Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning and Who is BEING Transitioned

E-Age 15

Zombiehunterr-Age 14

Ev-Age 21

M-Age 16

O-Age 16

Ash-Age 15

D-Age 15

R-Age 15

The kids above were all found on YT when I searched "transgender kids". Some are from a few years ago and some very recently. While the age of female Trans Trenders has significantly dropped from when I first began documenting this (mostly) lesbian tragedy, transitioning children has been rare and transitioning children in numbers, unheard of. In watching the shows (can we say ratings folks) featuring "trans kids", listening to the parents speak about their child's behaviour and how these parents sexed their children's behaviour based on likes and dislikes (pink/blue) is straight up homophobia. Made worse when every single one of these children's stories when asked about their transgender feelings, were quickly corrected by waiting/present parents whenever their child's story didnt match their parents. Especially regarding growing up a different sex than the sex they are. These kids couldnt have been MORE coached!

Reminded me of the McMartin Preschool accusations. One parent suspected her son was molested and suddenly scared parents began questioning their children without proper council on how to question a small child about sexual abuse, then nearly every child claimed to have been a part of a child molesting ring at the school. Even today authorities have to be VERY cautious on how they question small children because children are both easily susceptible and eager to please authority figures/loved ones.

It is clear these kids did not want to be bound and gagged by the Gender Straight Jacket, it is also clear their parents are more afraid of having a gay or lesbian child than they fear destroying their child's life before it even begins.

As the DSM5 has been published last month and it is now sanctioned by the HOLY Bible of Mental Illness to transition small children, along with my continued documentation of Trans Trending lesbian youth, I will be adding cases of homophobic parents transitioning their gay and lesbian children or suspected gay/lesbian children. If you run across such cases in the news or videos, please send them to me for inclusion in these tragic weekly posts.



  1. Dirt,

    The NIHM had pitched the DSM V. It will no longer be the standard. They are working on something. You can google it.

  2. The NIHM had pitched the DSM V. It will no longer be the standard. They are working on something. You can google it.

    I read this too, and I'll google it and research it later.

  3. All these children are very sweet and I wish them all the luck and happiness in the world. In all honesty, I don't like the idea of any of their faces plastered all over the internet, and this includes on this blog. However, many parents seem willing to let their children be part of some sort of "transgender" awareness campaign. On some of these "trans children" websites, there are videos and photos "trans youth".

  4. Zombihunter is the second 14 year old FTM with a video.

  5. "I'm 15 and I'm pre-op"....

    Where the heck do these 15 year old girls hear about "pre-op" and testosterone? My guess is that they hear it from thousands of other youtube "FTM Intros".

  6. This is scary, they are getting younger and younger. You dont' fit in with the female sex role straight jacket, and off to the doctor you go to get psychoanalyzed and given prescriptions to block sex hormones...and then scheduled for surgeries in your teens? It's the parents buying this medical bullshit hook line and sinker, and their own homophobia/lesbophobia.

    Yep, I'm so sick of those countless FTM youtube videos, used to be they were in their 20's, then their late teens, now their midteens, and they're ready to breastbind, take 'T' and eventually schedule for breast removal surgery because they don't want to deal with the sexist female gender role straitjacket? IF we ever needed a STRONG Feminist womon loving womon movement, the time is NOW, before all of them 15, 20 years later decide to detransition...after the hormones have done their damage, the surgeries, and the self-hatred, all due to society's message of females being second class citizens, and only viable if you like pink and frilly things and domestic activities....

    Sad, sad, sad, we have truly regressed! -FeistyAmazon

  7. What mother would dye her six year old boy's hair purple and put him in a dress...

    In this video, the mother says, when "she" was 18 months, "she" expressed herself that she was a girl. This is just plain nonsense.

    The school told the mother that her son shouldn't use the girl's restroom at school. From what I've read, the mother filed some kind of complaint, but the last time I checked, the mother just went back to home schooling her boy. I don't know what is going on with this case right now. This is one selfish and strange mother. She expected the entire female population of the school and all their parents to bend over backwards and cater to her son. He is a cute kid, but it's like the school said. What happens when he starts junior high, and we have a 14 or 15 year old boy using the girl's restroom.

    This poor kid probably will need therapy when he gets older. My heart goes out to this little six year old boy, but the mother seems like an attention seeking woman out to make a buck on the talk show rounds, dragging her six year old son, purple hair and dress, in front of news cameras. It's rather strange to me. It's not the fault of this six year old boy. It's the parents and most people aren't buying it.

  8. "What mother would dye her six year old boy's hair purple and put him in a dress..."

    I would like to follow up on the six year old "transgender" boy whose mother filed a complaint because her son couldn't use the girl's restroom at school.

    Little boys will play with toys that are usually for girls, and girls will play with toy trucks, cars, etc. I don't imagine that it's that unusual for a six year old boy every now and then to play with his sisters, and to even try on his sister's clothes. Most of the time they grow out of it. It's not his sex atypical behavior or the fact that he might feel more comfortable playing with girls instead of hanging out with boys. At six years old, he has no way of understanding concepts such as gender, and he certainly doesn't understand what transgender means. This upset me for three primary reasons.

    (1.) The mother dyed her six year old son's hair purple, put him in a dress, and then put him in front of t.v. cameras. I've seen teenagers with purple hair, but dying a six year old boy's hair purple is a tad outrageous. Most parents would be uncomfortable with their six year old child getting so much media attention, but this mother actually seems to thrive on it.

    (2.) It infuriates that the mother would actually call her six year old son "she" or "her". In every video I've seen, the mother refers to her son as "her" or "she" as if her son really is female. From everything that I've read, this is a male child, he was born male, and even the Denver Post says that he was born with male genitalia. With all the publicity this has gotten, if he were intersex, it would have been discovered by now. The fact that the school said he can't use the girl's restroom is a good indication that he is, indeed, a male child. It's simply insane for any parent to refer to their six year old son as "she" or "her". Most people don't buy into this fantasy, but we remain silent because we don't want to upset people. By constantly calling a six year old boy "she" or "her", doesn't this just reinforce the idea or notion in the child's mind that they are a girl? At this age, it's difficult to separate what is being planted in the child's mind by the parents themselves and how much is the actual belief that he really is girl. Moreover, how does his sister's and brother feel being told that their brother is "she" now? Having a son that likes to play with toys that girls play with doesn't mean that he actually is a girl. Or, having a girl that likes to play with boy toys or prefers jeans instead of dresses doesn't mean that she is a boy. It's as if the parents expect, or can only see a clear distinction between so-called boy or male behavior and dress and the stereotypical notion of what constitutes femininity.

  9. (3.) Why aren't the girls and the parents of all the girls in the school just as important as this six year old boy? It certainly isn't fair to them, and he isn't going to be six all his life. When he gets older, it's going to be uncomfortable for them. The school did the right thing, but the mother had to file a complaint. This is so selfish because the school was letting Coy use the staff restroom, or the nurse's restroom, so it's not like he didn't have options. He could have used the boy's restroom, or the staff restroom. No, his needs are more important than how girls feel. The entire world comes to a screeching halt because of one little boy. This is the message we are sending to our daughters. This is one selfish mother.

    Whether they admit it or not, or whether or not they are even aware that it is happening, I think transgender is just a comfortable way for some parents to deal with their own discomfort or distaste at having a son or daughter that doesn't fit neatly into what society says is masculine or feminine. These kids can be "fixed" to fit neatly into culturally based gender roles.

    I feel sorry for this six year old boy because his parents have decided to make him some kind of trans poster child, and the mother seems to enjoy basking in the medial attention.

    The last time I checked, she is still home schooling her boy.

  10. "What mother would dye her six year old boy's hair purple and put him in a dress..."

    This stepfather did, except he was 8 and the color was blue, and a very temporary dye, we were just playing (honest, officer). As for the dress, we fought over it. No, it's MY turn to be the princess. Lots of pouting, on both sides.
    "Can I dye your hair now, Daddy?" I was already bald. "Don't be silly, it's just pretend." And then I had to get my pate smeared with some blue goo.
    My stepson, now a big lummocking straight man, still maintains that I was better in the role of rescuing knight than princess, which touches me strangely: though it's hard to think of him now as an emprisoned princess, it's gratifying that he still has such faith in me.
    Don't let them steal our children, in whatever sense you interpret "our",

  11. Gay love 4 Trans-manJune 19, 2013 at 6:02 PM

    Btw for those of you who think that the removal of Gender Identity Disorder from DSM V is "something"....its not...for you at least. It simply marks that the field of psychology no longer views it as a disorder. For other examples please see Homosexuality, which was removed in DSM IV I believe

  12. GID just like homosexuality havent been removed merely cleaverly linguistically altered.


  13. Gay love 4 Trans-manJune 19, 2013 at 9:33 PM

    Oh? and what exactly is the new "cleverly linguistically altered" term for homosexuality that you claim?

  14. Dirt is right. Being trans wasn't removed from the DSM, it was simply renamed. At the end of the day, it's still in the DSM, marking it a form mental condition. Taking off the word "disorder," only "hurt" the trans community. Now insurance companies can say, you don't have a disorder, we don't need to treat you, lol.


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