MTf Offended By Female Biology

From an obviously trans male BING search that hit my blog:

Spoken like a true man, his male privilege diseased jealously supersedes the shame, pain, uncomfortability and occasional embarrassment that females must naturally go through from youth to our late 40's/early 50's monthly for 7-10days! Straight women complain in my company all the damn time about their b/fs or husbands but I'm not upset over not being a straight women partnered with a male asshole!

Keep in mind, these same men are trying to strip "woman" of her biology so they can legally gain entrance and access to even our most private areas. Rape begins long before a hard cock is forced into a female orifice.



  1. "7-10 days"?? Mine last 4 days and I'm in my early 30's, it has been this way forever. I thought this was normal. Damn.

  2. Most men cringe and walk away when a woman starts talking about her period. It's just something that makes most men feel icky inside. I don't think it's sexism so much as a complete lack of knowledge of how women's bodies actually work. Biological male trans are no different in this regard. No matter how much they say they are "women", they don't have a clue as to how women's anatomy actually works. They only take on the outward appearance of females.

  3. since when does 'complete lack of knowledge' automatically go to icky?

    That makes no sense. Clearly it is sexism.

  4. "since when does 'complete lack of knowledge' automatically go to icky?

    That makes no sense. Clearly it is sexism"

    Is this person referring to males in general or men who identify as trans, or "transwomen"?

    Whether it's men in general or MTFs, I think it's both misogyny and a lack of knowledge of women's bodies and reproductive systems. When I say lack of knowledge, I mean the ability to experience life as a female in female anatomy. For example, real life experiences of menstruation, giving birth, etc. Because they aren't females, MTFs are incapable of experiencing the same physiologically responses as females. Outward physical characteristics through the use of synthetic hormones aren't the same as having a female reproductive system.

    All men, even MFTs seem to find menstruation icky or repugnant. Yes, there is an element of misogyny involved.

  5. The search is a reference to a tumblr post made by a female fetishizer Mtf. If you google it you can find a screencap, since the tumblr was since deleted.

    Also, my periods tend to last 5-7 days. Like most women, I feel icky during that time, yet it's not enough to make me want to remove any healthy body parts.

  6. It has always amazed me how MTFs can say they "feel like women inside" when it's obvious that:

    (1.) biological males will never completely be females
    (2.) they have no way of knowing how actual females feel
    (3.) many MTFs are actually repulsed by female anatomy

    Having a desire to take on the stereotypical outward appearance of what society says is "femininity" (make up, high heels, frilly dresses, etc.) is not the same as being female, and experiencing the same physiological sensations that biological females experience. Are some MTFs offended by female biology? If we dig deep and listen closely, the misogyny seeps out. For example, some MTFs refer to females as "fish". They often do this in a casual conversation.

    "Some of my young sistahs that wish to transition either don’t have the funds or don’t want to give hormone replacement therapy the time required to make them look ‘fishy’.

    But beauty is not worth dying for , causing permanent long term damage to yourself or risking contracting HIV from sharing needles either because you want to look ‘fishy’ now instead of letting hormones do the job over time

    Yeah, you may look ‘fishy’ and cute today, but when you start getting older that silicone will crystallize into lumps you’ll have to get surgically removed

    They are hostile to any other t-girl that comes into their turf that’s prettier, smarter, younger, more popular or `fishy’ looking than they are."

    Females are "fish", but they refer to their penis as a "lady stick". It's a penis like any other male penis, but using the word "lady" makes it seem so "womanly".

  7. We know how MTFs view actual female biology. It gets even stranger with FTMs. The level of complete disconnect with their bodies is almost disturbing.

    Chesticles, meat sacks, tumors...

    some slang terms FTMs use for female breasts...How are healthy breasts "tumors" that need to be removed?

    Man cave.....a vagina on a FTM (some FTMs still have regular old penis in vagina sex with males, but the action takes place in her "man cave")

    The most perplexing thing is dividing the complexity and beauty of the human female anatomy into "top" and "bottom". It sounds so childish that it's almost laughable. It kind of is similar to how a child would describe his or her body. "Top" could mean the top of the head, or anything above the chest area. "Top surgery" basically amounts to elective mastectomies with the surgical trimming down of areolas and nipples. They can't bring themselves to use the words breasts or mastectomy. The female anatomy is simply "top" and "bottom".

    How could any human female feel so alienated from her own body? It's an abject form of alienation that borders on internalized self hatred and misogyny.

  8. To the slag above mind your own bizzo slut bitch whore!

  9. Of course many M2T's hate biology because it seriously disagrees with their delusions. They hate it because Biology is reality and biology matters to people. They don't like Biology and try to dismiss it, though they will realize that Biology is all around them.

  10. Ah yes. The good old fashioned 'slut bitch whore' retort. Well done.

  11. To above lololololol

  12. "The good old fashioned 'slut bitch whore' retort. Well done. 2

    Yes because of course the WORST insult they can think of is insults reserved for females. The misogyny just oozes out.

    Man-cave? Seriously? O my! Where do you put the couch and the fridge for the beer............

  13. @ Bad Dyke

    "Man-cave? Seriously? O my! Where do you put the couch and the fridge for the beer............"

    Who knows where they put the couch and fridge for the beer...

    I would like to know how they menstruate out of their "penis". Do they stick a tampon up their penis, of just wrap a pad around it?

    Funny things FTMs call their female anatomy

    Manhole, man cave, front hole, junk, click, dick, lentils, my dicks bleeding...

    Sometimes the "whole shebang is a man cave", and when menstruation starts "my dicks bleeding"...

    "I say dick, junk, or parts for the clit area. For the whole shebang, I call it the man cave. "

    "well I feel most comfortable when my partner just calls my junk a dick/penis/whatever. But I guess ask the person you're sleeping with because yeah, everyone's different. I sometimes call it a manhole, but normally I just refer to my junk as a dick. Like even when it's that time of month, I say "my dick's bleeding".

    Just call me Lentils....

    "As a sort of joke my partner and I call them Lentils.

    Both of us are androgynous/neutrois identifying and we get a lot of question about what's in our pants. One day, my partner said that they (singular pronoun they) had "Lentils" in their pants.

    When I said that I didn't have lentils in mine, they sent me a can of lentils in the mail with a ribbon tied around it.

    So now I have lentils too."

    Note*** All testosterone does is increase the size of the clitoris about an inch or two. It's really not suitable for penetration. Because of the cost and multiple surgeries, many FTMs opt out of "bottom surgery". Their anatomy is just like other females except with a hairier body and a slightly larger clitoris. Actual "bottom surgery" takes skin grafts from the arm, thigh, or some other part of the body that are sewn onto the pubic area. If sensation isn't lost, FTMs experience sexual pleasure exactly like all females. That is, primarily through the clitoris. In "bottom surgery", the skin grafts are just sewn above the clitoris. Skin grafts from the arm or thigh aren't erectile tissue like in an actual penis. Although they might call their female anatomy junk, dick, or some of the same terms that males use, FTMs (biological females who transition) will never experience ejaculation and orgasm like biological males. It's all in their heads, but please don't tell them this because they get really upset about it. Yes, with the skin grafts and multiple surgeries it's possible to produce something that resembles a penis on a biological male, but it certainly doesn't function like biological male genitalia. It's mostly cosmetic as opposed to something that is actually meant to have a specific biological function. The male reproductive system has a specific function. Skin grafts sewn onto the female pubic area apparently makes some biological females feel "manly". In "bottom surgery", extending the female urethra comes with its own challenges, and urethral fistulas and leaking is a possibility.

    "urethral fistula: opening between the urethra and the skin, leading
    to leakage of urine (very common: occurs in around 45% of

  14. To above exuse me but transmen genitals are not the same as females a transmans dick reacts like any other mans dick get your facts straight and it looks like a small penis not a clitoris.


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