Saturday, February 21, 2015

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning and Who is Behind Trending Teen Transition

Alex Age 21

Max Age 17

Aar Age 22

Oll Age 19

Wes Age 19

Jamie Age 21

Reag Age 20

Rian Age 18

Riley Age 17

Large numbers of entire generations of future lesbians (like many you see in the WIT posts) are being wiped out through transition. Many trans trending lesbians arent even getting a chance to come out as lesbian, to taste the beauty, uniqueness and wholly female onlyness that is lesbianism. Their lesbian camaraderie replaced amongst each other with an embarrassingly false sense of male camaraderie in the form of the masculine bro instead.

But sadder still are all the Wizard's behind the bedroom curtains dictating and enforcing transgender policy on our lesbian and gay youth! Long winded george washingtonesque windbags dressed like martha's penning policies that school officials, medical officials and psychiatric officials are being legally bound to gag gay/lesbian and other "gender non conformists" (the new trans label for any kid who doesnt run with the pack) with! Heterosexual males fetishizing THEIR perverted perceptions of female (constructed hyper femininity) enforcing THEIR warped version of the RIGHT way to PERFORM male and female in order to legitimise THEIR paraphilia!

Men like
legally (re)ordering (after that nasty bit of feminism confused everything) constructed identities of our children based on long outdated sexist male systems of dress and behaviour so that men like this
or this
or this
or this
or this
or this
can feel normal while their cocks or in some cases whats left of them get hard rubbing up against girls/womens silk panties behind the backs of their wives and children!

If men never created the titanic chasms THEY needed between the sexes to secure dominance, ignore THEIR weaknesses and secure worship for their constant erections, PARAPHILIAS like the ones seen above never would have existed. And IF male paraphilia never existed or were suddenly removed, so to would transition and ALL notions and mentions of it!

But in the meantime, heterosexual paraphilic males ARE using gay and lesbian bodies to further THEIR inner porno flix, now playing at a school near you.



  1. In the recent f2t photos I'm noticing an emerging pattern of a f2t variation on the autogynephile smirk.

  2. We are being assimilated (consumed) and extruded into hetero cartoon shapes.

  3. I was a teen 20 years ago, and never heard of one woman with dysphoria, or wanting to be a man. I did know a bunch of lesbians, and some experimenters that ended up bi (it was cool to be a lesbian in HS), but not one person I knew thought they were a man. And I have known thousands of girls and women, mostly from the ranks of those most likely to transition now (white GNC or lesbian girls).
    And no, I dont think they were hiding this, they didn't hide other personal things, even painful things like anorexia and rape. I can't imagine a bunch of trans would have gone unnoticed.

    But all of a sudden there are thousands, even more, girls that thnk they are men? Just out of nowhere a brand new problem that's deadly, and in need of surgical intervention?? C'mon. The discussion of the origin of this is for another post, but that it came out suddenly is obvious.

    When it came to men it was different, I had heard of Xdressers, drag queens, and transexuals, but never knew one of these *men*. it was a male phenomena, and not mainstream nor legally protected.

  4. Words can't express how much these dudes creep me out. They look deranged, and not fooling anyone with their hypersexualized hetero bull crap.

  5. The trans movement has co-opted the gay/lesbian civil rights movement. They would have us believe that rejection of transsexualism is no different than rejection of homosexuality. This is a lie.
    What can be done? I will tell you---exactly what Dirt is doing with her blog. Speak out against it. Like the old shampoo commercial (? I think it was for shampoo), "You tell two friends, and they'll tell two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on".

  6. White middle aged, heterosexual autogynephilic are in charge of most mainstream LGBT organizations. In reality, the "L' really doesn't matter anymore because they only tolerate women if they do as they are told.

    1., white, pornsick dudes in ladyface.

  7. Paraphilias are more common in males, and for some men, cross dressing is a sexual fetish. Most of these men are heterosexual, ex-wives, kids, etc.

  8. If people aren't sure what a paraphilia is, this is perfect example. I'm not saying that all men who cross dress have a sexual fetish, but it's a taboo subject according to trans activists. Even when we see it right in front of our own eyes, they will deny that trans* identifying men, cross dressers would never do anything like this.

    Sean Gossman is a biological male who considers himself a transgendered woman and lives in Onsted, Michigan. In May 2013, he showed up in court for his arraignment on child pornography charges dressed in feminine attire complete with a wig, makeup, stuffed bra, and halter top. Those who know him relate that he dressed like that all the time. They say that he told them he hoped Michigan would pay for his sex change operation.

    Thumb Drive Found In Park Leads To Arrest In Child Porn Case, CBS Detroit, May 16, 2013, available at;

    This woman was in a relationship with a crossdresser who now identifies as a "woman". She knows it's a sexual fetish. She has compiled a long list of links.

    Again, not all crossdressing males have sexual fetishes, but I wish they would stop denying the truth. Most of these men are heterosexual.

    Transgender activists distance themselves from these men and say they aren't really transgender. Depending on what trans* umbrella people are talking about, crossdressers are included under the special trans* umbrella.

    Below is a quote from gendertrender,

    "...the marketing of a fetishized version of “girlhood” to adult male fantasists, the transgender movement “needs” to create transgender children (as activist Autumn Sandeen has explained) to “take the sex out” of the transgender equation whose most dominant practitioners are adult male sexual fetishists...With the failure of the transgender movement to destabilize reproductive dimorphism in the public sphere by relating their experiences to the experiences of children with DSD the trans lobby attached themselves to the very same population the gay movement had used to gain “born this way” legitimacy: lesbian and gay children. Sixty years of research shows that the largest demographic of transgenders- heterosexual men- are in no way gender-nonconforming as children. Gay kids are. You won’t see adorable pictures of these heterosexual transgender men as toddlers wearing tiaras and being fabulous. Their “gender identity” started at puberty with an erection while wearing mother’s panties. Such men have little interest in the concerns of girls like Leo but they will use them to promote the “Born This Way” meme when they can."

  9. What worries me about these men is that they are convinced of the fact that their penisis are female organs. And the lesbians who don't want to sleep with them are transphobic.
    The only thing they want is to fuck women and they like woman so much, that they even try to become one. It's just sickening to me.

    And oh yeah, they run LGTB centers. I was once on a lesbian forum and it turned out it was run by a F2T and he was dominant as hell.
    Most of them have succesfull carreers as white males and don't lack money.
    It's the same old story about men oppressing women.

  10. Of course I meant M2T (the one who ran that website).

  11. It's interesting to note that few, if any, FTMs are in positions of power in most mainstream LGBT organizations. It's gay men and middle aged heterosexual men who "transition" in mid-life.

  12. This is the hierarchy in LGBT organizations (HRC etc.)

    Heterosexual middle age "transitioners"
    Gay men
    Lesbians are tolerated if they keep their mouths shut and do as they are told.

  13. Lesbians need to haul themselves out of this tepid, toxic alphabet soup.

  14. The only place the fetishizers (including the Synthetic Testosterone Fetishizers) can dominate is the movement we Lesbians and Gay Men have created as our home and haven. The loophole of our inherent inclusivity has been exploited and appropriated. Its exactly what the patriarch does. Invade. Consume. Destroy.

    Separatism looks good to me.

  15. "But sadder still are all the Wizard's behind the bedroom curtains dictating and enforcing transgender policy on our lesbian and gay youth!"

    Dirt is right in calling these men the wizards behind the curtains, and they usually have a lot more money than women. They have been successful in getting some women to be their willing handmaidens, but we know who really pulls the strings and controls the agenda. It's not women who control anything at major LGBT organizations. The "L" is just there for historical purposes and has no actual authority. A lot of these men "transition" in mid-life after secretly cross dressing for years. They have their ex-wives and children, and successful careers. The Human Rights Campaign is a men's rights/transgender organization that was behind the attack on Women's Music Festival. These men don't even like the idea of women having one week a year on their own private property without first asking men like Beyer and Meghan Stabler for permission.

    Attack on Michigan Women's Music Festival, held on privately owned land

    This is a photo of Beyer who towers over the smaller man. Beyer is a eye surgeon who "transitioned" in mid-life. He is another white, wealthy "male lesbian".

    This is link to the men's/transgender rights organization HRC and Meghan Stabler, white heterosexual "male lesbian" who used his status as male to marry a woman.

    "Transgender Human Rights Campaign board member Meghan Stabler has married another woman in Texas by legally declaring her gender as male, a development that could be considered controversial (and perhaps hypocritical) because of Stabler’s national prominence, and because of her position at HRC as the only known trans person sitting on the board."

    On the Human Rights Campaign ( men's rights/transgender organization), Stabler answers FAQs.

    Mr. Meghan Stabler is NOT a woman, and NOT a lesbian. He is just a white middle aged male who has a fetish for dressing in women's clothing. I could care less if he likes to wear dresses or long hair, but he is not a woman.

  16. On the HRC website, I corrected Stabler's homophobic statements.

    What’s the difference between being transgender and being gay?

    Being transgender is about an individual’s gender identity, while being gay is about an individual’s sexual orientation, which is our attraction to people of the same gender, different genders or both. Gender identity and sexual orientation are two different things.

    Being transgender is about an individual’s gender identity, while being gay is about an individual’s sexual orientation, which is our attraction to people of the same SEX,

    Homosexuality, commonly and historically referred to as gay, is based on same sex sexual attraction NOT "gender identity". I argue that attempting to redefine homosexuality itself is homophobic on its face. Biological males who call themselves "lesbians" are, in fact, guilty of homophobia. They are also guilty of appropriating and colonizing lesbian identity that they have no right to co-opt, but this is another subject. It's a fact that males will never experience sexual pleasure the way that females experience sexual pleasure, even if they undergo sex reassignment surgery. Females will never experience sexual pleasure the way that males do.

  17. Critiquing Stabler, continued...

    What’s the difference between sex and gender?

    Sex refers to the designation of a person at birth as either "male" or "female" based on their anatomy (e.g. reproductive organs) and/or their biology (e.g. hormones).

    They do love to use the term "designated at birth", or "assigned at birth". I was "designated" human at birth. I could have been designated another species, but the doctor chose Homo sapiens instead of giraffe or zebra. The human species is sexually dimorphic and all primates reproduce sexually. Primates can't change their sex. I know they always drag up intersex, and blatantly co-opt these individuals every chance they get, so I'll have to recap the facts. Rare disorders of sexual development (intersex) are NOT the same thing as transgender. The vast majority of transgender identified persons have no intersex medical condition. Infertility is common in intersex. Meghan Stabler is biological father as are many MTFs, and even some FTMs. FTM Thomas Beatie gave birth to three babies AFTER legally changing her sex to male. The human species is male, female, and once in awhile, rare disorders of sexual development which are NOT the same thing as transgender.

    Gender refers to the traditional or stereotypical roles, behaviors, activities and attributes that a given society consider appropriate for men and women.

    At least Stabler got one thing right. Stabler admits that "gender" is nothing more than culturally defined sex stereotypes. I thought the goal of feminism was to dismantle sex stereotypes not perpetuate and glamorize them. Notice how Stabler phrases it when he states, "behaviors, activities and attributes that a given society consider appropriate for men and women."

    I fail to see how perpetuating sex stereotypes is progressive.

  18. transMEN always portray this oversexualized version of what a woman "is". Always overreacting and exagerating their manners. Thinking that if you like pink, rainbows, paper-pop-icons, nail polishing, high heels and make up; you are a "woman". But in the end, they do nothing but reafirm they're men. Because in a man's head, that's what a woman is; not in a woman's.

    For them, being a woman is showing off your breasts, having "period talks" and girl gossiping while doing make up to each other.

    transMALES are nothing but men playing the stereotype of a woman men created for our societies.

    It really sucks to see how they're not happy by repressing women for centuries, but now they get other men in dresses to crush our rights. And not only that, they're now brainwashing females to become misogynists for fucks sake!

  19. Anonymous, February 28, 2015 at 3:45 PM,
    Thanks for grounding us in biology. Our sex at birth is not "assigned", but determined on objective criteria. Where there is doubt, chromosomal tests are quick, easy, and (no doubt most important for hospitals) cheap. Of course, Complete Androgen Insensitivity raises problems, but that rare condition has nothing at all to do with "transsexualiasm".

  20. OMG I KNOW WES. She was a lesbian back then.... :o
    I'm so shocked :o
    It's the 5th butch lesbian that i knew who became an ftm..

  21. YES, long before I became aware that "gay" organizations were being run by straight men in frocks, ALL my lesbian friends (seemingly overnight) seemed to have at least one current or former friend who was "becoming a man". WHAT HAPPENED?