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IR-Age 21

Pizzaisforever-Age 20

AS-Age 21

DD-Age (young woman)

TPR-Age 22

lkb-aGE 25 (watch vid-1 1/2 with doKtor and T script)

Kai-Age 16

Nicole-Age 22

Shane-Age 14

Nearly every female who has been transitioned or seeks transition is lesbian, why hasnt the medical community or the lesbian community bothered to ask why?



  1. Lesbians are women. These aren't women.

  2. It's a shame that dirtywhiteboi67 has to go through such a long period of hatred before she can accept that she is trans as well. Ever stopped to ask yourself WHY you felt so uncomfortable with the term "woman" dirty? If you were a "lesbian" then you would not feel so uncomfortable in a womans' body yourself. Just saying. Stop wasting your time ridiculing other guys that have had the balls to come out, because they are happy and you are not.

  3. Lesbians are women. These aren't women.

    First of all, I don't care if they are lesbian, bisexual, or straight, but one thing is for certain. THEY AREN'T MALE, AND THUS ARE NOT "MEN".

    If a person is born female, SHE WILL NEVER COMPLETELY BE MALE NO MATTER WHAT SHE DOES. SORRY, IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I'M TIRED OF PARTICIPATING IN A DELUSIONAL FANTASY. We know it's not possible, but people have to go along with the charade. Even if she takes "T" and gets "top surgery" (elective mastectomies with the surgical trimming down of areolas and nipples), she still can't completely escape every single vestige of her femaleness. It's not going to happen. She can't change her genetics, she still has a female reproductive system, and "bottom surgery" (ghastly multiple surgeries that require about half a foot or so of skin grafts being sewn onto the pubic area) doesn't surgically create a "penis" capable of impregnating a female. I'm going to tell the reader a little secret that no one wants to hear. "T" or testosterone enlarges the clitoris about an inch or two. It's not really suitable for penetration. Besides, it's not a penis with erectile tissue connected to a male reproductive system, etc. Okay, here goes. Because of the cost and multiple surgeries, many FTMs don't opt for "bottom surgery". They are just like other biological females, albeit a little hairier with a one or two inch clitoris that they proudly call their "penis", Mr. Happy, "little guy" or whatever. If sensation isn't lost because of surgery, FTMs (biological females who "transition") experience sexual pleasure exactly the same way as all females do. That is, primarily through the clitoris. The skin grafts in "bottom surgery" are basically sewn above the clitoris. The "T" might enlarge the clitoris by an inch or two and increase sex drive, but FTMs (females who "transition") experience sexual pleasure just like all women. The idea that they are "men" with an actual penis is all in their minds. Females don't ejaculate like males. How can FTMs possible say that they are "men" when they don't even know how men feel when they ejaculate? So, even in the most intimate of ways, FTMs (biological females who "transition") really aren't men. It's something that they tell themselves is true, but common sense tells us it's not possible. It's considered impolite to mention any of this.

  4. Some FTMs have children like all other females. Some even do this AFTER LEGALLY CHANGING THEIR SEX TO "MALE". Aren't ovaries and a uterus female organs? NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, CALL THEM FEMALE OR LESBIAN. Well, this is silly bulls**. No one really believes it. Apparently, no one told this this poor "transman" that females can get pregnant if they sleep with men. Don't call "him" a woman or female!

    "I am a ftm transexual and pregnant..?

    i was born a girl but i always knew that I was born into the wrong body, that i was really a boy.. today i am a FTM transexual but besides that i am just a man like other men and i have had the operation to match my body w/ my insdie.. i identify as a gay man. and just a few hours ago i found out i am pregnant and i have been crying ever since .. i can't handle this because i am a man not a woman. i also don't believe in abortion and also im only 17 so theres no way i could get one w/o telling my parents. please tell me what to do.. how to tell my parents.. how to tell my boyfriend.. what do i do, i feel like my life is over, i DON'T want this child or any child at all because i am a male and not a female.

    before anyone asks, i only had the breast removal surgery ("top surgery") and a rhinoplasty and some other things, but i still have a vagina and ovaries, etc .. i am taking hormones but not sterile..

    i asked here because the people are nicer then in pregnancy"


    (***they really aren't men, but it's impolite to speak the truth..shame on all your transphobes!)

    I really feel sorry for this poor confused kid, but someone should have sat her down and told her the facts of life. Seventeen years old and already had "top surgery", rhinoplasty, and "other things", and now "he" is pregnant. My God all mighty, how we are screwing up the minds of precious young females.


  5. "Nearly every female who has been transitioned or seeks transition is lesbian, why hasn't the medical community or the lesbian community bothered to ask why?"

    Perhaps we are asking the wrong questions. Has there EVER been a time in which medicine has NOT experimented on gay men and lesbians? "Transitioning" is just a new form of what has been going on for centuries.

    Gay men and lesbians are quick to forget their history.

    "Homosexual Dachau? This name doesn't have anything to do with World War II. More than any other mental institution in the United States, Atascadero State Hospital (photograph) was a chamber of horrors for homosexuals. The tag "Homosexual Dachau" was well-earned for its forced lobotomies, castrations and brutal treatments practiced at that facility. Hundreds of gays and lesbians were forcibly sent by their families to be cured of homosexuality which, as recently as the early 1970s, was considered a sexual and psychological disorder...

    At Atascadero State Hospital, doctors (I use that term loosely) were permitted under an obscure California law to commit those who practiced sodomy into the hospital. Once admitted, normal men and women were rendered mentally disabled through the torture of castration, lobotomies, forced chemical treatments and experimental treatments. The horrors experienced by hundreds are almost too hard to comprehend in America.

    The most notorious was a Dr. Walter J. Freeman who perfected the ice pick lobotomy. He jammed an ice pick through a homosexual's eyes into the brain and performed a primitive lobotomy. According to records, he treated over 4,000 patients this way around America and it is estimated that nearly 30%to 40% were homosexuals. He believed deeply this was the only way to cure homosexuality."

    "PAT (Caller): Yes, I'm Pat from Naples, Florida. I just wanted to tell you about a cousin of mine who, in her late 30s or early 40s, was forced into a lobotomy by an uncle of hers who had some control over her finances. And she was forced into a lobotomy because they said she was a homosexual. And she lived after that in somewhat sheltered situations, like a boarding house, but she never could hold a job and she certainly is not as lucid as your guest. She was eccentric. She had no emotion, only showed emotion as she learned it. But it was only because she was a homosexual that they gave her a lobotomy. ........ And she herself told me how and why she had had the lobotomy. And at that point in her life, she was in her 70s and she said, `Oh, well, that was the right thing to do because they told me I was homosexual.' "

  6. "Nearly every female who has been transitioned or seeks transition is lesbian, why hasn't the medical community or the lesbian community bothered to ask why?"

    Not all females, but most females, and it's not like people don't know it's happening. "Transitioning" is just the newest form of gay and lesbian eugenics.



    Perhaps ultra right wing Christian conservative, homophobe extraordinaire Pat Robertson noticed how Iran handles its homosexual problem, and finally came to the conclusion that it's not a bad idea after all. Rabid fundamentalists usually think alike. Iran is a country that will pay for sex reassignment surgery yet execute homosexuals. Technically, if men are attracted to other men, and through surgery become "women", then they aren't gay. Iran is second only to Thailand for sex changes.

    According to the BBC, the Iranian regime recently made sexual reassignment even more accessible by announcing that health insurance companies must cover the full cost of sex-change operations, which can cost upward of $3,000. According to the BBC, Iran performs more sex-change operations than any country in the world except for Thailand; the surgery industry has attracted patients from all over the Middle East and as far away as Eastern Europe. Official statistics for 2007 put the number of transsexuals in Iran between 15,000 and 20,000 people, with unofficial estimates suggesting many more -- up to 150,000, the Guardian reports.

    "Pat Robertson on Sex Change Operations: ‘I Don’t Think There’s Any Sin Associated With That"

    ““Why would you have to refer to them as females?” Meeuwsen asked.

    I don’t understand all that, but I think that there are men who are trapped in a woman’s body,” Robertson replied. “It’s very rare, but it’s true.

    “I don’t think there’s any sin associated with that,” he concluded. “I don’t condemn somebody for doing that.””

  7. It took a whole 1 and 1/2 hour to get the "T" letter.

    What a joke....

  8. If you were a "lesbian" then you would not feel so uncomfortable in a womans' body yourself.

    All women feel uncomfortable with their bodies to some extent. Indeed, it's rare for any female to not feel some discomfort with her body. If girls and women felt completely comfortable with their bodies, then why are there more female anorexics and bulimics? Why are so many teen age girls on diets, and why do girls and women spend so much money on clothes, make up, botox, plastic surgeons, etc., etc., etc?

    For some strange reason, females who identify as trans think that only trans identified women feel body dysphoria. It took years for me to finally learn to cherish and accept my body.

  9. These sweet kids don't have to bind their breasts, take synthetic hormones, or mutilate their perfectly healthy female bodies.

    Breast binding with asthma....this is so sad...

    ...certainly doesn't seem like a good idea...probably the best advice is to not do it ....

    "I have asthma and I can't use "proper binders". I wear sports bras...three of them..."

    There is no such thing as a "proper binder" because binders can misalign ribs and cause other health problems.

    This girl looks about 14 or 15 years old. What the holy ^%&*(## are we doing to these young women? This is insanity.

    I hope this young woman doesn't end up in the hospital.


    "What kind of binder did you try? I gave asthma and I use commercial binders. I'm just wondering why you came to the conclusion that you can't use regular binders."

    I'm assuming this person says "I have (not gave) asthma and I use a commercial binder."

    "I haven't tried a binder yet, My parents wont buy me one because I have asthma. They're gonna ask the doctors when I go to the doctors when I go to the tavistock."

    In order to get around the fact that the parents won't let her use a "proper binder", this sweet looking kid came up with the idea of wearing three sports bras. I'm assuming three at the same time.

    My advice:

    Don't use breast binders if you have asthma, and don't bind you breasts with three sports bras. There is no need to compress the breasts which pushes on the ribcage.

    I felt uncomfortable with my breasts when I was younger. It took me years before I became fully comfortable with my body.

  11. For gods sake leave the kids alone while their happy..

  12. For gods sake leave the kids alone while their happy..

    All the people who push GnRH agonists (puberty suppressing drugs), "T" (testosterone), "top surgery", "breast binding", etc. should leave the kids alone. I seriously doubt if they will leave the kids alone. Leaving the kids alone would mean less $$$ for the drug companies and plastic surgeons. For example, they like to start the kids out as early as possible which means more profits down the road.

    In the U.S., the histrelin implant (puberty suppressing drug) is approximately $15,000 total for the device and the cost of surgically implanting it. When they are sixteen years of age, they are given testosterone which is even more $$$. Then, there is "top surgery", hysterectomies $$, and "bottom surgery". It's a life time of $$$ which, for some, starts when they are 11 or 12 years of age.

    Leaving the kids alone is not very profitable for the endocrinologists, pharmaceutical companies, labs which monitor blood work, "gender therapists", and plastic surgeons.

  13. For gods sake leave the kids alone while their happy..

    If this kid has an asthma attack while wearing two or three sports bras to hide and compress her breasts, I don't think she is going to be too happy. While wheezing and struggling for breath, she has to take these tight fitting bras (all three of them) off. I'm not a doctor, but it doesn't sound too smart to me. Why would people with compromised lungs to begin with further jeopardize their health.

    Below is a very good link on the dangers of breast binding.

    By the way, there is no such thing as a "proper binder" because they all can cause:

    1.Small vessel damge and tissue injury
    2.Bruising and fracturing of ribs
    3.Lung Collapse
    4.Spinal (back) problems
    5.Low blood flow to the heart (could result in a heart attack)
    6.decreased lung compacity (lungs only functioning to 30 and 40 %)
    7.Decreased blood flow in the lymph nodes in the breast area. This could cause clots, damage to your circulation and lead to lymphatic cancer due to the bacteria build up and clogging of the lymph-nodes.
    8.There have been reports about clots, blood clots and lack or circulation causing numbness and permanent loss of sensation in the breast/chest area.

    Here is to having loads of fun!


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