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Friday, August 1, 2014

Trans Kids: Where Euthanasia and Transition Meet

German Euthanasia last century:
German Euthanasia TRANSformed today:
Whether Euthanasia is used to murder the jew out of European children in the past or the gay/lesbian out of children today, the result is the same. Genocide.



  1. dirt, I think you mean eugenics not euthanasia. In reality, both do relate in one way or another to the process of "transitioning". The situation in Iran in which gay men and lesbians are coerced into sex reassignment surgery could be considered a form of eugenics. As to euthanasia, we all know about the euthanasia of Nancy/Nathan Verhelst who felt so depressed after botched SRS that she begged a doctor to euthanize her.

    On the subject of eugenics, we do know that all eugenics movements focused on surgically and/or chemically "fixing" people deemed as undesirable. The Nazis who were rather fond of ghastly human experiments and murdering Jewish people is one example of eugenics, but there have been other instances of well-meaning people sterilizing poor people of color for their supposedly own good. Eugenics can take many forms.

    The sterilization of children is often viewed as a form of eugenics as well as a gross human rights abuse. The "gender dyshporic" children who are drugged with GnRH agonists and cross gender hormones are rendered infertile.

  2. Yes, you probably mean eugenics. But speaking if euthanasia, there is a documentary coming out soon about Nancy Verhelst. It's called "Nathan: free as a bird". Here's the trailer:

  3. It would be nice if parents would just let their kids wear whatever they want, and not pretend like they are another gender because of it

  4. No Edith, I meant euthanasia. Eugenics is the why, euthanasia is the how and the pictures are the who. Think Hadamar.


  5. "It's called "Nathan: free as a bird".

    Nancy/Nathan Verhelst isn't free as a bird. She is dead. In her own words, the surgery made her feel like a monster.

    From everything I've read about Verhelst, she was a very emotionally fragile person who came from a dysfunctional home where the mother favored the boys. Her life was filled with incest and abuse, and this tortured soul was brainwashed into believing that transitioning would solve all her problems. I blame the doctors who mutilated her body and the doctor who euthanized her. I also blame transgender activists for pushing SRS on vulnerable people.


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