Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Subversive Conformity-a Revolutionary LIE

While recently searching for something to watch online, I ran across a series The Mrs Bradley Mysteries based on the novels of Gladys Mitchell, that I somehow missed from the late 90's, starring Diana Rigg. The first in the series I watched, was called Speedy Death. In this episode the fiance (Everard Mountjoy-a budding explorer) of one of the characters is found dead in the bathtub. On top of finding Mountjoy dead, the place of death-the bath-reveals a secret Mountjoy had been hiding-he was in fact a woman! The following is straight from the episode, after this realization sets in:

Dorothy Manners-What kind of woman goes around pretending to be a man, its unheard of?

Mrs Bradley-Uncommon but not unheard of. We women live in a man's world, sometimes getting on requires a little subterfuge.

Alastair Bing-How do you mean?

Mrs Bradley-When Wolseley went to Khartoum in '84 to rescue General Gordon he had a Captain Jack Tremain at his side, Tremain died of malaria and a post mortem revealed his secret. HE was Miss Wilhelmina Nash.....She wrote in her diaries "to be a woman with ambition beyond that which society will allow is to endure a slow death. I was determined to live a life."

Alastair Bing-Are you saying that Mountjoy had the same feelings?

Mrs Bradley-Many of us do. Mountjoy's ambition was to explore the world. NO investor would except a mere woman explorer.

The novel this derived from was published in 1929, and the account Mitchell referred to here happened in the late 1800s. As can be gleaned from Gladys Mitchell's character Mrs Bradley, Mitchell knew and experienced full on the limited circumscribed world females were (and still are) allowed by men/male authority/themselves. Mitchell escaped some of those tragic sexist limits through her creation of Mrs Bradley. Limits she clearly enjoyed escaping as she wrote over sixty Mrs Bradley Mysteries. Mitchell also sex changed herself, literarily speaking, via several male pseudonyms in order to further escape the limits of her sex from the male dominated publishing world.

Women of Mitchell's generation understood their world wasnt restrained primarily by dress or behaviour even, but by their female sex alone. Suffragettes and the like fought for the legals rights of their sex in all areas of life, be it personal, the workforce or political arena, beginning with the right to vote. Expanding the limits of female fundamentally began and ended with changing the possibilities of female. Unlike females today who fundamentally change themselves to create possibilities, be it personal, the workforce or political.

Instead of furthering female possibilities, the possibilities for females have shrank to an all time low as a direct result of this fearsome narcissistic modifying thy self to appease/please a mass audience. Females today, despite hosts of legal freedoms and rights are so quick to nip this/tuck that/inject this/suck that out/cut off this/stitch that on, its as if women like a Mrs Bradley never existed at all!

Have things gotten so good for females that the strength women in the past held/upheld and utilized for positive change has made women in the last two or three decades soft? So soft that the very nature of radicalism has merged with conformity, even to the detriment of their own female lives, never mind the consideration for the future of women????

Were Mrs Bradley once real and not merely a character from an early feminist mind, wherever she be buried, she'd be rolling repeatedly in her grave.

As the Detroit gals say "DAMN SHAME"...



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  2. Where did you find The Mrs Bradley Mysteries? I haven't seen them since they originally aired on British TV. I recently heard and recorded a radio adaptation of Speedy Death which, I think, took fewer liberties with the original novel than the TV version.

  3. How does this explain dysphoria? Women don't transition nowadays simply because they are too ambitious; that is fucking retarded. They transition because femininity is synonymous with weakness and submissive/ taboo sexuality.

  4. Not everything has to "explain" something.