Transmen HATE Women-Tell us Something we Dont Know

The above is an unpublished comment from a few days ago.

For all this trans female's honesty with her comment, there is also dishonesty. What she doesnt tell us is she hates herself for BEING a woman, a dyke woman. The external always informs the internal, thats the perpetual trouble for females under patriarchy.

No female transitions who does not HATE women, NONE! Although you will hear quite the opposite from trans females everywhere. How they "love" women, they just dont want to BE women. How they will open doors, admire how women put make up on, how sexy women look in heels, protect them even! These are the messages they have internalized, messages that spell out M I S O G Y N Y. Messages that are at the very least keeping women from reaching that ever elusive HUMAN status and at worse, killing them/us in droves.

If you hate your female body, it feels ugly, gross, uncomfortable, alien, it isnt because you have a "man" trapped somewhere in there, it is because you have been systematically taught from before birth the female body outside of sexually pleasing men is ugly, gross, messy, smelly, too fat, too skinny, no tits, pimply, sweaty, fishy. That natural female functions like pissing, shitting, farting, burping arent "lady like." That bleeding once a month is gross, smells, is messy, clotty, and unnatural because the less evolved male body only knows how to destroy life, not create it. That women are emotional, over emotional, too emotional, excessively emotional, because males again due to their (sad) hormonal make up cannot achieve the heights, the universal range of emotions that women can.

We've all heard story after story right from the mouths of trans females themselves about how post "T", they are now "much calmer" and can now think "more logically" etc. Meaning now that those messy girl emotions have been shut down or contained by the manly emotionally sterile testosterone, life is so much better! Better not because of feeling better, because they feel less, better because they can other themselves away from their hate object, women!

Unless we were taught to hate ourselves as female, we wouldnt. And we are taught to hate ourselves as female, by being taught that woman is something to be detested. You cannot hate your femaleness UNLESS you hate female as a nature. You cannot be uncomfortable within your femaleness UNLESS you hate female as a nature. You cannot try to change your female nature, without hating female nature first.



  1. If I hate women so much then why can't I make myself gay and date men instead? I have no sexual/ romantic interest in men (bio or trans). Also, I don't see my body as "gross" (maybe it's because I'm naturally athletic which is associated with males?). I never had a problem with body odor (except for one strange year in junior high). And I don't smell 'fishy'. I believe that smell comes from some kind of std vaginal infection (or a really strong period?) which I never had or had to take any kind of medication for in my life. The rare times I have body odor, it's a slight salty smell.. and that's when I take a shower ASAP and put on underarm deodorant. I have always noticed men smelled worse than me, therefore I'm not transitioning because I think I'm a "smelly, gross female". LOL If I actually DID identify with being a woman I would be PROUD of my body (despite my flat chest), look great and have high confidence. And yes, I would be a strong one, not some betty crocker doormat that you think we would be if we didn't transition.

  2. How about blogging about this instead?

    "11 year old Yemeni girl flees home to avoid forced marriage: 'I'd rather kill myself' "

  3. You cannot try to change your female nature, without hating female nature first.

    I completely agree.

  4. @10:23PM anon.
    Dirt is too obsessed in hating FTMs to care about the actual important things in life.

  5. is it any wonder why Trans is all about hating the male and female natural body. They hate the fact that they don't have what others have. They also hate biology that disagrees with them

  6. Anon 1:29PM.
    Yeah, it's like the fact where gays and lesbians are always hating the fact that they don't have what others (heterosexual couples)have (equality of marriage, etc). Everyone has their own things that they are dissatisfied in life. Transgender individual just happen to not like their own body. So what? Does it affect you? No. If they suddenly start liking their own body, would that solve every problem in your life? No. Don't go picking on someone's weak spot when you have one as well. Lesbians should learn to tolerate that there are people out there who are different than them, vice versa for transgender individuals as well. It's absurd for someone to write a whole blog dedicated in negativity towards the transgender community. You can promote woman's right, having gender dysphoria doesn't automatically mean you're transgender, etc.. in a positive and respectful manner. Dirt has insulted many FTMs, this is why she gets insults back (Karma duh).

  7. Anon 3:10 PM,
    It's no wonder why trans are very violent and extremist. They have an extreme hatred for Biology, Natural born women and Intersex people. Just look at them trying to steal whatever bio born women and lesbian have gained. The problem with trans is because have a hatred for Bio born women cause they don't have what they have. Besides, Trans hate Biology because it disagrees with them and don't pander to their mental illness.

  8. Wait a minute, I thought there was no difference between men and women except for chromosomes and a few "cosmetic" things. Now you are telling me that women actually ARE MORE EMOTIONAL? What about women who aren't? You are supporting gender roles and stereotypes by making these assertions. What about men who experience high, vulnerable emotions and are abused for it? You really need to make up your mind about what platform you are choosing.

  9. It's absurd for someone to write a whole blog dedicated in negativity towards the transgender community.

    It is certainly not absurd to carefully document every form of violence against the female sex, and to describe and bear witness to the myriad of ways in which the female body has been mutilated throughout history. To me, the most frustrating and Orwellian aspect of FTM "transitioning" is that it carefully hides what is actually happening to healthy female anatomy behind words such as "top surgery" and "bottom surgery". We aren't allowed to pull back the curtain.

    In FTM “top surgery”, the female nipples and areolas are often literally cut off , resized, then sewn back on after the mastectomy. Loss of sensation is common, and every now and then a nipple graft doesn’t take resulting in a loss of a nipple.

    Dr. Daniel Medalie performs FtM top surgery (double incision mastectomy with nipple grafting) Some might see this as a form of violence being carried out on the female sex:

    copy and paste this link

    All of this is being carried out on female bodies because of a psychiatric diagnosis which is largely subjective in nature. When pressed, even some members of the transgender community admit that (a.) it’s possible to regret “transitioning”, and (b.) culture and peer pressure (everything people hear and see on the internet, etc.) can influence one’s decision to “transition”. How did we come to this point in time in which what essentially amounts to as elective mastectomies with the surgical whittling down of areolas and nipples simply came to be known as "top surgery".

    This paragraph says it more eloquently than I could.

    "Guy Debord wrote presciently of the society of the spectacle, where “being becomes having and having is reduced to merely appearing.” This is, of course, what has happened, and then some: commodity fetishism has conquered every human relationship, including, finally, that between body and self. Instead of inhabiting “the soft animal of your body,” as poet Mary Oliver so sweetly puts it, the body is an object to own and then to starve or slice until it approximates the punishing, promising image. Our genitals are now a commodity to be obtained rather than tissue to inhabit, the exquisite nerve endings where animal meets angel severed to create a surgical simulacrum. Perhaps the commodity has finally been defeated by a greater force: the image itself."

  10. It's absurd for someone to write a whole blog dedicated in negativity towards the transgender community.

    In addition to FTM "transitioning" which does resemble female genital mutilation in many respects, I firmly believe that there are ethical issues involved in the administration of puberty suppressing drugs for "gender dysphoric" 13 year olds. I don't believe that these children have the mental capacity to understand what is happening to them.

    When I see youtube video after youtube video of 14 and 15 year old girls talking about "T", saying that they are "FTM pre-everything", there is no doubt in my mind that the transgender community is promoting "transitioning" ("T", "top surgery" etc.). It's impossible to distinguish between how much is actual "gender dysphoria" and how much can be attributed to what they are hearing from transgender websites.

    "The children should be an alarm call but no one is listening. There are historical precedents from which left-leaning people should have learned. Much of the Progressive movement embraced eugenics, until the optimistic, shiny promise of science produced punctual trains to crematoriums. Similarly, in the 1950s many liberals believed that chemical castration was the compassionate approach to homosexuality. We look back in bewildered horror but refuse to see that it’s happening now. The unfit are being chemically sterilized once again. People are being surgically mutilated in the service of social conformity. Children as young as eighteen months are being “diagnosed” as transgender. What does that even mean in someone who has yet to speak her first word? She preferred the blue pacifier to the pink? The real question: so what if she did? Girls can’t like blue, play rough and tumble, take up space, run for President? Apparently not. Free to Be, You and Me, through Surgery. The prison of gender is locking down ever tighter."

  11. It's absurd for someone to write a whole blog dedicated in negativity towards the transgender community.

    I've never doubted five facts:

    (1.) Some people identify as transgender, and this is their choice.

    (2.) For whatever reason, there have always been intrepid souls who have stepped outside the boundaries of traditional sex roles. They have come and gone throughout history, and they still exist today.

    (3.) Gender non-conformity for whatever reason doesn't automatically make a person "transgender" because the transgender community does NOT have exclusive rights on all gender non-conformity both past and present. The transgender community doesn't have a patent on all gender non-conformity however we wish to define it.

    (4.) Actual sex reassignment surgery is relatively new on the extremely long time line of human history. The use of medications like puberty suppressing drugs are still being debated, and despite what the transgender community says, people have their doubts.

    (5.) "Transitioning" or sex reassignment surgery does not actually change a person's sex. Rather, it's extensive plastic surgery on one's healthy breasts and genitals and a life time of cross gender hormones.

  12. FTMs do not hate all women, they hate the ones (can be man or woman) who do not respect their identity. I'm sure lesbians dislike the fact that people say that they're an abomination and they're going to hell. Everyone just want respect and the freedom to be who they are. I know many transgender individuals who fight for the marriage equality for gays and lesbians. No one is trying to take your rights away. Like any community, there exists some bad apples in there. You cannot pick out one and say all of them are alike.

  13. I'm sure lesbians dislike the fact that people say that they're an abomination and they're going to hell.

    Why do they always bring up lesbians? This irritates me to no end. We all know that FTM "transitioning" is being used to erase lesbian identity, specifically butch lesbians who are almost an endangered species, and then they have the gall to start lecturing lesbians. After "transitioning", FTMs get to step up in social standing by becoming "men", and they also get to dump the lez or dyke label once and for all.

    Who has access to more social, political, and economic power and privilege? Is it males or females?

    Who suffers more from social stigma and discrimination? Is it straight people or lesbians?

    Girls receive messages that they are inferior to males almost from infancy. Many teenage girls are terrified of being labeled lesbian or dyke. There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that a strong element of internalized misogyny and lesbian phobia play a major role in FTMs desire to "transition".

  14. I know dirt's opinion on FTMs. I was wondering what's her uptake on Bisexuals (out of curiosity)? From several butch lesbians, I've heard they say that bisexuals are closeted lesbians who's afraid to come out (don't want to be label as lesbians). Any thoughts?

  15. FTMs do not hate all women, they hate the ones (can be man or woman) who do not respect their identity.

    Some FTMs are just as misogynistic as males. No one wants to hear it, but it's often true. Indeed, it would be difficult to find a more misogynistic person than FTM Kael T. Block.

    How can this person say that FTMs don't hate all women when the transgender community promotes "transitioning" which radically alters healthy female anatomy? Don't tell me that the transgender community isn't guilty of actively encouraging "transitioning". Besides, plastic surgeons, "gender therapists, and doctors who prescribe make money. Perhaps "transitioning" and the social forces that drive one to "transition" need to be separated from the individual. "Transitioning" is not a person. It involves medical practices and surgical procedures. The mutilation of female bodies and the erasing of female identity is a different kind of hate in that it leaves its mark on the female body itself and the female sex. It's hatred toward the female sex.

  16. I know many transgender individuals who fight for the marriage equality for gays and lesbians.

    Why do transsexuals have more rights than gay men and lesbians to being with? After she legally changed her sex to male, Thomas Beatie, the 'pregnant man' FTM legally married the woman she was with. If she stayed a lesbian, she couldn't get married to her female partner. Then, after legally changing her sex to "male", she proceeded to give birth to three babies.

    I'm glad that Prop 8 was struck down and gay men and lesbian can get married, but lesbians and gay men could have gotten same sex marriage without the help of transgender.

    In some states, why do biological males who identify as "women" have more legal rights than girls and women? "Gender identity laws" are trampling on the privacy rights of females.

  17. That was a powerful piece, Dirt. Very well written.


  18. Dirt,
    What I don't understand is why you feel you have the right to tell someone else who to be? FTM's aren't automatically butch lesbians, many FTM's like men or both men and women, many are "feminine." Why is someone less of a person or less real because they aren't like you? Why is it ok for you to oppress people by telling them how to live and who to be? What gives you the right to decide what it means to be a man or a woman? Finally, aren't you doing to trans people the same thing others have done to the gay community and still do i.e. telling people they or their experiences aren't real because they don't fit your world view? You say what you are doing is helping women feel powerful and loving themselves, but what it seems you're really doing is saying that there's only one right way to be a man or woman and that that right way is your way. Also I wish to note you've said before nature never makes mistakes well you seem to be forgetting that mutations are genetic mistakes and are a product of nature. You have also said that their aren't trans animals, what about species that can change their sex like frogs who can go from male to female or vice versa. My overall, point here is empowering women is great but not at the expense of other people.

  19. Dirt has one goal here- scapegoating .3 percent of the population. For every 500 lesbians, there's 80 FTMs. I presume its the same for gay men versus MTFs. So people's claims that butch women are going extinct, which makes no biological sense, is nonsense. The only way for them to go extinct would be for the entire Human species to go extinct.

    After what happened to that teenage drag queen in Jamaica, murdered by an angry mob, I've had it up to here with people intent on scapegoating others.

  20. Female transitioners terrify me. Butch women? Not. Sometimes the only way I can clarify the who is who, is how they treat heterosexual women.

  21. And how do ftm's treat heterosexual women? PRAY TELL, GENIUS.

  22. Butch women like other women and show that. Female transistioners project their self-loathing with aggressive and confrontational hostility.

  23. There are aggressive confrontational people from all groups be they male, female, Butch, femme, trans, or any other type of individual. Some human beings are aggressive others aren't, how they identify doesn't determine their personality.

  24. He was telling you what YOU wanted to hear! You have no idea what you are even talking about. You obviously hate the fact that you have a pussy since you don't want that mess touched. Not that anyone would want to touch that shit. Obviously you are not a very happy person or you wouldn't be picking trans men apart day after day. You need to sit and think about all the shit that is wrong with you. Maybe start with your past. You obviously have some deep seeded anger and you are spewing your anger and hate at trans men and trans women.

  25. Dirt's stereotypical perspective on transmen hating all women is literally BS. Sure, a few might hate women but not all. It's like making an assumption that all butch women hate men.

  26. What I don't understand is why you feel you have the right to tell someone else who to be?

    I can't speak for the person who runs this blog, but I want to make some general observations and comments. Someone has to counteract everything these 13, 14, and 15 year old pre-"T", pre-everything kids read or see online. Or, at least tell these kids that there are other options besides "T" (testosterone) when they are older, and "top surgery" (getting their breasts lopped off)

    "I'm 14, I came out about a year ago as trans, and I haven't started testosterone yet. I just wanna know if you guys think I pass because most of the people at school say I look like a girl. Do you think I do? And do you think I'm ugly? Be honest!!

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    1. Presenting the other side is fine, but to me statements like, " all transmen hate women" isn't presenting the other side its branding a whole group with a generalized label. I would be happy to see a real debate here that presented the facts from both sides free of injected opinions. I feel dirt could present the other side of things without saying things like the above. I think people are more open to discourse that doesn't say things like all these people are one way. In the end though I feel none of this is relevant to my question because it doesn't answer why one person feels they have the right to tell someone else who to be and I will add to that question who defines who we are ourselves or other people? If its other people then in my mind all people would be defined by other's perceptions of them, whether they agreed or not. To be honest that's not really something I think most people would want. Most especially people who are perceived as being other then they are, for example men or women who are perceived as the opposite sex because of how they look or dress etc. Overall, I think we are better off being free to define ourselves and simply taking other's perceptions with a grain of salt.

  27. i agree with aspects of this post.

    that said it's pointless to try and change someone's mind about what drugs they want to inject into their bodies. they're on their own path and nothing anybody says is going to change it. you're just another "hater" in their mind.

    to me, people who decide to go the route of FTM are worthwhile because they have major courage. they're experimenting on themselves and discovering the ins and outs of being a man. can't get any closer to being a man than injecting T. if anything, i have respect. i've often wondered what it would be like to be a man but never wanted to mess with T. well some people do, and now we know. intrepid, really.

    "to defeat a man you must become him."
    or some such quote. and it is true on some level.
    i myself was raised to be mannish and have discovered a lot about male psychology that most girls have been raised to curl their lips at.

    there is something to "is what it is"

  28. @me, of course.
    I agree with some aspects of Dirt's perspective. You don't have to accept others identity in life; however, you can still respect them as a human being. Hypothetically, if I went up to a lesbian and called her a faggot and treat her like shit just because I don't agree with her living style...she would obviously see me as homophobic and a hater. In some of previous blog post (don't know if she deleted them or not), Dirt made an statement on how "all" transgender individuals were rapist, pedaphiles, etc. She can disagree with transgender individuals' lifestyles in a less offense way. It's common decency. There's a difference between disagreeing and hating.

  29. "less evolved male body"

    Well actually, to create a male, you have to take a female and go one step further.

    The hormonal bath that turns a female fetus into a male fetus is an evolution of a lesser human form.

    Greater strength being only the tip of the iceberg.

    The testosterone in fact helps to separate the left and right halves of the brain in men, leading to greater levels of rational and emotional control.

    Women are inferior to men. That's just biology.

  30. Anon 6:12,
    It sure would be nice if some of you had taken Biology instead of Gender Studies.

  31. You look like the kind of crazy bitch that makes art with her period blood haha

  32. Dirt remember this➡ I do not care about your freedom of speech your opinion.
    You have no authority to govern any human soul's life. Your social status means nothing. You are fragile. A meaningless drop of piss in a cesspool of shit. By all means bitch of the smell it is your home. "It" all things you hate will always be all around you till you drown in it. The sun will shine on your maggot imperfect flesh just the same as all you wish to suppress. So rant rave till your own ears tingle. When your dead you remain one drop of piss in the sea of shit.
    I do enjoy you I find you most amusing oh great one.


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