Transwoman Murders Transman

Women who are murdered have been and remain murdered primarily by men, usually males they have known personally/intimately. Despite the incessant din chanted from Trans voices about trans people being gender role breakers, we are continually reminded by sad cases such as these, that "the vase reconstructed/houses the elusive rose." In less Plath poetics, changing sex appearance, doesnt change sex roles/natures. So regardless of the "sex changes" this man and woman made, the all too familiar case of man kills woman then kills self played out in perfect patriarchal violence against woman form.

I watched this video last night of "roman", the trans female who was murdered by her trans male neighbor/friend (lover?) made by her a few months ago. In it she seems poignantly hopeful for the future, despite painfully referring to her lesbian ex who left her when she transitioned and who is now happy with a new lesbian lover and yet despite other hardships she had endured in the recent past. But thanks to the brutal mortal violence committed against her by a man, regardless of his transwomanness, that future and anything good it might have held is now over.

We can only be reminded of the old adage the more things change, the more things stay the same, including male violence against women.



  1. Below is the email I sent to the I'm offended by the title of the article because it was a man who pulled the trigger.

    Dear Spokesman:

    This email is in response to the article entitled, "Woman killed neighbor before shooting self, police believe" that appeared on the website. I find the title of this article highly offensive in that it is technically inaccurate because David J. Andrews is a biological male. Moreover, I'm offended by the shameless appropriation of the word woman. This article makes a mockery out of the all too common real life violence experienced by females. Although in the process of "transitioning", Bailey is still a biological female. Perhaps the title should have said "Transwoman killed neighbor before shooting self" instead of "Woman" because, contrary to what trans activists say, most people still view females as women. I'm a female, and my thoughts, feelings, and opinions also count because allegedly a "woman" is involved in killing "herself" and "her" neighbor. No such event occurred, and I'm ashamed of the free press for disregarding accurate reporting for the sake of mind numbing political correctness.

    First of all, my heart goes out to the families, and may these two individuals rest in peace. It is truly a sad tragedy. I had trouble even reading this article because of the way the author kept switching "he" and "she" around like pronoun musical chairs. I have to admit that it makes for very confusing reading. The reader had to re-read every paragraph to make sense of it all. It's as if the Spokesman intentionally wanted to torture the reader by making him or her follow this complicated maze of politically correct pronouns.

  2. Email to continued...

    According to this article, Bailey's death is being investigated as a homicide. As a female, I don't like my sex being associated with a possible homicide. I find this highly offensive. Don't blame women for something that a man did. It's not fair to females. A woman didn't pull the trigger. The transgender community is so sensitive to horrid improper pronoun use, but I am equally offended by the title of this article, "Woman killed neighbor before shooting self, police believe". Unless people carefully read the entire article, and closely follow the confusing pronoun maze, it appears that a woman killed her neighbor. No, the person allegedly doing the shooting is a biological male who fathered a child, and was once married to a woman. Biological males are often called men. It's really shouldn't be that complicated. I'm extremely offended by the improper use of pronouns as well as the title of this article. Violence against women is being intentionally twisted into some kind of Orwellian mind game. Follow the confusing pronoun maze, or risk being labeled transphobic. It's so sad and rather pathetic to see the press being mentally whipped into surreal, bewildering politically correct submission.

    By the way, if David J. Andrews really killed himself and Bailey, he is not the first transgender man to kill a woman close to him. Simple because he identifies as transgender or wears a skirt doesn't mean that he isn't capable of violence against women. I wish the transgender community would simply stop this lying charade because it's a fact that biological males who identify as transgender have been convicted of murdering and raping females. Are transgender identified males more prone to violence than other males? No, they are not, and no one is saying they are. It's the fact that they are still male that is the issue, and all the crime statistics clearly show that males are involved in more violent crime. Convicted transgender murderers Michelle (Robert) Kosilek, and Kenneth Hunt aka Ketheena Soneeya have even sued the states imprisoning them for hair removal, female hormones, and sex reassignment surgery while incarcerated for murder. Their victims were female. I guess it goes like this. Violence against women is too common place to merit any serious attention, but improper use of pronouns causes the transgender community to fly into a fevered frenzy. It's a human tragedy that David J. Andrews took his own life, but he didn't have to take Bailey's life as well. I know that Bailey might have identified as transgender, but she, or rather he, was born female. I don't mean to disrespect Bailey. Violence against the female sex is ancient, and no amount of contrived, confusing, politically correct transgender proper pronoun usage will ever change this harsh and brutal reality. Rest in peace Bailey. Man kills woman. Nothing new here.

  3. This is the contact information for the spokesman. Email the editor.

    I think they should immediately change the title of this article "Woman killed neighbor before shooting self, police believe" because a woman didn't kill Roman (Bailey). What woman are they talking about? Stop insulting my sex by calling this deranged male a woman. Please send a email to the spokesman and tell them to change the title of the article because it makes it look as if a woman did the actual killing.

    Again, no disrespect to Roman (Bailey).

  4. I don't believe males who murder or rape women, or molest girls should be called women. They don't deserve this honor. This makes me very upset. It's kind of like a Nazi torturing or killing Jewish people, and then saying, "I'm Jewish too...stop disrespecting me". Or, “I’ve always felt Jewish inside (pick your ethnic or religious group)”. It's kind of like a hooded KKK guy claiming that he "feels black inside" after he lynches someone. I know people might not like what I’m saying, but what Sherri (Richard) Masbruch did to two women could be construed as torture. Transgender male Sherri Masbruch sadistically shocked two women with an electrical cord before raping them. The vast majority of violent crimes carried out on the female sex are committed by males. Murdering or raping women is not bad enough. Now, some males who rape or murder women, or molest girls are stealing the identity of women. It kind of feels like killing or raping the woman twice. Apparently, men can do anything they want to girls and women, and then claim that they are of the female sex. It’s maddening to me, and it’s an insult to every female crime victim. There are countless numbers of female crime victims. Violence against women is so common place that it’s taken for granted.

    Ronny Edward Darnell

    HELENA, Okla. — A convicted rapist who claims he should have been born a woman wants the state to pay for laser hair removal, hormones and counseling as part of the transition from male to female.
    Darnell, 44, an inmate at James Crabtree Correctional Center in Helena, claims to have gender identity disorder, which is characterized by an overwhelming sense by those afflicted that they would be happier if they were the opposite sex.

    In his suit, the inmate claims his constitutional rights are being violated by the state prison system. He says by not providing him with hormone treatments, laser hair removal, counseling and assisting him with a name change, the Corrections Department is subjecting him to cruel and unusual punishment.
    Darnell, who was convicted in 2005 of repeatedly raping a 13-year-old girl in 1997 in Kay County and sentenced to 50 years, is not seeking money and doesn’t mention any surgical procedures in his handwritten suit. He does, however, request to be seen by a “transgender specialist.”

    “They are denying me any kind of medical treatment at all for my serious medical need,” Darnell wrote in the suit. “I am a female, not a male. I was just born in the wrong body.”


  5. I knew Roman Bailey and he was a good guy. I did not know Reena.

    Roman will be missed by the Spokane comunity. We lost a friend.

    We still have not heard a motive other than personal tensions between the two.

    god rest thier souls

  6. I'm sorry for your loss CL.


  7. thanks Lynn

    Other than the trans thing I bet you would have liked Roman.


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