Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pro Paedophile Transman Patrick Califia Wants your Money

Pat Califia, the long term proponent of S/M, BDSM, NAMBLA, consensual sex between children/adults, pornography without borders etc according to her current trans female lover, has fallen on hard times and needs $20,000 dollars for starters.

According to Califia's lover, she is on the state's dime (SSI), is having life debilitating pain/suffering and her quality of life has greatly diminished due to various issues she/they havent the funds to fix/diminish.
Califia has it seems, painful fibroids on her uterus. Some fibroid facts:
Since Califia is a testosterone injecting female, she obviously isnt going to be having painful heavy flow periods and outside of painful intercourse, pain doesnt figure in. Having had a hysto less than a year ago myself and having had a fibroid nearly the size of a six month pregnancy, as uncomfortable as it was, I wasnt in any pain. Having had one myself, I also know what it cost, mine being on the higher end because laparoscopy wasnt a possibility due to the size of the tumor. Lets see what hysto's cost in FLA:
I know what you're thinking, $8500 is quite a chunk of loot, since Califia is on SSI wouldnt they cover at least some of her medical troubles?
According to FLA ALL Califia's medical needs would be covered under her SSI status. So why is she needing $20,000 grand? What exactly did her lover say again about the hysto? "But trying to find a surgeon in Florida who will give him respectful care is a problem. We are now looking at going out-of-state for treatment." Ah, because she hasnt found a doctor she likes, she wants to go out of state and pay cash, rather than deal with a doctor in FLA where all medical costs will be covered. Does this lack of "respectful" trans female "care" also extend to all FLA dentists and eye doctors? Would a dentist and eye doctor even need to be aware of her trans status? 

 Too bad Califia's lover cant financially help her more, wonder what she does for a living?
WOW! Sounds pretty impressive, Director of Education!Wonder what that pays?
Average is over a $100,000 dollars! Damn impressive! But maybe her lover isnt quite making average, what is the lower rung Education Directors making? $72,000! Thats a pretty fucking penny in my book no matter how you slice it, especially if you add Califia's SSI check to that!
What do we even know about Califia though?
Califia seems to have a long list of money making credentials herself, AND she is trying to put out a new book garnering more monies/royalties.

It isnt my job to tell you where to spend your hard earned money, but as a leadership voice in the Lesbian Community it IS my job to make you aware of the conning specters behind the pearly white veneers we're told need fixing. So besides all the pro porn/S/M/BDSM kink that Califia has made a small fortune flogging for decades to self hating women like herself, what other misogynistic abuses has she commodified?
Ah yes, least we forgot how strongly Califia upheld/defended child/adult sex, child porn/child pornographers and blamed feminists for being responsible for the same child porn/child pornographers she was trying to protect!
One has to wonder how much of this thinking/advocacy for child/adult consensual sex/child porn played in Califia's break up with trans female Matt Rice who bore them an autistic son (Blake-1999) from testosterone damaged eggs? Orgasm ready at six months???!!!! If I recall correctly, after Califia's then trans female lover gave birth, Califia modified her previous blatant support for child/adult sex and said something along the lines of the world wasnt ready for such advanced sexual relationships, she didnt however change her mind about them being normal/healthy.

I do not believe for a minute Califia needs $20,000 grand for health reason's and even if she did, ANYONE who advocates/supports/promotes child sex will NEVER see a slug fucking nickel from me!

Know where your money is going Lesbian Community! You just might be supporting a child abuser.



  1. It's probably just a ploy to raise money for other things. Why only mention "out of state" as an option? If she really needs all that medical care, plus respectful doctors, Thailand would be ideal. Not only are many Thai doctors used to transgenders going there for the surgery for their transition, but also Thai medical care is known to be world-class across the board, with many first world non trans people going there to save money on medical and dental work, and do a little tourism. I wouldn't give Pat a nickel, but if she really needs help, her community should send her to Thailand instead of hustling everyone with the lie that she can only get appropriate medical care in the USA.

  2. First i wanna say i disagree with and despise 99% of what is posted here....But i agree on this post....i cant stand when Trans people try and scam people out of their money by throwing out pity parties for themselves....its called get a fucking job like everyone else and pay for it yourself...Im a trans man and paid for all my surgeries and Hormones out of my own pocket by saving my money from my job.....They try and make people feel sorry for them in order to get money....meanwhile they spend their own money on new cars and frivolous things....if their #1 priority is not spending their own money on surgery or hormones or health....then why should people who dont even know them give them their hard earned money? it makes me fucking sick.

  3. its absolutely absurd....these "gofundme" scams is equivalent to a 45 year old making a damn lemonade stand outside their house like a 5 year old would, to get money, instead of getting a job like every other adult person in the damn world and using their own money for their own they have a concept of what a job is and it's purpose?....he looks like a fat lazy bastard anyway....does anyone have this guys email? i wanna give him a piece of my mind....fucking loser

  4. I guess all the kinky BDSM and testosterone hasn't done anything for her health.

    Patricia (Patrick) Califia was really into the whole leather BDSM kink thing for a long time before she became "Patrick".

    I agree that the whole funding thing is suspect.

  5. Patrick Califia was one of the people who organized the modern leather community. Prior to his gender transition in his 40s, he was one of the founders of Samois, the first women’s BDSM support group, and one of the most articulate voices helping to create what would eventually be known as pro-sex feminism.

    This is nothing to be proud of, and if she needs money for all her health problems, let the porn/BDSM kink folks help her.

    Teaching women that being flogged and humiliated is liberating has nothing to do with sex.
    "Pro-sex" feminism has nothing to do with sex because we are all sexual beings. What Califia means is pro porn/BDSM.

    It doesn't surprise me that Califia "transitioned". Women who are into BDSM (most women are masochists) are disconnected from their bodies, and actually hate themselves. FTM "transitioning" is just another way in which women play out their internal hatred for themselves, their femaleness, and their bodies.

  6. This is interesting in a sad and tragic, twisted kind of way. They are begging online for money to manage her pain, but BDSM is all about inflicting pain, or enjoying pain. Heck, they even get sexually aroused when others are in pain. Califia has been doing BDSM for forty plus years, and even writing about how great and important it is. Now she can't deal with pain. This is a cruel thing to say, but this is the woman who wrote books on BDSM and how wonderful it is for women. I'm not talking about a little kink. I'm talking about saying how great it is and all.

    Pain is a bitch isn't it? I apologize for this comment, but it's the truth.

    I really don't want any human being to endure pain, but I'm sure Califia doled a lot of it out.

    For decades, he (then known as Pat Califia, living as a leatherdyke) traveled all over the United States and Europe, doing education on safe BDSM technique

    How do people "safely" make others feel pain?

    It is extremely hard for transmen to receive quality healthcare, regarding anything gynecological, even when finances are not an issue.

    If she is on disability, there should be some doctor who will do a hysterectomy. Many FTMs ignore their female bodies because they perceive themselves as "male". Also, there is an issue of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) if they take testosterone and still have their uterus and ovaries. Maybe she didn't go to a doctor because the doctor would tell her to stop the testosterone. I don't know. Why does she need to go out of state for this?

  7. As a heads up, biology trumps all on this blog.Female pronouns for females and male pronouns for males.

    Your comment isnt cruel, but accurate. Wanting to stick to the subject at hand, I didnt get into how we are now seeing lesbians who transitioned in the 90's and before now suffering (dying?) from debilitating chronic mental/physical issues like Califia and Feinberg. I'll save it for another post.


  8. Anon, she obviously doesnt need to go out of state, her lover says as much. If she actually needs a hysto any doctor in FLA that accepts her state funded insurance would do the surgery.

    And if it is an emergency, life threatening, no matter how deep your dysphoria, you deal real quick with whats important, and thats your life!

    from someone who knows first hand


  9. While I have Little regard for Pat and her BSMD teachings and transition, I do feel that society in general shoves aside older women. And that might well be what she is experiencing,pretending to have a dick notwithstanding.

  10. "Doing It for Daddy: Short and Sexy Fiction about a Very Forbidden Fantasy" by Pat Califia (Dec 1, 1994)

    Isn't this about sick sexual fantasies involving children and adults. Or, is it BDSM? Didn't one of these fiction stories involve incest? Wasn't some of Califia's work mentioned in NAMBLA? NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) are the sick **cks who think incest and "man/boy" love is great.

  11. While I have Little regard for Pat and her BSMD teachings and transition, I do feel that society in general shoves aside older women.

    She looks like an old fat bald man similar to some creepy old dude that hangs out at the local porno shop.

    What has she done with her life other than write books about how great BDSM is and how "Doing it With Daddy" is cool.

    Now, she has bad teeth, has bad eyes, and is in pain all the time. Her partner is begging for money online. She also looks like an old fat bald man. No hair and bad teeth.

    Do I feel sorry for her? I guess, but maybe she could get some money by writing a skanky porno, "Doing It For Daddy II", the sequel, and that could be followed by "Doing It For Daddy III" with even more kinky and sick, twisted sh**.

    Seriously, I feel sorry for any human being that is suffering, but it will be a cold day in hell when I give her one thin dime. Don't fall for her sob stories. It is probably some scam to get money for God knows what.

  12. does anyone have this persons email or way to contact them

  13. Patrick Califia is on Facebook.

  14. " I do feel that society in general shoves aside older women..."

    Actually, I seem to recall that is, in effect, what she did herself. When she went to her doctor who wanted her to go on HRT, she finally 'admitted' that she could not face taking female hormones or becoming an old woman. ANd that she wanted to transition...........

    I feel she betrayed women and lesbians when she thought she was a dyke with the whole porn/BDSM thing, and she betrayed us older women when she couldn't bear to be seen as one. So, now she looks like a pudgy balding bloke, and is discovering that it's HARD to get a sympathetic hysterectomy looking like that. No shit....

    If she thinks that's bad (let's see how long it takes for the trans supporters to boost her coffers!), suppose she was trying to do it as an older women. She'd get NO takers at all, I bet! Because older women needing decent healthcare for their gynae issues is just plain BORING! Nowhere near so exciting as 'famous' transmen who need shiny white teeth................

  15. It's okay for master amazon, a BDSM leather dyke, to whip and beat women yet it's not okay for a trans man?

  16. i cannot message this person on Facebook cause Facebook will kick me off and delete my account because of the things im going to say to this person....i need an Email or something, anything other than facebook...have had my facebook for years now i dont want it deleted

  17. The trans community...well I should say those who used to identify as female, are generally ass-broke.

    However, things are getting better for women transitioners now that big pharma, slimy surgeons and insurance companies are offering sexual reassigment/experimental surgery to those eager to shed their female characteristics. So many won't be paying out of pocket for removed breasts and built-from-your-own-body penises.

    Not a lot of support once things go haywire, as T has a tendency to do.

    And so we have Pat. Avoiding the stigma of being an old lady, but stuck in purgatory like many transmen. Lack of decent health care, no cash, no guts and no glory.

    Testosterone warnings have been recently issued to the male population. Wonder if any transwomen have gotten the alert.

    I doubt it.

  18. Anon @ September 22, 2014 at 11:52 AM

    Send me what info you have of MA illegally defrauding the state and unethically stealing lesbian money, I'll be more than happy to do a post on it.


  19. Outstanding investigative and reporting here, thank you, Dirt.

  20. I think this is call for cash is meant for "fans", small base that it is. Pro BDSM, the female trans community (we know men don't give a damn), daddy fanciers, porn advocates. Hey, she's already collected 6000. Someone cares.

  21. I feel she betrayed women and lesbians when she thought she was a dyke with the whole porn/BDSM thing, and she betrayed us older women when she couldn't bear to be seen as one. So, now she looks like a pudgy balding bloke, and is discovering that it's HARD to get a sympathetic hysterectomy looking like that. No shit....

    Califia was instrumental in bringing BDSM into the lesbian community. She has always been cozy with porn/kink, etc. I see her as a traitor to her sex, and an accomplice in the explosion in porn. Califia has betrayaed all women, especially lesbians

    If she gets bored in her old age, maybe she could give a BDSM class at the senior center. How can people do BDSM when they are 60? I'm trying to imagine it, and it is down right creepy. So, afer a minute of two of floggin, they are poopped out and they need their Depends changed. Seriously, how can they do that when they are 60? Just the thought is weird.

    Califia looks like a old chubby bald guy, execpt she doesn't have a penis.

    I guess I should be ashamed of myself for being so honest, and I hope she gets help with her medical problems. She might want to drop the BDSM for awhile.

  22. Hey I'm over 60 and not stuck in some pee-stained old people's home. Really. I swim 4 miles a day and have an active non-BDSM relationship with my girlfriend. What's with the
    ageism ?

    No wonder why Califia didn't want to be identified as an 'old lady' with attitudes as blind as yours.

  23. No wonder why Califia didn't want to be identified as an 'old lady' with attitudes as blind as yours.

    It's not an ageism thing. It's what people do with their lives and how they take care of themselves. Frankly, I don't see how writing about BDSM and porn fantasy books like "Doing It For Daddy" contributes much to society. That is, expect for people who want to read about creepy porn stuff.

    I just wonder how people do BDSM when they are 60? I don't know. Is there a great demand for BDSM in the senior citizen population?

    I love old people, and see them as a repository of wisdom and knowledge.

    Really. I swim 4 miles a day and have an active non-BDSM relationship with my girlfriend.

    Good for this person! I'm happy for you...

  24. I just wonder how people do BDSM when they are 60? I don't know. Is there a great demand for BDSM in the senior citizen population?

    Maybe Califia can write a book "Doing it For Grand Daddy", or "Doing it For Grand ma".

  25. If you really "love old people" do us a favor and shut the fuck up.


  27. Karma much?

    I would say that Medicaid in some states does suck, and won't cover dental (other than emergency extractions), or pain control, but really, IDGAF about HER and her issues.

    Generally, I try to be compassionate to women, but this one is a traitor to females, and all children, with her porn sickness. I cannot believe the things she supports. At all.

    For once, I can accept that she is a "man inside" because men are the ones that usually have such sick fetishes, and perversions, plus the atitude that makes them proud to let their filth flag fly. I guess self hate can do horrible things.

    As for her partner, the write up of education reads like some one with online degrees from those BS schools. "Director" in her case means organizing Sunday school (!), and other church activities. It's a grand title for a Bs job.

    Califa actually has a degree. I wonder why she was not able to keep her practice open? LOL. Not wondering at all. A personlike that cousuling others, and youth? that cannot go well for too long.

  28. This is speaking the truth! Thank you sister! Califia is not qualified to speak for lesbians or women EVER.