Why I HAVEN'T Transitioned by J.G.

Dear Dirt,

I very much enjoy your blog, and I found your question interesting.  Why haven't I transitioned?

Well, this whole trans thing is a bit new on the scene.  I have never understood the craze over elective surgery of any kind, even plastic surgery.

What is interesting about the trans craze, is that it seems to be about women not feeling they are fully women within a butch context. I have never been feminine, have disliked the sexist programming of this, and find hyper-femininity kind of horrifying to be around.

Lesbians can define our world, and I was shaped by radical lesbian feminism. My ideal was to be a powerful self, free of sex role stereotypes. You don't need to cut up your body to express yourself.  I am perfectly at home in tailored suits, crisp white shirts, and a straightforward look. I have no ability to present myself in a feminine manner, find it odd, and I am fine with myself.

I've given talks at Fortune 500 corporations, have traveled widely, and my dress is simple, butch and completely me. Sure, I face a lot of butch hostility out in the world, but I really don't care. I do not aim to please, male please or sex conform outside who I really am.

To me, it is the power of the inner life that goes out into the world. I am a proud non-gender conforming lesbian, and I am proud of the word lesbian. I am not queer, I am not the alphabet soup.

This whole idea of lesbians wanting to cut up their bodies to transition is medically dangerous and socially unnecessary. I love women deeply, find that my lesbian self is perfectly attractive to women, and that the power of myself keeps me fully alive in the world.

It is heaven to be a butch, and to walk confidently in a woman hating world. Men leave me alone, I can go anywhere, and if people misgender me, it really is their inability to see past the hyper-femininity of the media and the degrading images forced on women.

There is no reason for any lesbian who is a butch, and wants to be this to cut up her body. That is the patriarchy in all its medical craziness. We need to tell young women that hey, we love you just as you are, and that you don't have to pretend to be something you are not, just because the media sexualizes women.

I strongly object to the sexualization and commodification of the female body. I don't find it attractive at all, and find I see butch women as the most desirable in every way.

Be yourself and others will love you!
-- J.G.


  1. Thank you J.G. for this beautiful post. It touched my heart.

  2. Awesome post J.G.!


  3. Great. Love to hear women testify to being butch, lesbian and proud! Love it. I have also always found butch women to be the most attractive & it would be heaven to be with one who felt that way about herself. A butch woman that carries herself with that confident yet open quality makes this femme's knees go weak and her heart thump!

  4. Very powerful, J.G. You rock! *high five*



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