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Friday, October 24, 2014

The Curious Case of Gender Dysphoria

Gender Dysphoria is a disorder created and used by the American Psychiatric Association (DSM5) to diagnose patients for whom physical/mental/social transition is the ONLY treatment offered. Currently there is no known cure.

There are over 300 disorders in the DSM5, but only ONE (gender dysphoria) disorder where:
  • Individuals will self ID before a diagnosis, with the TREATMENT for the disorder, rather than the disorder itself. (Think-not knowing you had cancer but claiming you are a chemo patient)
  • Individuals appear happy in their self diagnosis of this disorder and excited to receive an official medical diagnosis of GD. 
  • Individuals with a GD diagnosis will "come out" (in the way gays/lesbians have/do) to parents/peers/co workers etc.
  • Healthy functioning non brain body parts are removed and/or rearranged in bizarre ill functioning fashions.
  • Treatment can literally change sexual desire/attraction. 
  • A complete change/shift in social experience/strata is expected/desired once treatment begins.


  1. Amen!

    By the way, the treatment changes your brain, not just your body.

  2. OT, here is one effect of socially transitioning young children. A mommyblogger reports that her little boy, I mean girl, exposed her penis to a little girl in the school bathroom, and everyone is in denial about what happened. In the official narrative at the blog, the other little girl made it up, as the boy is perfect and never discusses his, I mean her penis in school. The comments are all enabling.

    How healthy is this, that not only are very young girls gaslighted for reporting indecent exposure, but literally everyone they know is on the side of the little perv.

  3. Now we have to deal with twisted men and boys invading our space. And trans begging to hang in lesbian space while imitating men, and it's a drag. Taking up way too much energy sucking all the air out of a room.

  4. FreefromsexpozziesOctober 25, 2014 at 1:57 PM

    We must protect our women only and lesbian only space zealously. Or we will lose all we have worked and died for.

    I know dysphoria (of all types) exist, but I often wonder if the modern gender ideas are what makes gid so severe. Like, you already feel uncomfortable and off, but when you learn this feeling is (often) called GID and that your whole body is wrong, it only ups the distress. It's a feedback loop.

    Maybe this doesn't make sense. Idk

  5. @freefromsexpozzies - it makes a lot of sense. If you tell yourself you're a girl but you have gender dysphoria, you can sit and think about whether changing your body will make you feel better and whether it will be worth problems at work or losing a partner.

    If you tell yourself that something happened to you in the womb and you have a male brain and won't ever feel comfortable in a female body, you'll decide you need to change your body.

    The scary thing is it seems like any discomfort with society's sex roles or your body means you are trans.

  6. Had I come to terms with being a lesbian in this day and age, I would have def been trans. But as luck and time would have it, I was blessed by the presence of brilliant feminist theory 40 years ago. I could be butch, andro, heavy, smart and I didn't get cut off at the knees. Not so lucky is this generation, as the gender straight jacket has got them jammed up.

    Oh yeah, but, damn, what do we know...the old fogies that we are. I can tell you this: I didn't need to mutilate my body or take hormones with unknown effect. I didn't have to play roulette with my health.

    And, you don't have to either.

  7. @ Anonymous October 25, 2014 at 10:44 PM

    I agree SO MUCH with your comment. In my case, the twin circumstances of being born with a penile defect, hypospadias, now increasingly though incorrectly described as an “intersex” condition, and of being since early childhood a rebellious rejecter of socially approved “male” behaviour, would have made me a ripe candidate (read: potential victim) for childhood or adolescent “transition”. And who's to say that, extended the promise of really growing up to be a woman rather than a man, I wouldn't have jumped at the chance? How can children distinguish between true and false promises?

    Indeed, as a young adult, I was one of those who spoke in terms of “refusing to be a man”. But our aim in doing so was political: to change, yes, ourselves, in terms of rooting out all traces of masculinism from our attitudes and behaviour, but also, crucially, other men and the society they had created. It was an act of desertion from the male army of occupation, and of commitment to the feminist resistance. It most decidedly was NOT an ambition to mutilate ourselves physically so as to more comfortably (for others) fit into a patriarchal, gender-apartheid world.

    Like you, Anonymous, we drew our strength and inspiration from the vigorous and luxuriant flowering of feminist writing (I would include fiction and poetry alongside theory) in the 1970s and 80s. Feminists have correctly criticized gay men like myself for being stronger on rhetoric than on solid and useful pro-feminist action. But at least we tried, and I would like those of today's M2Fs who describe themselves as “feminists” to ponder whether they are really doing more to further the interests of women by becoming pseudo-women themselves, rather than as supportive, pro-feminist, gender-non-compliant men.

  8. This is so cruel, I cant tell you how painful its been to be in this generation and to go through this process (hormonal and otherwise) and to simply always hear other generations talk about how lucky they are to have escaped it, and how we must keep people like me out of lesbian spaces, should i kill myself? seriously? help? because ill never not look like im imitating a guy to you people?

  9. I would ask what's driving the need to transition, to assume the mantle of a man. Is it internalized hatred of being seen as a lesbian? No I don't encourage self-destruction in any form. Including transition. Because it doesn't appear to solve anything in the long run. And how can ftm's expect to be embraced by all lesbians when with women's only land we are intentionally escaping the horrors of patriarchy?

    Your choice does not trump the choice of women born women. This includes mtf's as well.

  10. why would anything trump anything? in terms of structure maybe, but if we're talking about what bodies should be welcome in a space, why are you advocating excluding women who have transitioned from women's spaces if they don't identify as men? that makes no sense to me

  11. so basically we should surrender an entire generation of females whose bodies have been thrown away to the male world and it's violence even if they don't want to be there because we want to preserve women born women spaces and the people who live and die never knowing what its like to be inside a safe space are a casualty of this belief of yours?

  12. Because you want to ape males in a female centered space and are not welcomed. There are plenty of other places for you so gravitate elsewhere. Not all doors are open to everyone.

  13. Nobody gives a fuck how any of you "identify". I would quite like to "identify" as a hot, young Sharon Gless. What do you think are my chances of getting anybody else to buy into my fantasy?

  14. Sharon Gless might.

  15. Someone clearly missed Queer as Folk!


  16. While I just found your blog, and I like some of the posts I've read so far, this one is factually wrong. On almost every level.

    1. Starting with your initial point, you mention that Out of the DSM-V, GD is the only one where "Individuals will self ID before a diagnosis, with the TREATMENT", and then you follow through with a unfair comparison. Unlike medical disorders, most people can understand the symptoms that they're going through. Someone who is suffering from depression will often know that they're depressed before they go to a therapist.

    2. You mention how individuals with GD will "come out" to friends and colleagues. However, due to how western society views mental illness, disclosing any mental condition is a big and important action. You'll often see people who suffer from schizophrenia stressed out over having to disclose their identity to an employer.

    3. Anything involving surgery is at the person's discretion. If a man's breasts is causing intense discomfort, anxiety, and depression, I wouldn't call it a healthy body part.

    4. Finally, you talk about how it can change sexual orientation: There has been no studies on it, and only individual testimony, which just can't be used to justify a point. Personally, I would argue that undergoing medical transitioning might alleviate social obligations to have a certain sexual orientation (pre-hrt trans men who date straight men, and then date straight women after coming to terms with their body and their situation).

    So, yeah. I'll keep following up on your posts, but I really hope you don't delete this comment (This might be a messed up note to make, it's just that for a controversial stance, there isn't much opposition in your comments. Sorry for assuming.)


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