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Friday, December 5, 2014

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

AM-Age 17

SW-Age 13

PX-Age 18

JA-Age 15

TT-Age (youth)

Tally-Age 17

CE-Age (youth)

RC-Age (youth)

TM-Age 15

...Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not...




  1. "Im Jaymie Alexander-George Harrid, Im 15 years olsd almost 16 and j am ftm transgender. I am pre t, pre op, pre everything..."

    This 15 year old girl says she is "pre t, pre op, pre everything".

    Fifteen year old girls eager to take synthetic hormones and get their breasts removed and their areolas and nipples surgically trimmed down to size. Take a flap of skin from the arm and sewn it onto their female pubic area.

    The culturally ditated mutilation of female bodies in all its forms has a thousand year history. This is just another version of it, albiet dressed in pseudo progressive trappings. It goes on and on and on...

  2. I wonder if future historians will view FTM "transitioning" as another form of female genital mutilation.

    I can see why they use the words "pre everything" and "transitioning" because the reality of what is actually being done to healthy female anatomy does resemble female genital mutilation.

  3. Why do they use the word "transition"? What exactly to they transition to? People really can't change their sex.

  4. Why do you say "resembles" genital mutilation? That is precisely what it is.

  5. @Petre,

    Yes, it is genital mutilation..

  6. Funny all of you who call it "genital mutilation" are the persons who are lesbian who dress either feminine or masculine. You have no idea what it's like to be transgender. It's sad how the same people who know what it's like to be treated as a minority or are told what to do are doing it themselves. Such hypocrites. Also, when i was 15 i wanted to go on hormones myself. And look here i am now, four years later, heading towards a year and a half on t and getting surgery in the spring. So regardless of whatever you hypocrites think, i'm happy as fuck as ive ever been and no its not something in my head, i would be dead. And i'm more of a man than any biological male. I fought for my manhood. At the end of the day all you females are doing is being negative and wasting your life away, but that's cool too because i'm happy and no matter what you could say could never take away from who i am or anyone in the trans community. Have a nice day ya shits (and the owner of this blog fuck you too, bc there's other ways to educate people about hormones and stuff without being a rude ass cunt, and frankly, who are you anyways? You're not even trans, why do you care?) lmao.

  7. Funny all of you who call it "genital mutilation" are the persons who are lesbian who dress either feminine or masculine.

    You say so much in this sentence.
    In your view it's either feminine of masculine. And that's exactly the problem.
    People can be whatever they want to be. If there are no gender roles, then nobody has to pick a side.
    What you're describing is the gender straight jacket. And since you believe in but the "female jacket" doens't fit you, you want a jacket that does fit: the "male jacket".

    Does that makes sense to you?
    Is doesn't make sense to me at all.
    You don't have to be a man to be yourself.

    BTW Take testoseterone and you'll be an old bald man in no time. And I hope you won't get nasty side effects or even cancer. You're playing with your life just to wear pants.

  8. What a lot you imagine you know about us, Anonymous at 9:22 AM. I'm not a lesbian (I'm a gay male) and I think I dress pretty neutrally - I certainly don't choose my clothes for their butchness or femmy-ness.

    "... i'm more of a man than any biological male. I fought for my manhood."

    Your claim is meaningless, a contradiction in terms. Even if it were or could be true, it hardly strikes me as anything to be proud of. It might interest you to know that many biological males also "fight for their manhood" - those of them who are stupid enough to be taken in by the ideology of "manhood" as a superior state to be achieved through combat, conflict, competition and violent/dehumanizing rites of passage. They fight for an illusion, a fiction, and you doubly so, if you imagine yourself to be male (as is implied by your addressing others as "you females").

    Does calling other people "cunts" help you to feel more of a man? If so, I must congratulate you on how thoroughly you have conformed to the manners of your adopted gender.

  9. @Big: It was just an example, yes I know there is more than just feminine or masculine but either way like i said, to society a woman shouldn't wear "pants" which i don't agree with. In my position it was never about gender roles, i knew i could be a masculine female but that didn't fit me, like you said a "male jacket". And also, I doubt i'll be an "old bald man" because as far as i can see my genetics want me to have a full head of hair haha my hair can changed but it's always been thick. I can't speak for a receding hairline though, but I don't have one compared to my brother who is a teen and already does (different dads though). But I don't think i'm risking my life to wear pants, to me, it has nothing to do with wearing pants or dressing in a masculine manner.

    @petre, i understand what you are saying, i considered putting men also but didn't want to make myself seem a "misogynist" because I do believe that women are treated less than men, and i would fight for womans rights. I even got called *gay* because of saying something along regarding feminism/sexism because someone stupid because they said it was *sexist* to have a woman changing a young boy im the mens restroom. It's weird though because this person acts gay for their friends, yet i'm more gay than saying some of the shit he does. Regardless, the reason why i am proud of my manhood is because it wasn't just given to me, and i'm not saying other men don't fight for theirs, it is just that I felt like because i took the extra steps to being who i am, that i guess it makes it more meaningful (maybe just to me) that i am a man. And cunt is just another curse word in my book, whether or not the meaning behind it it still means the same just as *asshole*. so no, it doesn't make me feel *better* just a word that came to mind.

  10. Way off-topic for this post, but I wanted to share this with you. On our local TV (La 2, Spain) they just showed the film Tomboy by French director Céline Sciamma (2011). (Not to be confused with Filipino movie of same name.) I couldn't find the full movie on YouTube, but there is a trailer here:

    Do watch the film if you can get hold of it. English-speaking viewers might find it a little slow-paced, but I think it's beautiful.

  11. Also might I add** that estrogen causes breast cancer whether or not you are trans, just as testosterone causes other things. Your claim about me getting cancer, it's invalid because i would be at the same risk if i was born a bio male. *** i made a few grammatical mistakes in my last entry ***

  12. @Anonymous 9:22 AM, 5:02 PM

    So you are more of a man (you are not, because you will always be a woman) because you have deluded yourself to such a ridiculous extent? You are more of a man because of the synthetic hormones that you need to constantly take and because of your upcoming surgery that will maim your form into some parody of a male body?

    Wake up. It doesn't matter how much you emulate the bodies or the behaviors of actual men - their viciousness and their gait. You are only betraying yourself and everyone who is fighting for a more just world for women.

  13. I'm not betraying anyone, and if i continued to live my life as i once did for a VERY short amount of time, then i would be betraying MYSELF and would end up not living anymore. It doesn't matter if you think i'm a man or not, because i always have been and might i tell you, although it's not of your business, that i believe something went wrong in the womb for me. And i have actual proof as to why i am the way i am but i'm not gonna sit here and moan over the past or try and find reason. And you're right, i'm not a man because of surgery or hormones, i'm a man because my brain is wired that way. Either way, even if i wasn't born the physical sex of a male, there could be a possibility my chromosomes might be. Science.
    And i'm okay that my body will never be a biological male body, because in the end it definitely won't be a woman's.
    P.s. I don't need to be a woman to fight for womens rights. That's ignorant to say that.

  14. @Anonymous 8:00 PM

    It is this delusion that I am talking about. Basic human biology is not a difficult concept to grasp. All of these hormones, these surgeries, the clothes, the online voice coaching videos, the "how to sit like a man" guides, none of these things are going to make you a man.

    You are a woman. Your blood says "woman". You will only ever approximate some poor facsimile of a man. I understand this is difficult to accept, but this is who you are. No matter how good you employ your third-person view of how men are indoctrinated to behave, none of this matters.

    I hope you will one day find peace, I truly do.

  15. I never personally searched online how to sit like a man i just always had, not really realizing it. No matter what though, you can't say the human brain isn't a complex thing, and sometimes, somewhere, things go wrong or don't match up, That doesn't mean that it's bad to correct these things, and for some people they don't need hormones or surgery. For me, just therapy would have never worked. I needed my body to match my brain. That's all. My blood doesn't say woman, because if it did, then my testosterone levels would be low. Yes, it's synthetic but some men have hypogonadism and have to take synthetic hormones too. Does that make them any less of a man? No. Or, if a guy gets into a really bad accident and doesn't have exterior genitalia? No. I think the lines get really blurred when these things are brought up. I wasn't raised as a female i can honestly say it was more gender neutral for me because my parents never forced me to do anything. Sometimes. But most of the time no. I only had male friends. It was never really a third person world but of course even boys themselves pick on to other boys actions and mannerisms, same as girls. As much as we can agree to disagree, i respect your opinion even if i completely hate it lol. But thanks for your responses, and i have found peace. Hope you can find yours too someday and open up your mind.

  16. @Anonymous 11:04 PM

    May you one day wake up from your delusion of being a man and may it not be too late.

  17. Thank you for that comment. It if was to happen i wouldn't regret anything because at the time it was necessary. I would also like to go kind off topic for a second. In this post, it talks about genital mutilation, and in my opinion to compare what happens (if it is referencing this) that it takes away from the girls in africa who have to go through that. Those innocent girls don't want that to happen to their body. Whereas transmen do. But it isn't comparable to how invasive those mutilations are. It also takes away from men who want "bottom surgery" and makes it seem as if though they're are taking away the main source of sensation and having a botched surgery. Basically makes both a laughing matter, in my eyes. Just would like to add.

  18. *** i'm not saying bottom surgery is genital mutilation, different things are being cut/fixed

  19. @Anonymous 11:34 PM

    Nobody is diminishing the horrors of FGM; what is being discussed here is the essentialist idea that women and men act and dress in innate and particular ways (i.e. gender), to the point where people are seeking to modify their bodies and perform a third-person interpretation of a gender that they were not raised as.

    You might consider the choices that you make regarding synthetic hormones and plastic surgery as being without a backdrop, as lacking a larger picture and simply being the result of your own preferences, but that is far, far from reality.

    Please, understand that the concept of "wanting" in a mysogynystic world is virtually inescapable from the trappings of gender.

    No choice is made without a context.

  20. Formatting and spelling revision:

    Nobody is diminishing the horrors of FGM; what is being discussed here is the essentialist idea that women and men act and dress in innate and particular ways (i.e. gender), to the point where people are seeking to modify their bodies and perform a third-person interpretation of a gender that they were not raised as.

    You might consider the choices that you make regarding synthetic hormones and plastic surgery as being without a backdrop, as lacking a larger picture and simply being the result of your own preferences, but that is far, far from reality.

    Please, understand that the concept of "wanting" in a misogynistic world is virtually inescapable from the trappings of gender.

    No choice is made without a context.

  21. "...even if i wasn't born the physical sex of a male, there could be a possibility my chromosomes might be. Science."

    No. Not science. Fantasy. If you are receiving hormone treatment (and planning surgery) under medical supervision, your doctors will already have performed a chromosome test and would have informed you if there was anything remarkable. If any of the above is not the case, you should change your medical team IMMEDIATELY, even if you intend to continue on your chosen path.
    Chromosome tests are quick and cheap, but I suspect that, like many "transsexuals" you prefer to have the "possibility" dangling there as a tantalizing what-if, rather than get solid information.
    There could be a possibility that the moon might be made of green cheese...

  22. True, there's no choice made without context.
    If you grow up in a world with men and women acting different and doing different things, and if you prefer the men role much better, it's kind of logical that you want to be a man.

    I wanted to be a boy too when I grew up. But I'm not and I can never be a boy/man because I'm a woman.
    I do "male" things and wear "male" clothes and that's okay. Women can do that too.

    BTW I didn't say you get cencer. I said I hope you don't get cancer because the risk is high.
    Synthetic testosteron is dangerous stuff, even for born men. There are studies that prove that. We can only imgagine how dangerous it is for women, because nobody studied that. And why should they? Women are less important in this male dominated world.

  23. @petre My doctor didn't perform a chromosome test, which is exactly why i said that. Even if i had xy chromosomes it wouldn't change anything besides me knowing i'm genetically male. I could request for one, but like i said it wouldn't give me anything besides a peace of mind i guess. @Big: Also, i get that a lot of females do but eventually grow out of wanting to be a boy. If it persists it should be something to be seen for. Like i said before, i could have been a masculine female, but i wasn't, i am a masculine male. It's not about how i present myself, it is my body. Also, thank you i misread your comment. I am aware it is even risky for born men. I don't think the research part is because of *women* being researched & all that but maybe because transgender people are a minority.

  24. I'm afraid you're quite wrong, anonymous. It would make a big difference to treatment options and strategies. A big part of your internal body structure would be different. But you're not xy: if you were, you would know for sure by now.

  25. Anonymous, we can talk forever, but our views won't change. I want to thank you for the decent conversation and I wish you all the best. ;)

  26. Can I add my voice to Big's? Thank you for engaging in discussion with us in what must seem a very hostile environment. The fact that we disagree with you does not mean we harbour any personal hatred toward you. We all want you to be the best person you can be. None of us, only you, get to decide how. Just, please make yourself as fully informed as you can possibly be before taking life-changing decisions which are, as you say, rightfully yours and not ours.

  27. @petre you're actually right, but when i said it wouldn't change anything i meant mentally. And, i will say that there has been reports of women having xy chromosomes but never learning so until a dna test. They go all their lives never knowing because they didn't go through a male puberty, and, most of them remain women. @Big thank you for that, i wish you the best also, and i think maybe if you do research outside of this blog (if you haven't) maybe you could change your mind about your views on transgender people. But i appreciate the comment. @petre I realize there's a difference between shaming and hating, and you and big both haven't came across in that way to where i do appreciate your opinions although we disagree. And, to say i'm not fully informed about this would make my signature to start hormone treatment over a year ago, would it be a lie. I knew the consequences, and of course positives that would come with my decision. I spent years researching, that the consent form was no shock and nothing i read wasn't something i didn't already know. But i thank you for making it aware that its my decision no matter what anyone says. I wish both of you the best.

  28. Thanks. :)

    Oh believe me, I read A LOT about trans and mostly ouside this blog. And I know trans people in real life.
    I won't change my mind, because I already changed my mind.
    I always was pro trans until a couple of years ago when I saw way too many young people jump on the trans wagon.
    Young people who would just have been lesbians in the time I grew up.
    Dysphoria is bad, but trans is not the answer. Dysphoria gets better in time, it will get less.
    I'm over 50 now and I've seen too much to believe that all these young women are trans.

  29. Do you think I'm happy about being a man? The merest glimpse at history tells you what men have done to our species and others, and to our planet.

    But the Goddess, in her wisdom, made me male, and I have to work within my limitations. Although I find it hard to think of "female" as a limitation, if you do, then you have to work within that too.

    We are human beings, and our imaginative life gives us ample opportunity for "transgender". I can sit in meditation and become, not a woman, but "The Goddess"; my little nephew can prance on the stage and be not a girl, but "The Princess".

    And if Dirt, as Pirate King, rescues me from some wicked captor, I know just how to faint (suggestively) into her arms...

    Whether you think any of that to be fun, or creepy, it doesn't involve any of us getting surgically sliced about.

    Believe it or not, Big, this was meant to be supportive of your point...

  30. I believe every word you said, Petre. ;)

    That's exactly what it's all about: girls can be pirates and boys can be princesses. Very well put, my friend.

  31. @Big: I understand why your views would change considering a lot more young kids are starting to transition, but never let that fact deny that there ARE people who are trans and isn't a "trend" for them. If dysphoria was proven to get less throughout the years, then there would be no point in transition. For me, it started getting really bad, and could have gotten worse with years, until i medically went through transition. It's nothing compared to what it used to be, and i'm sure with surgery it will go away completely. And of course, it won't ever take away the fact that i am trans, but will make me (and already has) a happier person who loves them self. That's more than any kind of therapy, meditation or what have you could have given me. @Big/petre: i'm sure there are people who get gender roles and gender completely confused and label themselves as transgender, but being transgender isn't about gender roles. You can be a masculine male, feminine male, feminine female, and masculine female. It is not the masculinity or femininity that makes a man or a woman. It is more than that. petre, with you, the history of men you said makes you not happy with being a man. Of course, that doesn't mean you should transition to a female. It isn't what men have done or haven't done, but if your brain is telling you you're female, not because your not happy that you're male, but that your body doesn't correlate with your gender in your mind, then yes, i would say you should look into that. But even if you knew you were female and you didn't want to transition, it still wouldn't make you a male. If you were happy then that's good. Not every trans person medically transitions. Just depends on the person and situation.

  32. I heard many F2T's say that there are indeed transtrenders and real trans persons. And they always refer to themselves as real trans. Than where are the transtrenders?
    I understand that you see yourself as real trans, because it would be kind of dumb to refer to yourself as a transtrender, wouln't it? ;)

    Anyways, cheers to you. :)

  33. Anonymous, I disagree so profoundly with so much of what you say, that it's hard to know where to begin. You say "there are people who get gender roles and gender completely confused". This seems to me to be (what do the Americans say?) a distinction without a difference. Sociological gender surely consists entirely of the "roles" and behaviours imposed on us all on the basis of our biological sex. Rather, YOU seem to be confusing gender and sex, or, more probably, positing the existence of some ineffable, abstract "gender" which is independent of and existentially more fundamental than both biological sex and socially-imposed gender.

    It's interesting that you slip from quoting me, more or less correctly, as being "not happy with being a man" to claiming that I'm "not happy that [I'm] male". The latter statement is entirely untrue. Our biological sex is a morally neutral fact about us. But I DO feel (rightly or wrongly) a kind of "collective guilt" about being, socially, a member of an oppressive gender-class, and strive not to behave, and to raise my stepson not to behave, in line with the norms of that class.

    For the overwhelming majority of human beings, biological sex is easily, objectively, uncontroversially established. If your "brain", that is to say your imagination, is telling you something different, then, cruel as it must sound, I can only conclude that you are suffering from a painful delusion that can only cause you more pain if others encourage you to believe it is "true".

    I can't entirely exclude the possibility that having your body mutilated to make you into the simulacrum of a male might make you "a happier person who loves them self", but would you really love yourself, or the construct that you and surgeons had created? That love won't last.

  34. Big, you shame us all by being so NICE to everybody, making the rest of seem like bitter old curmudgeons.

    Fall in with the party line, sister, and be bitterer, curmudgeonlier...


  35. @Big: Well, transtrenders do it to look "cool" and don't have body or societal dysphoria. Which, in that case I wouldn't be classified as a transtrender. I'm not saying there's such a thing as being a "real" or "fake" trans person, although a lot of trans people this is a very sensitive topic for, there is a difference between doing it for recognition of "coolness" and genuinely feeling. @petre: gender roles are basically what you present yourself as, whereas gender is what your brain is. You can present as a male and be female. Althought I would say they tie into together, they are not completely the same. I do get that you are only unhappy with the history of what men have done, not necessarily you are unhappy with being a man. I only used that comparison of which what wouldn't "make you" trans. Also, the only way i can explain it, which i've heard before, is trying to have a mac processor into a windows based computer. In that case, you would have to switch the processor into a mac, thus making everything match up. That is how being trans is. It is not being delusional, i'm sure if you woke up a woman tomorrow you wouldn't just "deal with it" or "accept it". And if changing my body works for me, then that is on me. As long as i'm not hurting others then why does it really matter.

  36. There is nu such thing as a male or female brain and there have been studies who prove that.
    Women with traditional "female" genderroles have a different brain then men in general and visa versa. When these women change their roles to traditional "male" genderroles, the brain structure acutally changes after a couple of months. The fysical changes are visable because other parts get activated.
    That whole idea bout men having different brains than women is an illusion, it's just not true.

    You decide how your brain is wired, it changes when you change your behaviour.

  37. " gender roles are basically what you present yourself as, whereas gender is what your brain is. You can present as a male and be female"

    Biological sex exists whereas gender roles are culturally defined. The statement,"whereas gender is what your brain is" is problematic on several levels. This falls apart when we take this statement, and try to apply it to a class analysis of the oppression of women. First, gender is so intertwined with culture that it's impossible to completely separate "gender" from culture. Second, it assumes that girls and women naturally buy into forced femininity instead of the mass media and culture pushing "femininity" onto women from an early age. Third, saying that there are "masculine" and "feminine" brains sure sounds like sexism to me. Fourth, people can and do change their gender identity. If "gender identity" were immutable, we would never hear personal accounts of people detransitiong (going back to the sex they were born into)

  38. Sometimes I wonder if what we are assuming is a gender issue is actually an artifact of social media.

    A cutting edge aesthetic. There have always been these, they are a cultural normative. But what is unprecedented in the human psyche is the instant neural storm of ideology/asthetic being mainlined at high epic doses - derailing attention and focus in ways no other format of communication ever has.

  39. @December 8, 2014 at 11:04 PM

    “You have no idea what is like to be transgender”

    …and you don’t have idea of what is like to be a man, because you are a woman. You can pretend you “think” like a man, but you will never think as one. You have to be born one to do so.

    “... I'm more of a man than any biological male. I fought for my manhood."

    How are you more “man than any biological male”? Because you have a female reproductive system? Because you have to take testosterone injections to “masculinize” your body unlike men who don’t have to? Because you have to get your breasts removed in order to have a “flat chest” unlike men? How so are you more of a man than a man? (won’t say “biological male”, because there is no such thing. Men are men, women are women. Intersex are intersex.)

    “…some men have hypogonadism and have to take synthetic hormones too. Does that make them any less of a man? No. Or, if a guy gets into a really bad accident and doesn't have exterior genitalia? No. I think the lines get really blurred when these things are brought up.”

    If you were a man, you would know that in a men’s world, a man with hypogonadism (really small testicles and micro-penises) is seen by men as less of a man and mocked over for that. Do you think a man (actual male) with a micro-penis will get laid any soon? No.

    If a man loses his genitalia he will be a man without genitalia, possibly no penis or no testicles. But whatever they’re left with doesn’t resemble a vagina, like the one you have (look for men who lose their genitals due to cancer). If they lose their penis, they’ll just have their ballsack and a hole where their penis was so they can pee with the use of a catheter. If they lose both, you’ll see a hole where their penis was and no ballsack. But no vagina hole next to the anus or clitoris or labia, like yours.

    Funny enough, men measure their manhood with other men by the size of their penises. Something you will never be able to do. Men do peeing competitions; see who lasts longer, who shots farther. By who gets to have sex with more women, by who have had more sexual intercourse in one night. In some cultures, the man who can’t get his wife pregnant the very night of their honeymoon is made fun of by their male relatives. More so, a man who can’t get a woman pregnant anywhere is called to shoot dummy bullets (not man enough). If a man with a small penis is a joke of a man that gets mocked over by both men (including gay men) and women, being called less of a man, a half-man, a teeny weeny, and call their penis a gherkin; despite having male genitalia (!)…do you think you, who have female genitalia inside and outside, will be called a “man” by men? Hell no.
    Only other females who think they’re "male" or “politically correct” people (the ones who would lie to you just to not hurt your feelings) will.

    You are not a man, you will never be. You are a woman and you should embrace it instead of promoting FGM.

    P.S. How come you “just knew” how to sit like a man? Men sit the way they do to not crush their balls, you don’t have any. So how exactly would you “know” how separated your legs must be between each other to not feel pain? You don’t, because you have a fully functional vagina. Like the woman you are :)


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