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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Leslie Feinberg-Lyme Disease+Testosterone=Death

Leslie Feinberg began taking synthetic testosterone through a sex change program around 1970 before she was 21:
In Feinberg's Journal of a Transsexual published in 1980 she speaks of being in this sex change program for four years:
It was around this time Feinberg remembers getting the first symptoms of tick borne Lyme disease, which is the bulls eye rash explained here:
Feinberg says:
Feinberg discussed in Trans liberation Beyond Pink and Blue (1998) her undiagnosed issues from untreated endocarditis from 1995-1996 that nearly killed her:

Outside of the four initial years Feinberg said she was on synthetic testosterone, there is only the general knowledge of her on and off testosterone use till her diagnosis from Lyme disease where she seems to have completely ceased using or mentioning using testosterone ever again.
Lyme disease/co diseases and endocarditis have in relationship to Feinberg several things in common:

1) Feinberg suffered from them both.
2) Both react negatively/dangerously from testosterone injections.
3) Feinberg suffered from Lyme disease, endocarditis and had a history of using testosterone.

The two prime synthetic testosterone's used in female transition are:
 Some facts about Lyme disease and Testosterone:
Some facts about Endocarditis and Trans females injecting Testosterone:

What is known:
1) Feinberg contracted Lyme disease around the time she was in a sex change program injecting testosterone.
2) Feinberg had heart/heart valve damage in the mid 90's likely caused by needles from injecting testosterone. Feinberg doesnt publicly share how she succumbed to contracting Endocarditis and outside of testosterone injections there is no reason to suspect any other intravenous drug use.
3) Testosterone use masks many Lyme and Endocarditis symptoms prolonging proper diagnosis/treatment.
4) Testosterone proliferates Lyme and co-diseases of Lyme which Feinberg wasa self proclaimed use.
5) Testosterone hastened Feinberg's death in a myriad of ways, but most significantly through Lyme Disease/Endocarditis.

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  1. Thank you for putting all this research together. Poor Leslie. I know all the other stuff that happened later, but right now I'm thinking of the young dyke who really thought this was her best option, and all the young dykes like her, risking their health and lives like this. So sad.


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