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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

An Experiment Gone too Far or Child Abuse?

A US family (both parents psychologists) decided to do a five year social experiment on their first newborn. The parents selected a list of words that they recoded with an incorrect word. Example being; instead of calling themselves mommy and daddy, they used sister and brother, or the family dog became a family cat, a pair of oranges replaced pair of shoes, colours to numbers, numbers to colours and so on and so forth. Not isolating the child at all, the child was regularly exposed to any/all media outlets and friends as well as relatives. Between the child's home life and the external world the child received in some instances very conflicting ideas of linguistic reality or rather collective reality informed by correct and incorrect language.

Despite predicable issues with peer cousins, family friend's children or the occasional adult relative, the child grew and entered Kindergarten on schedule. The parents employed the child's teacher into actively participating in their little experiment. But soon the child's conflicting spoon fed cherry picked vernacular began to bleed into their classmates collective world understanding, confusing all around. These children then brought this confusion home, where baffled and vexed parents confronted the teacher first and the state authorities second.

Needless to say, the child was removed from the home and the parents are now up on child abuse charges.

You feelings/opinions on this case?




  1. Link? Did this even really happen?

  2. That is one severe case of mind control, gas lighting etc.

  3. wtf. theres a reason we dont use humans as lab rats. if there are humans that participate in experiments (social or scientific) they are adults old enough to consent and understand. This kid is going to grow up affected by this, and I highly doubt in a good way. Life is difficult and theres enough confusing/fucked up situations that occur in ones life, its highly cruel to purposely introduce such a situation right in the beginning of it. Fucking poor kid. You are just born into this world, there is no manual for life. At best we have parents and teachers to help guide us into functioning individuals.. how dare they betray this unsuspecting child like that, whom they are supposed to care for. And for what? No stupid 'experiment' ESPECIALLY a social one is worth a humans life! fuck.

  4. No, it didn't happen. She's trying to say this is the same thing as respecting trans people.

  5. Quit messing around with kids, who, knowing nothing about how the world really works, are the least able to defend themselves and the most likely to blame themselves if things you do to them go wrong.

  6. "The parents employed the child's teacher into actively participating in their little experiment."

    Can't imagine this actually happening, but it's ridiculous for two people to believe that the way they choose to raise their children is the way the rest of the world should regard them. Group schooling obviously should be as neutral and hive-minded as possible if anyone hopes for it to be an effective source of mass education, and therefore requires a lack of consideration for any individual's parental input. I'd say the parents behavior would be acceptable if they lived on their own, in the woods, greatly removed from the rest of society.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. In the real world, the child would be the model for everyone else to conform to. Anyone who didn't adopt the special language is a bigot.

    And since the other children are taught that to believe their own perceptions is bigotry, they are now extra-vulnerable to predators, i.e. messing with pronouns is grooming.


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