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Monday, July 7, 2014

Pre Teen FTM's and Transition-The New 1950's

Recently received this bing search which hit this blog:
An 11 year old girl wondering if she can acquire transition surgeries. Despite the Nazified homophobic German Eugenic theories behind transition, coupled with the PC liberal uncritical thinking treehugger's embrace-fortunately for her, 11 year old girls arent being surgically brutalized-YET! Not because the Male Medical Machine would consider it unethical, (transition drugs/surgeries ARE UNETHICAL) but because she is still growing. They could however put her on life threatening hormone/organ growth blockers, but that would likely be the extent of it at her young age.

But the REAL problem isnt whether the medical community would or wouldnt surgically transition an 11 year old girl, it is why an 11 year old girl would be searching for this information on the internet to begin with!

Just a fragment of the limited options growing females have today:
Female babies are being born straight into a hyper (sexual?) artificially constructed femininity, benefiting males/future males. Skewing female options in the way of dress, manners, strengths, behaviours, toys, fun even, all setting females up for circumscribed futures. Futures where they are groomed to be mothers, wives, helpmates to males, homemakers, cooks, cleaning women, laundresses, strong shoulders, cuddlers, sex objects and fuck toys for grown up boys. Even in areas of business females are expected to cater/cower to male authority if they wish to advance.

The Gender Straight Jacket is getting tighter and tighter and it is being felt by younger and younger females. Once upon a time in the not so distance past, females had to filter their own desires, dreams, goals and passions through their men. Today, a growing number of females are taking similar steps by filtering their 'desires, dreams, goals and passions' through men also, only a medically constructed man using their own bodies.




  1. I never thought it would end up sucking more for this generation of women, especially Lesbians, than it did for ours. Since when can't a woman be attracted to other women, even want to have big muscles or whatever else but still in no way shape or form want to be a man? At least until they get the mental f--k from society, that is.

  2. I don't see what the problem is? I see plenty of women who love being homemakers and don't mind a man telling them what to do. Alot of straight women including myself like the dominance factor in men. I love cooking for him because he works hard not because I have to or am pressured. What's the big deal?

  3. Anonymous @11:42 pm, the problem is that it's no longer a choice. Today's girls are taught that if they reject the extreme Barbie lifestyle, they're really boys.

  4. I've noticed lots of single young mothers with babies end up pairing (at least temporarily) with FtM's. Maybe they were formerly in the situation of Anon11:42, enjoying being told what to do by men, getting pregnant, into the daily grind and eventually getting fed up with the inevitable "disciplining" that comes along when you have an extreme imbalance of power in a relationship.

  5. Anon @ 11:42 pm, my what a deep voice you have.

  6. Anonymous @11:42 pm, the problem is that it's no longer a choice. Today's girls are taught that if they reject the extreme Barbie lifestyle, they're really boys.

    I agree, and well said...

  7. Just because those were the terms searched, doesn't mean it was done by an 11-year-old girl. It could have just been a person wondering such a thing for other reasons. You never know with the Internet.

  8. "Today's girls are taught that if they reject the extreme Barbie lifestyle, they're really boys".
    No, they're not. Girls can be tomboys- it's much more acceptable for a girl to like boy toys than for a boy to like girl toys. A very, VERY small percentage of young females that state, over and over, that they're really boys are transitioning. There are tons of tomboys and only a few FTMs.


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