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Friday, July 18, 2014

Femme Voices

I'm looking to do some guest posts in the up coming weeks from Femme lesbians. I would like to give some space for Femme voices to be heard for a change. Your posts can focus on coming out as Femme experiences, your relationship with Butches-the good-the-and the ugly, Femme invisibility, Femme sexuality just to throw a few potential topics out there. And given Butch/Femme erasure by queer (straight/trans) just so there is no confusion, by Femme I mean lesbians who carry female invisibly and whose primary attractions are toward Butch lesbians.

Email your stories to



  1. Why don't u go kill yourself already you miserable ugly bitch???

  2. Suicide... That's what trans people do, once they realize the mess they have gotten themselves into. This blog says it is never too late to love yourself and change the world around you.

    Dirt, keep them posts coming! :)

  3. i love your site, you are amazing!

  4. Splendid idea. Always wonderful to explore the deep heat of the femme/butch dynamic.


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