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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The TRANSparency of Sex Roles

A brief visitor who spent just over 20 minutes here...
and summed up that the years of information dismantling the Gender Straight Jacket here was a crock and then some:
But like every naysayer before her and after, she proves all points made here herself. If she is in transition, she may pass for a man visually. But between her femaleness/female conditioning, she certainly doesnt react/read like a man. Men dont hope harm will come to you...




  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. hah! Sarah Silverman inadvertently summed up why ftms ftm..

  3. FTMs are NOT female in any way other than having been assigned female at birth based solely upon the presentation of genitalia. I find your continued use of female in reference to transmen quite offensive and disturbing. We are NOT female. We are men who must undergo some form of transition.....chemical, surgical or legal name change to become what we truly are on the inside. We are straight, gay, and everything in between....pre and post transition.

  4. To LoneWolf:

    Genuine mistakes about the sex of an infant were always uncommon, and have become increasingly rare thanks to the modern availability of easy, quick and cheap chromosome tests. Your very use of the term “FTM” in reference to yourself attests to the fact that you are a female who aspires (for reasons best known to yourself) to be male. I am unable to extract any meaning at all from your reference to “what we truly are on the inside”. Which part of your “inside” is truly male? Your spleen, your liver, your pancreas? Those organs are only minimally different in the human female and male. You surely cannot be referring to your womb or ovaries, which, by simple definition, cannot be male.

    If you are angry and resentful about being assigned a “feminine” role in society, then from the other side of the coin, I share your anger and rebellion, in spades. But being physically female or male is NOT a matter of “assignment”, it's a simple fact of mammalian biology. Keep your anger, Wolf, my brother, but if you can, direct a little bit of it toward making this world a better place for women (and in consequence for all of us) to live in.


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