Being your own woman doesnt make you a Man

A recent comment:
If I didnt know first hand, right hand, left hand or any hand just how deeply deeply deeply entrenched society is invested in the Gender Straight Jacket I would suspect the compounding accumulative ignorance doled out in this comment, inauthentic. But that I have bore witness to this exact garbage heap beginning with my first breath lends it complete credibility and despite how fundamentally ignorant the points in this comment may seem to some of us, believe me you, it aint so for most!

Just this morning I saw this picture
a feminist xmas shopper took reiterating ten fold many things this young female commenter spoke of for her reasons to believe she isnt merely less than female BUT non-female altogether!

Sadly or perhaps scarily the Gender Straight Jacketed points this gal makes arent limited to the garden variety pink-girl-blue-boy nonsense, hers going into women's health issues as well. I have no way of knowing where her knowledge of women's health comes from, but she clearly (like the rest of her world) didnt bother to look beyond what she was either told or foolishly assumed. Because the gist of her comment is pedestrian GSJ notions warranting no further comment from me, I'll just briefly address her women's medical health points.

Regarding preventative non cancerous breast removal from the Susan G Komen website:
and with regard to how easy it is for women to obtain the tying of their tubes etc, this is what comes up when Googling articles on doctors refusing to do so:
So much for scientific masculine reasoning, which by the way maintains the GSJ to the HIGHEST degree to the detriment of all.



  1. It's depressing to see how little ideas about sex roles have changed for the younger generation. This comment sounds like something out of the 1950s. How did we end up more conservative than the 1970s???

    About why to keep breasts - even if you don't want to have kids or nurse, breasts feel good in sex with someone you love!

    About doctors - there is no other situation where they recommend women taking high doses of testosterone or men taking high doses of estrogen. They have absolutely no flipping science on the long term effects of it.

    Although we do know that in Sweden people who fully transitioned did die younger than most people, mostly from suicide, but also from heart problems and cancer.

  2. Oi, gender essentialism.

    No, having a vagina and uterus doesn't make you like pink (pink was formerly a boys colour, btw) or dolls, etc. No, you aren't less of a "true female" if you don't swallow the patriarchal gender roles. You are a person with your own personality. Who happens to have female genitalia. Doesn't mean shit for your personality.

    I'm an adult female, end 30ies. Amongst other things I love all things horror, listen to heavy metal and my favorite racing series is the former 500cc gp now moto gp 1. Anyone trying to tell me that I should not the things I like because I happen to have an uterus can fuck off. Me having an uterus has as much to say about my personality as me having 10 fingers.

  3. Very well said!
    I join the club, I'm a woman too and ride a motorbike, have very short hair,wear often men's clothes and I game a lot on my Playstation.
    It makes me a special woman, I'm certainly not average. I'm proud to be me. :)


  4. I thought the massive sales deals was more a guy thing, since its mostly big screen tvs and other electronics that people fight over.

  5. And anyone who says guys cant have a uterus can fuck off to ..

  6. The uterus is a female body organ, not a male body organ.


  7. holy shit that was depressing. There are lots of active women who love sci fi and action that does not make you a fucking man. You know what....this shit right where trans critical feminism is born

  8. and yeah I know WAY more men that are into black Friday then women...and only men ride bikes and do Yoga? UM no

  9. Dirt,

    Do you like the band Fish or Phish?


  10. I work in a science field, where we spend the majority of our work time outside, and all of my co-workers - men and women - go nuts if we have to spend too much time inside(like now writing reports). The women get just as restless as the men. I also don't know what's up with the color pink - I live with my quite feminine girlfriend, and guess what - the pink toothbrush in the cup is mine, and she either has a green or blue one. It doesn't mean anything.

  11. After reading this post, I discovered that I like about 90% of the same things as the woman in this post. Also, I've never liked shopping that much. I'm a woman and proud of it. I love my glorious female body, and don't plan on altering it anytime soon.

    I think all girls should run, romp, climb, throw, explore the entire universe, and the smallest microorganism.

    Do it all!

  12. Sadly, Virginia, there are dumb people in the world and some of them are trans. If you believe the majority of transpeople think *just* like this person, then you are just as dumb. You are only willing to close your eyes to what the rest of us are saying about gender roles because you are predisposed to judging and rejecting us. Society taught you that too. Try not to be total stooges.

  13. I could have written this, apart from the concluding that it means I'm not female. I used to believe in brain sex and identified as a trans man for a few years. When I was 13 and took that brain sex test online, I scored on the male side. I didn't know then that there was far more overlap than difference between the sexes on those tests, and didn't appreciate the extent to which socialization shapes us by reinforcing stereotypes (after all, my parents were gay-accepting and let us know it from an early age it was OK if any of us were lesbians, and my dad would say that he thought it was better if gender-nonconforming people could learn to be happy in their bodies instead of transitioning with surgeries). It didn't help I'm on the autism spectrum and at 14 reading articles in magazines saying autism was probably the result of an "extreme male brain", proposing a prenatal hormonal wash as a mechanism (which sounds a lot like the proposed mechanism for transgenderism). Math is my strong suit, and I loathe shopping and many stereotypically girly things. As a child, I roughhoused with my siblings, and though I had a mom and two sisters, I didn't identify with them but with my father. I had that physical dysphoria, too, but you know what? I didn't realize it at the time, but the male physical attributes I identified myself with resulted from the association between those attributes and personality traits I had - more muscle = more power = male; penis = active role in sex = male; talking slower = not talking a mile a minute like many girls = male; mechanical/mathematical precocity = nerdy kid genius stereotype (almost all math/science whiz kids in fiction are little boys) = male.

    Almost every stereotype, I fit what was expected of males (including, of course, that sexual attraction to females = male). The characters in fiction that I related to were invariably male. This doesn't make me male. I sympathize with those who feel medical and surgical transition is the only path they have to not be miserable, and maybe for some people that is the least bad option to be more at peace with this corporeal existence. But that doesn't make you the opposite sex, it doesn't make "brain sex" a valid construct to apply to individuals, and it doesn't mean that we should encourage it the way we would encourage a gay person to just live their life as a gay person. Having sexual relationships with people of the same sex doesn't require medical intervention. Wearing a dress or a suit or a T-shirt or jeans doesn't require surgery. That's the easy part, though - the difficult part is learning to reconcile the physical reality of your sex with the reality that you can defy the constraints of gender without denying your true self. The self is in the personality, the brain. Therapists should make a greater effort to look into how our sexist society constructs and reinforces many of these false notions of sex and gender, but better yet, we need to dismantle this at the level of young children, because once a therapist is seeing someone after 20 or 30 years of these stereotypes getting reinforced, then it's very difficult to rewire the brain. But not impossible.

  14. @December 19, 2013 at 6:32 PM

    "I think all girls should run, romp, climb, throw, explore the entire universe, and the smallest microorganism."

    Yay, I agree, as long as their exploration doesn't take the conquistatorial and colonizing form that we rightly reproach men for.
    And can I put in a word for building safe, comforting, regenerative spaces where those runners, rompers, climbers, throwers, explorers can take a break, refresh themselves and tell their tales of climbing, throwing, exploring... ? That can involve a lot of (less high-profile) work and fighting in itself.
    I don't disagree with you at all, but the things that men have (stereo)typically done in human history aren't always the ones that (should) have most value.

    Btw thanks to Anoia for pointing out the contingency of the colour thing: pink was considered the appropriate colour for BOYS' baby clothes (and blue for girls) until at least 1930.

  15. @ December 20, 2013 at 1:25 PM

    Very well stated, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  16. @petri,

    thanks for the input...I agree

  17. sorry, I meant petre....


  18. @December 20, 2013 at 1:25 PM

    well said...


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