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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Another Fallen Transman: Diane Leslie Feinberg

Diane Leslie Feinberg (b. 1949)-known better as Leslie Feinberg the Transgender Warrior and author of Stone Butch Blues, is yet another well known lesbian who transitioned and is now in failing health. Actually she transitioned on and off over decades until failing health forced her to stop completely the male hormones that had long interfered with her condition. Leslie is believed to have been suffering from Lyme Disease that went undiagnosed for over thirty years. A disease giving its host serious symptoms of flu and fatigue, fatigue that was relieved over decades with each testosterone shot, giving a temporary feeling of all is well when it wasnt.

Leslie had once written painfully, even beautifully on the Butch lesbian experience and on Butch/Femme love and romance of the 50's and 60's. But she opted for transition in the 70's because she felt it would be easier living as a man than as a woman whom society thought was a man or didnt know what to think period, which she documents in Journal Of A Transsexual:

But giving into that struggle has proven far worse a fight that any Butch bully she might have faced had she not filled her veins with poison.

From frightened young Butch to transgender warrior to temporary hospice where she incoherently swings back and forth from Butch to trans in some strange johnny weissmuller paranoid mental jungle where Jane nor Cheeta can reach or rescue her.



  1. Even with her beard, it's so clear we're looking at a woman.

  2. Having read Leslie's manifesto regarding her hospice situation (link provided in this blog) I admit to confusion.

    Leslie writes s/he wanted no morphine to control pain. The staff respected that. Then Leslie claims she was left in pain, despite her refusal of meds, which was enhanced the belief it comprised her credibility. What miracle she expected of the hospice staff only the goddess can ascertain.

    I can only imagine the horror of those in the hospice...those dying and their families, to hear the screams of Leslie and witness Minnie's distress.

    While I find great value and bravery in Lesile's writing and stance in the world (and the great writer/editor she has in Minnie), I find her stretching the fabric of heroism and victimization.

    Blessings to both Minnie and Leslie, for the hard road they have chosen.

  3. I wish her all the best, and I'm praying that she gets better.

  4. Leslie Feindberg has passed away...

    May she rest in peace.

  5. You wish you were anywhere near the hero Les was.

  6. Leslie has died. And no one, NO ONE is talking about the damage she did to her health with the testosterone.

    One of the things I respected about Leslie, despite our differences, was that she used to be open about the damage T did to her body, and the bodies of all those other dykes who took it as a survival strategy.

    She also used to be open about how she and the other working class dykes who took T to pass as men did it for survival reasons - to get jobs, to be paid a fair wage, and to lessen their chances of being targeted for rape and bashing (assuming they passed). It was NOT about believing they were "men inside." It was about trying to escape abuse and oppression.

    Leslie faced oppression due to misogyny and homophobia. She was oppressed for being a butch dyke, not for being "trans."

    This revisionist history is going to kill more young women.


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