Transmen Testosterone Use Linked to Pornography?

These are a handful of top searches this blog received hits on, from late last night alone. Aside from searches for "thedirtfromdirt" or "dirtywhiteboi", my tracker receives searches or a similar combination of searches daily to what is on this short list. Seems "ftms" who find my blog are either looking for help with their yeast infections from synthetic testosterone injections or some kind of porn, most likely also derived from their "T" poisoning. Would make for in interesting study, changes in porn intake before testosterone, during testosterone and after for those who stop. Also those who get into the porn industry as amateurs or professionally once on testosterone. Any trans female takers be willing to answer honestly and anonymously of course?



  1. I went on T for a year and a half and have been off for 7 months. Pre-T, I didn't watch porn at all. While taking Testosterone, I quickly got into the habit of watching it at least once a day, if not several times - the subject matter I watched escalated as well, I started getting into some pretty messed-up fetish things. The misogyny of them didn't bother me at that point. Soon after going off T, I stopped watching porn completely. It disgusts and disturbs me what I used to watch. There is definitely a link.

  2. Thank you anonymous June 20, 2013 at 5:05 PM

  3. Thank you, anon 5.05.

    There must indeed be a link, there are tons of F2T's on Youtube talking about being very horny since taking T. I heard them say often that they think about sex all day since on T. Figure that out, that must be terrible.


  4. "Would make for in interesting study, changes in porn intake before testosterone, during testosterone and after for those who stop."

    In all honesty, I don't know if testosterone leads to an increased interest in pornography, but we know three things:

    (1.) It's a well known scientific fact that testosterone increases the sex drive in women. Women naturally produce very small amounts of testosterone, and doctors have known for some time that it's related to the libido. If a biological female is getting more testosterone than she would normally produce, common sense tells us that it would increase her sex drive. Even trans websites say that testosterone increases sex drive.

    Changes with testosterone

    •Thickening of the vocal chords and deepening of the voice
    •Facial hair growth (mustache and/or beard growth)
    •Increased body hair growth (notably on arms, legs, chest, belly, and back)
    •Increased body musculature
    •Enlargement of the clitoris
    •Cessation of menses (monthly periods)
    •Potential hair loss at the temples and crown of the head, resulting in a more masculine hairline; possibly male-pattern baldness
    •Migration of body fat to a more masculine pattern (i.e., fat deposits shifting from hips, thighs and buttocks to the abdomen area)
    •Increased activity of the skin's oil glands (i.e., skin becomes more oily, which may result in acne)
    •Increase in red blood cells (RBC)
    •Change in cholesterol levels may occur-- the "good" cholesterol (HDL) may go down and the "bad" cholesterol (LDL) may go up.
    •Scent of body odors and urine may change
    •Skin may become rougher in feeling and/or appearance.
    •Increase in sex drive

    (2.) By and large, I believe it's safe to say that pornography is accepted by the transgender community in that it's not seen as anything problematic. About the only people who are consistently anti-porn are feminists like Gail Dines and Sheila Jeffreys and the trans community simply loathes these women. Does the trans community promote porn? In many ways, it does. AT THE LARGE ANNUAL PHILLY TRANS HEALTH CONFERENCE, THERE ARE ALWAYS PEOPLE FROM THE SEX INDUSTRY. THEY WERE THERE LAST YEAR TOO.

    Addressing the Health Care and Social Service Needs of Trans* Folks in the Sex Trade

    African transgender women: negotiating feminine identities in the intersections on the African culture of circumcision (as a rite of passage to cultural acceptance), its implications in the global fight against HIV in a vulnerable population

    Creating a Safer Space to Discuss HIV/STI Risk with Trans People Engaged in Sex Work

    Creating Shared Community through Storytelling

    Equal access/equal rights: Empowering transgender communities across India through advocacy, mobilization, and capacity building under the Pehchān program

    Our Health: Health and Wellness Strategies of Trans* Folks in the Sex Trade

    Project T-Talk: Research with Transgender Women – A different approach

    Sex Workers and Trafficking Survivors: Lessons from Our work with the Transgender Community

    Taking Care of Business: A group discussion for FTM sex workers

    They Can't Take That Away From Us: Fighting 'Condoms As Evidence'

    Trans Representation in Porn

    Trans Sex Work and the Law

    Trans' health and rights: a latin-american experience

    Trans* Allyship 201 – Beyond Basics

    Translatina - A Strengths-based Perspective


    Taking Care of Business: A group discussion for FTM sex workers

    Type of Workshop: Guided Discussion
    Does your workshop have a maximum number of participants that will be allowed in?: No
    Who is the intended audience?: Transmale/Transmasculine/FTM
    Workshop Topic:
    Sex Work
    Do you want to restrict the attendance of this workshop to a specific group?: Attendance Restricted
    If restricted, who is welcome to attend?: Sex workers


    Trans men venturing into sex work are often going into unchartered territory - creating a market or fitting themselves in markets made for other bodies, other genders. This workshop will be a space where we can talk about how we navigate that world and share strategies for selling it safely and sustainably. This space will be closed to trans/genderqueer/intersex people who are former/current/future sex workers to give us an opportunity to talk about the real shit: living one gender working as another * client assumptions - you can't get pregnant so why use a condom? * teaching clients about your body * working stealth * disclosure when working on the internet vs the street * working in porn - what are the opportunities?Bring questions and knowledge to share!

    Conference Year: 2013
    Time slot: 13 June 12:45pm - 2:05pm
    Room: 106B

    Trans Representation in Porn

    Type of Workshop: Film with discussion
    Who is the intended audience?: Open to all
    Workshop Topic:
    Sex Work
    Do you want to restrict the attendance of this workshop to a specific group?: Attendance Restricted
    If restricted, who is welcome to attend?: Must be 18yrs and older
    Screening of a variety of porn clips across the transsexual porn genre including mainstream and small independent productions featuring transsexual men and women in porn. Discussion afterwards led by James Darling to answer questions about representation, the directions transsexual porn is moving into, what we as trans people would like to see change or expand, and how we would like to see ourselves represented and what it means to erotically celebrate trans people in hot and affirming ways.

    Conference Year: 2013
    Time slot: 13 June 2:20pm - 3:40pm
    Room: 103C
    First Presenter
    James Darling
    James Darling is a transsexual male porn performer, director and sex worker based in the Bay Area. He won Feminist Porn Awards Heartthrob of the Year 2012 and Sex Performer of the Year 2010 for his work across multiple porn genres. James is also the owner and director of, a porn site dedicated to trans men. He can be found on twitter and tumblr at jamesdarlingxxx.

  6. (3.) We know that males are the largest consumers of porn, especially the more graphic porn. If FTMs are socialized as males, then it makes sense to believe that they would attracted to porn.

  7. @June 20, 2013 at 5:05 PM

    Sending you much love and support. Pornography is misogynistic. People should read Gail Dines book "Pornland". In her lectures, Dines makes the point that the type of extreme porn boys and men see today is robbing them of their sexuality and humanity.

  8. LMAO, I've been watching porn since I had access to the internet. In fact I watch porn much more rarely post T than I ever did growing up.
    So what, this is going to turn into a blog shaming people for wanting to watch porn now?

  9. As pornography harms female children and women, you should be ashamed.


  10. "As pornography harms female children and women"

    I just showed my female friend a porn DVD I have. She still seems to be breathing the same as before she watched it, body temp is steady, no abnormalities reported so far..But she said she'd go to the Dr. tomorrow to absolutely make sure the pornography didn't harm her.

    You think you need to protect women and children, Dirt? Like they can't handle it on their own? That comment just SCREAMS misogyny. And sex-negativism. You all should really be ashamed for your hypocrisy.

  11. You or someone you knew purchased that tape, and that money goes to keep women and female children in the slavery of the sex industry. If you dont consider that a harm to females, you are either purely ignorant or in some serious denial.


  12. Information on my porn consumption:

    I used to watch porn all the time, because I had difficulty using my imagination. Otherwise I was just basically stimulating myself until I came from the intensity of stimulation reaching a peak and basically the mechanical explanation Masters and Johnson give.

    After being on testosterone for over a year, I began learning the ability to vividly imagine things - not just sex, but any scenario. As a result, I ended up watching less porn.

    Personally, I don't feel that testosterone directly enhanced my ability to visualize, but I do know that it decreased my anxiety and autonomic 'fight or flight' response, and alleviated depression.

    Now, two years after beginning T, I want to get back on a regimen of primarily progesterone with a little estrogen. I think that being on birth control for so many years prevented my body from needing to produce its own hormones (part of the biofeedback mechanism) which had caused my production of estrogen and testosterone to cease, as my body had progesterone suppressing the ovaries from making their own hormones.

    I've read studies saying women have a certain healthy level of testosterone as well, and if it falls below that range then they can suffer depression. I believe that is what was happening to me, along with the progesterone making me more emotional and also being young (teens and 20s) during these events.


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