The Trans Politic and the Rape of the Intersex Community

The Intersexed, those born with an assortment of interior/exterior and chromosomal mixing and matching-ness of male/female. They are not freaks, but routinely treated like freaks, beginning soon after delivery. The Intersex are wholly human, they are not breathing experiments born "unfinished" so that egomaniacal doKtors can take surgical pleasure in "finishing" them. Anymore than they are species of parental shame to be surgically assaulted in order to assuage parental embarrassment. No matter how their wholly human mix/match of male/female takes shape, rest assured the Intersex will carry themselves as mostly one sex or the other, IF left to grow into their NATURAL being. If THEY later choose to have surgeries it is their choice, not the choice of their parents and most certainly NOT the choice of some doKtor!

The Intersex has also shamelessly been, along with women, lesbians, gays and a growing assortment of other bodies, hijacked by the Trans Politic/community. By hijacking the Intersexed, trans political groups are reinforcing the idiotic notion that being Intersexed is a birth defect that needs correcting. In the handful of decades it has taken the Intersex to bring some small modicum of visibility and voice to their needs to just be who they are sans any hormones or surgeries, in less than a decade the Trans Politic (as they have done with feminist gains) have set the Intersex back to the starting line.

In very much the same way the Trans Politic had pressured the DSM to include diagnosing children with (GI), the green-light to transition, so that young white female fetishizing males might receive hormone blockers thereby (if they live long enough) halting puberty so that later on they may have a potentially better chance to "pass" as the object of their fetish (woman). And with no thought or care of the thousands of gay and lesbian children via this homophobic practice they're taking with them. So to has the Trans Politic disrupted, halted and set back Intersex progress in order to justify their mental fetishizing defect by reintroducing and then reinforcing Intersexism as birth defective!

As the Trans Politic is so fond of surgery, the GLb needs to surgically remove the T from the GLbT and replace it with I for Intersex and together we need to fight this common enemy that is ONLY invested in its masturbatory heights, at the price of our own destruction.



  1. I can say with certainty that the shameless co-option of intersex persons by transgender activists is going on unabated, and rarely challenged. I live close to a university, and I passed by the LGBT center on campus not long ago. I noticed that an "I" was inserted after the LGBT. It was always the LGBT center, and now it's the LGBTI center. Why did this change, and who was behind it? It's various transgender activists and transgender identified people who are now claiming that they are "intersex" because they have a special brain, or whatever. At any rate, I walked into the LGBTI center and said, "Disorders of sexual development are not the same as transgender". The guy sitting at the front desk just looked at me. Intersex isn't the same as gay or lesbian either, but I've never heard gay men or lesbians make wild claims about really being intersex. It's transgender people who are doing this.

    Every major intersex organization makes a distinction between rare disorders of sexual development (intersex) and transgender. It's possible for a person with an actual intersex genetic or medical condition to identify as transgender, but they are not one and the same.

    This is the “Transgender Umbrella”. Notice the word intersex. Why do they include intersex when they know DSD (intersex) are not the same as transgender?

    Transgender Umbrella

  2. This is from the Intersex Society of North America.

    People who identify as transgender or transsexual are usually people who are born with typical male or female anatomies but feel as though they’ve been born into the “wrong body.” For example, a person who identifies as transgender or transsexual may have typical female anatomy but feel like a male and seek to become male by taking hormones or electing to have sex reassignment surgeries.

    People who have intersex conditions have anatomy that is not considered typically male or female. Most people with intersex conditions come to medical attention because doctors or parents notice something unusual about their bodies. In contrast, people who are transgendered have an internal experience of gender identity that is different from most people.

    Many people confuse transgender and transsexual people with people with intersex conditions because they see two groups of people who would like to choose their own gender identity and sometimes those choices require hormonal treatments and/or surgery. These are similarities. It’s also true, albeit rare, that some people who have intersex conditions also decide to change genders at some point in their life, so some people with intersex conditions might also identify themselves as transgender or transsexual.

    In spite of these similarities, these two groups should not be and cannot be thought of as one. The truth is that the vast majority of people with intersex conditions identify as male or female rather than transgender or transsexual. Thus, where all people who identify as transgender or transsexual experience problems with their gender identity, only a small portion of intersex people experience these problems."

    In order to further their own particular agenda, transgender activists go out of their way to conflate intersex (disorders of sexual development) with transgender. There is an intentional desire on the part of trans activists to blur the lines between intersex and transgender. They do this to confuse the public, and as a way to gain more legitimacy. See, I've got a "special brain", so I must be intersex. Physically, I'm no different than anyone else, but it's how I feel inside that makes me intersex. Rare disorders of sexual development (intersex) are actual genetic and medical conditions not some internal belief or "feeling trapped in the wrong body", or whatever. People can and do change their "gender identity", but intersex people can't change their genetics.

    It's shameless appropriation of intersex persons.

  3. The main difference between intersex and transgender is this. It's not difficult to understand. Rare intersex (disorders of sexual development) are actual medical and genetic conditions. They can be diagnosed through medical and genetic testing. For all practical purposes, transgender is a psychological diagnosis and a culturally defined identification.

  4. Dirt, why stop at the shameless appropriation of intersex persons?

    I want to return to the Transgender Umbrella because it's a perfect example of politically savvy, shameless appropriation of other cultures and historically oppressed persons. It's not just intersex persons who are being co-opted.

    Transgender Umbrella

    Notice the feather dangling from the string. This is a stereotypical symbol for Native, or First Nations people and tribes. How many tribes did transgender activists consult before dangling this feather from their umbrella? Did transgender activists ask the elders of the tribes. I know what "two spirit" means, but are white middle-aged MTFs really "two spirit"? "Two spirit" persons were just that. It's rather difficult to extract "two spirit" from the culture and tribe and apply it to white cross dressers today. "Two spirit" could just as well have been an effeminate gay man or butch lesbian. Gay men and butch lesbians haven't created some umbrella term in which they claim they are just like "two spirit" persons. Show me one graphic where butch lesbians dangle a feather on a string claiming that they are just like "two spirit" native persons. I'm talking about white butch lesbians.

    The only people who should be allowed to use the term "two spirit" are actual Native or First Nations persons and tribes.

    I noticed that “Masculine Women” was under the graphic of the Transgender Umbrella. Please explain to me what “masculine women” means?

    On the bottom of this graphic of an umbrella, are the following words:

    “Encompasses any individual who crosses over or challenges their society’s traditional gender roles and/or expressions.”

    Please notice that the word “any” is underlined. Butch lesbians certainly challenge society's traditional sex roles, as do boys and men who reject "masculine" stereotypes.

    I've repeatedly said it, and I will continue to say it. Transgender activists do not own a patent on all gender non-conformity both past and present.

  5. Were eunuchs really transgender? Eunuchs carried out a specific role in ancient cultures. They basically were servants and confidants of very powerful rulers. There is one important thing to always remember about eunuchs. Eunuchs had more power than women. Indeed, the word eunuch meant "keeper of the bed". They essentially watched the haram when powerful rulers were off fighting wars somewhere. A wealthy ruler would be reluctant to have a male watch over his haram of women because he would always be worrying about the man getting frisky with the wives and women. So, what better person to manage the haram than a male who is castrated.

    "For centuries in China, the only men from outside the imperial family who were allowed into the Forbidden City's private quarters were castrated ones. They effectively swapped their reproductive organs for a hope of exclusive access to the emperor that made some into rich and influential politicians."

    Some peasant families castrated their young sons, hoping that he would eventually gain access to the emperor, and gain political power. Women had no power.

  6. your This is more information on eunuchs who never did identify as "transgender" because no one even used the word "transgender" in ancient China. Eunuchs carried out a specific role in China, and eunuchs weren't castrated as a way to rebel against traditional sex roles, or as a statement on "gender identity".

    "Since remotest times, and especially after the advent of Confucianism, Chinese males, including rulers, demanded strict moral purity in their womenfolk. Hordes of sexually impotent men were needed to guard the chastity of imperial ladies languishing in the teeming women's quarters. The emperor kept the largest harem in the land not only to support his image as paramount personage of the realm, but also to ensure many heirs to the throne in a time of high infant mortality. If the emperor's queens failed to bear a living heir, sons of the highest ranking concubines could succeed to the throne. The presence of numerous ever-watchful eunuchs lurking in the recesses of the sprawling palace guaranteed that each child born therein was sired by the monarch. Non-eunuch males, even relatives of the ruler or of his consorts, were barred from the vicinity of the women's apartments on penalty of death."

  7. The Intersex has also shamelessly been, along with women, lesbians, gays and a growing assortment of other bodies, hijacked by the Trans Politic/community.

    True, but they do it so well. We forgot to mention the shameless appropriation of lesbians and feminism. It makes my skin crawl when MTFs (biological males who "transition) call themselves "lesbian" if they still are sexually attracted to women. Even some MTFs who have their penis call themselves "lesbian". In fact, they had a special workshop called the "Overcoming the Cotton Ceiling: Breaking Down Sexual Barriers for Queer Transwomen" so that males in drag could whine and complain because lesbians don't want their lady stick (aka penis). Even lesbians who aren't that political thought this was deeply offensive to lesbians.

    Males are not female. Males are NOT lesbian. Even if he gets his testicles cut off, he is still not a lesbian. He is just a castrated dude in a dress.

  8. Dirt,

    I don't have much experience with the wider intersex community. I figured out that I am trans before I figured out that I am intersex. But in my experience with the trans community, most trans people oppose 'normalization' surgery. I have had trouble finding information on intersex health, and how intersex conditions can affect endocrine treatment, anywhere.

    - Mary.

  9. So that's rape? Nice.

  10. @Mary,

    I figured out that I am trans before I figured out that I am intersex.

    I don't feel comfortable asking personal questions, but how do people "figure out that they are intersex". Disorders of sexual development (intersex) are medical and genetic conditions diagnosed by a physician.

    "But in my experience with the trans community, most trans people oppose 'normalization' surgery."

    What is 'normalization surgery'? I'm not familiar with this term. The transgender community promotes: (1.) GnRH agonists for 12 and 13 year old children (2.) Cross gender hormones at age sixteen (3.) "Top surgery" (elective mastectomies with the surgical trimming down of areolas and nipples) (4.) "Bottom surgery" (extensive plastic surgery on healthy genitals) (5.) Facial "feminization" for MTFs (males who "identify as women")
    (6.)Laser hair removal and other procedures to get rid of hair
    (7.) A life time of synthetic hormones

  11. @Mary,

    I have had trouble finding information on intersex health, and how intersex conditions can affect endocrine treatment, anywhere.

    Mary, all I can say is consult a doctor. If one doctor can't help you, then get a second opinion.

  12. I know a 50 year old woman who was born intersexed. Her parents gave her up for adoption, because they thought she was a freak. Her adoption parents were very loving and caring, but they also choosed her to be a boy and gave her surgeries and testosterone. But she wasn't a boy, she was a girl. One day she started living as a woman, because she felt like a woman.

    She's sick and tired of people who see her as a transexual, because she's not. She doesn't even wanna explain anymore.
    Her transgender friends see her as one of them and she has a hard time telling them that she is not, there are big dirrences. She doesn't have a simple XX or XY chromosome set. But they keep seeing her that way.

    Transtrenders keep looking for reasons to explain themselves. They are so focused on a medical defect in their body that has to be fixed. They don't give a shit about the intersexed commnunity.


  13. "What is 'normalization surgery'?"

    Cosmetic surgery on intersex babies' bits, to make them look more like typically male or typically female bits. John Money promoted the practice. Some other surgery such as for cloacal exstrophy can be legit emergency surgery.

    "how do people "figure out that they are intersex"."

    In my case, my genital scarring and my recurring bleeding were important clues. I started having obvious bleeding w/protein in my teens, went to a series of doctors who ran a series of tests and didn't tell me the results, had this slow down and stop in my late teens, and had mild bleeding resume after starting hormones, mostly after missing a dose or reducing my dose, and not during/after infections. I wouldn't care so much except that I've had endocrine problems, both before and after starting hormones, and I'd like to know how to deal with them.

  14. I am an individual with an intersex condition. The knowledge of this condition was kept from me for years. Many lies were told to me and I never experienced female puberty when it came to natural breast growth (I was on HRT - estrogen) and I never had a period due to a lack of internal female organs. At birth, I was surgically altered to "fix" my mixed genitals. I believed I was trans* for a very long time, but refused to transition. While I was in the hospital for a different issue, my scars were noted and due to things not adding up, my doctor sent for tests. It's at that point I learned of my "condition" and I then felt comfortable not only stopping HRT, but also transitioning. To this day I do not and will not call myself transsexual. I am a man, born a man, with some genetic issues, and at the hands of others, was changed over. It really bothers me "intersex" is under the "trans* umbrella," it doesn't belong there. I also don't believe it belong on the initalism LGBT. While I do believe some intersexuals self identify within the LGBT, as a whole, I don't feel "we" belong.

    As for trans* people claiming to be intersex, I hate it! Your "special brain" isn't from a genetic or hormonal issue within your own body. The theory the trans* community claims is fact, wouldn't make THEM intersex, it would simply make them more masculine or feminine.

    Either way, it is what it is. I, as an person dealing with issues due to how I was born, and will for the rest of my life (not emotional, I am living happily and healthy), it truly bothers me how people will openly lie about these things. On top of that, here in America, the trans* community hold more rights, privileges, and protections than the intersex community. Instead of lying about a physical/hormonal condition, just admit there's something wrong with your brain, not your body. Your body doesn't hold the "birth defect" your brain holds the "birth defect."

    My parents lied to me for years. So did doctors. At least if I was transgender, I wouldn't have to know for years, I was lied too, medically altered, and given HRT or others personal and emotional gain, while mine was put on the back burner.

    For all you trans* people out there, claiming to be intersex, you don't know what it's like. You never will. And since you can't handle being trans*, there's NO WAY you'd ever be able to handle being born intersex.

  15. As an Intersex/DSD person, I am always offended when the trans community tries to claim their Intersex/DSD like me. It's like to them Intersex/DSD is more legitimate than Trans. So they Fake and pretend to be Intersex/DSD in order to justify & legitimize their trans status at the expense of Intersex/DSD people. It pisses off Intersex/DSD people all the time.

    One thing I am pissed off is when Trans think that Intersex/DSD people are like them and think that Intersex/DSD is a subset of them. Their are some trans who fake an Intersex/DSD condition such as Zoe Allen Brain, who is a well known trans who fakes and pretends to be Intersex/DSD to justify his transsexualism.

    One thing that Trans will NEVER, EVER understand, is all the physical scars, the poking and prodding by medical staff and life time of HRT. On top of that they will NEVER, EVER know what it's like to be born Genetically and Physically Intersex/DSD. All they have is a fetish and warped delusional fantasy.

  16. *in response to Anonymous above:*

    "Were eunuchs really transgender? Eunuchs carried out a specific role in ancient cultures."

    They are certainly talking about the modern-day voluntarily castrated. I've spoken with a great many of them (as I am one, though my aims were definitely, once upon a not long ago, transgender) and I don't think most would consider themselves transgender at all. Just guys with BIID who don't want testicles for whatever reason (don't like the feel or looks or think they would prefer to have them gone; to achieve the mythical 'eunuch calm'; to curb libido is also a popular one).

    Though many do consider themselves transgender, and many transition or experiment with cross-sex hormones, most, in my experience, consider themselves men and not transgender.

  17. The words "female" and "sex class" are offensive and passe. He should know. He is a lecturer in "Women's Studies". All six foot three hundred pounds of him.

    It's not just intersex people, "two spirit" native persons and tribes, and lesbians (MTFs with penis are lesbian too bullsh**) that transgender activists are co-opting. Transgender activists have been co-opting and colonizing feminism for their own particular political agenda. Although transgender activists had nothing to do with the things that really matter to women (suffrage, abortion rights, access to contraction, etc.), they feel rather comfortable co-opting feminism. “Trans-feminism” does NOT exist. "Trans-feminism" is a male definition of feminism that serves transgender interests. As a female, I have nothing in common with males who "transition", or start calling themselves "women". They are not women. Stop colonizing other cultures and historically marginalized groups of persons.

    Do people want to see the rape of women’s history and the shameless appropriation of second wave feminism? The clenched fist inside the women’s symbol is clearly second wave feminism. Indeed, it’s straight out of second wave and their struggle. The women's symbol is a women's symbol. Why do transgender activists think they have the right to steal the women's symbol which as historically meant women? Males are not female. Transgender activists had nothing to do with Title IX, abortion rights, access to contraception, domestic violence and rape crisis centers, or any of the other things we take for granted that second wave feminists fought so hard for. What did Roe v. Wade have to do with transgender interests? If it doesn't focus on trans issues, it's not real feminism.

    Trans activists continue to co-opt intersex people even though they know full well that intersex is not the same thing as transgender. From intersex to “two spirit” in native tribes, there isn’t anything transgender activists wont' co-opt.

    Colonizers always rewrite history, and this is a new form of it. As I type this post, transgender activists are colonizing the LGB, intersex people, "two spirit" native persons, and feminism.

  18. @February 24, 2014 at 5:26 PM

    I hope you are feeling better, and taking good care of yourself.

  19. In my opinion, enunichs aren't and weren't trans*. I know some people say transgenderism is in the Bible because of enunichs, but if anything, enunichs are an example of intersex conditions. Biblically, it says some choose for the sake of heaven, others were born this way, and some men made into them. nowhere does it talk about cutting off testicles for the sake of mental illness. In ancient culture, choosing to be and being made a enunich was an "honor," i believe. So maybe that's something to look into also.

  20. Eunuchs were not transgender. There was always a functional reason for it - mainly that Royalty and rich people didn't want a bunch of horny young men running around getting their females pregnant. They wanted them to concentrate on their work, and to be able to trust them around the women.
    Some singers did choose castration before they hit puberty to keep their high singing voice. That was regularly being done up until fairly recently, and maybe still happening in some places.

  21. @February 24, 2014 at 7:01 PM Oh please, using Intersex/DSD people to justify transgender people. No wonder why Intersex/DSD people hate trans people for raping their intersex medical condition. You men simply have a delusional fetish & have this fantasy of using Intersex/DSD people to justify your delusional fantasy.

  22. @February 24, 2014 at 5:32 PM

    Thank you....

    Stay strong...

  23. @Big

    February 24, 2014 at 12:27 PM

    Sorry to hear what happened to the intersex woman you know...

  24. Honestly, when I came out as trans to my mother, she brought up the genital surgery I had as a kid. To this day I am confused about it and I don't really know if I have the guts to find out the truth. Im pretty sure my chromosomes are XX, but then why the surgery? I have heard of these kind of unwanted childhood surgeries amongst
    "transmen". I cant understand what its like to be poked and prodded like some kind of freak for my whole life. I dont seek to gain anything from talking about the real history of my body. Its my body. My history. It belongs to me. I dont want to put too fine a point on this you actually believe that anyone calling themselves intersex is gaining status by doing that? You think they want legitimacy, right? The right to be legitimate....freaks of nature? I know that sounds harsh but it really just sounds like you've had a bitch of a time and you dont want anyone sharing in your misery. It may be the only thing that makes you special at this point.

  25. The right to be legitimate....freaks of nature?

    Intersexed people are not freaks, how rude to say this. Are you aware that your post is hurting many people?

    @February 24, 2014 at 12:27 PM
    Thanks! :)


  26. The right to be legitimate....freaks of nature?

    Intersexed people are not freaks, how rude to say this. Are you aware that your post is hurting many people?

    @February 24, 2014 at 12:27 PM
    Thanks! :)


    February 26, 2014 at 1:29 PM

    I agree Big

    Human beings born with a genetic or medical condition are NOT freaks! It's not their fault they were born this way. Some intersex people get surgery and some don't.

    People who are born with perfectly healthy bodies like the vast majority of transgender identified people intentionally mutilate their healthy bodies. Who is and isn't the freak?

  27. Awww. Thats very sweet of you Big, to stand up for intersex people. But guess what? Intersex people are still people and they can be assholes too. I'm just responding in kind to this angry intersex person who wants to stand alone with their special pain and kick trans people in the face because of it. Fuck that. Fuck you too.

  28. @February 28, 2014 at 6:21 PM

    You co-opt intersex identity and then call them freaks. To add insult to injury, you say **ck that and **ck you.

  29. I myself had unwanted genital surgery as a kid (because my genitals didn't appear "correct" for my sex), like I already said. So no, I'm not co-opting anything. Generally the act of co-opting confers an amount of help, financial gain or status onto the co-opter. There is nothing to be gained from being considered intersexed when it really boils down. We're all freaks to most of the world, probably even you, and you want to fight over which category of freak is better. What a sad reflection on humanity.

  30. Generally the act of co-opting confers an amount of help, financial gain or status onto the co-opter. There is nothing to be gained from being considered intersexed when it really boils down.

    If this is the way this individual feels, then why not remove intersex from the Trans* Umbrella? Clip that string, and remove it. Every major intersex organization (disorders of sexual development) makes a distinction between intersex and transgender. While you are at it, remove "Two Spirit" persons unless you are Native American or First Nation, and the words, “Encompasses any individual who crosses over or challenges their society’s traditional gender roles and/or expressions.” The words, “Encompasses any individual who crosses over or challenges their society’s traditional gender roles and/or expressions” could mean just about anything. It could mean butch lesbian which is NOT the same as transgender, or tomboys, sissy guys, or just about anyone who steps outside the boundaries of traditional sex roles. Transgender activists do not own a patent on all gender non-conformity both past and present.

    *Trans Umbrella

  31. Why don't you contact the umbrella makers? I have no special access to the acronym bunch. Presumably there are conferences where such issues could be addressed. Personally I find GLBT... activism addresses the needs of upper class white people. If i had any excess energy for activism it would be directed towards land and water rights for tribes. Maybe youve heard of this pipeline they are trying to put in across reservation land or the uranium mining they are trying to do on sovereign land. THAT is life or death stuff. Duh.

  32. Maybe youve heard of this pipeline they are trying to put in across reservation land or the uranium mining they are trying to do on sovereign land.

    If this person is referring to the Keystone pipeline and the oil extracted from the Alberta tar sands (bitumen), I've protested against this. I'm well aware of how First Nation and Native tribes were stripped of their lands. I'm also aware that they culture was almost wiped out.

  33. @March 4, 2014 at 3:36 PM

    Historically, we know that colonizers just don't steal land. They also strip indigenous persons of their unique language, history, and culture. In the old Indian boarding schools, native students were forbidden to speak their own language. These children were taken from their parents, their tribe, and their culture. They had to wear white man's clothes, eat foreign food they knew nothing of, and adopt a new religion called Christianity. The elders speak with such pain when they describe what they experienced at these boarding schools. This was seen as a necessary way to "civilize" whole tribes. So, don't tell me it's just about stealing land because it goes deeper than this.

  34. Personally I find GLBT... activism addresses the needs of upper class white people.

    It's the transgender community that chose to hang a stereotypical Native symbol (the feather) from its "Transgender Umbrella" and claim that "two spirits" are, and were really another word for transgender. See, "two spirit" is under our special *Trans Umbrella. Gay men and lesbians have no such umbrella, or make no such claim.

    It's bad enough that trans activists co-opt intersex.

  35. Asshole at 9:04 PM

    When did I ever say it was *just* about stealing land? What makes you think I don't know about every single thing in your little preachy-pants speech already? Did you want me to make a giant list of every single unjust thing that happens? Or wait, maybe you are 20 and you just read Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee for the first time and you feel you know everything there is to know and other people must need your help to understand things... In any case, my point was that whoever gets to be under the umbrella, there are more important issues. Sovereign land is a big one.

  36. "Gay men and lesbians have no such umbrella, or make no such claim."

    No, they just dance around shirtless at Pride wearing fake war bonnets. Because, hey, they are gay. They are oppressed and cannot be held accountable for the oppression of anybody else. Scot free.

  37. I'm trans and intersex. Go choke radfems. I fully support and love my perisex trans siblings.


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