Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

julianyoshiea-Age 17

Kash-Age 22

Damon-Age 15

JB-Age 18

JrockRocks7-Age Teen

ThatKyleKidd-Age 14

Lee-Age 22


August/Emory-Age Teens

More female youth fodder for the trans slaughter machine, not to mention a lesson in misogyny.



  1. I wish the parents were aware of what's really going on. I hear often that the parents are supportive. They try to be open-minded and they've no idea that their kid is one of many who are mislead.


  2. Ftm, 14, US, Kyle. I might start uploading videos recording my life and my transition, obviously I'm not that far along but this is for all the other younger pre-everything guys as well as memories for me to look back on when I do finish all the surgery and start T.

    These 14 year old "pre-everything" kids are so sad. Why are 14 year old girls already talking about "T". Their bodies are perfect the way that they are.


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