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Someone recently contemplated in a comment, "where are these young women's mothers?" I think this article sadly sums up where some of them are "I’m so proud of her". Proud? What mother not completely indoctrinated within the confines of the Gender Straight Jacket would be proud of their daughter's self hatred??? A daughter who only "has felt like a boy for the past three or four years." A daughter who said "When I was younger I was quite girly but then I started getting into football and hanging out with boys. I started wearing more boys’ clothes and doing less girly things

Now I ask you, what mother would not see this as an important moment to dismantle the sexist, misogynistic ignorances of "girly, boys and football, boys' clothes and girly things" and instill a serious sense of pride in her daughter by removing her daughter's limited view of female and replace it with a limitless reality of female!

The mother goes on to say that "her own punk attitudes had influenced her parenting" her daughter. Well Miss mother, unlike piercings that can be removed or mohawks which can be grown out or blue/pink dyed hair washed out, the hacking off of healthy breasts canNOT grow back. Stunted growth of living organs, including the brain, canNOT be restored to proper normal growth/function. Various hormonal changes from high dangerous testosterone poisonings canNOT be reversed. And cancers from those dangerous drugs wont magically go away if hormone use is stopped. This mother seems more concerned her child is a societal rebel like she was than actually bothering to educate herself on her daughter's issues not to mention the homophobic history/present of transition itself!!!

This isnt the unconditional love of a mother, it is love on the condition that her child fit in, no matter what!



  1. You need to just leave them alone. It's not your life! Butt the fuck out!!

  2. @"Butt the fuck out" what's the matter? You worried that mothers like me are going to show this insanity to our children and let them see the truth of a movement seeped in misogyny and hatred toward females. Damn right we will. Concerned maybe that our children will recoil at the sickness it engenders, and how confusion is manipulated by a few to validate a delusion that is quite deadly. Is that what scares you? Well kids destroying their lives scares me and other mothers. And if we raised them right out children will be repulsed and horrified. If these kids put their story out there than it is well within Dirt’s or anyone’s else’s right to show them—These kids want to “show off” well maybe they at lest can serve as a warning. Nobody forced them to themselves out there.

    A loving and supportive network. Whatever—a bunch of sad cases in their parent’s basements just being used as fodder in the whole “trans” delusion. Ah the cult of celebrity meets the delusion of gender. These kids want to be paid “attention to” well that is a double-edged sword—they are sad sad, misguided and tragic and may ruin their lives. But the very lest they can do is serve as an example to horrify their peers, as examples for others to not fall victim to the demands of stereotypes and conformity. Kids need to know that yes you can ruin your life and low life’s and fools will cheer you on because your life means nothing to them. That whole “network” is does not exist as any kind of real and human connection. And many will not have much of a future—they will not partner, they will not become parents. Their “new gender” is not possible and just a fraud and they will realize they were lied to and used by a bunch or selfish fools that could not care less about them.

    See you do not get to dictate what others think and feel or the judgments they make. You don’t have that control and as a parent I applaud Dirt. The parents of these kids will in the future be some of the most vilified people alongside the parents that gave their kids drugs to get stoned because they thought it was cool and they were such open hip parents. This fad will have a much higher toll and that is very sad. Dirt does great work by exposing the lies. There is no such thing as trans—but there is such a thing as destroying lives.

  3. I think mothers have a huge responsability to help their daughters accept themselves as female. Kids often view the same sex parent(s) as the example of what a woman/man is.

    If a tomboyish, daughter realizes that she is not quite like her feminine mother, the mother should affirm the childs female identity and not try to break it by "fixing" her with attempts to make her more feminine.

    Looking back I realize that my own dysphoria started around the time I found out that my mother tried to have a second daughter, because she wanted "a real girl, this time".

  4. To the anon who left a comment @ 11:00am. Your comment was removed due to your not using correct terms.

    When speaking about females who transition, the proper term is trans female.


  5. Yeah, that's the proper term if you want to be an ignorant bigot.

  6. My comment was removed because it contained truth. You continue to lie about our lives to your pathetic readers. You'll never win against truth. Your life is pathetic.

  7. I wonder if these girls would transition if YouTube didn't excist. It looks like they need an audience to show off.
    "Look at me, I'm cool! I'm somebody too!"
    Acceptance would be a better answer for them, acceptance and a mother who teaches them that they can be who they wanna be as a woman. A mother who's proud of her tomboy.


  8. @Anon 3:25

    Fairly certain she deletes any comments that make her look like a bigot or guilty. Anything that calls her out on her bullshit. I had a differing opinion, but used neutral pronouns and she deleted my comment.

  9. I think mothers have a huge responsibility to help their daughters accept themselves as female.

    In a world in which 163 million girls are missing from India and China because boys are valued much more than girls (Mara Hvistendahl) female identity should be considered a precious gift. Girls are so utterly devalued that they aren't even allowed to come into this world. What type of mother tells her female child that it's better to be a boy? In a world in which millions of females have had their genitals mutilated because of cultural practices, the female anatomy should be viewed as perfect just the way it is.

  10. This comment has been deleted twice already so I'm resubmitting. I assume it was deleted because she doesn't agree considered I used correct pronouns according to this blogs rules.

    How exactly is the harm done to these young females in blogs such as this one any better than the harm they do to themselves?

    Through out this blog you will read statements that suggest or even declare trans people are rapists and sexual perverts or predators. You will see posts containing pictures and personal info for these young people with the intent to shame them. Even if these people never see how their info is being used it is still a shady practice to use someone else's personal issues to further advance your own agenda.

    It is claimed that the intent of this blog is to stomp out misogynistic behavior yet this blog is a very good example of women intentionally doing harm to other women and hiding behind the feminist label to do so.

    You people state that these are women and will always be women yet you treat them with the same degree of hostility you do males. I would argue that the participants on this blog knowingly participate in the same misogynistic behavior that you claim to want to stomp out. It's one group of women spreading hate and declaring war on a another group of women.

    There are major contradictions taking place within this blog and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see them.

    Any legitimate desire to help these young people would be done with love, not hate.


    In almost every one of these videos, there is a teenage girl who talks about her breast binder. Breast binding can mis-align the ribs. The transgender community knows this, but since when do they care about the health of teenage girls. These are developing female bodies and growing bones, and we are talking about compressing their developing breasts which puts pressure on their ribs and internal organs. Nothing says love like compression...because Compression of the female body is a good thing!


    This place gives away used breast binders to females under the age of 21. In all honesty, I don't see how they can legally do this, but it doesn't do any good to contact them. I'm sure they know about the health effects of breast binding, but they don't care. Breast binding is not only an unhealthy habit to develop, it only prolongs or deepens the body dysphoria. How can something that just reinforces the idea that the female body is something repulsive and shameful be healthy for growing females? It's not uncommon for teenage girls to feel uncomfortable with their developing bodies. I was uncomfortable with by breasts when I was that age. I was able to eventually out grow my dysphoria.

  12. As a transgender person I must agree that many of these transitioners should not be transitioning.

    The/rapists are so quik to sign off on HRT letters.
    It used to be a real effort that meant diging deep into your psyche and finding the dark places. Now it is just a matter of informed consent. "Give me HRT because I want it." "OK here you go, you must be transgender, you said so."

    This is not good for straight society, gay society or the transgender society.

  13. Every trans person thinks they are the 'real' trans.

  14. As a transgender person I must agree that many of these transitioners should not be transitioning.

    I wonder if this person could give a rough estimate as to how many should not be "transitioning"? I would say that at least 90% of them shouldn't be "transitioning". In reality, there is NO way of knowing because this can't be quantified one way or another. I've always argued that it's impossible to make a clear distinction between "gender dysphoria" and:

    (1.) cultural/peer influences, and everything these 14, 15, 16, and 17year old kids see on youtube and trans websites about "T", binders, etc.

    (2.)internalized misogyny, the devaluing of girls, a sexist society that enforces traditional sex roles and femininity on girls

    I sense that these girls feel as if they must change their bodies because they don't live up to society's view of how girls should look and act. That is, they change their bodies to conform to sex stereotypes (girls only wear certain clothes and do certain things) because it's much easier than challenging society. Boys like doing X, and dressing a certain way, and I don't like being a little princess, long hair, dresses, etc., therefore I'm really a boy. No, they are just girls who, for whatever reason, rebel against sex stereotypes.

    Every time Dirt posts these videos, there are several 16 and 17year old girls who are talking about binders and "T". Some are 15years old.

    I've asked this question several times because I think it's pertinent to the subject. How did a prescription drug used for what essentially amounts to a psychiatric disorder come to be known simply as "T". These teenage girls know what "T" is, talk about "T", and there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that it's being promoted by the transgender community.

  15. "The/rapists are so quik to sign off on HRT letters.
    It used to be a real effort that meant diging deep into your psyche and finding the dark places. Now it is just a matter of informed consent. "Give me HRT because I want it." "OK here you go, you must be transgender, you said so.

    This is not good for straight society, gay society or the transgender society."

    This person forgot to mention the female sex because FTM "transitioning" not only radically alters healthy female breasts, genitals, and reproductive systems, in the process, female identity is being lost. If people take the time to see exactly what happens in "top surgery" and "bottom surgery", it could be construed as a form of female genital mutilation. Sometimes I wonder what future historians will think, because if we are wrong, it does look like female genital mutilation.

  16. The/rapists are so quik to sign off on HRT letters.

    It's a business, and the doctors, plastic surgeons, and "gender therapists" all make money. It's interesting to note that one of the medical specialties that see no problem whatsoever with puberty suppressing drugs for "gender identity disorder" in children, are the same people who stand to get these children for life. Endocrinologists who laud the benefits of puberty suppressing drugs start these kids off on blockers, followed by cross gender hormones which are taken for most of the patient's life.

    Of course, there is NO money to be made in not "transitioning". Indeed, no one even heard of online "gender therapy" ten years ago.

  17. It is claimed that the intent of this blog is to stomp out misogynistic behavior yet this blog is a very good example of women intentionally doing harm to other women and hiding behind the feminist label to do so.

    I've brought this subject up several times before. If we are talking about feminism, how does the radical alteration of healthy female genitals and reproductive systems relate to feminism? How does the erasing of female identity relate to feminism? Biological females who "transition" ("top surgery", testosterone for years, etc.), start calling themselves male, and legally change their sex are, for all practical purposes, erasing female identity. How can the actual erasing of female identity not be a feminist issue?

    I posted this link before, but I would like everyone who hasn't watched this video in its entirety to watch it. This is happening to female bodies, and it is a feminist issue whether we want to admit it or not.

    Dr. Daniel Medalie performs FtM top surgery (double incision mastectomy with nipple grafting)

    copy and paste the link

    The violence being carried out on the female sex is cloaked behind words like "top surgery" or "chest masculinization".


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