Young Black Butch (Stud)/Femme Couple Murdered

Lesbian couple murdered and left near dumpster in Texas

I am absolutely gutted and outraged by this! That this young Butch/Femme couple were not merely fucking beaten to death, BUT that their sick fucking insecure assailant had to go the extra step and show the world just what he thinks of lesbians by dumping their limp bodies near a dumpster is ineffable!

If you are a lesbian and you have a lover's hand to hold, hold it just a little tighter tonight and remember these two young lesbian lovers whose lifeless hands will NEVER hold on each other hand again.




  1. It's so sad, and my heart aches for the families.

  2. This is certainly not 'normal' for trans people, except those working as prostitutes. It's a dangerous profession, for females and for males, thanks to violent johns and pimps (men).

    Almost all the people commemorated at the Transgender Day of Remembrance each year are trans male sex workers of colour. Middle-aged straight autogynophiles who are in little danger of being murdered shamelessly co-opt these deaths in order to give themselves victim status.

  3. This is indeed heartrending, Dirt. This article says that they were raising Jackson's 5-year-old daughter together.

    I wonder if they were murdered by the child's father. Most violence against women is committed by current or former male partners.

  4. What an aweful story, it makes me very sad. :(

    Can we please think of the victoms and show respect. This is not a topic about a trans, it's about a murdered lesbian couple and it's just very sad.


  5. @March 12, 2014 at 3:59 AM

    How in the heck did we even get to this point to where lesbians can't say anything without transgender people having a hissy fit..."We have it much worse than you".

    Corrective rape of lesbians is well documented in places like South Africa. According to rape and sexual assault statistics, one in five women have been victims of rape or sexual assault.

    If anything, violence against trans people is more easily recognized as hate crime than hate crime against half the human population: women.

    As I understand it, transgender is included in hate crimes legislation in most states that have these laws. However, any crime committed against a female no matter how sadistic and brutal isn't a hate crime. Violence against females aren't hate crimes. About three years ago, there was a brutal gang rape at a Richmond, California high school. This girl's face was barely recognizable when she was air lifted to a hospital. Since she is only a female, no added hate crimes were tacked onto the sentencing. If a biological male who identifies as a "woman" says he is transgender and is the victim of a savage attack, in California and other states, added charges of hate crimes could be tacked onto the sentencing. If the victim is a female, no added charges of hate crimes are ever added. By the way, I've always supported the inclusion of transgender in hate crimes legislation along with gay men, lesbians, and people of color. I just wish senseless and savage assaults on the female sex would fall under "hate crimes" legislation. In my opinion, every rape of a woman is a hate crime.

  6. If you do not have something to comment on regarding specifically this lesbian couple or violent crimes/threats all lesbians face, save your comment for another post.

    If you comment contains anything related to "trans" no matter the content, from this point on in THIS post it WILL be removed!



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