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Its is a statistical fact per the medical community and female transitioners themselves, that nearly 100% of all females who transition began transition as lesbians. When I first understood/admitted to myself that I was a lesbian, I climbed the highest ladder leading to the highest diving board and dove in. I submerged myself in all things lesbian. Lesbian her/story, lesbian art, lesbian music, lesbian literature, lesbian poetry, writers, poets, musicians and artists who were lesbian. Lesbian. Lesbian. Lesbian. And somewhere between all that and my own feelings, I arrived at what I believed and still believe a lesbian relationship entails. There is a line from Ferron's song Our Purpose Here that has always summed up perfectly to me lesbian relationships "It's a woman's dream this autonomy/Where the lines connect/
And the points stay free." 

It is incredibly sad that every female who will proceed (recede?) into transition will never get to experience the depth from where that line pointedly connects, existing only between lesbians, nor the limitless frontiers existing simultaneously. It is this regret that I have heard most often from lesbians who transition. How many many times have we heard female transitioners say their first trans highs of "passing" were coupled with a sharp pain because it coincided when lesbians began looking right past them as if they didnt exist. Single though I may be, I couldnt imagine a future were that possibility no longer existed, that would be death, more than the death that will one day put me in the ground.

Female Transition: Where lesbian love takes a permanent holiday.



  1. I'm sorry for the loss of your "culture".

  2. My comment had to do with something you said in your post. It was my opinion. Yet you deleted it. Do you not want people to express their opinions?

    Where's the source for that statistic you gave? If you don't have a source then I don't believe it.

  3. So ur suggesting the female transitioners by large are autogynephile and just lie about being lesbians from their earliest memories?


  4. I've never met, or even heard of, any female transitioners who weren't lesbians. Now, it is true that after high doses of T flood and transform a woman's body and mind, she may start sleeping with men, but prior to the T poisoning, they were attracted to other females solely.

  5. @Anon 6:06 PM

    Seriously...? Female to trans folks (only using that term so Dirt won't delete this...) that are attracted and remain so to men throughout transition do exist.

    I'm a pre-T trans person and have never identified as a lesbian nor ever felt an attraction towards any female. I've only ever dated men. If I chose not to transition I would be perceived as a straight female.

  6. Ur the exception, not the rule. And as this is clearly about lesbians, kindly take your clearly straight privilege elsewhere.


  7. "Its is a statistical fact per the medical community and female transitioners themselves, that nearly 100% of all females who transition began transition as lesbians."

    Dirt, I don't know if it's 100%, but I would say it has to be somewhere around 80 to 90%. Maybe it’s around 70 to 80%, but I don’t know. All I know is that there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that it is happening. I noticed that you said "nearly 100%". With all the females "transitioning" that I've known, or read about, it's nearly 100%. After listening to youtube video after youtube video ad nauseum, many of these girls might not identify as lesbian, but if we listen carefully, they will say that they have a girlfriend, or like girls. Doesn’t saying that they primarily prefer girls mean lesbian? Chaz Bozo even wrote a book about coming out as a lesbian before she magically, through the process of “transitioning”, became a straight man. Thomas Betie, the “pregnant man” trans was involved with a woman before she became a “man”. Of course, legally changing her sex didn’t stop her from having three babies AFTER she legally changed her sex. Because of the legal name change, the “pregnant man” trans was allowed to marry the woman she had a relationship with. It's much easier for them to say that they are a guy or “man” than a lesbian. Also, it allows the women they are involved with to say to themselves that they really aren’t lesbian either. The “lez” or dyke label terrifies many girls and women. I find it rather offensive and disingenuous to pretend that this isn’t happening. Biological females who “transition” step up in social standing for two obvious reasons. They no longer have to identify as woman, or as lesbian. And, the women they are partnered with don’t have to admit to themselves that they are, in fact, in a sexual relationship with a woman. She is really trans, or a “guy”, so I’m really not a lesbian, dyke, or lez after all.

  8. I'm sorry for the loss of your "culture".

    Homosexuality is as old as human kind itself, and has been observed in primates as well as mammals. While gender non-conformity, or people who stepped outside of the boundaries of sex stereotypes and roles appear to have always existed, actual sex reassignment surgery ("top surgery", "bottom surgery", cross gender hormones, etc.) represents a tiny dot on the extremely long time line of human history. Gender non-conformity has been called a lot of things throughout history, and "transgender" is as much of a socially constructed identity as lesbian. Indeed, Sappho is a lot older than puberty suppressing drugs or "top surgery". We are talking about thousands of years. How long has "top surgery" or the special "T" been around.

    I'm so sorry that "transitioning" (puberty suppressing drugs, "top surgery", "T", etc.) represents a tiny dot on the human time line of history. Perhaps the main reason that transgender has tried to co-opt everything that it has come into contact with is because they have no history of their own. Again, people have always stepped outside the boundaries of traditional sex roles, but they weren't always called transgender.

  9. I'm sorry for the loss of your "culture".

    "I would much rather see my daughter grow up to be a trans man and receive the respect that comes from being a man, rather than be steered into becoming a carpet muncher and someone who gets absolutely no respect in our society."

    I'm sorry for the loss of your "culture".

    No, they aren’t the least bit sorry because they don’t care. People need to understand what is going on. The transgender community could care less if lesbian identity is erased from the face of the earth. I’m convinced that they know full well it’s going on, but they don’t care. It’s as simple as that, and the sooner people realize this, and accept what is happening, the better off we will be.
    I pose this question to the reader.
    Who benefits when female and lesbian identity is erased? I ask the reader to carefully think about this for a long time. Who has more social status and privilege? Is it males of females? Who is more likely to experience discrimination? Is it a heterosexual woman or a lesbian? Lesbians are told all their lives that they really should be straight, or at least say that they are bisexual. Considering the mind numbing oppression and constant subtle and non to subtle messages that we receive from society, it’s a miracle lesbians have managed to survive.

  10. I'm sorry for the loss of your "culture".

    I’m assuming that this individual is talking about lesbians, but this could also apply to gay men as well. After all, some of the little boys given puberty suppressing drugs for “gender identity disorder” might one day grow up to be gay men if they aren’t surgically altered to appear female. Boys a tad on the effeminate side are allowed to exist as long as they are surgically/chemically altered to appear female. I’m sure all the gay men in Iran who have been coerced into sex reassignment surgery (the government of Iran will help pay for sex reassignment surgery, but homosexuality is punishable by death) feel sadness and anguish at the loss of their culture. They are males, born male, who have to get surgically altered to appear female before they can have sex with another man. From what I’ve read, the Iranian government will even help with the legal change of sex. Sorry, for the loss of their “culture” too.

    I'm sorry for the loss of your "culture".

    The process of biological females "transitioning" isn't just about losing lesbian identity provided the female is primarily attracted to women. It actually erases female identity itself. FTM stands for "female" to "male" in that a female is being replaced by male identity. I've always argued that erasing female identity is a feminist issue in and of itself. Of course, people will say that these were "men trapped in women's bodies" to begin with. Are we so sure of ourselves that we can say with all certainty that this is true in every case?

  11. Last I heard, it was about 50 percent attracted to female\ 50 percent attracted to males.

    There's Stephen Ira- likes men.
    There's a British ftm who started as a model, likes men and is now a professional drag queen. Fully transitioned.
    If transitioning is a symptom of mysogyny, it makes sense that most are what you would call hetero, since most people are hetero.

  12. Last I heard, it was about 50 percent attracted to female\ 50 percent attracted to males.

    There's Stephen Ira- likes men.
    There's a British ftm who started as a model, likes men and is now a professional drag queen. Fully transitioned.

    If transitioning is a symptom of mysogyny, it makes sense that most are what you would call hetero, since most people are hetero.

    From what I've observed it's more like 70 to 80%. It could be lower. At any rate, the main point is this. No matter how way we look at it, lesbian identity is lost, and the transgender community sees no problem with this at all. All they say is things like, "I'm sorry for the loss of your 'culture'" which is asinine and utterly homophobic/lesbian phobic. Notice how they put culture in quotations. We are only fooling ourselves if we believe that they actually care. I'm not that dense or naïve enough to believe otherwise. If this person honestly thinks that there is nothing inherently misogynistic and homophobic/lesbian phobic about erasing lesbian identity, then he or she is either ignorant, lives in a dream world of delusions and fantasies, or deliberately chooses to ignore the obvious.

    Researchers have known for some time that many gender non-conforming children, if left alone, grow up to be gay men or lesbians. That is, unless they are surgically/chemically altered so that the tomboys are now straight "men" instead of lesbians. It just seems too convenient to me.

    "For example, in a 2008 study psychologist Kelley Drummond and her colleagues interviewed 25 adult women who were referred by their parents for assessment at a mental health clinic when they were between three and 12 years old. At the time, all these girls had several diagnostic indicators of gender identity disorder. They might have strongly preferred male playmates, insisted on wearing boys' clothing, favored rough-and-tumble play, stated that they would eventually grow a penis or refused to urinate in a sitting position. Although only 12 percent of these women grew up to be gender dysphoric (the uncomfortable sense that your biological sex does not match your gender), the odds of these women reporting a bisexual or homosexual orientation were up to 23 times higher than would occur in a general sample of young women. Not all tomboys become lesbians, of course, but these data suggest that lesbians often have a history of cross-sex-typed behaviors.

    And the same holds for gay men. Bailey and Zucker, who conducted a retrospective study in which adults answered questions about their past, revealed that 89 percent of randomly sampled gay men recalled cross-sex-typed childhood behaviors exceeding the heterosexual median.

    Critics have argued that participants' memories may be distorted to fit with societal expectations and stereotypes. But in a clever study published in 2008in Developmental Psychology, evidence from childhood home videos validated this retrospective method. People blindly coded child targets on the latter's sex-typical behaviors, as shown on the screen. The authors found that “those targets who, as adults, identified themselves as homosexual were judged to be gender nonconforming as children.”

    Numerous studies have since replicated this general pattern, revealing a strong link between childhood deviations from gender role norms and adult sexual orientation. There is also evidence of a “dosage effect”: the more gender-nonconforming characteristics there are in childhood, the more likely it is that a homosexual or bisexual orientation will be present in adulthood."

    Researchers have found childhood gender nonconformity to be the largest predictor of homosexuality in adulthood.

    By Rieger, Gerulf; Linsenmeier, Joan A. W.; Gygax, Lorenz; Bailey, J. Michael

    Developmental Psychology, Vol 44(1), Jan 2008, 46-58.


  13. If transitioning is a symptom of mysogyny,...

    I want to restrict my comments to biological females who "transition". By female, I mean all females not just the ones who are attracted to women. I've repeatedly said this, but I'll keep saying it until hopefully it sinks in. How can the erasing of female identity not be a feminist issue? One of the most frustrating points of contention with the transgender community I have is that they simply refuse to acknowledge that sexism and misogyny exists, or has ever existed. Has such a society or culture ever existed? I don't think so. Biological females step up in social status and privilege by "transitioning" and dropping female identity? if they legally change their sex after "transitioning" (surgery and testosterone), for all practical purposes, this is the loss of female identity.

    In a world in which there are 163 million missing girls because girls are so devalued that they aren't even allowed to come into this world, what does losing female identity mean?

    How will future historians view "top surgery" and "bottom surgery"? This is a very good question because the mutilation of the female body has taken many forms throughout history. Indeed, it never goes out of style, and only morphs into some other form, fad, trend, or fashion. If we are wrong about biological females "transitioning", it looks like a form of female genital mutilation.

    As to females who "transition", there is no objective way to completely separate internalized misogyny and everything that it entails from "gender dyshphoria".

    It's interesting to note that FTM "transitioning" (testosterone, "top surgery", etc.) increased about the same time that second wave feminism was declining.

  14. this woman is just like right-wing Tea Party. Why don't you leave them alone and express themselves. You are an oppressor and need to mind your own business.

    Hate me all you want for letting out my opinion and hate me that i am a man, the sex M and gender M. Bye now.

  15. What a bunch of sad delusional souls. I pity all of you who feel you have to lie and make up false statistics to get a point across.

    In the short and long term, that will do more to paint a sad picture about you all than it will the people you are looking to erase.

  16. To all the girls in the videos:

    You are beautiful just the way you are.

  17. What a bunch of sad delusional souls. I pity all of you who feel you have to lie and make up false statistics to get a point across.

    (1.) Historically, we know that there have been instances, or periods in time in which "transitioning" (sex reassignment surgery, hormones) has been used to erase gay and lesbian identity. It could still in occurring in Iran whereby gay men are coerced into sex reassignment surgery. Do people have exact and precise statistics? No, I don't imagine they do. However, there are credible sources that say it has happened, and probably is till occurring.

    The Iranian government's "solution" for homosexuality is to endorse, and fully pay for, sex reassignment surgery. The leader of Iran's Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, issued a fatwa declaring sex reassignment surgery permissible for "diagnosed transsexuals." Eshaghian's documentary, Be Like Others, chronicles a number of stories of Iranian gay men who feel transitioning is the only way to avoid further persecution, jail and/or execution. The head of Iran's main transsexual organization, Maryam Khatoon Molkara—who convinced Khomeini to issue the fatwa on transsexuality—confirmed that some people who undergo operations are gay rather than transsexual.

    "Eshaghian decided she had to interview some of those involved in this gender-reassignment program. The result is a devastating documentary called "Be Like Others". Shot in verité style, the film captures the pain and brutality of a regime that is pushing sex-change operations as the path to a final solution to homosexuality.... What her film reveals is a culture so steeped in hatred of gays and lesbians that it deems a sex change preferable to simply accepting differences in sexual orientation."

    Iran's gay plan- A documentary looks at Iran's heartbreaking "solution" to homosexuality

    Perhaps in western countries we are more subtle in fixing our tomboys (think butch lesbian), or sissie boys (think limp wristed fag). Could it be that through puberty suppressing drugs started even before adolescence, testosterone at age sixteen etc. we engage in a more refined and less obvious form of gay and lesbian eugenics? Is it possible that some parents are willing to jump on the trans band wagon as a way to assuage their fears at having a future effeminate gay man, or a butch lesbian daughter.

    "I would much rather see my daughter grow up to be a trans man and receive the respect that comes from being a man, rather than be steered into becoming a carpet muncher and someone who gets absolutely no respect in our society."

  18. (2.) Researchers have know for some time that many gender non-conforming children eventually grow up to be gay or lesbian. Most of the teenage girls in the youtube videos would probably have just been called tomboys twenty years ago. Now, they are starting to talk about "T" and "top surgery" at age six-teen. These girls get to avoid being called lesbian by becoming "men". They step up in social standing by the fact that they no longer to have to identity as women, or as lesbian.

    Most children with gender dysphoria will not remain gender dysphoric after puberty. Children with persistent GID are characterized by more extreme gender dysphoria in childhood than children with desisting gender dysphoria. With regard to sexual orientation, the most likely outcome of childhood GID is homosexuality or bisexuality.

    There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that "transitioning" is being used to erase lesbian identity. Do we have exact numbers? No, we don't, but the transgender community can't prove one way or another that it isn't happening. Every lesbian I know knows at least one lesbian who "transitioned", or is talking about "T", or wanting to "transition

  19. What a bunch of sad delusional souls. I pity all of you who feel you have to lie and make up false statistics to get a point across.

    (1.) The transgender community isn't being completely honest about puberty suppressing drugs that are given to children. Does it have precise statistics on how they are being used, whether or not they are necessary, or whether or not they are even ethical?

    (2.) Most of the girls in the youtube videos are already talking about "T". When can I go on "T", I get my first shot of "T", I've been six weeks, six months on "T", etc, etc. Isn't it strange that people make videos of their first shot of a prescription drug as if it's a birthday party, some cause for celebration, or a rite of passage. People injecting insulin don't glamorize it, or make videos of their first shot of insulin. They don't say, "Today I got my first shot of "I". The transgender community isn't being honest when it says that it doesn't promote "T". It promotes "T" just like it promotes breast binding. Whether or not they admit it, the transgender community can't prove one way or another whether or not the girls and women who want "T" are being influenced by everything they see online, or whether or not it's "gender dysphoria".

    (3.) The transgender community isn't being honest when it says on one hand that it doesn't promote or encourage breast binding, then gives away free used binders to girls under the age of 21. They know full well that breast binding for long periods of time can mis-align the ribs, but gives away free binders to teenage girls.

  20. What a bunch of sad delusional souls. I pity all of you who feel you have to lie and make up false statistics to get a point across.

    Which is worse:

    (1.)Knowing something is happening, having good reason and several examples of it occurring, but not having the precise statistics on how many cases have occurred.

    (2.)Suggesting that a woman get her healthy breasts cut off which, by the way, she later lived to regret having had them lopped off...

    ..sorry about the double bad!

    Dr Richard Curtis: transsexual doctor faces investigation

    "Dr Richard Curtis, who was born Vanda Zadorozny, but had a sex change in 2005, is being investigated by the General Medical Council, after at least three separate complaints.

    The London-based GP is accused of prescribing sex change hormones “to several patients” that were not appropriate and also ignoring restrictions placed on his practice.

    In one case reportedly under investigation by the GMC, the doctors’ regulator, a woman complained she regretted undergoing treatment, which included having a double mastectomy and taking hormones.

    In another case, it was alleged Dr Curtis prescribed sex change drugs to patients under 18, without the specialist knowledge or skills to do so.

    It is alleged that Dr Curtis, who provides private treatment to patients pursuing “gender reassignment”, failed to follow accepted standards of care."

    I pity all of you who feel you have to lie and make up false statistics to get a point across.

    Ask the woman who took the advice of Dr. Curtis, transgender physician what she thinks.

  21. What a bunch of sad souls who got suckered into all the house of Lies and scams the Trans have played to these people. It's why those who get sucked into the trans vortex never come out the same again.

  22. I find it inexpressibly sad that these young girls hate themselves so much. They don't know that everybody goes through teenage/young adult angst, and that most people grow out of it.

    What's wrong with these girls' parents anyway? Why do they let their daughters do this terrible thing?

  23. I believe that transgender individuals exist, have always existed, and will exist for as long as there is variance in the genders of humans. I don't think any transgender individual or group should be held responsible for the "loss" of any other identity or culture. Our bodies do not *belong* to your identity any more than yours belong to hetersexual men and you share the same shitty paradigm with those men. They fear you will destroy their culture just by being who you are. Sound familiar? I think the idea that a sexual preference or gender can comprise a whole identity is sad anyway. How can you claim these kids "would have been lesbians" when some of them are not even experiencing sexual attraction before they start questioning their gender or how they would like to present physically? Obviously you are outraged, but you have no right to our bodies. You should probably channel your energy into actually helping *women*- there are plenty out there needing help. Meanwhile, most of these kids will be utterly confused by your protestations. Why would a bunch of old lesbians be picking on a bunch of young transpeople? The only thing wrong with these kids lives is you.

  24. @ I believe--It is a free country and I believe “trans” does not exit. That it is just as valid as people who “believe” they were kidnapped by aliens, taken to the mother ship and then had their reproductive organs probed and prodded, with glowing silver rods. In fact I may believe alien abduction more. These young girls are not a tool to use in your delusion. And since you ask Dirt I would as you, why would some tranny hanging out in his parents basement ogling himself be qualified to speak in anyway about young girls? Grab your astro glide and get back to posting pics of yourself on sad sack sights. Ms. Dirt is preforming a service. Mothers check her site, teachers and those who actually give a rat’s ass about girls in our culture. Please don't make up crap. There is no historical precedent in all of recorded history—not from the Hebrews, nor the Greeks or any other civilization that had writing—all the only historical support is for the homosexual and the lesbian--nothing notes a bunch of pathological Cross Dressers. That's made up history, to go along with the refuted science, and augment the sad stories of fake oppression. And while all that is repugnant the most vile is that trans are willing to use kids to justify their hard-on for themselves in high heals and lipstick—really below contempt.

    I can promise the last thing Dirt wants is your body because it comes with your mind, that twisted thing. You are free to live however you like, which includes dress and food and mannerism—but women are free to hold you in contempt. Your identity is yours, name yourself whatever but don’t expect that women have to respect it. Parents and educators are putting the word out—Trans equals insanity, mutilation and possibly death. And somehow I suspect that you are neither a parent or an educator so save the jender crap for you fellows. You are out of your league. No such thing as Trans—a sad fad.

  25. Did people get a chance to watch this video?

    I hope the medical community is watching. Why is this girl with the medium length black hair on "T". Wait, I guess it's the "gender dysphoria".

    "He is going to give the shot to himself after he gets the joint started."

    Smoking the pot and shooting the "T"...
    Smoking the pot might be better for her health than the "T" which requires a prescription. Pot doesn't have to be injected. Testosterone in pill form is hard on the liver, so this is one reason it's injected. Please watch the video, because she acts as if it's all a joke, giggling while she is video taped.

    The "he" has long hair, and doesn't look at all that masculine to me.

    This is one of my favorite videos of life with "T". How can anyone watch this video and not come away thinking that this is nothing more than a joke, and the improper use of prescription injectable drugs. The doctors who prescribe "T" need to watch this video.

  26. I volunteer at a youth center for LGBT kids and thier allies.

    Young lesbians are about 50% of the centers demographic. Which is constantly evolving as the kids self report identity.
    FTM are no more than 5%.
    (we see alot of females in the center)

    There is no pressure to transition FTM, that I am seeing. I do see some social benifits evolving for the pansexual in their circles, and a drift in that direction in our kids slowly as an organism.

    As for the sexualities of these ftm we do have, they are about 80% gynophilic and 10% androphilic and 10% bisexual. (I am having to go from memory and think of all the kids who have aged out.)

    A goodly percentage (damn I wish I had my demographics in front of me!) are pansexual/bisexual identified. And this demographic is ever increaseing as our kids change over time.

    If anything we are seeing a migration in females from lesbian identities to pansexual/bisexual identities. It happens over a period of time. They (lesbian kids) typically come in their first day with a girlfriend and a strong lesbian identity. Mainly what seems to happen is these young lesbians eventualy break up with their girlfriend and eventualy start experimenting with our young queer boys (who are almost all bisexual) and they discover they are actually bisexual/pansexual.
    Their peers are mainly queer girls, and the handful of queer boys who hang out at the center are nothing like the alpha/beta male assholes they encounter in school. They discover that perhaps they are not lesbain and are indeed bisexual.

    Anyways...yes, there is a slow erasure of lesbian identities over time. But typicaly it is to a queer or bisexual identity. Very few of our young women at the center are transitioning to male.

    It is a queer thing.

  27. Interesting testimony from someone with their boots on the ground. Would it be better for us not to have to identify as anything? It seems our precious identities are only defined by the opposition to them. If there is no pressure against being with males sexually, the lesbians will lose many more. I'm more interested in the quality of a person's character than I am in who they love or what they look like. I'm not interested in preserving cultures that resort to bullying and isolation to preserve their numbers. It's my opinion that good character does not get built by caving to any kind of pressure. I take full responsibility for my decision to transition 11 years ago and I have no regrets. In regards to the ignorant bad-speller who suggested I am living in my parent's basement, taking selfies or whatever- I'm married, with an excellent career and an amazing group of friends. I don't post videos or pics of my transition, nor do I encourage anyone to transition. I don't need anyone to be like me to be in my community. It matters not at all what you believe regarding transpeople.

  28. I'm not interested in preserving cultures that resort to bullying and isolation to preserve their numbers.

    Transactivist Anthony Casebeer and Monica Roberts who calls women "fish" joke about bashing the head of a lesbian with a baseball bat. This really happened, and this is why trans activist Casebeer resigned.

    ".....You are such a weak little old hag of a bitch. Get raped by a bunch of niggers you old crow."

    "You made this story up you fucking ugly OVER-THE-HILL sagging tits, fat ass ugly repulsive CUNT. You're just jealous that you're OLD AS HELL and can NEVER EVER transition successfully the way us young dudes do! We are the men you can never, ever be. Medical science, nanotechnology and genetic engineering is advancing in ways your tiny female, estrogen-dominant gossipy female brain can NEVER imagine. CUNT. And being 25 I will reap the benefits and you will just be a corpse. You're not even masculine, this shit you're doing here is totally female...gossipy manipulative psychological warfare. Why don't you take your fat, over-sized, child-bearing hips sagging cottage cheese ass back in the kitchen and cook your disgusting wrinkled, obese crew-cut trainwreck you call a "girlfriend" another Swanson dinner you useless OLD HAG. KNOW YOUR PLACE and stop treading on us. Stupid useless cunt. No wonder there is so much's because of bitches like you. Suck a fat one and get AIDS".


    "I hope you die in a fire."

    Transgender Jonathan Reid “Aeryn” Fulton (aka Aerynxv aka aeryn rebeka fulton aka aeryn reid aka aeryn rebeka fulton-chesnavich) comments before he was booted from youtube.

    "EPIC ass-whipping coming your way Nicky. You are sooooo screwed. Shall I meet you at dunkin donuts? I’ll just watch your twitter and see where you are. This is going to be fun. It’s been a long time in coming. BTW I have it on good authority Cathy Brennan will have a terrible accident at this year’s dyke march. THAT”S been a long time coming to. I want your ipod as a trophy. I will get it. See you soon, sweetumz!

    DIAF. All radical feminists will pay a terrible price. 2013 is going to be apocalyptic. We are so done with words. “Making a list, checking it twice, bringing some comeuppance wont that be nice? Planting radfems deep in the ground”.

    If I threaten to eviserate Gallus Mag, and she presses charges, under USA law I have the right to face my accuser. Thus, I will know her identity. Autumn Sandeen is offering $10k for that info.

    This year we are taking Michfest down. 2013 is the year of transequality. Suck it, Brennan! See you at the dyke march.

    I want you all to realize, I’m; the ultimate Libertarian.If you are cool with me, I’m cool with you. IF NOT, LEAVE ME and MINE alone, or I will harm you. Violence is always an option, and I have studied to dispense violence all my life.

    We trans womyn have to battle for our very right to exist and transition against hordes of Fascist JaniceRaymondiod lesbian bulldyke 2nd wave radfems. We do NOT appreciate self-loathing little boyz taking up for the trans-exterminationist diesel dyke crowd. If you come to terms with taking a man as your ex partner, you too can avoid chasing nasty cis-woman coochie and free yourself from cis-woman mind-fuckkery!

  29. "There is no pressure to transition FTM, that I am seeing."

    Perhaps this individual hasn't noticed a pressure to "transition", but I have seen it personally, and the internet is flooded with pre "T" videos, first shot of "T" videos, one week on "T", one month of "T", six months on "T", etc., etc. Also, girls can get used breast binders at some websites. Only a naive person would believe that there is no pressure to transition. I guess it all depends on how we define "pressure". If girls are constantly receiving messages that say that "T", breast binding, "top surgery" ,etc. are all good things that come with no health risks, does this constitute "pressure to transition"? Perhaps we should call it persuasion. "T" is a prescription drug, so why is it being socially promoted via youtube videos and countless websites? It has always struck me as strange that a prescription drug used for what essentially amounts to a psychiatric diagnosis (gender dysphoria or GID) is simply referred to as "T". The first shot of "T" is cause for celebration. What other medications for other psychiatric disorders are commonly called by just the first letter of the drug? Do depressed people call their Prozac "P"? Or, do diabetics call their insulin "I", and make youtube videos of their first shot of 'I", laughing and giggling about it like it's some sort of celebration? "Top surgery" is actual surgery, and why is it being promoted on hundreds of websites and youtube videos? Plastic surgeons advertise "top surgery", and there are even online gender therapists who, I believe will do Skype online gender therapy. All people need is a credit card. Whether they admit it or not, there is an element of persuasion or promotion around the issue of "transitioning" that the transgender community is responsible for.

  30. It matters not at all what you believe regarding transpeople.

    I know this might be difficult for some people to grasp, but what happens to females does matter. The mutilation of female bodies in all its myriad of forms only has a thousand plus years of history.

    Will future historians view "top surgery" and "bottom surgery" as peculiar forms of female genital mutilation? Because male areolas and nipples are usually larger than female areolas, in "top surgery", both areolas and nipples are literally cut off the female, reshaped down to size, and then sewn back on. Then, two large incisions are made to remove healthy breast tissue. Every now and then a nipple graft doesn't take resulting in a loss of a nipple. Of course, loss of sensation is common. I can't think of anything that so radically alters healthy female breasts than FTM "top surgery" or "chest masculanization." In "bottom surgery" which requires multiple surgeries and a price tag of $50,000 to $100,000, six to eight inches of skin grafts are taken from the arm or other part of the body and essentially sewn onto the female pubic area. There are also health issues related to extending the female urethra.

    Few people actually see what FTM "transitioning" entails. I can't think of anything that so radically alters healthy female breasts, genitals, and reproductive systems than FTM "transitioning". I know they don't want to hear it, but there is no way to subjectively separate internalized misogyny from "gender dysphoria". Moreover, how do we separate everything these girls see on youtube videos and read at other websites about "T" from actual "gender dysphoria"?

    This is "top surgery", or double incision with nipple grafting.

    copy and paste link...

  31. "If there is no pressure against being with males sexually, the lesbians will lose many more."

    This is a rather confusing sentence. What does,"If there is no pressure against being with males sexually" mean? There is tremendous pressure put on lesbians to be heterosexual, or at least try penis and men. This pressure is unrelenting and so embedded in our culture that it's often taken for granted. Even the transgender community believes that lesbians have some sort of obligation to try penis, but now this obligation also includes penis on biological male transgender persons. This is what the "Overcoming the Cotton Ceiling: Breaking Down Sexual Barriers for Queer Transwomen" was all about which, by the way, excluded females who happen to be lesbian.

  32. "As for the sexualities of these ftm we do have, they are about 80% gynophilic and 10% androphilic and 10% bisexual. "

    In other words, this individual has observed that about 80% of FTMs are attracted to women. I guess this also means that they were attracted to women before "transitioning".

    If anything we are seeing a migration in females from lesbian identities to pansexual/bisexual identities. It happens over a period of time.

    This is true, and it's nothing new.

  33. Stop trying to argue that lesbian is a real identity. We've all seen so many former "lesbians" go straight, bi or transition. It's just a word for a sexual attraction that's often transient. The only reason you are so vigorously defending it against these amorphous "attacks" (people living their own lives) is that you wasted years relying on your sexual identity to take the place of a real, full, identity as a human. Now you feel stupid. Get a life.

  34. I think Lesbian is a real identity, and for sure we've been seeing a large number of young Lesbians "transitioning" over the last 10 years. Anyone who's taken Sociology 101 learned that minorities in society have a strong desire for "normalization"- it's not exactly breaking news that being a Lesbian is pretty much the bottom of the barrel in society, and it doesn't surprise me some of these young women are willing to try every other option available.

  35. "Stop trying to argue that lesbian is a real identity....It's just a word for a sexual attraction that's often transient."

    Same sex sexual attraction is as old as human kind itself, and has been observed in primates and mammals. Some females are primarily attracted to other females. These women are called lesbian. There are some men who are attracted to men, and these men are called gay or homosexual.

    We know what is possible, and now let's turn to what IS NOT POSSIBLE. At least from a scientific point of view.

    It's impossible for any human born a genetic female to actually change her sex. Despite this, it doesn't stop some delusional people from trying. For whatever reason, some people have always rejected traditional sex roles. These people weren't always called transgender. Actual sex reassignment surgery which basically amounts to extensive plastic surgery on one's genitals and years of cross gender hormones amounts to a tiny speck on the extremely long time line of human history.

    It's just a word for a sexual attraction that's often transient.

    Yes, for some women, the term "lesbian" might be transient, but I've known lesbians who have been in committed relationships with other women for twenty years or longer. This seems like a long time for something to be "transient". I know that some women have brief affairs with other women and go back to men, but there are some women who never lose their deep emotional, spiritual, and sexual atraction to other women.

    Del is 83 years old and I am 79.After being together for more than 50 years, it is a terrible blow to have the rights and protections of marriage taken away from us. At our age, we do not have the luxury of time.
    —Phyllis Lyon



    Considering what lesbians go through, it's a wonder that we are still alive. Patriarchy might want us not to exist, but we survive.

  36. @Anon April 30, 2013 at 11:12 PM

    I'vw watched the video you mentioned and I'm with you.

    I can't see either why this girl is on T. She seems to be a regular lesbian, there's nothing boyish about her.
    I stated before that T is the next cool thing to do, like punk in the 70s. This video says enough.

    I wonder how the heck she got her T prescription, whas the shrink blind?


  37. Tomboyishness has nothing to do with transition. Internalized misogyny coupled with hyper-femininity however does.


  38. deleted because it makes senseMay 3, 2013 at 9:35 PM

    Once I started passing as male, several months before using hormone therapy, I noticed that I was less and less attracted to women and much more sexually interested in men. This was before I had a drop of synthetic testosterone in my body.

    I think that some people embrace the "lesbian" identity first because they do not know that transition is possible. Looking back, I hypothesize that what I really wanted was masculinity. And easy way to achieve this is through a relationship with someone feminine, a woman, so that I could enjoy feeling masculine by comparison. Once I was being perceived as masculine on my own, even before hormones, I didn't "need" a relationship with a woman to define me. Two years later, I feel no sexual attraction towards women at all.

  39. I think that some people embrace the "lesbian" identity first because they do not know that transition is possible.

    I think some lesbians "transition" because living as a woman and a lesbian are a lot harder than passing as a straight dude with all its perks and privileges. Males have more social status than females, and everyone knows that lesbians are discriminated more than heterosexuals. After legal change of sex, they can even marry the woman they are partnered with, and outwardly pass as a happy heterosexual couple.

  40. Anon 9:35,
    I've never done any experimentation on myself injecting hormones. My enitre teen/adult life I've been almost exclusively attracted to women, that's just how it is. You are not really "transtioning", you are not "the man you were meant to be", you are a woman on testosterone who may have altered her body in other ways as well. I understand why some people fall for it, but it's very sad and a cop-out.

  41. I think this is sad, and I also think they're deluded if they believe that male rewards will await them. I don't believe that males born male will truly accept f2T, and so many seem to act more like teenagers than grown-up men ( which can be hard to tell apart, I know). I don't think these girls will truly pass and I doubt that they'll snag high-paying jobs and status based on top surgery and hormones.

  42. I lived for three years in Thailand and based on the many people I knew there, it was definitely easier for males who are attracted to males to declare themselves 'really female' and have surgery. I suspect the Buddhist belief that you have a succession of incarnations helped: most 'Katoey' I knew expressed the view that they were not 'ready' - ie, not evolved enough - to make it as male (that obviously being a step up from being female). But there was considerable acceptance, although a lot of assumptions about their sexual availability.
    On the other hand a friend who considered himself male (because... um... he was) but was attracted to men, had a tough time. As for lesbians, it is much more difficult, and there is a strong social expectation that, in every pairing, one of them must 'really' be the man, but transitioning is extremely secretive: a history of having been born female is rarely admitted, whereas the m2trans dudes talk about it a lot! And pressure to transition? I was teaching small children and remember the sad little boy who was taken out of class for assessment for being transitioned. His parents explained they thought he was gay. Why? Apparently he was lifting up girls' skirts at play school. Yes - obvious sign of being gay, wanting to see under girls' skirts... obviously needs to be mutilated. He was four.


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