Sunday, July 20, 2014

Doing Woman Different: Sarah Kane

"Nothing will interfere with your work like suicide” Sarah Kane
Sarah Kane was a troubled, insightful English playwright whose work centered around tearing away and apart every artifice of polite civility revealing the blood and guts within. Her goal was to portray with complete nakedness war, all wars, whether between countries or all or any human relationship.

Kane storm trooped the stage at 23 with her play Blasted, garnering her with a slew of labels- depraved, violent, depressive, nihilistic etc. Other plays followed with greater successes and critics continued reviewing Kane's works as somewhere between savage and debauched. When questioned about the barbarity of her work, Kane responded: ''The reading I did in my formative years was the incredible violence of the Bible. It was full of rape, mutilation, war and pestilence.'' 

In her short adult life, Kane suffered from severe depression, and after writing about, talking about suicide, she hung herself by her shoe laces while in hospital for a previous suicide attempt when she was 28. 

Sarah Kane undoubtedly is a tragic figure, but I feature her here because she most certainly fits the category of doing woman different. Not merely for how she carried her brand of female, but going far outside what women are suppose to write about. War is violent and sometimes so to is love, Kane dared the graphically show us on the stage just how messy and ugly life sometimes is. And how sometimes we ALL add with our own actions or in-actions to that ugliness.

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