Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

 Colton-Age 16

Landen-Age 14

DJ-Age 18

Tyler-Age 17

Sam-Age 18

Chris-Age 18

Trev-Age 20

Alex-Age 21

Jay-Age (teen)

The screencap above is of a few recent searches that found this blog. Clearly a parent who wasnt taking the trans rhetoric at face value and decided to look a little further. At least in this space they found some honest truths about the dangers of transition, including the misogyny and homophobia that is the underbelly of transition both medically and socially. Here's to hoping this too becomes a trend among trends.



  1. It could be that we are living in one of the most misogynistic periods in human history and we can't see ourselves for what we have become.

    The mutilation of female bodies and the social erasure of female identity is nothing to celebrate. These teenage girls talk about "T" and "top surgery" as if it's some right of passage.

  2. Oh my God.

    A young trans man was raped while using the boys bathroom at their high school.

    We need to get past the crazy of gender politics and have some practical solutions like a few single-stall/family style bathrooms or letting kids use the faculty bathroom.

  3. she's recanted her story

  4. I think they may have recanted because they were scared. If you're in high school and you have to go there and the other kids are still there, it might be easier to recant. I think the original article talks about the school not being safe in general.

    I can't see any motive for the young trans man to lie about having been raped. They wanted to be able to use the boys' bathroom. This story is the kind of thing that would make people change the law.

    I hope they are getting good support and therapy.

    I also hope we can make a sane bathroom policy for our kids in the future.

  5. The Body Is Not An Apology

    This is such a beautiful and inspiring video.

    The Body Is Not An Apology

    This video says it more eloquently than I ever could.

  6. @ The Body Is Not An Apology

    Thank you Sonya Renee...

  7. Someone needs to tell these young women that they will never be fully male no matter how much "T" they take, or whether or not they get their healthy breasts lopped off and their nipples surgically whittled down to size("top surgery"). They will still be female, albeit with no breasts. They could get a chunk of their arm sewn onto the female pubic area and call it a "neophallus", or whatever. It's not a penis.

    Mutilated female bodies are not male. They are just mutilated female bodies.

    Sorry for being so honest.

  8. Most of these girls are wearing breast binders. Costochondritis (rib imflammation) is really cool. It hurts like holy hell, but breast binding is way cool. I can wear all the cool shirts I want, and look like a boy.

    We covered this subject numerous times on this blog, but we will go over it again. Gee, this binder flattens my breasts really well. It's so cool, and I look like a guy. While it's flattening the breasts, it's compressing the ribcage.

    “Most people seem to know that binding with tapes and bandages can be dangerous, but few people realize that the same risks apply to chest binders.

    And the damages do occur: bruised ribs, deformed ribs, broken ribs, lung collapse,….

    Here’s the story from a guy who’d been wearing ONLY Underworks binders for 6 years:

    ♦ He developed costochondritis (rib inflammation)
    ♦ His ribs are deformed and compressed into his lungs
    ♦ Some of his muscles have shifted position….
    Chest and Ribs Anatomy

    (*I know this says “he”, but this is a female body being constricted)

    If you take a look at the illustrations, you will see that the binder sits right on top of the ribs.

    The compression here can damage small blood vessels, compress the breast tissue, slow down blood flow to the lymph nodes, and create clots (that could get to the heart and provoke a mild heart attack).”

  9. March 5, 2014 at 2:02 PM

    I hope to heck rapists like trans, or pretend trans (it's hard to tell the difference if they are both called "Jessica" and identify as transgender) aren't allowed in any more women's shelters to prey on the women.

    Christopher, "Jessica", Hambrook was declared a dangerous offender.
    Why was he allowed in the women's shelter?

    I also don't want any more transgender registered sex offenders like Paula Witherspoon using women's restrooms. Cross dressing registered sex offender, Thomas Lee Benson, shouldn't be allowed within 100 feet of any women's restroom, locker room, or women's shelter. He was run out of women's locker rooms in Washington State.


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