Saturday, June 14, 2014

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

Luke-Age 19

Gerald-Age 17

Haven-Age 17

Jake-Age 17

Jace-Age 21

Brand-Age 17

Ewan-Age 22

Lysander-Age 21

Theo-Age 18

When I was five, I wanted to be a pirate. I begged and pleaded till my mom bought me the outfit. I looked fantastic! I love it. Till a boy at school said "You dont have a hook, you're not a REAL pirate!" At home later cried.

When I was ten I wanted to be a cowboy. I used all my birthday money. I bought boots, vest, stetson a gun holster and pistols. Boy was I proud! Then my cousin said "you're not a REAL cowboy, you dont have a horse!" Morose, I threw my cowboy self in the back of the closet.

When I was sixteen I wanted to be a boy. I toyed with short hair and boy apparel. I squirreled a diagnosis and got on T. I was going to be the REAL me. To mom's dismay, my breast were flayed, from my body.  She couldnt understand, I was now a man. She said "you arent a REAL man Janis, you dont have a...." She couldnt even say the word, disgusted. Now nothing, will ever be trusted.



  1. The medical apparatus is one of the most powerful ideological and repressive state apparatuses.

    Gender non-conformity has to be categorized and medicalized, and then sold back to the public in a form that furthers patriarchal ideology.

    These amazing young women do not need T and body mutilation in order to acquire a new identity.

  2. @Melete,

    "The medical apparatus is one of the most powerful ideological and repressive state apparatuses."

    Well said, and excellent post....

    There is nothing remotely "masculine" about this young woman. Look at her long cury hair and feminine features. She bought into the idea that girls who aren't pretty little princesses with makeup and dresses can't really be girls. They must be "boys" or trans.

  3. I can't find anything to back up the claim that these individuals are detransitioning. How do you know this?

  4. Pardon me, I misread the title.

  5. @Mads,

    Some do detransition...

  6. You are a pathetic person hiding behind this blog. You post images of these people without their consent in an attempt to humiliate them.

    You now have posted a member of my family on here.

    I place this one warning and one alone. Remove the posts of all transgendered children from this blog and leave them in peace or under oath and penalties of perjury pursuant to Title 28 U.S.C. § 1746 I will have you reported.

  7. @ Anon 4:17pm

    Chooo Choooo!! All aboard the crybaby train! Next stop, wah-wah town!

  8. Anon @ 4:17pm, you'd better report YouTube and the girls who posted their videos too. YouTube has an embed feature, so anyone who posts videos knows people can embed or link to their videos. There is also an option to remove the embed and link feature, so those who don't are explicitly giving everyone permission to link. And I'm going to report you to Santa Claus.

  9. Dirt, please please please help me. How do I stop the gender dysphoria? How do I stop looking at my body and feeling out of alignment? I worship females, I love them. I would have been proud to be a lesbian. I was proud when I came out, but it didn't feel right. My family was proud of me. Everyone was proud when I was identifying as a lesbian. But, I always knew that I wasn't one. But, I don't want to be an FTM. I don't want this beautiful body mutilated, but I also don't think I can live in it. I just want the dysphoria to go away. I want to wake up and feel like a woman and not have every fibre of my being screaming WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! when it remembers what I am.

    I don't think I'm suffering from internalised misogyny. I actually don't care for men at all. I don't know what to do though the dysphoria is crippling. It's sort of like PMS but so much worse. I hate it. I feel like there must be something seriously wrong with my brain because I feel like I'm wearing drag every time I see my body.

    My breasts are perfect but I hate them ON ME. I wish I could just be a normal lesbian. I wish I could be satisfied being butch. I wish that I didn't feel out of place in those circles and like a pretender somehow. I hate being transgender. I don't want to be a freak. I'll kill myself if I don't get to transition, but I'll probably kill myself when I do transition and realise that I've lost something.

    I hate this. Why are my thoughts like this? What is wrong with me? Why do I feel like a man when I am a woman? I hate this I hate it so much.

    I want my family to be happy with me. They were FINE with me being a lesbian. They were fucking PROUD. I hate seeing the disappointment in their eyes every time they see me now. I hate hearing them stumble over pronouns. I hate that I've lost the support of most of my family. I hate that I am contributing to the patriarchy by being an FTM. I hate all of the other FTM dudebros.

    I hate having to wear binders to feel even remotely comfortable in my own skin.

    I don't know what went wrong. Was I dropped on my head as an infant? I've always felt this way and I don't know how to get out of this mindset. I've been having FTM feelings since I can remember. I don't know how to shut them off. Can I shut them off?

    Help me help me help me. I'm so ashamed of being an FTM.

  10. @Anon 6:33am. I feel the exact same way. I always knew I didn't have any particular sexual orientation and I wanted to have a male body. I would've preferred to *simply* be a lesbian and be in harmony with my beautiful female body. But the thing is, I'm transgender. Gender dysphoria was strong and I wanted to die. But I realised that my depression wasn't only because I was transgender and that transitioning wouldn't make me happier or less depressed. So I cured it by going to therapy and by taking pills, and I stopped them when I felt I didn't need them anymore.

    I still wasn't comfortable with my own skin, but I discovered something that changed the way I see life. Being female or male isn't a choice and it's something you can't change. Being a woman or a man is not natural, it's a social construct. Saying ''You're not a guy becaus you're female'' is just like sayiing ''You can't be attracted to girls or you can't be masculine because you're a woman''. So being FTM and transitioning to the other sex is just lying to yourself to fit in society's expectations.

    Don't be ashamed of who you are, it's not like you can really change it. I know it's tough, but try to love yourself for what's inside. You are transgender, you are a female, and that's ok. You deserve to be happy and if people give you crap because of who you are, they aren't Worth it. So try to be the best of *you*. If you still want to get surgeries or take hormones, like myself, be sure to be ready for the consequences of your choice, the good and the bad ones. Don't forget that it won't change who you are inside, if you feel sad, it won't magically go away. And if you don't get them, you won't be any less transgender.

    One last thing. There is nothing wrong with you being who you are and as long as you are a nice person, people will love you no matter how you feel.

    I hope this helps :)