Define "Trans" in the Real

Minus every conceivable external, what makes one a sex they biologically are not?



  1. For myself, as I can only speak for myself. What I think makes me a man or a transman though I was not born one is that I never identified as being a girl. More than simply being a tomboy or a butch lesbian as I entered puberty if it was a sense of wrongness in my body. I always felt like I wasn't a girl. And I tried. Even after I starting living as male I went back and tried to live as female just in case I was wrong, just in case I was about to make the biggest and worst decision of my life. A few months between a year of hormones I have been happier than I've ever been. I feel right in my body, and that's without having any surgeries. I want top surgery mostly so my shirts will fit better, but I don't bind my breasts anymore there is no need for me to do so. So in conclusion I think what makes me a man despite my anatomical sex is that I chose to be one. Yes chose, chose to live happier and feel at home in my body.

  2. What makes me trans? Wishing my body was male. Nothing I can do about it, just have to accept this incarnation is in a female body. And sure, there are things I could do about it, but that would be a sin and it would give me a heart attack, stroke or cancer. My body's already falling apart from anxiety, can't afford to add testosterone which will increase the anxiety.

    Have to wait til my next lifetime to be a guy.

    So of course I'm not the opposite sex, I'm trans because I wish with all my heart that I could have been born XY.

  3. I'm trans because I wish with all my heart that I could have been born XY.

    I wish with all my heart that I could have been born into a wealthy family.

    I wish with all my heart that I could have been born with genetics that would make me a few inches taller.

    I wish with all my heart that I could have been born with blue eyes instead of brown. Yes, I know that there are colored contact lenses, but I want the real thing.

    I wish with all my heart that I could have been born into a body that will never grown old and die.

    Short people want to be taller, people with brown eyes want blue eyes, old people want to be young, poor people want to be rich. It's an injustice.




    For whatever reason, some people throughout history have always rejected traditional sex roles. These people went by different names. They weren't always called transgender, and they didn't always get surgery on their genitals.






    "What I think makes me a man or a transman though I was not born one is that I never identified as being a girl."

    What does "identifying as a being a girl" mean? Specifically, how are girls supposed to act? If girls don't like dresses and dolls, does this mean that they really are trans or boys? Society says boys do X, and I like X, therefore I'm a boy. No matter how we look at it, it just looks like a warmed over, rehashed version of culturally based sex roles.

  5. It's not so much that I reject those gender roles (well I do but not in the way one would assume). I enjoy the majority of activities one who say is for girls. The best way to describe it is an inmate sense of not right. Once my voice dropped and I started to grow facial like most young men did 4-5 years before me did I start to feel like I belonged in own body. It is not about "passing" which I did before I began hormone therapy and it's not about being stealth as I am very out about my FTM status (to the point of wearing t shirts that out me, coming out in lectures, and "tranny boi" stitched on the back of my softball jersey; it's about truly feeling good in my body. Anyone can say whatever they want to say about if they think I hate body or I secretly hate women, etc. I know the truth I am happy and whole with my breasts and vagina and my beard and my body hair, and I have loving partner with her breasts and vagina and sure as hell love each other and our bodies. Some people perhaps transition too young or transition to solve their other lives problems but that is not my case. The only issue that solved by transition is that I am happier into body.

  6. And I couldn't care less about your so called facts or what other species do or don't do. Thousands of years ago people didn't wear glasses and we are the only species that do; I'm going to stop wearing glasses and I'm not going to stop being trans either.

  7. It's a feeling that goes beyond run-of-the-mill dysphoria. It's a feeling of "wrongness". As if you are being held hostage inside of a body that not only doesn't listen to what you tell it to do, it doesn't respond in the way that your head expects it to.

  8. Anon@5:32,
    That's true. I have blue eyes but always found brown eyes much more attractive. Blue eyes look cold, brown eyes mysterious to me. I probably would have changed eye-color in my teen years if it had been possible.

    1. Thats why your a cold person that takes delight in killing defenceless animals!

  9. anonymous %:32 Thanks, that's actually helpful. Basically wishing my body was male is the sin of coveting what is not thine to covet. I don't covet money cause that is greed, I want money so I can give it to others. I don't covet a tall body, cause if people don't accept my 4 foot four height and treat me like a child, that's on them.

    So here I go coveting another life because I never realized the coveting aspect.

    And I really don't understand the concept of not feeling like a girl. If I was a guy, I'd do occasional drag cause dresses are nice.

    This blog would be a lot more helpful if it took a spiritual view then just a bullying one. God works miracles, but through love not cruelty.

  10. I think it depends.

    Socially, I think it's about being raised as one gender, and either not identifying with it, or identifying with another, or being identified with another. I was actually raised as a boy, and then bullied for being a girl. It got really hard in puberty because my body seemed to develop in-between.

    Medically, I don't know. I feel like doing anything is half transition, half detransition. If I don't take antiandrogens I get headaches all the time, and have trouble thinking, and eventually start dissociating. If I do, I get dizzy all the time. I wish I knew enough about my body and my condition to avoid hurting myself.


  11. @Mary -I wish to God doctors knew more about the hormones they give to transpeople. What doses are really best, when, etc. What interacts with other hormones and messes you up? What are the long term risks?

    It is my very bitter and heartfelt belief that society as a whole does not care enough about transpeople to do the research.

  12. Define Trans in Real Life...

    It propbably would be more accurate to state that transgender activists and the people who drink the Kool Aid so to speak MAKE UP THEIR OWN REALITY AS THEY GO ALONG. For fear of being branded a horrid bigot, we have to pretend that it's true while deep down we know it's a fanciful, elaborate farce. The examples are too numerous to mention, but I'll list a few.

    (1.) FTM THOMAS BEATIE GAVE BIRTH TO THREE CHILDREN AFTER LEGALLY CHANGING HER SEX TO "MALE". When they are pregnant, why do FTMs (biological females who "transition") still insist that people refer to them as "male", a "man" or "he"? Some FTMs deliberately keep their female organs to leave the option of pregnancy open.

    How can pregnant FTMs still be "men", "male", or "he"? Ovaries and a uterus are female organs. Because it could possibly harm the fetus, they have to stop testosterone injections while pregnant. So, do they magically go from being "men" until they get pregnant and stop the testosterone. Then, they go back to being "men" after their baby is delivered? THEY GET PREGNANT JUST LIKE ALL OTEHR FEMALES, BUT THEY EXPECT PEOPLE TO CALL THEM "MEN" BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTER THE PREGNANCY.

    (2.) If they do get pregnant, it's difficult to breast feed if a woman has undergone an elective mastectomy on her healthy breasts.

    There is nothing wrong with a woman wanting a child. If a female wants to have a baby and still leave the option of breast feeding open, why on earth would she undergo an elective mastectomy on her healthy breasts aka "top surgery"?


    "Best of all, when I attend La Leche League meetings nowadays, I am able to give advice to brand new breastfeeding parents..

    "However, when he was 4 days old, it became clear that he wasn't gaining weight adequately and that we needed to start supplementing. Friends, and friends of friends, donated their breast milk for our child and now I faced yet another challenge: using a supplemental nursing system (SNS).

    An SNS is a bottle with a tube going into it. You put one end of the tube next to your nipple and then latch the baby onto your nipple and the tube at the same time. This way, the baby gets both the milk that the parent can produce and supplement from the bottle at once. The goals of using an SNS were to avoid "nipple confusion" and to stimulate my own body to create more milk. At first it took three of us to position Jacob, hold the SNS and its tubing, and make an effective "breast tissue sandwich" for the baby to hold onto. For the next two weeks, Ian had to help me with every single feeding. We struggled through the exhaustion of sitting up through nursing sessions day and night.

    We found more donated breast milk online through the Facebook group Human Milk 4 Human Babies"




  13. They make their own reality continued...

    (3.) In order to "experience" womanhood, some MTFs (biological males) think that can breast feed just like females.

    i am a 30 year old transsexual woman taking hrt since 12 years. I have well developed natural breasts. I have been lactating milk from breasts from last 3 months. i secrete sufficient amount of milk and not droplets. Can i go for breastfeeding? Is there any harm(problems with milk)?

    The BIG BIG problem of a transsexual woman lactating is this: It is a red flag that you may be taking way too much estrogen. You really should find out what your levels are.

  14. More on La Leche and breast feeding "dad". Look at the small tube coming that the baby is sucking on.

    "Despite having birthed his baby, and breastfeeding him for 16 months, he firmly identifies himself as a father, rather than a mother.

    Mr. MacDonald, who is gay (“yes, I’m that complicated,” he quips), wed his husband before becoming pregnant with their child. Before giving birth naturally he found about a breastfeeding method for women who’ve had mastectomies. The method uses a Supplemental Nursing System (SNS), a thin tube that connects a bottle to the nipple area to either supplement one’s own lactation or to simply create the bonding experience of nursing for those who can’t produce milk. (***Why can't she produce enough milk? She had her breasts removed. The baby sucks on a tube to get the milk. Look at the small tube coming from the chest area)

    “I LOVE La Leche League,” Mr. MacDonald in his blog, Milk Junkies. “Its books, meetings and online resources made breastfeeding possible for me. My experiences with my local LLL chapter have been fantastic and I am extremely grateful for this.”

    In fact, Mr. MacDonald’s experience was so positive, he asked to become a La Leche League Leader. In his application, he wrote, “I understand that LLL’s current philosophy emphasizes mother-to-mother support, and that the idea of a breastfeeding dad is entirely new territory.”

    La Leche League (LLL) denied Mr. MacDonald’s application, citing the organization’s policy that “Since an LLL Leader is a mother who has breastfed a baby, a man cannot become an LLL Leader


  15. More on La Leche and breast feeding "dad". Look at the small tube coming that the baby is sucking on.

    I meant to say the small tube coming from the chest area that the baby is nursing on.

    "In fact, after my transition, I was so very happy and comfortable that I quickly settled down with Ian, the love of my life (yes, I'm that complicated - I'm not just any old transgender guy, I'm a gay transgender guy, and it is perfectly right for me). Soon we decided we'd like to have a family together. We looked into adoption, but then decided that the homegrown variety would be best for us. We consulted with a few doctors who suggested that I stop taking my testosterone and wait for my cycles to return to normal. They did, and we married and got pregnant. We were so traditional, even, that our due date was exactly forty weeks from the day of our wedding.

    I chose to breastfeed our son as best I could. Due to my previous surgery, I don't make all the milk that he needs, so I use what is called a supplemental nursing system (SNS) to feed him donated breast milk. The SNS consists of a long, narrow feeding tube that sits in the donated milk in a bottle."




  16. (3.) In order to "experience" womanhood, some MTFs (biological males) think that can breast feed just like females continued...

    "When I was going through puberty, a male puberty, I thought I was supposed to menstruate, or I wanted to anyway. Even now, some ten years later, I find this is a VERY sore topic for me. Does anyone else on here want a menstrual cycle? Is it wrong to want something like this? Has anyone tried to do anything to imitate menstruation? How in the world do I combat a disphoria source like this?

    I know someone that used to use tampons to simulate the "time of the month" even though she was pre-op. (**how can a biological male "simulate" menstruation?)

    Just by sticking a tampon in, obviously didn't do much other than sit there, but she did replace it regularly. Not sure if she went any further in her simulation.

    Whatever works I guess. I have pregnancy envy and often get dysphoric about that but can't say I've thought about menstruation. "



    Chloe Jennings-White leads a double life. A Ph.D chemist in Salt Lake City, Utah, Chloe lives as a paraplegic in a wheelchair. For the most part, people believe that Chloe is unable to walk, but she has a shocking secret. Chloe isn’t paraplegic at all. She is not a paraplegic, but chooses to live as one.”

    What they fail to mention is that he is also a man who “chooses to live as” a woman, as well as pretending to be paraplegic.





  19. Anon@4:46- I didn't grow up a city slicker lifestye. We hunted all our meat, and the rule was if you shoot it you eat it. I don't like trophy hunters or people hunting from trucks or planes. I still hunt, and fishing is one of my favorite past times.

  20. Its cruel when they dont die instintly and a lot dont i also hate those trap things with jaws and sending dogs to rip animals apart ..glad you dont kill for sport germany

  21. Kevin or anyone who understands, the breastfeeding thing is something I really don't understand. I can see how someone with dysphoria might be able to carry a pregnancy, but how could they breastfeed? Some women who've been abused can't do it.

    And the transmen are not just breastfeeding, they're going to the trouble to use bottles hooked up like you're breastfeeding. This is not something most men who are born male do - it's a huge amount of work. It sounds like they wish they could breastfeed. That's where I can't help wondering if those particular people would have been better off not getting masectomies?

    It's not that I want transpeople to dislike their bodies or to feel they have to go all the way in terms of surgeries, etc., but I can't help thinking, why not learn to accept the limits of changing your physical body's sex before you get to the point of procedures that may harm you?

  22. To put it another way, I am actually glad when someone says "I'm a man with a vagina," or "I'm a woman with a penis." It means they are accepting their physical body and allowing themselves to enjoy their sexuality. (The operations just don't work that well.)

    I just keep thinking, well, why not a man with breasts? why not a man with a high voice and a softer body? and then I get to why not a woman who is good at carpentry and wears men's clothes, etc.?

  23. @December 8, 2013 at 4:51 PM

    I completely agree, but it's politically incorrect to even mention it. Please take a look at the photograph again. Look at the small tube hanging from the chest area. This is the tube that the baby is nursing from.

    If this is the future face of motherhood, then God help us all. Females getting their healthy breasts lopped off, and then end up nursing their children through a tiny tube attached to the chest area.

    Why on earth would this human born female who deliberately had her healthy breasts surgically removed even have the audacity to go to La Leche. La Leche is an organization which promotes breast feeding. Breast milk is still the best thing for babies. Nothing anyone has ever come up with is better for babies than mother's milk. Where does the breast milk come from? It comes from breasts. So, females who intentionally get their healthy breasts surgically removed (the areolas and nipples are usually surgically whittled down along with the mastectomy) expect La Leche to view them as some kind of progressive, cool, trans role models. It's really sick to me, and I don't care what anyone says.

    What do elective mastectomies with the surgical trimming down of areolas and nipples have to do with La Leche? You are mutilating perfectly healthy female breasts, the very things that feed babies. It's sick to me, and I don't care if it's politically incorrect.

  24. I'm not going to try explaining what "trans" is to someone who clearly has no viable point of reference from which to understand. What would be point. To me, it seems much like a person born blind trying to explain to someone with their sight, what its like. Even if I were to cover my eyes or better, be stricken blind, could I ever really understand? I doubt it. I see explaining that discomfort of being trans as much the same thing..

    And as for the dna dna/genital argument... Each of us, like every living thing, is a product of many influences.. far more than just our DNA. All of them adding up to individuality that is who and what we are.

    I cannot for the life of me understand why so many insist on such simplistic generalities to classify such complex systems. Does my DNA define how often I will laugh? What about how much sleep I will require on a given day? Does what is between my legs define how high my voice will be? How about how long my hair will grow before it starts falling out? They define none of those.. nor so much of who and what we are.

    There is as part of the human condition this need to quantify and catalog every little thing in our world. We delight in giving names to even the most trivial of things as though it matters at all, while completely missing the point. Nature is filled with diversity and things that make no sense (like a genetic XX female who believes with every fiber of their being that they are meant to be male). Your own lack of experience or perspective on such a thing in no way negates its existence... rather than spending precious time trying to invalidate what you cannot understand.. perhaps that time would better spend enjoying those differences in the people around you that make life amazing?

  25. Just because you're not trans and experience dysphoria doesn't mean every trans person is fake.

  26. Healthy human female breasts are not useless appendages, tumors, "five pounds of useless meat", or any of the other descriptive words and phrases that FTMs and some queer folk have been known to call them.

    I want to return to the article about the FTM who was upset that La Leche, a breast feeding organization, wouldn't make her leader. Below is a graphic that dirt found online. Take a good look at this graphic. It about sums up how transgender activists and FTMs view female breasts. They are expendable appendages. Simply twist them off the female body. Transgender activists plant the idea of "top surgery" (elective mastectomies with the surgical trimming down of areolas and nipples) in the minds of 16 and 17 year old girls. Now, some FTM comes along and complains that La Leche won't make her a leader. She got her healthy breasts surgically removed, and now this FTM expects La Leche to see her as some kind of trendy trans role model for breast feeding. Look at the graphic cartoon of breasts being twisted off as if they are inanimate objects. This is how healthy female anatomy is viewed. Breasts nourish babies.

    Compare what La Leche does and how transgender activists view the female anatomy, particularly healthy breasts.

    La Leche...female breasts are beautiful things that nourish babies

    Transgender activists plant the idea of "top surgery" (elective mastectomies with the surgical trimming down of areolas and nipples) in the minds of 15, 16, and 17 year old girls. Breasts are seen as useless appendages, and are called tumors, useless meat, or whatever. They are inanimate objects that can simply be plucked, plopped, or twisted off the female anatomy.

    Breasts are not 5 pounds of useless meat.

    I’ve got a beautiful fiancee, she’s 5’4 I’m 6ft, she’s got long blonde hair, I’ve got 2 inches of dark hair, she wears dresses, I wear suits… We’re a queer couple, and I’ve also been out of work for over a year, we’re getting married next year and she has told me that depending on if work picks up for me, I can be a stay at home parent if I’d like… I don’t know who would have the children but it would help me a lot if I chose to give birth to talk to someone like macdonald–especially since I’ve had surgery on my chest to remove 5 pounds of useless meat

    If people want to see what "top surgery" entails, here is a video. Have the courage to look at this. The nipples and areolas are literally cut off, trimmed down, and sewn back on. Loss of sensation is common and every now and then the nipple graft doesn't take.

    copy and past url...

    If I ran La Leche, I wouldn't let transgender activists through the front door. If that makes me a horrible person, then so be it.

  27. Nature is filled with diversity and things that make no sense (like a genetic XX female who believes with every fiber of their being that they are meant to be male).

    There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that the observed increase in FTM "transitioning" is largely culturally based. It has everything to do with what teenage girls read online at countless trans blogs and websites, and it has nothing to do with nature.

  28. Anonymous December 7, 4:29 PM, quoting MTF:
    “I have pregnancy envy and often get dysphoric about that.”
    Here's some news (not): pregnancy envy is not at all indicative of transsexuality or transgender, but is a standard part of male psychology. Anthropological literature is replete with accounts of male birthing rituals from around the globe, and some feminists have also analysed Christian baptism in this light. The ability to grow a whole new human life in your belly is genuinely wonderful, amazing (and scary). What's not to be envious? The ability to pee standing up, while convenient, seems a poor trade, and is in any case not beyond the wit of a resourceful woman.
    Problems come not from the envy itself, but from men's response to feelings of envy, which is theft, invasion, colonization. On a societal plane, the history of patriarchy is (among other things) one of a relentless drive to control and regulate women's fertility, while on an individual level, we see attention-seeking men suffering the oh so unbearable agony of “sympathetic pregnancy pains”. And have you noted the recent trend for heterosexual couples to announce to the world: “We are pregnant.”? No, sweethearts, you (plural) are not pregnant.
    The earliest attempts at transsexual surgery in Germany included womb transplantation – people died – and a certain Dr Brännström there is attempting to revive the idea. But for the moment, M2Fs ambition in that area must be limited to looking a bit like someone who might be able to give birth.

  29. Kevin (December 6):
    “What I think makes me a man or a transman though I was not born one is that I never identified as being a girl.”
    Good for you. Being a girl sucks. Being a boy sucks too, though I can concede it sucks a bit less. But that's nothing to do with biology, with being female or male. There's nothing in itself sucky about having a cunt or a dick. It's just the things that people tell you you have to do or not do because you have one that are sucky.
    “I want top surgery mostly so my shirts will fit better.”
    I'm guessing Kevin is being humorous here, as he goes on to say in a later post:
    “I am happy and whole with my breasts and vagina and my beard and my body hair.”
    Cool, but beards and body hair and even breasts are only secondary sexual characteristics. Hairiness and breast development are on a sliding scale in the human population, and it's only statistically that women have more of one and men more of the other. Not so with vaginas/ovaries on the one hand, and penises/testicles on the other. They are primary, defining sexual characteristics.
    People don't change sex, regardless of any hormonal or surgical intervention. From reading all of Kevin's posts, I guess he's not aiming at that, but rather a change of gender-class. OK. It makes me sad, because I'm a very old queen who was a gay liberationist in the 1970s, and our aim then, along with our sisters in the lesbian feminist movement, was the abolition of gender altogether, that there should be nothing, beyond the immediate demands of biology, that was expected of women but not of men and vice versa. I realize how utopian that must seem now, and I also recognize the need for personal solutions that may be in conflict with some grand historical vision.
    I am old enough to remember butch lesbians who were themselves young in the 40s and 50s, who wore tuxedos and bore male names and were judged by how “gentlemanly” or how brutally they treated their femme girlfriends. Like you, Kevin, they attempted to swap gender-class without really challenging the class structure itself. I don't condemn them; some of them were my friends and mentors. But I do want to know in what way, as (in my understanding) a non-operative transsexual, you are different.

  30. Well to be honest I don't consider myself a non operate transsexual, I do want top surgery, it's not so much that being a girl sucked as it was just not right. And it's morethan just being more masculine or identifying as a butch lesbian. To know me is to know I am a man. I had grown used to having breasts even though I do not want them, though I know I could satified not having surgery, really my shirts would fit better, I could safely removing my shirt while swimming, etc. secondary sec charatcerics are important but they are not the end all be all. Nor a genitals to me, or my partner. She sees me as every bit a man, but in her words better. I have the knowledge of what it's like to love as a woman, the emotional intelligence I gained being raised female, and also the masculine presence she craves and it's different from being a butch lesbian. Not better or worse just different. I'm a man with a vagina, oh well.

  31. Kevin, I have breasts too. Not just fat, but real breast tissue. They started growing in early puberty (quite common for boys) and never went away (much less common). When I was 17 a doctor (examining me for a chest infection) said: “we can get rid of those for you”. I guess he meant hormones rather than surgery, but I said NO WAY. I was otherwise quite skinny as a teenager, and they were a source of embarrassment and bullying, and, weirdly I thought, unwanted sexual attention from “straight” boys. But I still felt, hey, this is part of ME! It took me many years to be comfortable with my breasts, to go swimming uninhibitedly – and even today, I'd be hard put to say I'm exactly “proud” of them: it bugs me that one is larger than the other, but I know I'm not alone in making that complaint.
    That your partner craves “a masculine presence” sets a few bells ringing, and that she finds it in “a man with a vagina” sets the whole chime off for me. But I'm not here to judge your or her personal relationships. Despite our difficulties in understanding each other, you sound to me like a good and caring person – OK, I'll say it, I'll tell dirt afterwards you kidnapped me and held a gun to my head – a good and caring guy.

    PS: My partner (but not I) will happily resew your shirts for you!

  32. I have been living as male and on hormones for 10 years before I even met my current partner. And I have C cup breasts. I am used to them and often take off my shirt while swimming I just am in constant fear where doing so. Thank you for saying that, I really appreciate it.

  33. Aside from all of that, why do you all including Dirt, care so much about what others are doing with their life. It is none of your business. Everyone has the freedom of speech.. to an extent (meaning certain things you say can land you behind bars)

    For anyone who may be religious, which I am not, isn't is suppose to be God who judges?
    Many people remain hypercritical in that aspect thinking that because of their religion it is there job to carry out judgement.
    This may be a bit irrelevant to the post but I say this because of a recent comment I saw on facebook that was very true in my eyes.

    "they don't know the god I know the god that loves everyone & says leave the judging up to him. I don't judge because so many things idk I'm not god so I can't speak on them."

    To get back on point once again, why judge and or try to change people to benefit yourself?
    That may be taken the wrong way but I mean it as..
    Why tell someone they are not transgender because you don't believe in it? It's not going to change them.
    Why tell people they shouldn't live that way, that it is wrong? That is your simple opinion, who's place is it to tell someone how they should live their life? Not yours.

    So what is the point in posting pictures of FTM people who are transitioning? Well hopefully those pictures are not copyrighted because if so, then Dirt is breaking the law. Again, thought, what is the point?
    In my eyes it's pin pointing out these particular transguys for others to go and tell them that they are wrong for being "Trans".

  34. So while trying to raise awareness and equality for butch women and such, you are pin pointing out transguys as targets to be harassed, bashed and hated upon which could eventually lead to a hate crime.
    It may not be your intentions but if not then again, what's the point?

    What does Feminism have to do with Transgender (specifically FTM since that is what this blog is aimed for most the time).?

    "Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women.[1][2] This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. A feminist advocates or supports the rights and equality of women."

    Why does this give feminist the thought that being "Trans" is wrong? It seems the world may never know because how I see it is, worry about the life you are living, not the life others are living.

    So again, what is the point specifically in Dirt's blog?
    Personally I think she continues her blog because it brings in more FTM people. The more views, the more money Dirt makes.
    I could be completely wrong but that is my personally opinion. And until I get an answer to all my "what's the point?" questions, that opinion may not change.

    I posted on here twice before, about 2 years ago.. I made some very valid point but then Dirt deleted my comments.
    I'm curious as to how long this one will be up...

  35. This was my first post, not sure if it actually got posted...

    Who knows? Dirt is not a doctor, nor does she claim to be. A lot of people, though, who support her act as if she knows all the facts, research behind chromosomes and the human body. Hell I don't even know what i'm talking about. But there is still a lot of research going on with the human body in general. Just because Dirt says "Trans" doesn't exist doesn't mean that's a proven fact, it is a simple opinion. Same goes vise versa. The thing is though, there is a definition behind "Trans/Transgender"..

    Transgender is the state of one's gender identity (self-identification as woman, man, neither or both) not matching one's assigned sex (identification by others as male, female or intersex based on physical/genetic sex).[1] Transgender is independent of sexual orientation; transgender people may identify as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, or asexual; some may consider conventional sexual orientation labels inadequate or inapplicable to them. The precise definition for transgender is changing but nevertheless includes:
    "Of, relating to, or designating a person whose identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional notions of male or female gender roles, but combines or moves between these."[2]
    "People who were assigned a sex, usually at birth and based on their genitals, but who feel that this is a false or incomplete description of themselves."[3]
    "Non-identification with, or non-presentation as, the sex (and assumed gender) one was assigned at birth."

    FTM and MTF are the definition of Transgender.

  36. Kevin,
    I've never tried to fit my tits into a cup, but C sounds about right. Importantly, even men who have breasts, whether born males like me or born-female hormone takers like you, need to take care of our breasts. I'm supposed to go regularly for one of those excruciating scans where you flop your tits one by one onto a tray and get it zapped. Not as viciously as you get zapped by the gaze of the women in the waiting room...
    But neither being born male nor taking T will protect us from breast cancer. It's true that my natural and your artificial T protect us a little bit, but not enough to take to the bank.
    It's also true that I'm hypocrisy on legs, and have missed my last two appointments. but in true British fashion I tell you, don't do what I do, do what I say.

  37. Just because Dirt says "Trans" doesn't exist doesn't mean that's a proven fact, it is a simple opinion. Same goes vise versa. The thing is though, there is a definition behind "Trans/Transgender"..

    Please scroll up and review post December 6, 2013 at 5:56 PM.

    What does Feminism have to do with Transgender (specifically FTM since that is what this blog is aimed for most the time).?

    How can the radical alteration of healthy female genitals and reproductive systems not be a feminist issue? Nothing alters healthy female anatomy more than FTM "transitioning".

    How can the erasing of female identity not be a feminist issue? FTM stands for "female to male" in that socially we are replacing female identity with male identity.

    What does Feminism have to do with Transgender (specifically FTM since that is what this blog is aimed for most the time).?

    How can a human being born female not be of the female sex, or connected in some way to the female sex as a whole, and to women's history in its entirety. Sex reassignment surgery doesn't actually change one's sex. It essentially amounts to extensive plastic surgery one one's healthy genitals and a life time of exogenous, synthetic hormones.

  38. What does Feminism have to do with Transgender (specifically FTM since that is what this blog is aimed for most the time).?

    This question has been addressed numerous times on this blog. We have covered this in great detail.

    Indeed, some posts demonstrate a keen understanding of history and culture. I’ll just quickly gloss over some of the major points below.

    (1.) The mutilation of female bodies in all its myriad of forms has a thousand plus year history. From Chinese foot binding to breast ironing and FGM, it never seems to cease. It never completely goes out of style, and simply morphs into something new. Considering the extent of surgical alteration of healthy female breasts and genitals, if we are wrong about FTM "transitioning", it does resemble female genital mutilation. Will future historians view FTM "top surgery" and "bottom surgery" as peculiar forms of female genital mutilation?
    (2.) We know that girls and women are universally devalued. All we have to do is look at the 163 million missing girls from India and China to know that this is true.
    (3.) Nothing happens in a complete cultural vacuum. As to FTMs (females who "transition"), how is it possible to completely separate internalized misogyny from "gender dysphoria"?
    (4.) There have been numerous scholarly articles that point to the cultural reasons why women make up the vast majority of plastic surgery patients. Culture definitely plays a major role in how females view their bodies. This is one reason why the majority of anorexics are female. Indeed, culture has definitely left its mark on the female body. Why are we allowed to examine the cultural forces that make women flock to plastic surgeons and starve themselves to look thin, and not be allowed to examine the cultural forces behind FTM "transitioning"? Why is FTM "transitioning" (surgery and hormones) off limits to any kind of critique or analysis?

    I’ve always said that there could be a few rare individuals who are so “gender dysphoric” that surgery and hormones might be beneficial. However, the increase in FTM “transitioning” seems to be largely culturally driven. I’m not the only person to notice this phenomenon.
    Something is happening, and it’s largely tied into everything impressionable teenage girls see and read online. Why is a prescription drug that has to be injected simply known as “T”? Teenage girls talk about “T” and exchange information on the easiest way to be a “T” letter. Is this really "gender dsyphoria" or everything they see and read online and hear from their friends?

  39. I do monthly self exams and go in for my annual appt I take care of female body with good food, exercise, and medical care. I treat my male mind with hormones, therapy, and friends and family.

  40. Anonymous 6:53

    "Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women.[1][2] This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. A feminist advocates or supports the rights and equality of women."

    Can you not read? It's about social rights for women.
    How can you want to fight for equal rights when you can't show any yourself?

  41. Anonymous 6:57

    I like you, though you debate you are not as closed minded as others on here.

    I completely agree that the many many people are transitioning these days and I think it's doctors to blame... Walk in and say the magical words "Im not in the right body" and they fling fairy dust on you and give you hormones.
    There is a process that needs to be gone through to make sure that transitioning is completlely necessary and doctor should honestly be revoked of their license from failing to follow through with the process.

    To go back to your answer though, I think what you are missing the point of is that (for those who actually need to transition) it is not something that is being forced upon them from others. No one is forcing the hormone into their body or forcing them to have surgery.

    Yet what you all seem to claim Feminism is, is exactly what you are saying "transitioning" is. You are trying to forse an unwanted lifestyle upon the "FTM" community because of your own beliefs.

  42. Well said satyesu ..

  43. Saturday and others - I don't see Dirt forcing anyone to do or not do anything.

    I see her warning young women about the problems with transitioning.

    I also see her raising the issue of why are so many young women doing this now in our culture.

    There is a difference between telling people this is a bad idea and forcing people.

    If you see something else here, can you give me a link?

  44. Kevin, please explain what a "male mind" is?

  45. December 11, 2013 at 2:15 AM

    I completely agree that the many many people are transitioning these days and I think it's doctors to blame... Walk in and say the magical words "Im not in the right body" and they fling fairy dust on you and give you hormones.

    If this is true, what are transgender activists, plastic surgeons, "gender therapists", and doctors who give out "T" to anyone plan on doing about it?


    Even after the euthanasia of the person from Belgium who felt seriously depressed from the botched sex reassignment surgery, "transitioning" still goes on. If a mutilated and euthanized female body is not enough to wake people up, I don't know what it will take.

    I completely agree that the many many people are transitioning these days and I think it's doctors to blame... Walk in and say the magical words "Im not in the right body" and they fling fairy dust on you and give you hormones.

    Yes, doctors are all too eager to give out hormones, but we don't plan on doing anything about it. We just verbally harass and berate people who point this out.

    I completely agree that the many many people are transitioning these days and I think it's doctors to blame... Walk in and say the magical words "Im not in the right body" and they fling fairy dust on you and give you hormones.

    I agree that doctors are to blame, but transgender activists actively promote the idea that anyone should be allowed to "transition". Transgender activists, trans websites, etc. convince parents that their five and six year old kids are really "trans" if they play with the wrong toys. Parents and children are bombarded with all these messages. Teenage girls hear about "T" (testosterone) by watching hundreds of youtube videos. These teenage girls learn the easiest way to get a "T" letter by reading trans blogs and websites, or they hear it from a friend. With the blessing of transgender organizations, they pass this information to other girls. How did an injectable drug come to be known simply as "T"? It's a cultural and social issue no matter how we look at it. The field of medicine has never existed in a complete cultural vacuum cut off from society.

  46. My male mind is simply my brain thinking I'm a boy, regardless of my body. It's a very simple concept.

  47. It is medically shown that men and women have different-looking brains, meaning that the brain has a gender that usually reflects the sex of the body it's inside of. However, studies performing these scans on transsexuals have found that in the confirmed cases of transsexual individuals, the brain's gender did in fact resemble that of the opposite sex.

    So my definition of 'trans' would be when the gender of your brain doesn't match your genitalia, often causing a dissonance with your mind and body.

    Oh I know I know, 'no one is born trans' you say. Well here's my citation:
    Now where's yours?

  48. Anonymous 1:20,

    Thank you is all I can really say at the moment.

    Simply put - Fact overrules opinion in this case.

  49. @ Anonymous 1:20
    I'm afraid this is just more pseudoscience from pretty much the same stable that brought us “the gay gene”. If you look back over the past 150 years, you will find an enormous amount of “scientific” nonsense written on the subject of gender and sexuality. If there is a common thread running through those “discoveries”, it seems to be that each of them is a new or re-hashed response to a new or existing threat to the gender-class system, and is designed to shore up that system.
    There is a clue in the New Scientist article that Anonymous cites: “Medics are keen to find concrete physical evidence to help those children who feel they are trapped in the body of the opposite sex” (emphasis mine). In other words this is ideologically driven science. We know that when researchers are “keen to find” something, then, disproportionately, they indeed appear to do so.
    On a lighter note, readers with 10 minutes to spare might be amused to take the online version of the Bem Sex Role Inventory, one of the psychological “tools” used by the researchers referred to in the article: It's a list of 20 “masculine”, 20 “feminine” and 20 neutral characteristics for self-assessment on a 7-point scale, though I confess I was not myself always able to identify which traits were supposed to be one or the other.
    If anyone is interested, I scored 38.3% masculine, 75.8% feminine and 49.2% neutral, which according the key places me firmly in the “Female sex-typed” category. While feeling vaguely and unaccountably flattered at this result, I won't be putting myself under the surgeon's knife any time soon!

  50. I scored 61,8 out of 100 masculine points and 57,1 out of 100 feminine points and very little neutral points. I'm more in the Male box, I should change my gender! LOL

    That was a fun link, Petre. :)


  51. I should have included the key for this test (multiply units by 10):
    Masculinity greater than 4.9 and Femininity greater than 4.9 = Androgynous
    Masculinity greater than 4.9 and Femininity less than 4.9 = Male sex-typed
    Masculinity less than 4.9 and Femininity greater than 4.9 = Female sex-typed
    Masculinity less than 4.9 and Femininity less than 4.9 - Undifferentiated
    So you can see that unlike me, Big, you are "androgynous" (-:

  52. @December 12, 2013 at 1:20 AM

    There is no gross anatomical structure of the human brain called "trans". Get out an antaomy book. We can't do brain scans of millions of people. For the sake of argument, let's say that there are slight differences in the brains of trans identified people. Couldn't these same small differences exist in people who don't identify as transgender? Perhaps I have "trans brain" and I don't even know it. Prior to "transitioning", there is no reliable way to distinguish between a person who identifies as transgender and one who doesn't other than subjective personal identification. I know a lot of butch lesbians who are exhibit far more gender non-conformity than most FTMs.

    Neuroscience is methodologically flawed. Even when an effect is objectively measurable, small sample sizes and poor statistical significance plague brain imaging studies. Most results are not replicable and, often, the alleged “findings” are not even based on human research. Extrapolating functional or behavior qualities from these studies is logically tenuous at best.

    Power failure: Why small sample size undermines the reliability of neuroscience (10 April 2013). Pdf here. Katherine S. Button, John P. A. Ioannidis, Claire Mokrysz, Brian A. Nosek, Jonathan Flint, Emma S. J. Robinson & Marcus R. Munafó
    Nature Reviews Neuroscience 14, 365-376 (May 2013) | doi:10.1038/nrn3475

    A study with low statistical power has a reduced chance of detecting a true effect, but it is less well appreciated that low power also reduces the likelihood that a statistically significant result reflects a true effect. Here, we show that the average statistical power of studies in the neurosciences is very low. The consequences of this include overestimates of effect size and low reproducibility of results. There are also ethical dimensions to this problem, as unreliable research is inefficient and wasteful. Improving reproducibility in neuroscience is a key priority and requires attention to well-established but often ignored methodological principles.

    Dr. Anne Lawrence is a male-to-female transsexual and a well-recognized expert on transsexualism.

    A Critique of the Brain-Sex Theory of Transsexualism article by Anne A. Lawrence, M.D., Ph.D., 2007

    The brain-sex theory of transsexualism has never been easy to reconcile with clinical reality: Homosexual and nonhomosexual MtF transsexualism are so different clinically that it is almost impossible to imagine that they could have the same etiology. Nevertheless, for a time the Zhou/Kruijver data gave the brain-sex theory a certain superficial plausibility. In 2002, Chung et al. reported new data that raised serious doubts about the brain-sex theory, but the authors were able to explain why the theory might still be plausible. The new data reported by Hulshoff Pol et al. in 2006 did not invalidate these explanations, but it rendered them largely irrelevant. The simplest and most plausible explanation of the Zhou/Kruijver findings is that they are attributable, completely or predominantly, to the effects of cross-sex hormone therapy administered during adulthood. There is no longer any reason to postulate anything more complicated.

  53. If the differences between male and female brains aren't as great as we thought, what does this say about trans brain theories?

    Delusions of Gender: How Our Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference, book by Cordelia Fine, 2011

    Drawing on the latest research in neuroscience and psychology, Cordelia Fine debunks the myth of hardwired differences between men’s and women’s brains, unraveling the evidence behind such claims as men’s brains aren’t wired for empathy and women’s brains aren’t made to fix cars. She then goes one step further, offering a very different explanation of the dissimilarities between men’s and women’s behavior. Instead of a “male brain” and a “female brain,” Fine gives us a glimpse of plastic, mutable minds that are continuously influenced by cultural assumptions about gender.

    From a review of Fine’s work in the Washington Post:

    Fine gives these scientists no quarter, and her beef isn’t just with brain scanners. Consider her critique of a widely cited study of babies’ gazes, conducted when the infants were just a day and a half old. The study found that baby girls were much more likely to gaze at the experimenter’s face, while baby boys preferred to look at a mobile. The scientists took these results as evidence that girls are more empathic than boys, who are more analytic than girls — even without socialization. The problem, not to put too fine a point on it, is that it’s a lousy experiment. Fine spends several pages systematically discrediting the study, detailing flaw after flaw in its design. Again, it’s a somewhat technical, methodological discussion, but an important one, especially since this study has become a cornerstone of the argument that boys and girls have a fundamental difference in brain wiring.

    By now, you should be getting a feeling for the tone and texture of this book. Fine offers no original research on the brain or gender; instead, her mission is to demolish the sloppy science being used today to justify gender stereotypes — which she labels “neurosexism.” She is no less merciless in attacking “brain scams,” her derisive term for the many popular versions of the idea that sex hormones shape the brain, which then shapes behavior and intellectual ability, from mathematics to nurturance.

    Brain Storm: The Flaws in the Science of Sex Differences, book by Rebecca M. Jordan-Young, 2010

    In this compelling book, Rebecca Jordan-Young takes on the evidence that sex differences are hardwired into the brain. Analyzing virtually all published research that supports the claims of “human brain organization theory,” Jordan-Young reveals how often these studies fail the standards of science. Even if careful researchers point out the limits of their own studies, other researchers and journalists can easily ignore them because brain organization theory just sounds so right. But if a series of methodological weaknesses, questionable assumptions, inconsistent definitions, and enormous gaps between ambiguous findings and grand conclusions have accumulated through the years, then science isn’t scientific at all.

    Elegantly written, this book argues passionately that the analysis of gender differences deserves far more rigorous, biologically sophisticated science. “The evidence for hormonal sex differentiation of the human brain better resembles a hodge-podge pile than a solid structure … Once we have cleared the rubble, we can begin to build newer, more scientific stories about human development.”

  54. Men and women are from Earth: Examining the latent structure of gender.

    Carothers, Bobbi J.; Reis, Harry T. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol 104(2), Feb 2013, 385-407. doi:10.1037/a0030437

    This is not a brain study, of course; however, if sex-based brain differences had measurable social effects, the results of this study would be the opposite. They would be the opposite because gendered difference between men/males and women/females would register as qualitatively distinct regardless of whether neuroscience was able to pinpoint the exact area of the brain responsible for such differences.
    Average differences between men and women are not under dispute, but the dimensionality of gender indicates that these differences are inappropriate for diagnosing gender-typical psychological variables on the basis of sex.

    And from an article written by the authors, published in the New York Times:

    That men and women differ in certain respects is unassailable. Unfortunately, the continuing belief in “categorical differences” — men are aggressive, women are caring — reinforces traditional stereotypes by treating certain behaviors as immutable. And, it turns out, this belief is based on a scientifically indefensible model of human behavior.

    As the psychologist Cordelia Fine explains in her book “Delusions of Gender,” the influence of one kind of categorical thinking, neurosexism — justifying differential treatment by citing differences in neural anatomy or function — spills over to educational and employment disparities, family relations and arguments about same-sex institutions.

  55. @December 12, 2013 at 1:20 AM

    I'm aware of the studies that show that androgens in fetal development can prime the brain for certain kinds of behaviors such as rough and tumble play, risk taking, etc. It's the prescence of genes on the Y chromosome that causes male genitals to develop. Male genitals develop in response to male hormones from the fetal testicles. I'm aware of androgen insensitivity which is a DSD, but the vast majority of transgender identified people have no DSD. As to FTM (biological females who "transition"), if they don't have something like CAH, how would they possibly be exposed to excess androgens in fetal development? Even CAH (congenital adrenal hyperplasia)females don't always identify as transgender. CAH females can identify as heterosexual, bisexual, trans, or non-trans. These are females who were exposed to excess androgens in fetal development. Again, the vast majority of transgendr identified people have no disorder of sexual development. They are physically no different than other people. As to CAH, there is some research that shows that these females have a slightly higher probability of being lesbian or biseuxal, and they can exhibit more rough and tumble play like boys. However, they do not come out of the womb saying they are boys.

    So, where do FTMs get the excess androgens in fetal development? It's possible for a person with an actual DSD (disorder of sexual development) to identify as transgender, but DSD and transgender are not one and the same. DSD are actual medical/genetic conditions. For all practical purposes transgender is a cultural/social definition.

  56. @petri, thanks...this is very interesting

    @Big, I imagine that there would be a lot of women who score on the "masculine" side, but have no interest in changing their gender.

  57. I'm still waiting for Big to drive round in her big red sports car with a corsage for me, and take me to the prom.

  58. Hahahaha... Petre, I drive a pink motorcycle, will that be okay too? ;)

    So I'm androgynous according to the test? That's all fine by me, because I don't label myself.
    I score high on both masculine and feminine points, but I'm sure the feminine points would drop fast if I start testosteron. I heard so many FTM's say that they care less about ohters and feel less ompasionate after testosteron. They get more self centered and that would me a waste in my opnion.

    My girlfriend wasn't a lesbian when I met her, at least she never knew. She thinks she won the lottery because I'm a man and a woman in one. Hahaha.... as long as she's happy! ;)


  59. My Mom says have me back by midnight, and keep your hands to yourself, buster!
    I gave the test to my partner, and he scored nearly as high on the “feminine” index as me. Do you think there's a niche in the porn market for videos of tepid, all-male femme-on-femme action? It's great to make fun of these things, but also a bit sobering to think that medical professionals are advising their patients on the basis of the kind of questionnaire you can find every week in Cosmopolitan or Marie-Claire.
    Actually, the psychologist who originally devised this test in 1971, Sandra Bem, wasn't one of the bad guys. She made no claim that any of those personality traits were necessarily innate or immutable, they were just supposed to reflect mainstream social perceptions of the time (in North America) of gendered characteristics. She's a feminist (or certainly was at the time), and her thesis, as I understand it, was that “androgynous” personality types (who scored high for both feminine and masculine) functioned better than either of the strongly gendered types, and than the “indeterminate” type (who scored low on both indexes). So you win the prize, Big, unless any one else steps up to the plate.
    I don't know what Bem must think of some of the uses that later generations of psychologists have put her work to.

  60. I'm happy with the prize as long as it's a fridge. I would like an orange one, thank you. ;)

    I understand why this test is made, it makes sence at that time. But it's dangerous to use it for diagnosting transgender.
    Transgender had nothing to do with these items in the test.

    I know a butch lesbian who labels as stone butch. She never touch her vagina and never undresses in front of her partner. She is unhappy and felt like a man. She hates her body since she remembered. If she told me she was trans I would understand it completely. But she doesn't.
    I see girls on YouTube who lived like grils, have normal sexual relationships and all of the sudden realize that they're trans. But after watching tons of movies on YouTube. These girls can do this test and claim that they're trans. People find what they want to find online.

    Femme on femme action wouldn't be porn, it would be love, male or female. :)


  61. I took that little test, came out something like 76% masculine, 73% androgynous & 30something% feminine... and I'm happily female.

  62. Why the fu*k do you think anyone owes you an explanation Dirt? Here's the thing: they don't. People get to be whoever they want and you don't get to say jack shit about it, especially as a pretext to spread your hatred and bigotry. You are the utmost in arrogance. You do not get to deign what gender millions of trans people are because of some dumb theory that is a perversion of feminism. And while you seem to fancy yourself as some sort of intellectual or philsopher, you are anything but. You could not pass a Women's Studies 101 class. The prof would laugh you right out of the classroom. They don't tend to appreciate womyn who are stuck in 1981.

  63. @December 14, 2013 at 6:41 PM

    You could not pass a Women's Studies 101 class. The prof would laugh you right out of the classroom. They don't tend to appreciate womyn who are stuck in 1981.

    This brilliant young woman in this amazing video has a degree in women's studies.

    The End of Gender: Revolution, Not Reform

    First and second wave feminism gave us the right to vote, access to education, equal pay, battered women's shelters, abortion rights, and access to contraception.

    What specific acccomplishments can transgender activists point to that is more important than what first and second wave feminism fought for? Well, let's see.

    "Top surgery" (elective mastectomies with the surgical trimming down of areolas and nipples) comes to mind. This is one of the transgender community's gifts to the female sex. This is how future historians will view them.

    All women are connected to the women who have come before them.

  64. @December 14, 2013 at 7:04 PM

    This video is the clearest exposition I have yet seen of the difference between liberal and radical conceptions of gender.

    Required viewing!

  65. We got interested by Big's wish-list orange fridge. My boyfriend said he could paint her existing fridge, and started talking to me about acrylics, and about heat-cold resistant somethings and about then I dozed off... but I woke up when he said "Unless she means a fridge just to put oranges in, that would be American", and then we got into a fight about anti-Americanism, which I lost of course, because really, I'm just as anti-American as he is, I just hide it better. Just a glimpse into the home life of two (biologically male) femmes. No wonder they're all reaching for the "T"! (-:

  66. Sorry, Big,
    Ich hatte vergessen, dass du auch keine Amerikanerin bist.
    Ik was vergeten, dat jij ook geen Amerikanerin bent.
    Yay, liberal democracy for ever, I'm not a komunist, who told you I was?

  67. And what are you reaching for you homo ?

  68. If it's really important to you, I was just apologizing to Big for forgetting that she, like me, is not American.

  69. Quieren que lo diga en español?

  70. Actually, Big probably is American, and Spanish sería probablemente un idioma mas adecuado que Alemán. ¡Lo que sea!

  71. You know its not normal for 2 men or 2 women to go together in a relationship you sicko..

  72. The most normal thing in the world, sweetheart, but is it entirely normal for you to be quite so interested in it? Only to badmouth us?

  73. Please dont call me sweetheart its not something a man calls to another man..mmm spain are you helping the wonderful people of spain obolish bullfighting they have my full support:-)

  74. I recognize no communality of "man-ness" with you, and be grateful I call you "sweetheart", mi querido, I know many other more appropriate words, both in Spanish and English. I hope you recover from your current illness.

  75. I hope i recover to but bad luck for me theres no cure for cancer:-(

  76. LOL @ Petre about the orange fridge. :)

    I'm Dutch, you're right. And you are Spanish? I go to Spain next week and see the oranges grow. It's a small world. ;)

    I'm gonna watch that video too, it's a long one but it seems interesting.

    Merry Cristmas to you, Petre!


  77. No, I'm British by nationality, but now live in Tenerife since retiring from work (it's tough, but somebody has to do it...(-: ). I spent most of my working life in Belgium, so I speak Flemish. Real Dutch people laugh at me, of course (behind their hands, polite people).
    Oranges are not the only fruit. We grow more bananas here. I would say drop in, but we're not really on the way to anywhere, except Sao Paulo in Brazil, as the albatross flies.
    Zalig Kerstmis en Gelukkig Nieuwjaar


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