Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Comment on Male Violence Against Transmen

A recent comment on an older post regarding trans female surgery mutilation that deserves attention. Anonymous, I am glad for you. Going against the grain has never been easy, but being true to yourself is its own reward.



  1. Again you are doing what you always do; take one narrative and apply it to the masses. Good for that one person who didn't transition and have surgery because they clearly aren't trans. Their are thousands of others who do and are happy.

    1. @12:36pm
      Do you think the tissue grafted onto these women is the same as, or approximately the same as, a penis?
      That they urinate, erect, ejaculate, look, and feel the same?
      Do you, really?

    2. Most transmen do not have phalloplasty, I haven't and I dont care. I'm happy, and am seen as a man and that's all I care about. Most transmen are happy with top surgery, a smaller percentage go on to have lower surgery and of the dozen or so I personally know, they are happy and content. You only hear about the sensationalized cases not the average satified transmen. Why don't you meet a few of us and you will see they we are normal, happy, successful people not the portrait that Dirt paints of us.

    3. So you wouldn't get surgery either. Maybe you're "clearly not trans".

      Since there's no need for surgery or medical intervention, body dismorphia isn't a trans qualifier anymore? Not really sure what is needed to be "clearly" trans in your eyes. Trans has come to mean nothing more than a sexist with a penchant for role playing from what I see.

    4. I have had surgery. Top, hysto and meti; a different type of bottoms surgery and have been on hormones for years. Trans people do not have to have surgery, as a generalization, most have at least one, depending. You are taking my words and twisting them to fit what you want. I never said there wasn't a need for medical intervention either. Someone who doesn't transition, doesn't fit the criteria for transsexualism. And yes there is a medical criteria. I'm not sexist, nor have a thing for role playing. I am a man, a feminist, and an honest good person.

  2. FTM "top surgery" (elective mastectomies with the surgical trimming down of areolas and nipples) and "bottom surgery" (they take skip flaps from the arm or some other part of the body and sew it onto the female pubic area) are similar to female genital mutilation. This is especially true if it's botched similar to this:

    "Damien was admitted with a postsurgical infection. By this time one of Damien’s nipples was necrotic and black but we were told it was “fine”.

    Nearly five week after surgery Dec 4 at 12:30 in the afternoon Damien went to HSC emergency with his nipple hanging off pouring fluid, with redness, painful swelling, and abscesses. He was generally unwell and profoundly depressed...After almost eight hours Damien asked a surgical resident what to do about the fact that the nipple his surgeon said was “fine” two weeks before was literally hanging off. The resident said not to worry – that people walk around with necrotic toes all the time. Damien said he was traumatized by the idea of his nipple falling off in his hand and the resident said that if it happened, he could just “throw it in the garbage.”

    Thankfully, this female was able to raise enough money online to repair what the first surgeon did.

  3. I am a native male. I have also had extensive surgery on my penis, both in infancy, and now recently: in fact, I am between operations. I daresay my urologist could supply you with photos every bit as shocking as Dirt publishes.
    But those operations, distressing as they are, are carried out to ensure the correct functioning of my male body, not as mutilations of a female body.
    You describe yourself as "a man, a feminist". I am male, and therefore, reluctantly but ineluctably, "a man", but would never dare give myself a stronger label than "pro-feminist". But maybe that's just semantics.
    I don't contest that you are an "honest good person", but I hope you may concede that other honest good people may disagree strongly with your choices and definitions.

  4. I'm not twisting your words, you're refusing to nail anything down.
    You never answered my original question:
    Do you think the tissue grafted onto these women is the same as, or approximately the same as, a penis; that they urinate, erect, ejaculate, look, and feel the same?
    I take your silence as a "no".
    Is trans an illness? Because you're also wishy-washy saying that there IS a need for medical intervention. I take that as a "yes", trans is an illness.
    If trans is an illness, then there is some debate as what is the best form of treatment. I would argue for counseling and psychological treatment for body dysmorphia, just as it is for anorexics. We don't accept their delusions, because as we've already agreed: it is delusional to think females can obtain/create a real penis.

    If there is no body dysmorphia, then what exactly makes someone trans? Just a 'feeling' of being the opposite sex? If that's the case, then what pre-conceived notions of gender must exist where you think that individual preferences are coded by sex or gender? Thinking that sex determines your dis/likes, clothes, behavior, personality, etc is SEXISM. Just as thinking someone's race dictates their dis/likes, clothes, behavior, etc. is RACISM. So if it isn't an illness such as body dysphoria, then it means they believe in sexism and wish to pretend to be a different sex so that their 'feeling' aligns with their sexist views of gender.
    You may be a good person, I hope so, but you're not being honest, because you're not a man. You're either a woman struggling with a mental illness (there's no shame in that) OR a sexist who thinks women and men are so inherently different that her own thoughts and feelings can't possibly be the thoughts and feelings of a woman.

    Feminists empower women to be themselves and control their own lives. They don't mutilate women's bodies and minds to conform to a man's so that they can be 'themselves' by hiding their biology.

  5. ONLY through taking high doses of opposite sex hormones is one trans!

    Dysphoria also has ZERO to do with trans, plenty of us have suffered severe dysphoria with no "treatment" outside of love and maturity and a basic understanding of the Gender Straight Jacket and a big slice of feminism.

    Dysphoria today is nothing more than a propagandized version of uncomfortable. And uncomfortableness for females in a female hating society isnt abnormal, its to be expected, NOT pathologized!

    Dysphoria is the new trans umbrella term doctors are using to catch more flies with and the Trans Politic is using/abusing so they can legitimize their paraphillia with!


    1. The legal definitions being codified by trans at the expense of women only spaces, don't even give that much of a definition for 'trans'. You're right of course about dysphoria, I forgot where I was for a moment: in a female hating society.

  6. Anon 3:28

    What is meti surgery? I searched and found nothing. And hysto is hysterectomy?

  7. Happy and content as a woman can be aping a man. Won't buy into your illusion and believe me, a good majority don't either. There's always some give away: height, voice pitch, eyebrows, bone density. What also insults is that butches are immediately lumped in with ftm's. I have no desire to be a man. At all.

  8. I am actually very out about being trans so people finding out or knowing doesn't bother me. Even with my short stature, no one questions my maleness, no gives me second looks in the men's rooms, on street, nothing. Do I think the surgeries some transmen have equal a male born penis? No, and that's ok. It's different and we are different as men and that's ok too. Meti surgery is where a neophallas is made from existing genital tissues. So in short, my dick looks like a baby dick, without balls for lack of a better comparison. And guess what, I'm ok with that too and so is my partner. It's my body and our sex life and we are both happy and sexually satisfied. People with dysphoria aren't nessescarily trans. The people who are, are the people who transition and are happy. I only know of one person, as in she is a friend of mine, who de transitioned and even she said she wouldn't have not transitioned previously. She learned about herself and realized she made a mistake. That one friend of mine and the literal hundred or so other FTM friends of mine are all happy people. Why does that bother you people so much. That we are taking charge of our lives? And yes honestly I do think being trans is an illness, that's why I transitioned.

  9. Its too bad FTMs can't think of a more original term for a T enlarged and surgically altered clitoris than "dick".
    Not very sophisticated to be sure. With all of the cutting edge, new age vernacular of trans speak one would think you wouldn't need to ape one of the most buffoonishly toned slang words there is - especially since its also commonly used to describe a male idiot.
    Just sayin'.

  10. I'm glad that you have some stability and happiness in your life, I don't wish bad things on anyone, but not everyone is in your shoes.

    The F to M I was dating seems to be on a kamikaze mission that started when she was horrendously abused as a female. From movies she got the idea of a way out- passing as male. She passed for over ten years before the trans medical establishment got a hold of her, now she's on T and is obsessed with getting surgery which she says will finally make her free.

    She's not yet 40 but her mental and physical health are totally shot. She has no home, job, friends or stability in life and seems on a mission to self- destruct and obliterate all traces of femaleness. I had to distance myself because she strikes out with abuse.

    I love her very much though and am furious at the society that egged her on and materially supported her downfall. That's why I support Dirts efforts here.

  11. FTM's can never be feminists, because feminists want to abolish gender.
    But they can be good persons, I see no reason why not.

  12. I agree with loving all women. It is difficult to watch females transmuting into ape males, especially if there are underlying abuse issues. Most of us understand the life long devastation abuse and disregard causes. But to observe the medical industry gleefully take up cutting and reshaping women's bodies is frightening and hideous.

  13. feminists do not want to abolish gender, they want gender equality.

    1. A big component of society-created feminine gender is rooted in submission. How does one have equality between dominant and submissive?
      (This feminist wants to abolish gender)

  14. @ Anonymous, March 2, 2015 at 7:46 PM

    "What is meti surgery? I searched and found nothing".
    I was puzzled by this too, but in the meantime I have had the opportunity to quiz my urologist, and he tells me that it's dick-doctor slang for relocating the meatus (pee-hole) closer to where it's supposed to be (end of the penis).
    I confess my courage failed me to press him further on the question (he was holding rather a sharp scalpel at the time), but I leave it to your own imagination what that might mean in a trans context.

  15. "Meti"= metoidoplasty (sew your urethra to your enlarged clitoris so you can pee without having to sit. F2Ts will call that a penis, even if it is way smaller in both lenght and girth than a micropenis). And "hysto" is hysterectomy.

  16. Here you can see the incredible results of metoidoplasty.

    Such lenght and witdth! Any woman on Earth would change her lover's BBC for that!

  17. Anonymous March 8 at 12:06 AM gives a good explanation of "meti" which obviously supersedes my earlier, incorrect one.

  18. Anonymous March 5, 2015 at 10:45 AM said:
    "feminists do not want to abolish gender, they want gender equality."
    If you accept that "gender" is simply the aggregate of the roles and behaviours imposed on one sex-class or the other, then surely the two statements are equivalent, no?
    Clarifications welcome, from original commenter and others.