Farcical "Medical Study" says Transition is "Safe"!

This new Trans study is being promoted all over Gay/Lesbian/Trans spaces with the intention to put minds at ease about the very REAL dangers of transition drugs. I gather the study didnt include mutilation transition surgeries.
This multi-centre European study included a WHOPPING 87 women and men! Thats not a study, thats not even an average lunch hour of customers at McDonalds!

From study:
"Although transsexualism remains a rare diagnosis, the number of trans persons seeking hormonal or surgical treatment has drastically increased in recent years, making a detailed multi-centre description on the effects of cross-sex hormonal treatment timely.
Our study gives valuable information about the effects of drastic changes in sex steroids on glucose and lipid metabolism, cardiovascular and bone health, so that we can inform our future clients, their families and other caregivers more accurately on the desired effects, side effects and adverse events of cross-sex hormonal treatment.

And what did the study conclude? "...transgender individuals seeking short-term hormone therapy experience both a safe and effective treatment, with few side effects."  

So what is the short term of time on these poisonous hormones that the study conveniently used to acquire their desired "safe" results? Why would a short term study be used when transition runs the full gamut of each trans person's life? Why did even the short term study minutely limit its range of hormonal effects on the body?

The study is a farce that answers nothing about the REAL effects of these dangerous unnecessary drugs, other than lull the ignorant or confused into a safe sense of security that just might kill them or someone they love in the LONG term.



  1. "The study included 45 transgender men and 42 transgender women. Transgender men received a form of the male sex hormone testosterone, whereas transgender women received anti-androgen treatment in combination with a form of estrogen. The treatment lasted 12 months.

    As part of the study, investigators measured participants’ waist-to-hip ratio, blood pressure, and the percentages of fat and lean tissue mass.

    “Although transsexualism remains a rare diagnosis, the number of trans persons seeking hormonal or surgical treatment has drastically increased in recent years, making a detailed multi-centre description on the effects of cross-sex hormonal treatment timely."


    So, they say, "the number of trans persons seeking hormonal or surgical treatment has drastically increased in recent years", but they only looked at 45 transgender men and 42 transgender women. Are we to assume that there are only 87 transsexuals in Europe? What happens after 12 months?

    "The results of a multi-centre European study into hormone therapy were presented at the Endocrine Society’s 95th Annual Meeting in San Francisco last Saturday."

    It's a good idea to always consider the source. Please note that this was presented at the Endocrine Society’s 95th Annual Meeting. Endocrinologists aren't epidemiologists, oncologists, or gynecologists. Endocrinologists make a lot of money pushing puberty suppressing drugs. Some endocrinologist follow puberty suppressing drugs with cross gender hormones.

    Treatment with puberty delaying drugs leads to sterilization if it is followed with the administration of cross sex hormones at 16 years, as the Brill and Pepper handbook on “transgender” children (2008), explains, “the choice to progress from GnRH inhibitors to estrogen without fully experiencing male puberty should be viewed as giving up one's fertility, and the family and child should be counseled accordingly” (Brill & Pepper, 2008, p. 216). For girls, sterilization is the outcome too, because “eggs do not mature until the body goes through puberty” (Brill & Pepper, 2008, p. 216). The issue of fertility, the handbook asserts, may bother parents more than the “teens”, because the latter may think shortterm and not be able to contemplate much more than getting transgendered in the present (Brill & Pepper, 2008, p. 220). The handbook speaks of other serious effects of the transgendering of children. It says that birth defects may occur in children born to “transmen taking testosterone prior to pregnancy” (Brill & Pepper, 2008, p. 219). It also warns that genital surgery can lead to the absence of sexual feeling, and comments that young people may not understand the importance of this (Brill & Pepper, 2008, p. 220). But, the handbook advises, “teens” can have sexual surgeries such as the removal of testes or breast removal, at any age, not necessarily 18, so long as their parents and a surgeon are willing (Brill & Pepper, 2008, p. 220). This does seem to contradict the warnings that accompany this advice, about the difficulty “teens” may have in understanding the implications of such surgeries for fertility and sexual pleasure.

  2. First time poster here. Love your blog, Dirt. I've learned so much!

    Here is the text from the Endocrine Society meeting. Wierckx (note that the "journalists" at pinknews misspelled her name) had two posters there. For those that don't know, at scientific meetings, there is a huge room where people post updates on their research-- stuff that hasn't been posted yet(kind of like science fair in grade school-- people stand by their posters and explain them to any interested people passing by). Wierckx also presented one of the posters in a talk that lasted no longer than 15 minutes. See https://endo.confex.com/endo/2013endo/webprogram/Paper8284.html



    The nitty gritty-- from the poster's abstract:

    "We observed no deaths, cardiovascular events, osteoporotic fractures, venous thrombosis and/or pulmonary embolism nor prolactinoma during the study.Transwomen experienced a significant increase in breast tenderness, hot flashes, emotionality and decreased sex drive (all P≤0.01). They gained fat mass and lost lean and muscle mass (all P≤0.001). Fasting insulin, prolactin levels increased; waist-hip ratio, mean arterial blood pressure, total cholesterol (CH), LDL-CH, and triglycerides decreased.Transmen reported significant higher sexual desire and more voice instability (all P≤0.01). Significant increase in acne scores and body hair development was observed. Testosterone treatment induced higher lean body mass and muscle mass and a lower total body fat (all P≤0.01). Total CH, LDL-CH remained unchanged whereas a decrease in HDL-CH and increase in triglycerides was observed (P≤0.015)."

    Translation: After one year of treatment, no one was dead yet. No one had osteoporosis yet (imagine that!). No one had blood clots in their veins or lungs yet, or a specific form of pituitary tumor that can be caused by estrogen mimics. MTTs had an increase in insulin levels (not a good thing)and a decrease in the symptoms caused by testosterone (high cholesterol, high blood pressure). I won't go into the subjective "emotionality" mentioned. FTTs had (amazingly!) an increase in acne and body hair (big news!) and an increase in "bad" cholesterol and trigylcerides. (Which of course can lead to heart attacks, but apparently not in one year.)

    tldr: synthetic estrogen and testosterone treatment give the short-term side effects you'd expect, given what we already know about estrogen and testosterone and the physiology of men and women. What I like to call "well, duh!" research.

  3. Me again (8:42)!

    Just wanted to add that, per medline: "Doctors have long known that taking estrogen increases a person's risk for blood clots. Generally, this risk is higher if you use birth control pills, which contain high doses of estrogen.The risk is not as high when estrogen skin patches (transdermal estrogen) are used."

    As a baseline, the risk of blood clots for non-pregnant, non-menopausal women not taking estrogen is 5 in 100,000. The risk of blood clots from birth control pills varies depending on the chemical makeup of the pill, but it is between 15 and 25 in 100,000. So, based on what medline said above, the risk for women taking estrogen only of getting blood clots is less than 15 in 100,000.

    If male bodies react the same way when placed on estrogen, we would expect to see less than 0.0063 men out of the 42 studied to have blood clots. That's six one thousandths of a man. Looking at it another way, they would need a sample size of 20,000 men to expect to see one getting blood clots.

    A sure sign of junk science is tiny sample size.

  4. You are right to point out the inadequacies of a short-term (I don't think a year even qualifies as short-term when looked at in the context of someone's entire life) study on such a massive medical intervention. This sounds like lipservice (& a disservice) to research.


  5. They forgot to report the pronounced reduction in levels of bitterness that comes with transition, as well as the dramatic reduction in levels of personal obsession with transsexuals.

    If you are against transition, do not transition. If you claim to fear for our lives, then your own lives should be marvelously healthy in comparison, but they are not. I was willing to take the risk that testosterone might shorten my life because I wanted the quality of my life to be better. It is better. I no longer have to be obsessed with transmen and transition and raising all these false alarms that were, in fact, rooted in deep self-hatred and shame over the fact that I am trans. Your life is your own responsibility. If you cannot stop obsessing about transmen, almost certainly to the exclusion of worthy causes and activities, then I gently suggest that you might need to take an unflinching look at your true motivations. If you don't, you will find that you wasted valuable time disguising your hatred and prejudice as "concern". When the dust settles, you will have wasted your one precious lesbian life fighting for the lives of people who are NOT LESBIANS. Does that seem wise?

  6. I'm against misogyny, period. Nothing is more worthy than women, particularly lesbian women. And if some women werent "obsessed" with women's right neither of us would be speaking to each other here and now.

    Your own admitted obsession speaks volumes as well as the fact that you felt the need to come here and tell me personally how happy you are.


  7. @June 23, 2013 at 5:08 AM

    ......brilliant...thank you

  8. I never knew transition was possible and then once I did, I was fucking pissed. You go around your whole life having people tell you that you want to be a man, but they've *never* said it in a nice way. So you deny it because admitting it would make you feel pathetic, deficient, faulty. It would give other people control over your truth. You develop a hard shell, an overly-defended "love" for your femaleness that *never* rings true. So when I saw people transitioning, people who never even came close to the kind of natural masculinity I thought I had, I was cut to the quick. I thought they looked great. Handsome. Strong. I retreated to my basement apartment to fall into depression for years.
    I said transition was reckless, selfish, a bid for popularity, a demonstration of weakness. I said they were afraid to be gay, that a misogynistic society couldn't be ruled out as a cause. I said the butches were gonna die out, I said only short dykes wanted to be be more masculine and powerful, I said they were too young to know who they were. I said they couldn't be what they are not. I said butch masculinity was more "interesting". I said they were gonna die young. I wished them ill. I policed their words for signals that they were pressuring me to transition but I wanted their attention too. I hated them. I couldn't stop thinking about them. Ever.

    The deepest, *most* calcified, scarred-over and denied pain in my life was being tapped into and I was not going to go gently. This pain was being admitted, discussed, processed by people who were younger and more emotionally resilient than I was. I was torn open. Left holding the bag-full of untruths that no one was willing to carry with me anymore.
    The poison I spread during those years never directly came back to haunt me. Only the memory of my own internal hatred haunts me. My community never called me out. If I hurt anyone, I hurt
    myself more.

    My predictions never came true. Nobody got sick or died. As my obsessive anger and hatred circled in on me, all the trans people I knew were just living their lives. Like humans. Going to school, falling in love, getting jobs...moving on. I realized I got duped. I fell for hatred...again. After learning so much about feminism, racism, classism. After knowing exactly what it is that causes people to treat others as subhuman, such as trying to tell others' truth *for* them, or believing you know what is better for others. I fucking fell for that shit because I could not accept the giant task ahead of me. I couldn't bear the risk of losing my family and my community for the crime of being who I am. I couldn't risk the disappointment I'd feel about being rejected. But I could no longer bear the weight of lying to myself, in an increasingly frenetic and circular way. I could have been a great ally to your cause...except that I wasn't worth shit to anyone in that state. This is a cautionary tale. Don't waste your own time.

  9. "When the dust settles, you will have wasted your one precious lesbian life fighting for the lives of people who are NOT LESBIANS. Does that seem wise?"

    This and other websites are NOT just about lesbians. I could care less if these 14 and 15 year old girls in the "pre-everything" FTM Intro youtube videos grow up to be lesbian, straight, or bisexual. I care about them mutilating their bodies and taking "T" because everyone else is doing it.

    "When the dust settles, you will have wasted your one precious lesbian life fighting for the lives of people who are NOT LESBIANS. Does that seem wise?"

    When the dust settles, people will look back at "top surgery", "bottom surgery, and "T" as just another form of the culturally prescribed mutilation of the female anatomy. It's only been going on for a thousand years.

    When the dust settles, people will look back at puberty suppressing drugs and the eugenics of gender non-conforming children as something monstrous.

  10. What is odd to me is that for women in menopause (or surgically induced menopause) we are told that there are all these risks of cancer and blood clots, strokes etc.

    I'm not clear on how safe these hormones are for young bodies (and then later older ones)


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