An Honest look at Female Transition

This video makes several important points regarding female transition:

  • Reality vs Trans Fantasy/Expectation
  • Short term changes vs Mid/Long term changes
  • Trans Veneer vs Trans Reality/Trans Fear

Reality vs Trans Fantasy/Expectation: There isnt a medical professional dead, alive or not yet born that can definitively say what taking large doses of testosterone for the rest of her life will have on her physically or mentally at any or all stages of that life. If she is this tall and weighs this much, we cannot assume raising her level of testosterone to that of a proportioned male will be the right dosage for her. The RIGHT dosage of testosterone for her body is what it would be at PRE-transition, anything other interferes with her body's natural state at consequences that can only be guessed at!

As such no medical professional can predict that with the "right dose" of testosterone a trans female will: gain muscle, lose weight, become quite hairy or grow relatively little body hair, become bald or keep most her head hair, her voice will become indistinguishable from that of a man's voice, her clitoris will become larger than an average (whats average and who decided it?) female clitoris, sexual attraction will or wont change, sexual morality will or wont change, she will adapt easily to receiving male privileges, she will have no regrets, she will have some regrets, she will regret everything, she live happily ever after, she will cease being depressed, her transition will solved all, some or most of her troubles, at a certain point on testosterone she will "pass" all the time, she will become less angry, more angry, she will be quicker to anger, she will become calm and less emotional, she will feel more rage, if she had dysphoria it will disappear, remain or increase and on and on and on. And at the end of it all, how testosterone affects a female body is a guessing game, because a female body isnt a male body and every single female body has its very own unique genetic history/unlockable code.

Enter the above video, clearly she had a whole host of trans expectations and obviously her hopes and expectations werent met. She has a VERY distinct testosterone affected female voice, she does not "pass" 100% of the time, she isnt muscular, the female bone structure she was hoping to shed or hide is ever present, she is still having periods two plus years on testosterone, emotionally depressed/distressed and highly concerned for what testosterone poisoning has done to her over all health and what it might do going forward.

Short term changes vs Mid/Long term changes: She briefly mentions her excitement (trans highs) at her initial trans changes, but is dissatisfied several years into transition. Trans changes have tapered off or stopped prior to her achieving the results she imagined or was lead to believe transitioning would do for her. Hormone induced changes can be very exciting in the beginning of transitioning and seem quite drastic, but these early seemingly drastic changes are no indication where transition will lead in the end.

Trans Veneer vs Trans Reality/Trans Fear: There is a sincere sad bewilderment in this video, how amid thousands of trans female video's can her transition have gone so horribly wrong? She is someone whom has obviously viewed many female transitioning video's before and during her own transition. Trans female video's, most of which have trans females swinging from chandeliers about the awesomeness of transition. What we dont have and she didnt have is thousands of video's from trans females over the three to five year mark of transition.

There is a HUGE imbalance of short, mid and long term female transition video's, giving a false impression that female transition is the pot O gold at the end of the queer rainbow and remains so through out the life of the trans female. With little or no real health problems from decades of synthetic hormone use, god awful cosmetic surgeries, hosts of mental issues resulting from physical/mental hormone changes advancing outward to social adjustment changes. There is also a HUGE hole in trans dissatisfaction video's, a super HUGE hole in double mastectomy dissatisfaction video's and practically nothing on the often multiple surgeries that "top surgery" requires, all despite the obvious mutilative results  from all "top surgery."

So what we are left with is very lop sided trans female video documentation made by trans cheerleader squads caved from the once healthy bodies of women. This lop sidedness leaves trans females approaching mid/long term transitional states walking blindly and is a complete disservice to any female considering transition.



  1. In Belgium, a woman had herself euthanised because of disappointment in her transsexual surgery. She qualified for euthanasia after only 6 months of "counseling."

  2. She hates her skeleton! What a nightmare existence.

  3. Gawd she's gross.

  4. So incredibly sad that the medical machine sold her a bill of goods. It's medical malpractice to exploit women who are in so much pain in this way.

  5. Nathan (Nancy) had three surgeries. Apparently, the double mastectomy wasn't exactly like she wanted it. Also, the skin grafts for the "penis" were showing signs of rejection. This is a lot for any person to handle, much less a person who probably wasn't too emotionally stable to begin with. FTM "transitioning", especially "bottom surgery" are complicated procedures that often require several operations.

    "Back in 2009, Verhelst started hormone therapy and had a mastectomy. Last year, he underwent surgery to construct a penis. But when he looked in the mirror, his body was rejecting the surgery. ‘None of these operations worked as desired,’ Verhelst told a Belgian newspaper, hours before he went to die. ‘I was ready to celebrate my new birth, but when I looked in the mirror, I was disgusted with myself. ‘My new breasts did not match my expectations and my new penis had symptoms of rejection. ‘I did not want to be a monster.’

    I wonder if this was "botched surgery" or surgical results that the patient simply didn't like, or weren't up to her expectations. There was some mention about the skin grafts not taking, and this could be serious. I'm not a doctor, but sometimes the skin grafts don't take despite what the surgeon does or doesn't do. For a phalloplasty, it takes about 6 to 8 inches of skin grafts.

    @October 3, 2013 at 2:40 PM

    So incredibly sad that the medical machine sold her a bill of goods. It's medical malpractice to exploit women who are in so much pain in this way.

    I agree and it's sad, and the doctors did sell this poor woman a bill of goods. Everyone failed this sad, pathetic, and tormented woman. She learned from her mother that she should have been born a boy. How much counseling did she receive prior to "transitioning? Considering the childhood abuse and neglect, and the wretched mother, why would any doctor consider her a good candidate for such radical surgeries?

    Some day when historians look back at what we are doing to healthy female anatomy, sex reassignment surgery could be viewed as a human rights abuse. It's ghastly no matter how we look at it.

  6. SRS works for transsexuals. It doesn't work for mentally-ill women with low self-esteem. If you are confused about what the difference is, that's probably because you are in the latter category.

  7. "SRS works for transsexuals. It doesn't work for mentally-ill women with low self-esteem. If you are confused about what the difference is, that's probably because you are in the latter category. "

    Please note that this individual seems to be saying that Nathan (Nancy) was a mentally ill woman with low self esteem. I'm not aware of anything that trans activists have done recently to discourage mentally ill women with low esteem from undergoing radical surgical alterations to their healthy female anatomy. Or, at the very least, inform them that SRS won't magically cure low self esteem or emotional instability.

    Any time people regret "transitioning", or can't tolerate the painful side effects or the skin grafts start to rot off, the trans crowd always chimes in with the standard talking points, "It works for transsexuals". They must not have been transsexual after all. Blaming it on the victim always works. How cowardly can we possibly get?

    It doesn't work for mentally-ill women with low self-esteem.

    FTM "transitioning" is more like female genital mutilation to begin with considering the extent of surgical alteration to healthy tissue. If this woman was emotionally unstable, why did the surgeons perform (1.) a double mastectomy on healthy breasts (2.) harvest the required skin grafts and perform multiple surgeries required for "bottom surgery", or a faux "penis" which apparently was about to fall off?

    I would like to know what type of counseling, if any, Nathan (Nancy) received before SRS.

    This statement, "SRS works for transsexuals" doesn't make sense. Nathan (Nancy) was a transsexual. Who would go through all those surgical procedures then not say they were transsexual? It has always fascinated me how every time we hear of "transitioning" going wrong, or people regretting "transitioning", the trans community is quick to say, "they really weren't trans after all", or "SRS works for transsexuals". How convenient it must be to just forget that a human being born female has been lost. Her mutilated body euthanized and quickly forgotten. She must have been weak, defective, or whatever. This didn't stop the surgeons from mutilating her body, but it's her fault because she wasn't really transsexual. Surgeons mutilating healthy female anatomy, and then the trans community chiming in saying, "SRS works for transsexuals". The trans community doesn't care how many mutilated female bodies stack up.

    The transgender community never accepts any blame whatsoever for pushing the notion that surgery and hormones are always the answer. Don't tell me they aren't culpable. They know full well the extent to which they promote GnRH agonists (puberty suppression), "top surgery", "bottom surgery", cross gender hormones, etc. There are 15and 16 year old girls who are already talking about "top surgery". These kids talk about "top surgery" (elective mastectomies with the surgical whittling down of areolas and nipples) as if it's just like getting their ears pierced, or getting a tattoo. The trans community surely has blood on its hands.

    A female has been butchered and then euthanized. This is just plain sick no matter how we look at it. May God have mercy on their souls.

    By the way, sex reassignment surgery doesn't really change a female's sex. It's impossible for biological females to truly change their sex. People who really believe this are delusional.

  8. To above you have no idea what butchered is ..go to a slaughterhouse and see what butchered really is cunt.

  9. To above you have no idea what butchered is ..go to a slaughterhouse and see what butchered really is cunt

    I don't have to go to a slaughterhouse. All I have to do is read history. The history behind the mutilation of female bodies in all its forms would make a slaughterhouse seem rather tame and mundane. Chinese foot-binding, FGM, breast ironing, etc. Women are tortured and killed every day. Females once called "witches" by the church were tortured in the most sadistic manner possible before literally being burned alive. If animals were burned alive, PETA would be protesting in the streets. Now, doesn't all that make a slaughterhouse look boring?

    A human being's life has been lost and it's a tragedy. When I think about it, it makes sense to me that the people, in precision like fashion, who are so quick to surgically alter healthy female genitals and breasts would be the same people who so coldly euthanizes someone. It's so simple and elegant. We can fix it surgically. If that doesn't heal the poor tormented soul, we can always euthanize them.

    "I was ready to celebrate my new birth," he told the newspaper. 'But when I looked in the mirror, I was disgusted with myself. My new breasts did not match my expectations and my new penis had symptoms of rejection. I do not want to be... a monster.' "

    A human born female was mutilated and then euthanized. I say damn them all.

  10. To above animals were burned alive dueing the witch times they to were accused of being witches black cats more often ..oh and im skeptical of peta not to be trusted really.

  11. Dont forget about the ducking stool and the scavengers daughter both used on women when they misbehaved..

  12. I just read an article in Dutch in a Belgium newspaper, it says that Nancy was sexually abused by her brothers in het childhood/youth. It also says that the mother stated that she didn't want her after she was born because she was very ugly. The mother had high expetations and it took a while after brith before she saw Nancy. She had no connection at all and didn't want to take her home.
    She knew about the abuse but didn't do anything to stopt it because Nancy didn't tell her.
    This is such a sad story.

    I can't believe she got a green light for her transition, anyone could have seen how hurt she was.


  13. "You wear a disguise to look like human guys, but you're not a man you're a chicken boo."


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