Transition-The Opposite of Feminism

I received recently a request from a reader asking that I write about the subject of "freedom", or specifically how feminist freedom fits into my blog regarding female transition. In other words, isnt a female who utilizes her feminist freedom of choice to transition a feminist act?

Sadly it seems that the ONLY word to have survived the feminist movement is "choice". And choice obviously being born out of the abortion rights piece of the feminist movement. Where feminism demands females having ownership rights over our own bodies which would allow us the "right to choose" if we wanted an abortion. Feminist choice did not however imply or promote females rearrange our bodies to further perform for an ever present Male Gaze audience or abort/eradicate our femaleness in order to shield ourselves from that same pornographic gaze.

The radicalism behind choice was conveniently left out of Queer Theory, patriarchy's most successful Trojan horse to date, and all subsequent spawn of QT, i.e. gender studies/queer studies, fun feminism etc. These drooling backlashes against feminism having stripped choice bare, wrapped her freshly waxed legs 'round a pole dancing pole neutralizing her once feminist prowess. It is from these medically constructed loins that a question like the reader's could even be conceived.

The freedom of female choice has nothing to do with feminism or this blog, because females do not exist within a world free of misogyny. When misogyny informs choice, those misogynistic choices made by women arent truly their own. Meaning someone or some system has made that choice for that particular female, which precludes the very nature of choice. And misogyny being a patriarchal weapon used to keep females in their/our lowly less than manly male places, if a choice is made by a female that is informed by misogyny as transition is, that choice becomes invalid. And if I support that non choice through action or inaction, I support misogyny.

Transition isnt feminism, transition is the opposite of feminism!

Utilizing misogyny to skirt misogyny cannot be feminist! And female choices made under patriarchal systems without feminism is not freedom but shackles.



  1. On a related note, you should be aware of this certain post on reddit the other day.

    Notice how quick transactivists are to say "you're trans!" at her complaints about being a woman in patriarchy.

  2. I just read that thread, and barely one person says what you claim. In fact, only one or two even says, possibly the woman might be trans, and that they should consider their various options in that regard. Most replies say no, they're probably just unhappy about being a woman. You can dislike being a woman without becoming a man, or feeling that you are one.

    So stop fucking lying to make trans people look bad. It doesn't make your anti-trans cause look any more legitimate.

  3. I sincerely, truthfully, and with no hesitation hope you are killed slowly in front of your family, you worthless skidmark of a human being. You actually think a person's gender identity has anything to do with anything other than themselves? That it has to do with YOU? You are the worst example of what it means to be a compassionate human being. There is no place for you on our planet.

    Kill yourself.

    Do it now. Do it. You're worthless and you know it. Everyone knows it. They're probably talking about you right now.


  4. Anon@9/21-6:26am Very sad but hardly surprising. The half dozen comments I read voting trans clearly didnt filter their position through a feminist lens and instead clung to their safe imprisoning Gender Straight Jacket.


  5. Anon@9-22 2:04am, Killing myself isnt going to make a man into a woman or a woman into a man, nor would it stop others from arriving at that common sense reality.

    Transition is a temporary aberration "treatment" in the same way blood letting was a cure all, hydrotherapy was a cure all, rest was a cure all, lobotomies were a cure all, various drugs were/are a cure all.

    That the Male Medical Machine will find another treatment (not involving mutilation and hormones) for the so called trans disorder isnt speculation, it is a fact. Medical "progress" isnt going to just stop on transition and never move forward.

    The problem until then is, how many people will fall victim to this recent cure all until common sense replaces madness informed by misogyny?


  6. you should report that anonymous horrible person to the cops.

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  8. Dirt Dolling I do admire this blog

    Okay you say, "The radicalism behind choice was conveniently left out of Queer Theory" Well Queer theory has a few other gapping holes. You are a smart cookie, your read APR. As far as Queer Theory goes J. Butler and her gibberish is destructive. It is not too cool to point this out but all that deconstruct POMO stuff. Is linked to Nazi philosophies--De Mann. There is nothing radical about queer theory it is more misogyny not even thinly veiled. It is opportunistic and self serving neither of which enlighten anyone. On another level it allows for 3rd rate thinkers to get tenure and produce nothing of consequence.


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