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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Trans Death Threats-THIS is your BRAIN on Testosterone

Ignorance, misogyny and hate.



  1. Wow, this woman is seriously fucked up and sick to the bone. Her state of mental health is worrying and she needs help badly.
    She thought well about this post and took her time to make it as mean as possible, but still it's so childish. No healthy grown-up would write this.
    I hope she finds the help she needs.

  2. Either way, this person is trans-poisoned. I mean, cray-cray baby.

  3. More Proof Trans people think we believe any lies that they say. I know it was written to be scary & threatening, but all I can do is laugh at the cyber boobie man…Opps I meant Boogie man. Nan I didn't.

  4. This one, I believe you should turn in. You never know who it is or is not. I would not mess around with this, Dirt. Turn it in. I am not suggesting it is a Trans person, a trans hater, a gay person, or a straight person. But they are messed up, whoever they are. You may not be the only one they are targeting....

  5. Dirt, I agree....this should be turned in.....

  6. I agree with the above anonymous posters. I may not agree with your politics, dirt, but I care about your safety.


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