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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Looking for some Lesbian Activism?

Interested in some lesbian activism?

This blog is looking for serious volunteers!

There is little challenge or critical thinking of Trans Trending (trans anything) on YouTube. I'm looking for volunteers to bring posts from this blog to YT. Due to time and work it is difficult for me alone to accomplish this.
If there are any readers interested in helping out in this effort, please contact me at

(I had one volunteer email me last week-my yahoo ate their email-please email me again)



  1. Dirt, I would be honored to help you...

    I sent you an email...

  2. Just a word to male readers: Although we obviously can't be directly involved in this project, there's no reason why they can't use whatever practical skills we have to further it. I'm a translator, so probably not very interesting in this context, but there must be film editors etc out there. Don't be shy!


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