The Internet-Where many claim to be Lesbians, but few actually are!

Due to circumstance that I will get into in my next post, I'm a bit behind in writing about this, but I did want to put it forth regardless. 

Anyone who knows me personally, in general or even regular readers of this blog, knows I am not the least bit invested or interested in arguing. I am however invested in spreading truth, like wildfires or molasses, with others or alone. Thats the advantage of speaking/writing the truth, it is never something that needs arguing, it simply is. Where ever you see vigorous arguing you can rest assure it isnt truth being argued about, it is personal opinion. Truth stands on its own waiting patiently to be discovered. Truth inspires confidence, but speaking the truth requires bravery. I've been most fortunate in this life to have found the most eminent hero's, one of which (Patti Smith) taught me the importance of "doing GOOD work", this also coincided with my father's nature/practice. Whether nurture or destiny "doing GOOD work" is something I've aspired to as far back as I can remember. I've carried that aspiration into my feminism, this blog and all and everything that lies between.

Saturday last, I was asked to by someone from Twitter calling herself "the lesbian mafia" to join a "secret" chat meeting. Its secrecy was emphasized to the point it seemed something REALLY big was going down. Out of curiosity I agreed to keep the secret and join the chat that evening. I joined the chat at the designated time, only to find a chat session consisting of a handful of the same tired "radfems" (none of which I like, respect or believe give a fuck about lesbians/lesbian youth or true feminism) whom many might be familiar and used to seeing moaning about what literally amounts to a hill of nonsense all over the blogosphreres/Twitters/Tumbrs etc. I stayed none the less to see exactly what this secret "radfem" meeting was about.

It begin with the lesbian mafia person wanting to know how everyone felt about the "negative" image radfems were receiving from the trans community. I pointed out I wasnt a radfem, nor did I give a fuck what anyone thought of me as saving lesbian lives/lesbian children from lesbian genocide via transition was much more important than how I'm perceived. This was basically ignored, but others did agree they didnt much care what the trans community thought of radfems either. This didnt bode so well with miss lezbo mafia, she then threw a fit abruptly ended the meeting, even though others said there are many other issue that could be discussed. The 10-15 minute meeting was as ridiculous as it seemed.

The next evening miss lezbo mafia posted something on her twitter about radfems needing to make peace with the trans community/politic. At this point it became apparent to me miss lezbo mafia was more interested in supporting trans ideology than she was worried about some radfem image. I commented on her post reiterating again how transition was/is being used to eradicate gays/lesbians and post DSM5 used to kill us in our infancy. The next day I received comments back to me from her that were as ignorant and hate filled as any I've received from those in the throes of the trans disorder. Comments calling me "tyrannical" to calling me (several times) an "animal", including threatening me (with what, I never found out). Clearly miss mafia cannot intelligently defend her non truthed opinions and resorts to threats when put to the task.

Idiots I know are a dime a dozen, especially internet idiots. But I take serious offense to those using lesbianism to front their hatred of lesbians, their wish to eradicate lesbians and their work to see lesbians are eradicated in the very near future!

On the internet please remember, it may look like a duck, it may walk like a duck, but that in no way, shape or form means she is a duck.



  1. Thanks for sharing your hilarious lesbian drama with us. You are laughable.

  2. Truth stands on its own waiting patiently to be discovered. Truth inspires confidence, but speaking the truth requires bravery.

    When the house of cards starts to slowly crumble, it's not unusual for people to become more vocal and lash out. Also, pretty much anything goes on the internet.

    Thanks for sharing your hilarious lesbian drama with us. You are laughable.

    A mutilated and euthanized female body is so hilarious. The Belgium woman who asked to be euthanized after botched sex reassignment surgery certainly wasn't laughing when the doctor ended her life with a lethal dose of drugs. Of course, plastic surgeons laugh all the way to the bank.

    The drugging of children through the use of GnRH agonists and cross gender hormones at age 16 is really hilarious. Drug manufacturers (puberty suppressing drugs are VERY EXPENSIVE IN THE U.S.) are laughing all the way to the bank.

    If people really want to read something rolling on the floor hilarious, they should read some of the side effects of Lupron. This is one of the GnRH agonists given to "transgender" 11 and 12 year old kids. This class of drugs was originally used to treat advanced prostate cancer and endometriosis. They are also used to treat precocious puberty which is NOT the same as transgender.

    Since we are on the subject of drugging children, the sterilization of children is absolutely hilarious. The people who see this as a potential human rights abuse need to lighten up. If cross gender hormones are given after the GnRH agonists, the future fertility of the child can be compromised. It's not like they don't know this already.

    Since "T" (they just call testosterone "T" now) has to be taken for life to maintain the manly appearance. The drug companies and physicians are laughing all the way to the bank.

    The effects of breast binding are also hilarious, especially the mis-aligned ribs. Trans activists know the dangers of breast binding, but the last time I checked they still give out used breast binders to females under the age of 21.

    Not being able to feel sensation in your nipples because the areolas and nipples have literally been surgically removed and trimmed down to size is hilarious. The surgical procedures involved in FTM "transitioning" aren't very amusing while they are being performed by the surgeon. Watch this video in its entirety, especially the part where the surgeon cuts off the nipples and areolas, does the mastectomy on healthy breasts, and then sews the trimmed down areolas and nipples back on. This is the video.

    There are other surgical procedures besides the double incision that don't leave so many ghastly scars, but they are only suitable for females with very small breasts.

    Do people think "bottom surgery" on a female is hilarious? Nancy/Nathan Verhelst was worried that the six to eight inches of skin flap taken from her arm that was sewn onto her pubic area was showing signs of rejection. Undoing botched sex reassignment surgery through more surgery is hilarious. The plastic surgeons get paid for revisions too. They laugh all the way to the bank.

  3. The title of your post is soooo true. I saw that temper tantrum he/she/it had. TLM is still prattling on. The level of vitriol was amazing.

    Weird how he/she/it has been sucking up to Buck Angel of all people.

  4. There could be several Lesbian Mafia blogs, and some transgender person or persons has co-opted the word for their own use. In all honesty, I don't know. It's hard to say what goes on online because most of it is crazy to begin with.

    Lesbians are now called Lesbimen if they dare to question any of the following:

    (1.) Why a 45 year old retired military male named Colleen wasn't arrested for exposing his male genitalia to 17 year old high school girls.

    (2.) Why trans activists still advocated for the right of Paula Witherspoon to use a women's restroom even after it was revealed that he is a registered sex offender who molested a 15 year old girl.

    (3.) Why trans activists and their allies still advocate for the right of incarcerated transgender registered sex offenders to get state sponsored hormones while in prison for raping and murdering women. There are numerous examples of this from Ronny Darnell (raped a 13 year old girl and wants hormones because he identifies as a "woman") to murderers such as (Michelle) Robert Kosilek.

    (4.) Why perfectly healthy children need GnRH agonists to deliberately delay a normal part of human development, adolescence.

    (5.) Why five year old kids are slapped with a label of "transgender", "gender dysphoria", GID, or whatever because their parents are uncomfortable with their choice of toys.

    The Lesbimen blog hates gendertrender because it has the audacity to say things they find rather uncomfortable. What do they do? Their blog is:

    "Phallus Hag

    Phallus Haggus

    Mallice Fag

    Maggot Bag

    Or whatever you want to call him, the invisible anonymous leader of the :

    WE ARE WOMEN AND YOU ARE NOT RADMAN hate blog GenderTrender. His name is derived from the myth of a 6ft brutal female bouncer who tore mens ears off. RadMen are attracted to the imagery of violence and murder.


    Gender :Male

    Occupation: A tranwoman rapist and a nobody."


    Go to this link and scroll down to August 23, 2013 "THIS is transgender". This woman has done a remarkable job of listing the reality no one wants to admit. From what I gather, she is the wife, or ex-wife of a cross dresser.



    Does fact 1 and fact 2 change because the male identifies as a "woman", or says he is transgender? No, it does not. This is what they REFUSE TO ADMIT. No one is saying transwomen are more predatory than other males, but when it comes to crime statistics they are no better or worse than other males. What does this have to do with transgender? Because of various "gender identity" laws, males who identify as women are demanding access to female restrooms and locker rooms. Most of these "gender identity" laws require nothing other than self-identification (not even a letter from a therapist). No sex reassignment surgery is necessary. We just take his word on it. No one is saying transwomen are any more prone to violence than other males. This is my point. When it comes to crime statistics, they are no better or worse than other males. Women are shamed and verbally attacked for demanding their right to be free from males in personal space such as restrooms and locker rooms.

    When people like Gallus Mag point this out, they are vilified with a vengeance.


  5. @November 3, 2013 at 8:02 PM

    There is a deliberate dis-information campaign going on and it's getting uglier by the moment.

    Women are being manipulated and taught to disregard their gut instincts.

    Who is making these comments:

    "Feminsm is in shambles. They couldn't keep an abortion clinic open if closing their legs depended on it. They NEED trans issues."

    6:45 PM - 23 Oct 2013

    Transgender activists have been bashing feminists for years. This is nothing new.

    6:45 PM - 23 Oct 2013

  6. @November 3, 2013 at 8:02 PM

    For all we know, it could have been Buck herself. Who knows considering how skilled trans folks are at infiltrating women's spaces, and, no matter what, always make sure their needs are center stage. Stomping their feet, bashing feminists.

    I don't have anything against transgender Buck Angel. She is just a victim of a very lucrative porn industry.

  7. TLM latest:"You don't want to get into a debate with us, bitch. You really don't want to, we will wreck your shit and impale you"

    Someone's off their rocker or off their meds. Very strange.

  8. "The Internet-Where many claim to be Lesbians, but few actually are!"

    True, and this includes the transgender activists who held the "Overcoming the Cotton Ceiling: Breaking Down Sexual Barriers For Queer Transwomen" workshop to teach lesbians to accept, no, love the penis on a transwomen.

    So-called "lesbians" in the lucrative pornography industry are actually straight or bi women who do this type of porn for the sexual amusement and enjoyment of bored straight males.

    Who controls the internet? MALES. Why should it surprise people that this is going on. Lesbians, especially butch lesbians are patriarchy's nightmare.

  9. Yes, FTM Buck Angel was tweeting on

    Scroll on down.

    To fully understand how pornography has evolved, people should read the book "Pornland" by Gail Dines. A lot of women have no idea how brutal it has become. Females are actually being tortured. If they did these things to animals, PETA would be protesting in the street. Today's porn is NOTHING like the old Playboy.

    By the way, this is not like the original Lesbian Mafia website. There used to be a website called Lesbian Mafia. It's not that difficult to set up look alikes online. Some weird **it is going on, and trans folks think they are so smart pulling off this crap.

  10. "Thanks for sharing your hilarious lesbian drama with us. You are laughable."

    Who is "us" that this individual refers to?

  11. TLM latest:"You don't want to get into a debate with us, bitch. You really don't want to, we will wreck your shit and impale you"

    Someone's off their rocker or off their meds. Very strange.

    Males have been threatening women for thousands of years just to shut them up. Why should they change their tactics now? Incidentally, males who identify as transwomen have made comments far worse than this. Self-entitled men can be very violent when their needs aren't considered the most important issue of the day. We are supposed to believe that the transwomen automatically lose their male sense of entitlement.

    I had a gut reaction to "The Lesbian Mafia" not long ago. There used to be a website called the Lesbian Mafia. So, I thought I would check them out. At any rate, when I went there, something seemed off. It just didn't feel or seem like the old site. Something in my gut told me that it was being taken over by people I couldn't figure out.

    As to FTM Buck Angel and porn culture, this is an excellent video by Gail Dines.

    Scroll down to...An excellent talk by Gail Dines on capitalism, pop culture, porn and women's-self loathing.

  12. pattern: the first comment after a post by dirt is routinely vile and manipulates the conversation. it appears to be the same pro-transtastic poster who then complains he/she/it is being picked on by radfems. Begs the question: since you're so damn victimized reading this blog...why not turn on YouTube,where clumps of whiskers are celebrated along with bouts of FTM depression and dissatisfaction.

  13. Us is the people who read the blog. Ha. Its good to know one thing will never change about the lesbian community. You are a bunch of sad children creating drama and having zero impact. Is there any wonder that kids don't identify with that? TRY BEING A GOOD HUMAN AS A ROLE MODEL.


    Yes, please try being A GOOD HUMAN ROLE MODEL. While you are at it, stop drugging children with GnRH agonists and cross gender hormones. Stop giving away used breast binders to females under the age of 21. Stop promoting "transitioning" (surgery and hormones), especially to emotionally fragile people. Finally, if the botched sex reassignment surgery makes them more depressed, don't tell doctors to euthanize the poor soul.

  15. @November 3, 2013 at 10:56 PM

    They have to monitor women's thoughts. Independent women who think for themselves scare the heck out of them.

    @November 3, 2013 at 10:57 PM

    Us is the people who read the blog

    No, in this case, "us" would be a bunch of internet trolls determined to silence female voices.

  16. There are a lot of trans pretending to be women on a lot of women's blogs. I was recently banned at The L Chat for posting about the woman in Belgium. I didn't say anything against transpeople, I merely described the article and posted the link to a newspaper story.

    Even though the L Chat is a silly gossip forum, it still has influence over young women, and it's a bad sign when women aren't allowed to discuss women's issues with women, as some of the moderators there seem to be trans pretending to be women.

  17. I also have noticed a lot of mtf's on feminist blogs, trying to dominate other women with their views (in some cases they have their own columns) and of course injecting their strange trans terminology whenever possible.

  18. It isn't just trans pretending to be either women and/or lesbians. That's always been the case."LEZGETREAL" is run by a straight male, a tranny{MT"F"} and his straight mother. It's not uncommon for that triad to be nosing around lesbians.

    I was under the impression that the TLM twitter and blog was a woman and lesbian; however, lately this person has behaved as though they've had a personality transplant.

  19. Oh germany it sounds to me that your a mtf lady stalker you dumb twat ...

  20. You've got to admit that a good majority of the MTFs are one fry short of a Happy Meal.

  21. @November 3, 2013 at 10:57 PM


    Please tell November 4, 2013 at 3:29 PM to stop calling women "dumb twats". Twat is an offensive term, especially when males use it to describe females.


    I also have noticed a lot of mtf's on feminist blogs, trying to dominate other women with their views.

    MTFs are not women, but it's true that when they are with females, sooner or later the conversation will inavitably focus on their particular needs. I've seen this happen too many times to count. They don't completely lose their male sense of entitlement.

  22. Sorry for the typo. I meant to type inevitably.

  23. Anonymous,

    I visited The L Chat too and although I do suspect trans-persons are there as well as dudes- mostly the chat is great. Issues such as these are often talked about unabashedly and can be quite stimulating. In amoung all the Glee crap of course :/


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