Leslie Feinberg MURDERED

I recently posted about the very ill health of Leslie Feinberg in effort to start chronicling the demise of known, well known and once leading lesbians destroyed through/by transition, particularly the dangers and in Leslie's case mortal effects of short and long term testosterone use in females.

Leslie Feinberg is dead, murdered. But you wont hear that around the queer news water cooler, instead you will hear:

What you wont see published ANYWHERE except here is the fucking sick woman hating TRUTH! LESLIE FEINBERG WAS MURDERED!!!!

I wont grieve for the leslie feinberg in those news articles. I grieve for Diane Leslie Feinberg, Butch lesbian, whose fear and female shame never were resolved, seen through their worst so that she could later flower into full bloom, bringing every eye lain upon her Butch born beauty, to tears.

In a different life I could have been her, that thought frightens me down to the very marrow in my bones

In a different life, she could have been me, the thought that she for a myriad of reasons was never able to, angers me with such a rage only volcano's or oceans know.



  1. Thank you for speaking the truth.

    I mourn the Leslie I once knew, who had taken the T and regretted it, who warned other dykes what it would do to them, who openly discussed the damage it did to her body.

    When she and Minnie Bruce went to the hospital (was it about ten years ago now?) for her testosterone-induced liver issues, they were treated terribly. Because they were dykes. Now the story has been changed to, "She was discriminated against because she was trans." If she had passed as male, which she could have if she wanted to, it wouldn't have been an issue. But she was a dyke. They were oppressed for being dykes.

    That brave butch dyke was largely disappeared in the latter years of Leslie the "transgender warrior." Previously, and to the end when it comes to Black issues, Leslie had been staunchly anti-racist. But with "transgender warriors" she also started misrepresenting Native cultures to declare all trans people "shamans," and to side with some of the the M2Ts and drag queens who treated women badly.

    My heart breaks at what happened to her, and what is happening to so many young dykes now. Was it the fans who encouraged her to change her story? To revise her history? I just don't know. The butch dyke I admired became someone totally different in her final years.

    Lyme disease is a horrible thing, and she may well have also had that as a co-infection. But Lyme didn't kill her liver, the testosterone did.

    R.I.P. Leslie.

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  3. She had Lyme disease you fucking asshole.

  4. She had Lyme disease you fucking asshole.

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  6. Shut the fuck up. You are so disgusting to even write this shit. Have some respect - this person gave their life to the cause.... they died of lymes diseases. You are literally just fishing for shit to talk about now

  7. The sad,confused,angry children who come here to yell at you... and at all of us who were Leslie's contemporaries... young dykes, how many have to fall before you will look at the science,instead of blindly believing the pharmaceutical industry that is funding the trans machine?

    Lyme is certainly disabling, but it's not what killed her. Have some compassion, and yes, respect. You kids have no idea of the losses our generation has survived.

  8. Not unusual for the young to be rude and convinced they have the answers. I'm moving beyond caring if they take T or hack up their bodies. In time I believe all methods will even out, the gender constraints as recognized be feminism will broaden, and such mutilation will be unnecessary. Until then, stay out of women only spaces.

  9. I'm sorry about the state of your genitals, anon at November 18, 2014 at 6:18 PM. How about you try washing them? Healthy female genitals smell good, so maybe you need medical attention.

    If you are on testosterone, that will make you stink; it will give you a yeast infection, ph imbalance, and all kinds of problems.

    If you are a male who has had his penis turned inside-out, well, of course that stinks. It's smegma. It's a hole to nowhere and can't clean itself. Wash yourself, and let that be a lesson to others who would hack themselves up that way.

    Dirt, feel free to delete my comment here if you delete the sad one about that person's genitals. Kids these days...

  10. I don't care about the youngsters either. Fuck yourselves and just go away.

  11. Leslie Feinberg falsely claimed to have "chronic Lyme disease." There is no such thing. She definitely didn't die from a non-existent condition. I would like to find out what her official cause of death is.

    On her death bed, it appears that Diane Leslie Feinberg said she wanted to be referred to as she/her, not he/him. See: http://www.advocate.com/arts-entertainment/books/2014/11/17/transgender-pioneer-leslie-feinberg-stone-butch-blues-has-died

    ("EDITOR'S NOTE: Though we have often used "he" in reference to Feinberg at The Advocate, we recognize that this obituary was written by Feinberg's wife, Minnie Bruce Pratt, while at the author's bedside. Thus we are using her preferred pronouns here, despite our previous reporting.")

    1. To dismiss something like chronic Lyme disease is flippant and dismissive of her/zir years of struggle and ultimate death. I never met Leslie but I know what it's like to suffer from something so horrible and insidious that it will completely unravel yourself to someone who you can hardly recognize. I've been living with this disease since 93 and let me tell you that the suffering of enduring a illness doctors really don't understand how to treat it especially when you have had an undiagnosed infection. I'm just 34 and I feel like I'm 65. I can deal with the pain and my body betraying me but once you have had it chronically and its settles in your nervous system all bets are off. Do not flippantly dismiss something you obviously don't understand. Because it makes light of Leslie's life and the work she shared with the world, in not only in the body of one who had to deal daily with bias, transphobic, heterosexist bullshit, but also while dealing with physical struggle you will never understand. I hold up Leslie in the light and say thank you for caring beyond your own life and circumstance. It takes courage, and that you had.

  12. this is a tricky one for cis-people like me. The lgbt community has a tradition to teach new arrivals not to question peoples inner identity, self identification and their physical expression of both. After all the normative violence we have been through, we have good reason not to do that.

    But where does that leave us in terms of the massive transition (pun, yes please!) of butch culture to trans? If ftm, once readily available, seems so right and attractive to many butches, will we have to revise our history and admit that the normative society actually read butches perfectly right: "shes just trying to be a guy"?

    I am not sure as to how politics is into this, but I also believe that this is in part a matter of health care. I have lived in Europe, in several countries with universal health Care, and while many trans people there despise the level of mandatory Pre-transition psychological revision, I had the impression that this actually narrows Down the numbers of trans people who genuinely need physical adjustment. Youth and children would basically stand no chance to receive transition meds there, because doctors know you shouldn't do that to a body still in development. Once passing the (without doubt very stressful) pre-examination though, the treatment and operations are then of very High quality, with lots of medical supervision and free of charge! I therefore feel that one part of the problem is the US availability of all kinds of medical services - a system that makes patients paying customers, will breed a questionable segment of doctors who will deliver whatever the customer asks for. And without doubt, Leslie Feinbergs generation of trans butches was forced to buy questionable stuff from questionable sources with no or little supervision of the T-process. So why do some ftm people still choose sub-par sources and expertise?

    This is where the community comes in. If all we can say is "ooooh, I'm so happy for you" "you look so handsome with that new beard" "why should you waste your teen years being the wrong person" "look at that (clearly steroid) sixpack!" then we are part of the encouragement to seek "bigger, faster, more" treatment while avoiding careful, cautious and unfortunately sometimes costlier medical expertise. Also, a positive butch identity is slowly disappearing as a gender identity for young butches - or as a gender choice for coping with queerness if one does not wish to have their otherwise healthy body operated and hormoned.

    As I said, I have no clue how one should address this as a cis person who wishes to respect all trans identities. Maybe it is something that the trans community must do on it's own? You people have my support no matter what, but if we as a community are able to question uncritical use of prevention pills or prozac, how can we let positive trans examples overshadow the fact that years and decades of hormone treatment may be a blessing to your soul, but for your body it will mean heavy stress. At the very least, let young people know that it will get them gloser to their goal, but still it is a Price to pay.

    All the best to everybody, and please keep these American style discussions with lots of personal attacks out of here. After all, Leslie is dead now and we should make our points respectfully.

  13. **Leslie Feinberg falsely claimed to have "chronic Lyme disease." There is no such thing. She definitely didn't die from a non-existent condition.**
    Thanks medical expert.
    Why not just say "Hundreds of thousands of Jews falsely claim to have died in the holocaust. There is no such thing."
    Fuck you. Lyme disease is a medical FACT.
    As are it's devastating long term effects on the body.
    Just like the holocaust is a historical FACT.
    You are a bunch of ignorant and disrespectful people.

  14. I suffer from chronic Lyme disease too sinds many years, but even I sometimes doubt if it is a real disease. No docter can diagnose it, they can only tell that I had it at some point in the past. Period. The pain is very real though.
    I don't believe that Leslie died of chronic Lyme disease, it's not a dealy disease. It's a lot more likely that she died of testosterone use.

    Women on testosteron age much faster, so it's only logical to say that their lifes end sooner. Leslie looked a lot older than 65.
    In fact, most F2T's look a lot older than they are.
    Who on earth does really believe that a woman's body can handle so much synthetic testosterone without health risks? It's even bad for natural born men who take it, there are studies who prove that.

  15. I wonder what a Holocaust survivor would say to people comparing him to tick victims. They would probably just slap your impertinent face, and rightfully so.

  16. Whether "chronic Lyme disease" exists or not may just be a matter of semantics. No one denies the persistence of real, debilitating symptoms in some people who have in the past been infected with LD. But the general medical consensus (at least here in Europe) is that this is better described as "post-Lyme syndrome". Some sufferers object that this terminology in some way minimizes or is dismissive of their illness, but the intention is simply to be accurate, reflecting the fact that the original bacterial infection has been eradicated, and that continued treatment with antibiotics is therefore inappropriate (and ineffective).

    Whatever you call it, it seems implausible that anyone could actually die of it. Even acute, active Lyme disease is very rarely fatal, including when left untreated. Whatever the actual cause of Feinberg's death, there is no doubt that testosterone is damaging to our bodies as we grow older, and that includes the natural testosterone that native males produce, as well as the synthetic kind. It's one of the reasons men have a shorter life span than women. The natural decline of testosterone levels in older men is protective of our health, and middle-aged and elderly men who seek to "recapture their youth" through T supplements are engaging in the same kind of foolishness (admittedly on a lesser scale) as F2Ms.

    I grieve for the partner Feinberg leaves behind, but not at all for her so-called "fans", who do Feinberg, themselves and all of us a grave disservice with their lies and obfuscation.

  17. So lets assume this Lyme thing is for real. Still you cannot ignore years of testosterone use under poor, if any, supervision. How on earth can you believe that this can be ok for your body, well at least it wont help you cope with an extra autoimmune problem triggered by Lymes.

    You cant ignore the T issue, just as you cant ignore Leslies economic depravation (hard physical work, unsupervised intake of cheap/low quality hormones, money only sufficient for mastectomy > having to skip hysterectomy for years and thus keeping and exposing your most vulnerable female organs to testosterone overdose...).

    Lyme disease ok, but the heck it wasnt the only thing going on in Leslies health situation. Also please stop the paranoia bullshit, ever considered that Lymes may be really tricky even for experts? Instead of playing victim to a world wide alliance of evil doctors who deliberately want you to suffer? Maybe there is no real pattern that they can detect. I know two people who claim to have tick borne infections, with all kinds of hardly verifiable symptoms not really responding to medication. All everybody knows is that they are having a horrible time with their bodies and they both do extensive psychosomatic and therapy hopping as well. They where also both raped when young, so where does that leave us...I am not saying it doesnt exist but there seems to be almost no possible systematization and it can be a tag for people who just have multiple issues, both physical and psychosomatic. It will therefore also be a convenient tag for people who want to selectively ignore other stuff they have going on (a legitimate strategy alright).

    Only guy I know who ever had a detectable, bad tick borne infection was a hunter from my town who eventually encountered the wrong tick out in the woods (After dozens of harmless ones). He was really ill, got antibiotics for a month and fully recovered. Nothing ever since. If it perververes, it might well be due to synergy with other stuff that was done to your system.

  18. Women on testosteron age much faster, so it's only logical to say that their lifes end sooner.

    When did Feinberg contract Lyme disease? I don't question that she had chronic Lyme disease. I just wonder how long she had it and when she was diagnosed.

    How can injecting testosterone help with Lyme disease? How can injecting synthetic hormones be good for anyone's health?

    When she and Minnie Bruce went to the hospital (was it about ten years ago now?) for her testosterone-induced liver issues, they were treated terribly. Because they were dykes. Now the story has been changed to, "She was discriminated against because she was trans." If she had passed as male, which she could have if she wanted to, it wouldn't have been an issue. But she was a dyke. They were oppressed for being dykes.

    I agree...

  19. She had Lyme disease you fucking asshole.

    I don't mean to sound disrespectful, but what is the official cause of death? Was there an autopsy?

  20. It will therefore also be a convenient tag for people who want to selectively ignore other stuff they have going on (a legitimate strategy alright).

    I agree.
    Lyme ca be used as an excuse for many things and I've seen many ppl doing it.
    Most ppl I met who claim to have Lyme didn't even had bloodworkd done. TThey diagnosed it themselves.
    Go figure.

    I had my bloodwork done in 2010 and I've had Lyme probably 8 years before that bloodwork. I had many complaints/pain. I got many treatments and it only helped for a short periode of time.
    Since I decided to stop treatment (2 years ago) and stop focussing on Lyme, I feel a lot better. Lyme is weird because the state of mind is involved and it plays tricks on you.
    But it's never a deadly disease.
    It reminds me of Fibromyalgie with only one difference: with Lyme they can actually find something in your blood and that makes it more ligitimate.

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