Sunday, February 15, 2015

Dirt Attacking & Bullying-Transgendered Transmogrification

There are thousands of comments/complaints/videos/threads/emails etc that claim "dirt" is "transphobic" and uses her blog to attack or bully the transgendered throughout the internet. As a result many feeble attacks are routinely made to shut this blog down with the same bullying tactics I'm accused of. Add to that the regular threats of violence and death wishes, most of which you (the reader) do not see. Do opposite sex hormones also alter perception when injected in high doses?

Before I get into the meat of this post, let me just spread a thin layer of mustard or mayo if you like, on the bread by asking this. Can ONE SINGLE INDIVIDUAL with no power or authority attack/bully tens of thousands simply by writing to no one? Can a LONE INDIVIDUAL force strangers to read her blog? Do trans people have a choice in what they read online?

Now lets put some meat on this baby by first examining the exact meaning of what dirt/this blog is so often accused:
Have I or this blog used violence to hurt someone/something? Obviously not, as I sit alone at home with only my two four legged babies and write, and while what is written could easily be construed as ethereal.

Do I or does this blog strongly criticize someone/something? No. I do critically think and then critically analyze people/subjects/ideas and theories-mostly on this blog. If you are confused about critical thinking/critical analysis:
Some may not like where that critical analysis leads, but thats something to be taken up with Truth, not me.

Next up is bully:

Bully is a new buzz word, buzz over dose, buzz blown-out-of-all-proportions-sweeping-the-nation term. And like anything thats ever blown out of proportion, as greater proportions are reached, meaning dilutes until the very thing itself no longer exists. A wrongfully (or rightfully) interpreted glance on a playground or around an office today, are now grounds for reprimands, suspensions or firings! Heaven forbid if you actually express displeasure with someone or worse, call someone ANYTHING they take as an insult, even if deserved! You BULLY!

I, nor has this blog EVER threatened people with harm. Period! My holding up a mirror to reveal truths may feel threatening to some, but that isnt the same as threatening. If you are a person who feels threatened by things you read, my advice to you is STOP reading things you feel threatened or bullied by. And certainly do NOT go back day after day after day reading, all the while feeling attacked and threatened and bullied for what YOU are CHOOSING to read!

Last year, my then three year old little little nephew (Little E) had a note sent home from DAYCARE saying Little E had bullied another boy. When the daycare authorities were contacted the next day for the full story, it seems an older boy had taken something that Little E was playing with and Little E calmly called the boy a "Juice Box Baby" and said boy started crying as a result. Whether Little E was in the right or wrong for name calling, he certainly was NOT bullying! He didnt systematically over days, weeks, months call this boy a Juice Box Baby, he said it ONCE! Now if this other boy feels is fragile or wasnt taught by his parents that sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me, then by golly this kid has bigger problems than a three year old calling him a Juice Box Baby! 

Collective youth today are so weak, fragile, smothered, pampered, spoon fed, diapered, soft playgrounded, knee padded, elbow padded and helmeted if they sniff even an eyeroll, grimace or verbal insult they're a puddle on the gymnasium floor! The fact is, there will ALWAYS be real bullies, real attacks, real falling off bikes, real skinned knees and hearts and life isnt fair! But life is a whole lot more bearable by experiencing life's minor adversities, which builds character and strength, so that they can endure the really difficult times. And they WILL come.

If you are old enough to read this blog, and you are in full control over what you read, if you feel afraid, threatened or bullied by material found here, exercise your freedom of choice and exit from this blog. If you CHOOSE to read, then do NOT accuse myself/this blog of attacking/bullying you into do so!

Little tip: Lose the knee pads. After getting your knees skinned a few times, you will find you no longer need them.



  1. "Can ONE SINGLE INDIVIDUAL with no power or authority attack/bully tens of thousands simply by writing to no one?"

    Actually, yes.

    This blog is affiliated with a number of blogs which are all inspired by some of the precepts of radical feminism, specifically by those precepts which are critical of the concept of a trans identity. We know that this particular strain of ideology can have real-world consequences, particularly with the exclusion of trans people from certain communities, including safe spaces.

    "I do critically think and then critically analyze people/subjects/ideas and theories-mostly on this blog."

    I have encountered people on the Internet who say that, no, I'm not really gay, there's no such thing as gay, no matter what people tell them. There are, they argue girded by their critical theory and what they say they know of other people, only people who are confused about their gender and who have an unnatural aversion to the opposite sex. My life experience doesn't matter; your life experience doesn't matter; no one's life experience can be made to matter to these people. They don't care about our real lives, our life experiences, and will happily do whatever it takes to enforce their norms about gender and sexual orientation on us all no matter the cost to us.

    Meanwhile, photo posts mocking young FTMs in transition don't actually seem like they're trying to convince anyone, least not the people in question, that this is a bad thing. What is the point of doing this if not to try to shame them into changing their minds, to bully them?

    These are not tactics that work. More, these are not the tactics that you should adopt on the sound strategic grounds that others would like to use them against us. A satirical article from _The Onion_, "Japan Forms Alliance With White Supremacists in Well-Thought-Out Scheme", comes to mind.

  2. I wasn't a radical feminist when I found this blog...just someone questioning their gender but still feeling sort of wrong about the idea of spending my entire life on artificial hormones, or spending thousands on surgery that I felt was actually luxurious, like cosmetic surgery... It actually IS cosmetic surgery...

    I noticed a sort of "trans trend" myself, but it's easy to think that it's because modern society is so accepting that trans people are free to come out of the woodwork. But there are so many teenagers going through this... And I personally know one "FtM" who transitioned in her teens but has since detransitioned after only a year... I'm just looking for answers.

  3. Everyone is afraid of the truth. I'm so tired of politically correct bullshit. Dirt is not denying that a minor portion of the female population experiences what is known as "dysphoria", she is questioning the validity of the treatment and cause of this "dysphoria". If it hurts your feelings that you aren't actually a man in a woman's body and that instead your "dysphoria" is caused by societal restraints and influences then like Dirt said that's a problem between you and the truth. "Don't kill the messenger".

  4. I see no mockery in posting what young ftm's put on the interwebs for the world to see.

    But you can't look if you're conflicted or clear transgendering is a very dangerous thing.

    It's associated with the cloak approach. Poof. I'm male. Poof. Not believing me is violence. Poof. Don't watch me. Poof. What the fuck was I thinking.

    It's clearly the lesbian label some of these young girls are running from, thinking if they can turn into cute biebers all will be fine. Until you arrive at 21 and realize you can be gay and female.

  5. Ah Randy... Retail Clerk, Social Media Poser/Sophisticate... Psychology Instructor to Lesbians worldwide...

  6. Hi dirt,
    Do you have an email I could write to?

  7. I just love it when men stop by to enlighten us all with their manly wisdom. I mean, whatever would we do without them?

    Thank you so much Randy! Now, I'm sure there are others elsewhere on the Internet who can benefit from you spreading your (cough cough) wisdom around.

  8. This blog is affiliated with a number of blogs which are all inspired by some of the precepts of radical feminism, specifically by those precepts which are critical of the concept of a trans identity. We know that this particular strain of ideology can have real-world consequences, particularly with the exclusion of trans people from certain communities, including safe spaces.

    First of all, the woman who runs this blog has NEVER identified as a radical feminist. She has repeatedly said she is not a radical feminist. Women don't have to identify as a radical feminist, or even a feminist to see what is actually happening.

    Since Randy brought up radical feminists, these rape and death threats are HATE SPEECH directed towards women.

    We know that this particular strain of ideology can have real-world consequences, particularly with the exclusion of trans people from certain communities, including safe spaces.

    What Randy is really talking about is rape and death threats made by males towards women they can't control. He also means biological males in women's restrooms (Paula Witherspoon trans registered sex offender), women's locker rooms (Mr. Colleen Francis and "her male genitalia"), women's homeless shelters (Christopher, "Jessica", Hambrook), women's prisons and female juvenile facilities(violent trans boy named Jane Doe) etc.

    Even the religious right doesn't tell women what they can and can't do on their private property. There is a lot of hate speech directed toward women here too.

  9. @February 16, 2015 at 3:12 PM

    I just love it when men stop by to enlighten us all with their manly wisdom. I mean, whatever would we do without them?

    Isn't it great!

  10. Anon@12:380


  11. You know, you're right. We all should ignore threats and contempt from those who are, essentially, powerless. But, yes, questioning people's self-identification is threatening. Refusing to listen to trans people's lived experiences is contemptuous. And reposting the images and names of young trans people *specifically* for an audience who is being encouraged to undermine and dispute their sense of self is an act of violence. Minor violence, compared to what trans people can expect from the world at large, but still violence. It's violence the same way that racist, sexist and homophobic slurs are violence. Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can really hurt me.

    Obviously, no one should be threatening to kill Dirt. No matter how angry, frightened, or sad someone's words make us, a threat of violence is never accepable. And of course, most people who come to this blog and find it offensive just surf away or, occasionally, leave a non-threatening comment (a wasted effort if ever there was one-- Dirt only appreciates critical thinking when she's applying it to ideologies she disagrees with). But just because people who disagree with Dirt sometimes do morally reprehensible things doesn't somehow make Dirt's own positions less threatening, or more ethical, than they are.

    And, Dirt, you ought to be proud that trans people find you threatening. After all, you think we ought not to exist. You think trans men should just admit we're lesbians, right? Every young person you scare out of transitioning has to count as a win, surely? Death threats and hate mail are certainly a win for you-- you can hold those up as evidence that testosterone poisons women's minds. The real threat to you is not irrational, violent trans men, but rather rational, feminist trans men-- who are able to think critically about your ideas.

  12. So the thousands of trans support sites and blogs out there are ok but this ONE that happens to disagree isn't? We're not allowed to think about and discuss this subject at all anymore?

    If Dirt's blog is closed she will just come back with another one. Same can be said for anyone who shares her opinion. The truth won't be silenced.

    Also Stephanie, it's funny how you make a case for Dirt posting "hateful messages" when that "evidence" you refer to had an FTM saying "dirt needs a bullet in her brain," when Dirt herself has never posted anything REMOTELY as violent and hateful as that in her blogs.

    If you for some reason can't take these opinions and ideas...then like with everything else, just don't visit this blog? Really, what's the issue?

  13. Btw, I looked up the suicide case based on your "evidence." From what I found, seems like it was a fake.

  14. FTMs.. Instead of whining about LESBIANS, who you ADAMANTLY do not want to be and since you identify as MEN, Why don't you direct your energies toward THEIR ACCEPTANCE of your "Self Identification??

    After all is A GUY THING right?

    Why care what dykes think or blog?

    How is it going with MEN anyway? Have they taken you under their bro wings yet?

    Why don't you start by asking RANDY for his support and stewardship?

    MEN are the GREATEST right?

    So where are they for YOU? And what are they doing for their TRANS BROTHERS?

    Take a real look at WHO you want to be.

  15. "What we have here, is a failure to communicate"
    (Props to Cool Hand Luke)
    We have a right to freedom of speech. It's importance cannot be overstated. The absence of this right paves the way for the Most violent of outcomes (fascism and totalitarianism). There is no right to Not be offended. In fact, offensive speech is precisely the type of speech the First amendment was designed to protect, as it is the only type of speech that people may desire to prohibit. No one ever tries to curtail words that are patently un-offensive.
    For whatever reason, the Pro trans crowd has reached the level where disagreement with the "truth" as they see it, is moving toward becoming labelled "offensive", or "hateful". This is the reason that blogs like Dirt's are important and necessary. She counteracts the ideas as put forth by transgender ideologists. People who are questioning Who they are should be able to access information on both sides of the debate. The marketplace of ideas should be open to all venders.

    Personally, what stands out most to me is when I read the words referring to gender as "assigned at birth". Like, really? I'm not female by birthright, I was merely "assigned" female at birth? So, I could have just as easily been assigned male? Gender is not a concrete fact, just a social construct? This is so offensive to me. But, hey, I'm glad "they" "assigned" me the right eye color. I really like having blue eyes and would be so upset to discover they made a mistake and my eyes are really green. Well, unless I wanted green eyes. Then I'd be angry that my Dr. Got it wrong and now I need colored contacts to correct his mistake. And if I choose to wear the contacts, the first person to dare suggest that me eyes are not really green should be prosecuted for a hate crime then sent to a re-education camp.

  16. IwilllistentoyourliesnomoreFebruary 17, 2015 at 1:27 PM

    I agree with Randy that this blog has real effects on people's life. I am one of those who have been affected by this blog. When I first found it I actually loved it and I believed what Dirt was saying when she said that transgenderism was socially constructed and had no biological reasons. For years I agreed with her and eventually became a radical feminist and "gender-critical" feminist. At the same time I was miserable. I was always depressed from dysphoria that I was trying to repress. I ended up almost killing myself because I couldn't take it anymore. So in december I came out has a transman and I have never been happier. It makes me incredibly sad when I think about other trans people who are getting sucked in this "gender-critical" movement. I read some of the comments people post here and I can recognize myself some year ago. To them I just want to say: get out while you can. This movement is incredibly destructive to trans people. Don't listen to Dirt, she exaggerates everything (especially what hormones really do to you) and straight up lies about so many things, even if she herself thinks it's the truth. Find a trans community near you and actually get to know the people she spend her life demonising. You will find that they are nothing like she says.
    Best of luck to everyone and I hope you will find peace and truth in your lifes. Best wishes, Jack.

  17. Dear Jack
    I'm glad you are happy. Regardless of what it took for you to achieve it. Liberty and the pursuit of happiness are things to which we are all entitled. You own your body. Dress it however you choose. Have whatever surgery you want. It's your right.
    I will refer to you as whatever name you select. Anyone can legally change their name. I will use whatever pronoun you prefer. I think that's just common curtesy.
    I will not accept that you are a man. Science, surgery, pharmaceuticals or clothing can not change that. I'm sorry this makes you feel bad, or bullied, or in any way uncomfortable. I would not treat you poorly or disdainfully if I knew you. I assert my right to my opinion and the right to vote and participate in government as I see fit.
    When I was prescribed birth control pills I was provided a Package Insert from the drug manufacturer. It listed all the known risks which have been scientifically validated during controlled drug trials. I compared the benefits with the potential harms. I made an informed choice to take the drug anyway. I am a female getting some extra female hormones. I am older now and am having some health issues that were most likely caused by the pill. I can only imagine how much riskier it is for a female to take male hormones. You have probably lost years of your life because of it.. I hope you were not lied to or misinformed or unable to appreciate the risks you have assumed. Your body, your choice. Best wishes.

  18. Jack, about your post....

    Judge Judy would put it this way :

    It doesn't make sense, Mr Jack. Your Story doesn't hold together. And you know what it means when a story doesn't make sense Mr Jack? I'll tell you what it means. It means your not telling the truth.
    Your whole post is a contrived piece of bullshit.

    Does synthetic testosterone make people stupid? WTF.

  19. @Randy and Stephanie:

    Despite what transgender activists say, there are moral and ethical issues surrounding drugging children with GnRH agonists and/or cross gender hormones. The age in which children "transgender" just keeps getting younger and younger all the time. Are they going to start "diagnosing" children when they are first born?

    Some doctors are skipping the puberty suppressing drugs and going straight to cross gender hormones when kids are eleven. This is how insane it's become.

    "Nicole was 11 when she decided she wanted hormone therapy to halt male puberty and promote the growth of feminine features...(*we are supposed to believe that an 11 year old boy asked for female hormones)...And so, for the past two years, Nicole has been taking pills twice a day—spironolactone, which blocks male hormones like testosterone, and estradiol, a synthetic form of estrogen often given as a hormone replacement to post-menopausal women, even though estradiol has been shown to increase the risk of breast cancer...

    The youngest person to whom he has prescribed cross-sex hormones was 14, a female-to-male patient ... She had a double mastectomy later that year. "

    Pump a kid full of cross gender hormones before their bodies sexually mature and they are infertile.

    Psychiatry gave us lobotomies, and now doctors are drugging and sterilizing children, and the ages keep getting younger all the time.

    I'm glad I'm not the one who has to answer to future historians.

  20. As the parent of a teen girl who wishes she were a boy, I appreciate that Dirt risks her personal safety to publish the unpopular, "politically incorrect" truth. I find it shocking that barbaric surgeries and dangerous hormones are the go-to treatments and I am supposed to happily sign off on them for my daughter. I am extremely liberal politically, but even I can see that political correctness has gotten way out of hand regarding the transgender issue. It should not be considered taboo, abusive or phobic to call a female a female.

    Just because a person proclaims they are a male (or a Spaniard or a space alien
    or a duck) doesn't mean they are actually one, and doesn't mean that anyone who points out the obvious truth is phobic or a bully.

    As far as dirt reblogging those girls' photos, I do not see any mocking going
    on. Dirt is merely reposting what these girls chose to publicly post about
    themselves. In this day and age of the internet, these young women know exactly
    what they are doing when they post their photos, names and personal stories on a public website. Kids these days start learning in first and second grade not to place on the web any information they do not want to be "out there" forever for the entire world to see and know. Additionally, it is perfectly legal to repost items from Tumblr and Youtube as long as each site's terms of use are followed. Dirt is not mocking. She is simply illustrating how prevalent the problem is and hopefully encouraging these young women to fully explore the problems associated with the disfiguring surgeries and harmful hormones of transitioning.

    There will come a day when society will look back with amazement that it was once legal and in fact the recommended treatment for gender dysphoria to use a woman's body to create a crude facsimile of a man. I am not a doctor; I do not know what the most effective treatments will ultimately be, but mark my words, mutilating a healthy body in an attempt to match it up with what is going on in the mind will some day cease to be an option, especially for children.

    Dirt is not abusive or phobic. She is simply trying to save a generation of
    girls who are being made to feel that if they do not fit the Sexy Princess Pop Star stereotype, something is wrong with them and they must be males. She is trying to spread the word that these girls are very much worthy, valuable females although they refuse to conform to society's babe-alicious Barbie dream world. Dirt is simply trying to convince these girls that is is perfectly OK to rock their own brand of femaleness.

    At least that is how I see it. I am thankful to Dirt and the handful of others who are brave enough to reach out to girls and offer their unpopular advice. One day the tide will turn in their favor.

    Forgive me if I have posted this twice; the first one was apparently eaten by the comments monster.

  21. Anon above-- parent of trans-identified teen:

    Please, please support your child in developing their own identity, whatever form that may take. Of all the people who've posted on this blog, your comment makes me the most worried, and the most sad. Trans folks ourselves have other resources and, in the end, Dirt is just one voice on the internet. But you are a major influence in a young person's life-- clearly you understand that responsibility. But while "trans ideologists" don't present all of the story, Dirt doesn't either. Trying to use the logic on this blog with your child could have unimaginably destructive consequences.

    I am a thirty-five year old FtM early in the process of transition. I can assure you that being transgender is *real*, it cannot be denied, repressed, or argued down. A person who is a transgender man is not just a lesbian in denial, or a misogynist, or someone who believes that if they aren't the "Sexy Princess Pop Star stereotype, something is wrong with them and they must be males." FtMs may not be “men” as you define it, but we are not truly “women” either, and no amount of wishing or staring at our own genitals will make us so.

    I was raised by second-wave feminists, I have spent my life so far as a gender-nonconforming woman-identified-woman, and I have been reasonably successful. There has been no external pressure on me to transition. Quite the opposite-- my life would be easier in every way if I just stayed in a female gender role. But that would not be true to myself, and some things are more important than an easy life.

    Listen to Dirt if you must, but listen to the voices of transgender people as well. We haven't just drunk the Kool-aid. Our experiences are real. If your child is transgender (and not every teen who asserts a gender-nonconforming identity is), then nothing you do will change that. I'm not telling you that your child needs hormones or suppressants-- I'd never say that. But your child does need your support, and you can only do harm by basing your reaction on what you read on blogs like this.

    If you want to talk with me directly (I don't expect you to take the word of some anon on the internet at face value), then post another response and we'll make it work. But whether from me, or elsewhere, please seek input other than Dirt's perspective. Most important, though, please listen to your child.

    I wish you all the best.

  22. If you cannot comment on the topic of the post-your comment WILL BE REMOVED.

    If you would like to discuss something on a different topic, email me suggestions and/or write a guest post.


  23. Jack there is no gender critical "movement" requiring people to "get out while they can" its called 'Thinking' Jack.

    Thinking is Perfectly Safe and has no bioaccumulative consequences. Fyi.

  24. "I just love it when men stop by to enlighten us all with their manly wisdom. I mean, whatever would we do without them?"

    Thank you so much for asking, Anonymous. Actually, I have no wisdom for you this week. (What's that I hear you mutter? "Makes a nice change"?) But I do have a question. What does it mean to call someone a "juice box baby"? It might not seem a very important question, but Dirt did quote the expression in her post, googling it has proved unavailing, and it's the kind of thing I hate not to know the answer to.

    Loth to disappoint, I do have another question, rhetorical this time, like most questions here, for Randy, who writes: "We know that this particular strain of ideology [radical feminism] can have real-world consequences." What on earth would be the point of an ideology which its adherents did not believe could have real-world consequences? Marx and Engels didn't write the Communist Manifesto in a spirit of metaphysical contemplation. Presumably Americans who bother to vote believe it will make a material difference whether they put the Republicans or the Democrats in power, though history has often proven them wrong.

    As to the view expressed by another Anonymous, that "questioning people's self-identification is threatening", I am unable to agree, unless "threatening" is being used here just in the sense of "making them feel uncomfortable". What is threatening (to free debate) is stamping one's feet and crying "bullying" or "hate-crime" every time someone tells you you are wrong. I am ashamed to note that we ourselves (gay men) have led the way in this thoroughly illegitimate form of argument.

  25. Questioning people's self-identification is threatening because it is used as a reason to deny groups access to social advantages that are available to other individuals. The position that being gay isn't an identity, but merely an action (variously defined as a sin, a crime, and an illness) is used to justify laws that criminalize non-heterosexual sex, bar gay and lesbian people from marriage and adoption, remove the children of gay and lesbian people from their parents' care, prevent gay people from applying hate crime laws to homophobic violence, and promote overt discrimination againt people of gay or lesbian orientation. For those reasons, gay people are justifiably threatened when someone questions the legitimacy of their identification as gay-- that view, if widely adopted, would result in the reversal of everything the gay rights movement has achieved.

    Dirt says being transgender isn't a real identity and, therefore, the medical treatments that help trans people are illegitimate, trans people shouldn't have acceess to services or spaces meant for people of their identified gender, trans people shouldn't be able to legally change their gender status or be accepted in society as the gender they present. After all, if a person with male genitalia who identifies as female doesn't want to be treated like a man in a dress, he should just stop wearing dresses. If a person with female genitalia who identifies as male feels that having breasts conflicts with their personal identity, the problem is that *feeling*, and any treatment should be geared towards helping her to accept her body as it is, and accept her female place in society. Given the level of distress experienced by people with gender dysphoria, the fact that no treatment other than transition has ever been shown to help, and the remarkable threat of physical violence towards trans individuals, refusing to allow us access to services appropriate to the gender we present, and to the medical and legal services we need to transition threatens our health and our lives.

    Questioning the self-identification of an individual or group is threatening because it is a *threat*-- a threat to deny those people the equal protection of the law. It's somewhat less threatening when the individual making the threat has no power to actually do it. But it's still a threat.

  26. I always wondered about F2T who come here again and again and then feel offended. If you don't like what you see, then don't come here.
    I'm gay and I don't read anti gay blogs or watch anti gay video's. I know they're out there, but I choose not to watch.
    The question raises: Am I bullied by those blogs/video's?
    Hell no, they can't hurt me because I don't give them attention.

  27. The freedom of speech issue is a complete red herring. The right to freedom of speech means that the government can't legally stop or punish people who say things that don't cause measurable, immediate harm (like shouting "fire" in a theatre). It *doesn't* mean that all speech is acceptable, inoffensive, or protected from criticism.

    In the US, the KKK has the right to free speech, the Westboro Baptist Church has the right to free speech, "intelligent design" advocates and Jenny McCarthy have the right to free speech. Hate groups, liars, and idiots have the right to free speech. As Dawn said, offensive speech is explicitly protected. But that protection doesn't make it inoffensive.

    The KKK is no less a hate group if Black people ignore them. Offensive speech doesn't become less offensive if the people it offends don't listen. This blog is free to say whatever it likes, but speech is not without consequences. Dirt gets to say it but, just the same, trans folks get to call her out on being offensive and hateful. "You're violating my right to free speech!" and "Well, just don't listen if I offend you!" are the defenses of a coward who can't stand criticism.

  28. Projection and inversion seems to be the hallmark of trans sensibility.

  29. Anon February 20, 2015 at 10:06 AM,
    there's a difference between feeling offended and getting bullied. Just saying.

  30. Questioning people's self-identification is threatening because it is used as a reason to deny groups access to social advantages that are available to other individuals.

    WTF does this mean? Since when do women have "social advantages". Only delusional people or misogynistic men believe this.

    Do these people have any credibility left? We know where the treats are coming from.

    If people take the time to actually research it, the woman who runs this blog has received numerous online death threats.

    The woman who runs this blog isn't the woman who has received threats. As I stated before, dirt doesn't identify as a radical feminist. It's ANY woman who transgender activists, angry MTFs, FTMs dislike.

    "slowly and horrendously murder terfs in saw like torture machines"

    "i would literally kill a terf"

  31. @February 20, 2015 at 10:06 AM

    As hateful as they are, even the KKK and the Westboro Baptist Church aren't telling women what they can and cannot do on their own private property.


  32. The freedom of speech issue is a complete red herring.

    WTF does this mean? According to transgender activists, women have NO free speech unless THEY get to dictate what they will say.

  33. According to transgender activists, women have NO free speech unless THEY get to dictate what they will say.

    Where does this even come from? No one's free speech is being threatened here. Disagreement, however heated, does not impinge on free speech rights. Death threats, though despicable and, if credible, criminal, don't infringe on free speech rights. Freedom of speech means freedom from government interference, not freedom from criticism.

    The free speech issue is a red herring (wiki it)-- it is being used as a distraction from the discussion of what is actually being said. The author of this blog has the right to say hateful and offensive things. But they're still hateful and offensive things to say.

  34. Just because you Hate Hearing Something doesnt "Make" it hateful.

    Could you BE more self absorbed?

    Your "self identifying" doesnt extend into creating alternative realities for other peoples motives and thoughts.

    Really it makes you look insane.

  35. The services and access that is being so worried about is being able to get that T.

    The threat that's being implied is the fear that this whole trans thing is going to be examined more closely, and that therapists won't be as easily manipulated as real as real data emerges and the PC bs is seen for what it is.

  36. The PC bs is what's keeping the world from harassing you, firing you, beating you, killing you. I don't like groupthink at all *either* but you can't just draw a line and say that every identity before this point in time or having these characteristics is legit but this trans one is bullshit. Why? Because "gay" wasn't an identity until the last 50 years. It's not any more real. You are only a product of what the culture has allowed you to be.

  37. Gay isnt nor has ever been an "identity" homosexuality/lesbianism are sexual orientations. Neither require drugs or mutilation of healthy body parts.


  38. Comparing trans to gay/lesbian is a false equivalency. Transition is this generation's anti-gay "reparative therapy."

    Having a difference of opinion is not "violence." Only privileged, sheltered children (or privileged straight white males) who have never been subjected to actual violence could say such an offensive thing. Shame on you trans-trending, pretender, homophobes and misogynists.

  39. Facilitating transition for children and teens who are legal minors is ... unwise. I agree with the mom above. I'm sorry. These are huge decisions with long-term health ramifications. Administration of T in natal females is particularly poorly studied. Meanwhile the evidence of lack of full frontal-lobe development until the mid 20s is well-documented.

    The ability to make a well-reasoned decision based on a risk-benefit analysis just is not there before that time. Just as kids/teens ability to make well-reasoned decisions about other behaviors is not there.

    Keep the kids safe, keep the door open, keep talking, support a social transition if the kid really longs for that. Go to bat for the kid at school if the kid longs for that. But ... IMO parents should not consent to hormones/surgery unless there appears to be absolutely no alternative to treating someone who is severely depressed or a suicide risk. Once the child is no longer a legal minor, then ... go forward, if that appears to be the only way forward.

  40. Dirt,
    This is OT but I wanted to call your attention to this news item, since it would make a good subject for a post. About a well known USA educated Chinese 'sex expert' who met a butch lesbian woman and convinced her that she was trans so she could be her lover. Now she is promoting F to M transitioning in China where it was basically unheard of. She's also promoting S & M and liberalization of pornography (which is illegal in China).