The dirt from Dirt: Fear-The New State of Feminism

The dirt from Dirt: Fear-The New State of Feminism:   I recently received this message from a young feminist : My name is XXXX and I'm a 26 year old woman currently working for a femini...


  1. This is so true. All we have to do is see how they viciously went after DGR which, by the way, is an environmental group. One woman associated with DGR, Lierre Keith, is associated some how with the dreaded "radical feminists" who all should die in a fire, etc., etc., etc. I guess it goes like this. If you or your group is remotely associated with anyone who has ever said anything that is the least bit trans critical, then you are fair game for their attacks.

    Because Derrick Jensen, a brilliant writer and strong environmentalist, knows Lierre Keith, trans activists went after him. They know he loves salmon, so they photoshopped him **cking salmon. It was all strange, intimidating, and vicious. Jensen has NEVER said anything about transgender, and anyone who knows him says he is a kind and gentle man. Jensen is about as left leaning, anti-war, tree hugger hippie ish as they get. He just happens to know a "radical feminist", and that's enough for the trans activists.

    Derrick Jensen Says:

    May 18, 2013 at 9:35 pm

    Dear All, just for the record, that is not my facebook page. People keep putting up facebook pages with my name, and they posting horrible horrible things, like calls for violence against women. That is not me. I keep reporting them to facebook, and they get taken down, and then these abusers put up another one.
    They also include photoshopped pictures that purport to show me fucking salmon. This is because I write about how we need to stop salmon from being extirpated by this culture. And I saw a telling post on an anarchist page a while back: it was a picture of a pigeon, with the caption, “I shit on what you love.” This is what they are doing: I love salmon, and they have to shit on that love by pornographying it. It’s all the central patriarchal violation imperative. It’s all so disgusting and horrid.

    It's kind of like the McCarthy era in which just knowing someone can put people at risk. Shutting down independent thought and women's voices (and they men they know), is the new state of feminism.

    Burn the heretical witches....not quite there yet, but slowly getting there with each and every silenced voice...

  2. typo...(and the men they know),


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