age 18

Mil-Age 22

Adam Age 20

Vince Age 21

Leo Age 15

This recent search is a common one received by this blog, in answer to it-not quite but sorta.

Testosterone does not turn trans females gay, that would imply any female who transitions would become gay, they in fact do not. Testosterone can/does change the sexual attraction of lesbians who transition, so that their sexual pairing with males (other trans females) can appear gay. Like any hormone, testosterone doesnt simply change the external, it changes the brain as well. Sexual Orientation-in this case Same Sex Attraction, being core/organic, does not change from taking testosterone. What changes when lesbians take testosterone is as the brain begins to think it is male, the brain's core Same Sex Attraction (female toward female) moves to include sexual attraction toward men, sometimes to exclusion of women period. Testosterone in effect biologically speaking, heterosexualizes the once lesbian. In short TRANSITION HORMONES DO NOT CHANGE SEXUAL ORIENTATION-but by changing the brain-TRANSITION HORMONES CHANGE SEXUAL ATTRACTION/BEHAVIOUR.



  1. This is from one of the young girls...

    "leo, 15, michigan. almost 4 months on t."

    WTF is up with 15 year old girls on "T"? I wonder if she was on the GnRH agonists (puberty suppression) before the "T" at age 15. If the puberty suppressing drugs are followed by cross gender hormones, these children are rendered infertile. We are talking about sterilizing children.

    Age 15 is way too young to be on ANY type of synthetic hormone.

  2. You're not making any sense as usual. If T changes sexual attraction from being attracted to women to being attracted to men then by definition it changes sexual orientation.

    And no, T doesn't change transmen's sexual orientation. But it might change your sexual behavior, yes, when you become more comfortable with yourself and your body and that's not necessarily a bad thing.


    I get the gist of what dirt is saying. This is how I see what is happening. Women naturally produce very small amounts of testosterone in their ovaries and adrenal glands. Testosterone in women is related to increased libido. This has been known for some time. It's not uncommon for females (this includes FTMs because they are still female) want penis every now and then. The "T" that FTMs take can increase the sex drive. This is one of the side effects along with balding, polycystic ovarian syndrome, etc. At any rate, with an increase in sex drive because of the "T", they start behaving like men. That is, in a hyper sexualized way. If they have any attraction to males, this is going to be bumped up at notch. If they are attracted to females, women usually need a little wooing and courtship first. Most men, and this includes gay and bisexual men, will do pretty much anyone. Because they might have an increase in libido, they might turn to men as a quick sexual release.

    When people think about it, it must really be frustrating for FTMs. They can have an increased sex drive, but they still don't have a penis. So, I can't see any straight woman wanting a "man" with no dick.

  4. @Anon 2:45 PM

    "They can have an increased sex drive, but they still don't have a penis."

    Exactly, so they mostly end up being "the bottom" in relationships with men. And with women, they're too masculine for lesbians, while straight girls want the D. It's a sad situation overall (btw, coming from someone who found transitioning a somewhat tempting idea before spending a lot of time looking it up).

    On another note, I'm in the same age range as these people, and I look similar to the pre-T or early T ones (actually a bit more masculine if I do say so myself, heh), but I'd rather not go on steroids.
    What's the actual state of trans "awareness" nowadays? Would someone look at me and think, "Oh, that must be a pre-T FTM" or do they just think I'm a butch lesbian? Not like I care, but I do sort of wonder.

  5. @DIL,

    You might want to reread what was written, rather than simply react to what you THINK was written.

    You might also try not to overreact/dismiss what you do not understand.


    1. Wait what? YOU are telling me to not dismiss what I don't understand (which I'm not even doing) when YOU are the one spending your free time writing this blog trying to dismiss the reality of transsexuality? Wow you are truly delusional. If you weren't so annoying I'd almost feel sorry for you.

  6. Anon @11:49
    You got me laughing with the "straight girls want the D".
    Basically, yes. But it's more than the D. It's that he is a Man. If my man was disfigured and lost his penis, I'd still be attracted to him. I would still love and desire him. He is actually at risk of losing his functioning due to heart disease. I really hope not. But, ultimately it will change nothing.
    I would never date a transman. But, if no real men were available then I'd choose a butch lesbian. If there were neither, I'd be celibate. Sorry to be blunt.
    Please don't constue my remarks as arrogant or assuming a butch lesbian would want ME. She probably wouldn't. An old friend once confided in me that she was a lesbian, but then "reassured me" that I neednt feel put off because "she wasn't attracted to me at all". I was like, umm oh kay? Maybe I shouldn't be, but I'm a little offended by that. Lol. Anyway, she was so cool. She influenced my perception of others in a positive way. She had self love regardless of the culture at the time (1980's)

  7. You're not making any sense as usual. If T changes sexual attraction from being attracted to women to being attracted to men then by definition it changes sexual orientation.

    No, this person is wrong. Sexual orientation is based on sex, as in biological sex. It always has and always will. The WhoIsCis blog clearly spells it out better than I could.

    "With respect to Homosexuality: My belief, in accordance with the definition of homosexuality, is that homosexuality only exist between people of the same sex. Again, it’s a sex based term, and separate from gender. No male person is a lesbian and no female person is a gay man. As is often documented on this blog and on the FB page, there is a growing resistance to this definition of homosexual. Trans activist and their allies wish to broaden what “homosexual” means to include themselves in it. Indeed homosexuality exist among trans people. Below is a list of homosexual pairings.

    1. Female paired romantically and/or sexually with another female.
    2. Male paired romantically and/or sexually with another male.
    3. A trans woman (male) paired romantically and/or sexually with a another male (This includes other trans women.)
    4. A trans man paired romantically and/or sexually with another female (This includes other trans men.)

    These are NOT homosexual pairings, and ARE heterosexual:

    1. Male paired romantically and/or sexually with a female.
    2. Trans woman (male) paired romantically or sexually with a female.
    3. Trans man (female) paired romantically or sexually with a male.

    When heterosexuals assert that they are homosexual, despite the reality of their biological sex ,they are engaging in assimilation tactics against homosexual people ,which ultimately will lead to the erasure of homosexuals and homosexuality."

    FTMs who have sex with men are NOT gay men. Because a few bisexual or gay men might sleep with FTMs doesn't mean that the majority of gay men view FTMs as just another gay man. I hate to break it to people, but every gay man I've known was really into the penis. FTMs don't have one, and the surgically created one isn't the same thing. "T" can increase libido which can make them hyper-sexualized, or similar to typical male behavior. "T" doesn't change sexual orientation, but it can change behavior.

  8. Also, hormones in early age prevents the wrong sort of puberty for people that is certain they are transexual.

    What exactly is a "wrong sort of puberty"? This is a normal part of human development.

    Sterilizing children is a human rights abuse. These kids aren't old enough to vote, buy alcohol, or take out bank loans, so why do people believe that they are mature enough to willing give up their fertility?

    Pumping a kid full of cross gender hormones before their bodies have a chance to sexually mature renders these children infertile.

    The fact that they feel different doesn't mean that they are mature enough to make informed decisions regarding whether or not they want to be sterilized. The prefrontal cortex of the human brain, sometimes called the judgment center of the brain, isn't fully developed until the early to mid-twenties.

  9. Speaking about humans rights for homosexuals. There is still countries like Ukrania and Russia that doesnt allow it.

    I'm aware of what is happening in Russia. It's horrific. In Iran, gay men and lesbians are coerced into sex reassignment surgery. The government in Iran will help pay for sex reassignment surgery, yet it executes homosexuals. Why would one of the most oppressive governments on earth pay for sex reassignment surgery yet execute homosexuals? While what is happening in Russia is barbaric, Iran has it's own form of gay and lesbian eugenics via sex reassignment surgery. Gay men and lesbians get their genitals mutilated and told that they really are the opposite sex. Homosexuality is not an option. To me, what is happening in Iran is just as bad as what is happening in Russia.

  10. @Dawn
    Could you elaborate a bit on "But it's more than the D. It's that he is a Man. If my man was disfigured and lost his penis, I'd still be attracted to him" but the fact that if there were no males available you would date a butch lesbian rather than an FTM?
    Though they have a female base, FTMs still take male hormones and develop masculine secondary sex characteristics so I thought they'd be more attractive for a straight girl than a butch lesbian...

  11. "This blog is like saying I don't like catlovers cause they aren't lesbians enough..."

    I'm having difficulty grasping your point.Only lesbians love cats? Cats are lesbians? Wtf.

  12. We could sum up FTM transitioning to be , when you get right down to it : Cock Worship.

  13. Anon @9:26
    I want to start by saying that because Dirt is often accused of promoting hate against trans people, I cannot give you as frank of an answer as I would if we were friends having a private conversation.
    I also have a family member who identifies as trans and will not say anything in print that I would not say to their face. And there is a lot that I would not say to their face because it would hurt their feelings and I love this person.

    I love the men in the movies Gladiator and The 300. I jokingly refer to it as Porn. I also love MMA and Boxing. There is something about a hyper masculine man that really turns me on.
    What I like about butch lesbians is their confidence. Like This is me, like it or not. When I think of butch lesbians I think of Sojouner Truths speech "Ain't I A Woman?" I love their unabashed opposition to conformity. I support individual freedom..
    When I see a transman like the child of the famous singing duo, I do not feel attraction nor admiration. I feel compassion.
    I think a person owns their body. As such, they are free to do with their body as they choose. But these beliefs do not translate into sexual attraction for me. Sexual attraction is difficult to quantify. I prefer brown hair, not blond. I prefer blue or green eyes, not brown. Exceptions to these preferences are when applied to black men. Will Smith is a perfect example of a hottie, and Shemar Moore.
    Lesbian "crushes" include k.d.lang.
    The only thing else I can add is that I asked one of my close friends about transmen and she expressed a similar sentiment of No Thank You.

  14. None of these beautiful young women need to chemically/surgically alter their female anatomy. They are perfect just the way they are.

  15. "so I thought they'd be more attractive for a straight girl than a butch lesbian..."

    Depends if someone wants to worship males. Butch lesbians are intent on expressing from the center of the lovely female gender and splendor. Not the knuckle dragging male behavior which for the most part, spells oppression and death for the female race.

  16. There is something about desperation and trying too hard that bipasses the swag vibe.

    No Thanks I Pass is a primal fem response to a "male figure" that strikes the radar as potentially incompetent.

  17. Sharing pictures of pre-teen FTMs, now? This is more than a bit creepy. Who is the blogger trying to convince?

  18. Randy - I don't think you could possibly be correct in describing anyone aged 15 - 22 years as "Pre-Teen".

  19. @Randy

    "Sharing pictures of pre-teen FTMs, now? This is more than a bit creepy. Who is the blogger trying to convince?"

    There have been no photos of pre-teens here. Ages 15 to 22 is not pre-teen.

    Perhaps naïve, pseudo progressives should be more concerned about the sterilization of children than simply re-posting photos that are already in the public domain. These teenagers post everything on line, youtbue video after youtube video, photograph after photograph.

    Google youtube and FTM. There are 1,230,000 results (0.49 seconds). The ages run from 14 and 15 years of age to age thirty. This is ALL over the internet for anyone to see, and Randy complains because this blog makes comments on a tiny fraction of what is going on.

    I'm sure the doctors who prescribe puberty suppressing drugs and cross gender hormones aren't aware that teenage and adult FTMs exchange information as to the easiest way to get "T", etc. In reality, FTM "transitioning" isn't so much a medical condition as a cultural phenomenon. There is no way of separating the "gender dysphoria" from cultural forces. We all know it even if Randy chooses to ignore the obvious.

  20. @Hallberg If Dirt were taking pictures of 15 year olds herself and posting them online then I would see an issue. But these kids post their own stuff online for everyone to see. Like some Anon said, it's all public domain.

    Maybe someone should tell these kids to "be safe" and stop posting their pictures and information online, like in the old days. The thing is, this is a major way they get validation, encouragement, and even fame from others who are part of the same community.

  21. Whats your point, Randy?

    Besides sitting on your ass and contriving an image nobody buys - hey its the internet, right?

    With just a flurry of fingertip taps and a 12th grade vocabulary you can transcend the mediocrity and talentlessness that is your life and pontificate with arched eyebrows in a way you never could in the real world, about issues and people you have no sincere interest in.

    That's the matter - Gay men don't like you? Infantilized penis? Lesbian boss?

  22. How can you be so ungrateful?

    Poor Randy devotes himself to commenting selflessly on other people's blogs. Whether you're Chinese, or Palestinian, or Indonesian, or that most beleaguered of minorities, Canadian, fear not! Randy is there to speak up for you. (While generously correcting any little misconceptions you might have about yourself, of course.)
    Three cheers for Randy!
    What, no takers?

  23. In my case, it didn't even change anything at all about what I felt. I just decided I was broken for not having any sexual attraction to men even after transition, as fucked up as that sounds when you are outside the insanity again. because as a young lesbian confused into "living as" as what I hated and never desired, the only possible result was escape, prevented by men, or self annihilation directed by men, exactly according to plan.