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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Stonewall-45 Years Later-From Gay/Lesbian Outrage to Gay/Lesbian Erasure

The Stonewall riots didnt happen in a vacuum. Decades of systematic abuse toward gays and lesbians fueled the spark that would ignite the beginning of a gay and lesbian human rights struggle. It was illegal to make love in ways that drove our desires, lesbians were routinely arrested and raped when we failed to have on less than three articles of women's clothing and just falling in love and wanting to create a life with a same sex partner could get you killed or worse. White hetero patriarchy shamed, bashed, arrested, locked up, strip searched, confined  us to mental institutions, tortured, electro shocked, raped and murdered gays and lesbians till we could no longer take it any more.

Stonewall rebellion 45 years ago:
Straight white males have long been the bane of gay and lesbian livelihood. THEY were the enemy, the majority, those who created the laws against and who held both power and money over us. But on a hot June night in 1969 one black Butch lesbian said NO FUCKING MORE and threw a punch at the police raiding the Stonewall Inn. That punch set off a decade of radical gay and lesbian rights struggles, visibility AND changes! 

Forty-five years after the Stonewall riots, outside of the most minuscule progresses the L and G are drowning in a putrid alphabet stew run by the very same white straight males we fought against June 28th 1969. These men may not be wearing badges, but they are in uniform:


  1. Absolutely, and spot on!

    "Stonewall-45 Years Later-From Gay/Lesbian Outrage to Gay/Lesbian Erasure"

    Middle-aged heterosexual men with panty hose fetishes have taken over....

    A lot of MTFs spend half their lives as married straight men, working their way up the corporate ladder, white picket fence and two or three kids before they "transition". They might wear a skirt and makeup, but the sense of male entitlement never completely goes away.

    This is an article that about sums it up. This man was married for 39 years to the same woman. The wife had 13 children (one child died) with this man. They lived in a religious sect in which birth control was forbidden. Then, when he turns forty something, he decides he is a "woman". Not only does he call himself a woman, he is a feminist now, and he likes to hang out at feminist blogs. When women marvel at the fact that he had 12 children (they think he is an actual female), this sick old turd blushes and brags about his "girly figure".

    Look at the face of this smug, narcissistic man.

    Creepy old fart forced his wife to have 13 children because his church didn't believe in birth control

    These men don't understand why women won't fawn all over them and pander to their needs.

    Some of these trolls even claim that they are lesbian, even the ones that still have their penis. Who can ever forget their "Cotton Ceiling" workshop?

    Hell yes, they are taking over. Although they are supposedly "ladies", the male entitlement never disappears.

  2. Disgustingly transphobic blog. Really sad to see a total disregard for the science behind gender and sex.

  3. I knew a guy who told me that everyone is bisexual to a certain extent, and I believe him. We have words like gay and straight, but those only serve to hide the fact that we fall in love with people, not groups. The only difference among people is how likely it is that you will fall in love with someone of the same gender.

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  4. Wow, one decent comment and two idiot comments, including "but everyone is bisexual" tripe. Of course a dude told you that. Dudes like mandatory "bisexuality" in women because it caters to the creepy fetishistic way they view lesbians. It's so ironic that this comment showed up in a post about lesbian and gay erasure.

    I'm also laughing at comment #2 about the science behind sex and gender considering how often trans activists like to pretend that biological sex doesn't exist (and that lesbians are bigots for not liking their "lady" penises).

    Anyway, you are totally right Dirt. The alliance between lesbians and gay men has always been shaky due to the misogyny of gay men and now we have to deal with this alphabet soap shit. I have seen too many people to count claiming that the people who started Stonewall were really trans (because everyone who doesn't conform to sex roles is trans apparently). It's an evil insidious kind of erasure. I don't support any mainstream LGBT group because they are all about eroding sex-based protections and female-only spaces for the enemy, heterosexual white males. I am also disgusted by how so many of these organizations will advocate for a man who killed women or had child porn as long as he's gay or trans.


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