Between Butch tenderness and toughness

Somewhere between Butch tenderness and toughness...
Every (Femme) lesbian I've dated and every lesbian who has dated a woman like me (Butch) has been asked by gays, straights and other lesbians alike "why do you date women who look like men, why not just date a man then?"

Carrying female in the way Butch lesbians do, may appear to the non discerning eye that Butch lesbians are similar to males, but at the beginning, middle and end of the day, we are still a female doing all the carrying! Thank Mother Nature that there are some lesbians in this world that know us, recognize us, desire us even; boasts to all that is natural in the world, and bears witness against all that is not.

The soft skin, breast, curves and that Bermuda triangle that has momentarily found many a lesbian heart and mind lost at sea, lies neatly, quietly tucked beneath the comfortable T shirt, jeans and favourite boxers or the button down shirt, trousers and boxer briefs of any Butch lesbian. There is nothing male about us, masculine about us, manly or mannish about us. Butch lesbians are ALL FEmale! And lucky the Femme that gets to peel back the layers, finding it out first hand!

Butch lesbians are tender, shy, loving, maternal, strong, comforting, sensitive, afraid, proud, tough, brazen and insolent. That another lesbian could find that attractive both physically and spiritually gives testament to Butch as woman and woman as lesbian. I can pass as a man all day, so long as the woman in my bed at night clutching my breast, calls me by name. the place where a Femme lesbian might lay her hand, her head and find her heart.



  1. Thanks so much for saying this, dirt! People I work with often get confused when I express emotion, or when I meet people in my professional life for the first time after speaking on the phone a few times, they appear shocked because my appearance does not match my voice ( in their mind). I work in the one of the "caring" professions, and apparently being butch means I can't care about people, when in actual fact I am very passionate about people's well being.

  2. Butches are HOT. And it's refreshing to see a post celebrating Butch without bashing others.
    You often berate transmen for posting here, like why do you come here, you must be unhappy or you wouldn't be here, etc. But the truth is, for me anyway, I have known you in the past and know you to be a wonderful writer. And when you write pieces like this, I enjoy reading them. Just wish I didn't have to look for them buried in negativity. Great piece on Butch tenderness. Thank you.

  3. Very well written, Dirt!


  4. Love this post, thanks!


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