Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

Asher-Age 20

Asher-Age 15

Whitley-Age 16

Forrest-Age (child)

Luke-Age 18

Califirish-Age (child)

Oliver-Age (teen)

AJ-Age 16


The above is a few google search results that made their way to this blog (yesterday/today). I am going to begin adding such searches to various posts, as I now see them on a daily basis. Nothing may be stopping the throng of our lesbian youth to transition, but it is becoming more evident that later, even years later, some kind of sense is being found or restored and they are detransitioning.



  1. Watching these videos of these kids (13 - 16 years of age) is so sad.

  2. Dirt, how do you know it isn't people like you googling for stories on this? Maybe it's parents or friends searching for detransition stories so they can be prepared to talk someone out of transitioning.

  3. No matter who, its important that it is taking place.


  4. I don't think those are the search terms a parent or friend would use. Some of them say "I" or "my" for example.

    I think we have gotten to a point where transition is too easy and too promoted and so we get people starting transition and then detransitioning.

    Thanks for being here with the info, Dirt. As Nymesis says, the trans community is failing people who end up detransitioning - and it fails everyone with gender dysphoria by not advocating for alternative treatments.

  5. can you leave them alone? I know they are delusional and at most they do not represent your lesbian community.

    There is not much you can't do to change the mentally ill

  6. The truth is most trans males never have any form or serious form of dysphoria and most trans trenders are nothing more than lezbophobic lesbians who have also never suffered from dysphoria.

    Transition has finally began to show its true self, thats all. A medical solution to removing the gays and lesbians problem, promoted by both female fetishizers and the male medical machine.

    Female fetishizers get their masturbatory highs and the male medical machine uses its resources to eradicate gays and lesbians from society via transition.


  7. Oh dear. Same old Dirt. Can't u leave the trans society alone. I guess you are a transman who is living in denial of your identity.

  8. Seems like a lot of trans trenders live in small little bergs with out medical or social support. Beyond what they get on YouTube, that is.

    And many of younger FTMs who can't find proper employment or support end up living with their families, in the face constant disapproval and discomfort.

    What a sad way to live, really.

    But, it sure is "worth it" right? To feel male privilege for a few months. Until you realize you're not really male.

  9. I've looked up the same stuff countless times so I can find stories from other people. I like reading about the experiences other people have, and that's the best way to find out.


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