Female Cosmetic procedures and Female Transition

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I know what my answer would be, what is yours???



  1. (1.) It's no secret ahat girls and women are more likely to be anorexic. When feminist scholars and others point out the enormous cultural pressure put on girls to be thin, no one verbally attacks and threatens these people.

    Does culture play a role? Yes.

    (2.) The fashion and cosmetic indutries are worth billions. People know that these industries spend millions of dollars in advertising directed towards girls and women. Girls and women are taught that they have to wear certain clothes to be cool and have their hair style just right or they aren't attractive.

    Does culture play a role. It most definetly does play a role.

    (3.) Women had almost 8.6 million cosmetic procedures, 92% of the total. The number of cosmetic procedures for women increased over 164% from 1997. The top five surgical procedures for women were: breast augmentation, liposuction, breast reduction, abdominoplasty, and eyelid surgery.


    Are there culturally influences involved? Yes.

    (4.) Although FTM "transitioning" chemically and surgically alters healthy female anatomy, breasts, genitals, and reproductive systems more than anything I can think of, it's off limits to any critical analysis. The same plastic surgeons that enlarge breasts also do double mastectomies with nipple grafting ("top surgery").

    We are to beleive that culture in the form of internalized misogyny, some deep seating lesbian phobia, and everything that fifteen and sixteen year old girls see and read online from thousands of transgender blogs play no role whatsoever in the decision to "transition".

    Whether it's botox, nose jobs, tummy tucks, breast implants, or FTM "top surgery", the plastic surgeons still make a tidy profit off the bodies of females.

  2. It's no secret ahat girls and women are more likely to be anorexic

    sorry for the typo...meant to type "that"....


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