Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning & the Violence Against Lesbians

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A couple of days ago I had a bit of a squabble with several straight radfem friends, when I corrected one for using transwomen as opposed to trans male when referring to autogynephiles. The quibble was two fold, on one hand while neither were particularly thrilled with using transwomen to describe males in transition, they see it as a lesser evil than being verbally attacked by trans males for doing so. And on the other hand they didnt see the clear and present danger to the legal legitimacy of "woman", or more importantly the violence that legitimacy is doing to lesbians just like the some of those we see here. And make no bones about it, whenever and in any way that the masturbatory fantasies of autogynephiles are upheld even in the meagerest of circumstance, that is a direct act of violence against lesbians, who are after all, women too.

That violence is as real as a hard cock shoved into an unwilling vagina, a closed fist hammered into a frightened face, feet crippled and deformed from years of performing for the Male Gaze, baby clitoris's hacked with dulled rusty knife blades and a myriad of any other sick violent acts committed against girls and women every day. A REAL violence, that isnt only scarring physically and emotionally for a lifetime, but threatening the near future extinction of a whole group of females.

Remember these female bodies, the next time you use terms transwoman/women, because if and when you do, it is a clear indication that you support this violence against lesbians. 



  1. The approximately eight inches of skin grafts from the thigh or arm used to surgically construct a "penis" that, by the way, will still never work exactly like an actual penis on a biological male are rather gruesome looking. Every now and then skin grafts don't take, and there is always the possibility of infection. Of course, skin taken from the thigh or arm isn't erectile tissue, and the only way it's going to be erect is with a pump. Pumps have been known to fail, and they don't last forever. Attaching skin grafts to the female pubic area doesn't a penis make. An actual penis on a biological male is just one part of the entire male reproductive system (vas deferens, bulbourethral glands, prostate gland, testes, etc.). Technically, I could get a surgeon to take skin grafts from any part of my body and attach them to my rear, and I could call it a tail. That is, provided the skin grafts take. Because of multiple surgeries and a cost of $50,000 to 100,000, many biological females who "transition" opt out of "bottom surgery". A metoidioplasty isn't as expensive as a phalloplasty, it doesn't require skin grafts, but it doesn't produce a "phallus" large enough for penetration. This involves cutting the ligament that holds the clitoris in place under the pubic bone, as well as cutting away some of the surrounding tissue. Metoidioplasty is sometimes referred to as a "clitoral free-up" or "clitoris release. Testosterone will increase the size of the clitoris by an inch or maybe two, but I don't see how this will impress most women who are used to more than three inches. There is also the issue of lengthening the female urethra such as a fistula (an abnormal connection; leakage) in the newly constructed urethral passage. If there is no loss of sensation due to surgery on the genital area, do people know how biological transgender females experience sexual pleasure? It goes like this. If sensation isn't diminished, females who under go "bottom surgery" experience sexual pleasure exactly the way all biological females do. That is, primarily through the clitoris. The skin grafts are basically sewn above the clitoris. Well, so much for "feeling like a man" when they never know how men feel even in the most intimate of ways. A "phalloplasty" or metoidioplasty on a biological female is for all practical purposes for cosmetic reasons, so that they can appear to have something like a penis hanging from their genital area. It's never going to produce sperm or father a child, but they can also get implants inserted in their labia to resemble a scrotum.

  2. Phalloplasty procedures also tend to be very expensive (between $50,000 to $150,000) and are often not covered by insurance.”

    Risks/complications of metaidoioplasty and phalloplasty

    Possible complications specific to metaidoioplasty without urethral lengthening include:

    • dissatisfaction with the length of the penis (shorter than expected)

    • change in sensation: loss of sensation, persistent tenderness, or hypersensitivity

    • temporary or permanent narrowing of the vaginal opening, making penetration difficult

    • change in urine spray, resulting in splashing of the labia and vaginal skin

    Possible complications specific to urethral lengthening include:

    * urethral fistula: opening between the urethra and the skin, leading

    to leakage of urine (very common: occurs in around 45% of

    * partial or total death of the tissue used to create the new urethra

    * narrowing or closure of the new urethra

    *hair growth in the urethra (from hair-bearing tissue used as urethral lining)

    Phalloplasty includes all the possible complications of urethral lengthening as well as possible:

    * partial or total death of the tissue used to create the new penis

    * numbness or hypersensitivity of the skin of the penis

    * decreased sexual sensation, possibly with decreased ability to have orgasm

    * compromised sensation and/or function of the hand and wrist of the donor arm (approximately 5% of patients need a long period of physiotherapy to recover fully)

    * dissatisfaction with the size or shape of the penis

    * excessive scarring in the donor sites (arm/thigh)

    I urge the reader to carefully look at everything that is involved in both "top surgery" and "bottom surgery". What is the medical rationale? Why is this happening? It's all rather simple. All of this is based on a psychiatric diagnosis, and we all know that psychiatry has such a stellar history, especially the lobotomies, shock treatments, involuntary confinement of political prisoners etc. We will all ignore psychiatry's checked past because they are never wrong. I've repeatedly argued that it's impossible to completely separate culture itself and everything that it entails (internet, peer influences, family, societal views of sex roles, etc.) from gender identity. Some members of the transgender community and their supporters have already acknowledged that culture and/or peer influences can play a role in one's desire to "transition".

    In double incision "top surgery" which essentially amounts to elective mastectomies on healthy female breasts with the surgical whittling down of areolas and nipples, the goal is to have a masculine appearing chest. Because male areolas and nipples are usually larger than female areolas, both areolas and nipples are literally cut off the female, reshaped down to size, and then sewn back on after the mastectomy. Two large incisions are made to remove healthy breast tissue. Loss of sensation to the areolas and nipples is common, and every now and then a nipple is lost because the graft doesn't take.

    This is doube incision "top surgery". Warning! Graphic video.

    I forgot to mention PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) which can be an issue with long term testosterone use for females who still have their ovaries and uterus.

    The mutilation of female bodies has at least a thousand plus years of history. We are experienced just another form of it, albeit an extreme form of violence against the female sex.

  3. Ah, I am so sad to see these photos, I can't speak. These poor young people. It makes me weep. Thank you.

  4. When Islam takes over the world all you fags and lesoz are going to be executed think about that !

  5. We already are fool, cant you read???


  6. I know 1 FtM personally who's had the Phalloplasty surgery. This was in Germany over 12 years ago, and it was the procedure where they use a splinter of bone in the phallus construction. Basically what happened was a Dr. came in and asked them how big they wanted it to be, kind of egging the person on to go very large, which they did. Then with this bone splinter as part of it, they ended up with (I'm sorry if it sounds crude)a permanent erection. That made them extremely self-conscious,always having to try and conceal it, and even just something like casually dancing with a woman became impossible. They also never went swimming again. This person is very sorry they got that surgery.
    Anyway, somewhere recently I saw a video from a young American FtM excitedly explaining about this "new" Phalloplasty procedure where the procedure involves a bone splinter and I couldn't help but cringe.

  7. The topic is transition as violence against women, if you cannot stay on topic, your comments will be removed per rules.


  8. "When Islam takes over the world all you fags and lesoz are going to be executed think about that !

    There are no homosexuals in Iran....none at all...not even one...

    However, Iran will cut your balls off for little or no money...

    ...and change the sex on your birth certificate

    "When Islam takes over the world all you fags and lesoz are going to be executed think about that !

    What is a lesoz? Is that like a lesbian from Oz? Since this person brought up the subject of Islam, Iran carries out a lot of sex reassignment surgery. Iran and Thailand are the top one and two sex change nations. Thailand because it's cheap, and Iran because this is one of the ways it deals with its homosexual problem. Indeed, the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini - leader of the 1979 Iranian Revolution issued a fatwa which declared that sex-change surgery was permitted since it was not mentioned as forbidden in the Koran.

    Iran executes its homosexuals (lesbians get 50 or so lashes for the first offence, then executed if caught twice). However, the Iranian government will help pay for sex reassignment surgery. I know it sounds strange, but it's true. If they can't kill all the homosexuals, at least they can surgically "fix" most of them so that they at least appear straight. If a man is attracted to other men, then the Iranian government will help pay to make him physically look like a woman. See, the problem is solved in that it's not two men doing the nasty unthinkable act, but a man and a "woman".

    (According to Ahmadinejad @ Columbia -- There are No Homosexuals in Iran! ) He should know. Here is Ahmadinejad at Columbia.

    They are dead serious when they say that there are no homosexuals in Iran. If they aren't executed, then SRS is the only option. Gay men have been coerced into sex reassignment surgery. It's well documented, and there is no doubt about it.

    "When Islam takes over the world all you fags and lesoz are going to be executed think about that !

    In Iran, it's the fags and lesoz that keep their gay and lesbian identity that are executed and flogged. The fags and lesoz that are willing to undergo sex reassignment surgery are at least allowed to live.

  9. So sad--these women have been duped into believing that they were wrong and if they becme like men, they'd be ok. Which is so fucked up.

  10. T is very easy to get–lots of bodybuilders buy it from various overseas drugstores (as do women looking to lose weight, build muscle.) I’m a straight woman, married with grown kids, and work in a male-dominated industry. I don’t look all that feminine, and I’m extremely direct and assertive (hell, I’m aggressive when I want to be.) And I think this trend is sad and dangerous. There are a million-gazillion ways to be a woman, without becoming a fake-man. The FTM’s I know turn out to be more like teen boys, and not in the goofy endearing way. I applaud this blog and others like it for paying attention to this, but I do wonder–where are these girls’ mothers? Do their mothers all fall in line with “what ever you want, dear”, even if it destroys their daughters? Becomng a grown woman shouldn’t be so scary that teen-aged girls would rather not do it–and would rather become eunuchs to do so. (Yes, I know they don’t think they’re becoming eunuchs, but they are.) And why are medical professionals so quick to jump onboard with this? Did you all read the New Yorker story in March on this?


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