The Beginnings of an Autogynephile

From a very recent Google search that hit this blog:
While I cant definitively say the above is a teenage boy on the path to destination female fetishizer land, given the circumstantial evidence gleaned in this search/search mobile device together, were this a court case there isnt a jury in all the land whom wouldnt declare guilty as charged.

That this NintendoWii boy is searching the net to understand his feelings/confusions around the sexualized IDEA of "female" and how that IDEA pleasurably affects his penis is acceptable and understandable. Hell, I foolishly went to the net seeking out answers for my own medical issues and diagnosed my condition (by chance rightly) as having a fibroid. So while anyone seeking good medical help (psychological or physical) from the internet is foolish at best, ignorant at worst, to anyone seeking helpful intelligent information on anything that falls into the growing trans realm will find it near impossible!

This (I presume) young man stands about as much chance of real net help from the over crowded sardine packed trans misinformation ignorant information wrong information pudding headed information as a snowball stands in the fires of hell. And were he, like me able to turn to the medical world for help, a cure, there would be some acceptability there, but unlike me, he (unacceptably) cannot! Like the butcher leading a lamb to the slaughter house, the trans/scribed information leads straight to the medical community waiting with glittering cleaver in hand. In the words of Jim Steinman "in the land of the pigs, the butcher is KING!"

But when the king raises his scientific biological staff in one hand to the people and in the other hand a metaphorical patchwork of constructed crazy, his lazy logic shouldnt keep him upon the throne, but committed to the nearest bedlam. All this to say, this boy pig will likely be butchered in silence.



  1. You are so dumb it hurts.

  2. You are so dumb it hurts.
    I doubt that she is dumb, but if it hurts then that's because you're yelling too loud.

  3. I'm wondering if this person is male or female and how old he or she is.

    The search referral was "females with real dicks" and the mobile divice is Nintendo Wii. Although there is a way to access the internet, Nintendo Wii is mostly for games, and it's usually teenage boys who play these games.

    It sounds strange to me. It doesn't sound like an FTM because they never identify as female even though they have no penis. To me, it sounds like some search a MTF (biological male who thinks he is a woman) would do. Since the moble device is Nintendo Wii, it sees plausable that the person is young.

    If this young person is reading this post, females do not have a penis. My suggestion is to go outside and play in the park, kick a football around, or read a book. Put the Ninento Wii down.

  4. More likely to be a chaser, really.

    - Mary.


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