Patriarchy's Concerted Efforts to Destroy the Lesbian Menace

The greatest female threat to hetero-patriarchy has long been lesbians. Lesbians defy hetero-patriarchy on several critical levels; our attractions, our energies and our powers are all given to or center around other lesbian women. Hetero-patriarchy has tried ignoring our presence, they have tried raping us straight, they have jailed us, confined us to mental asylums, they have given us electro-shock therapy, drugged us into oblivion, burned us as witches, tortured us as heretics and crucified us as spawns of Satan, yet we have always persevered. The Gender Straight Jacket has played a crucial role in much of the persecution of lesbians, because lesbians by our very nature often function outside the Gender Straight Jacket, making us (those close to us) visible targets.

Today lesbians are facing greater monsters than all the years past, monsters that arent found in dark alley ways, or dimly light streets, but monstrous messages glaring up at us from every billboard, tv show, movie, commercial, magazine rack and woman in the street. No, we're facing a tightening of the Gender Straight Jacket the likes of which has never been seen before (in so many places and so many times) in all of history. Hyper-femininity is that monster, patriarchy's cruel and severe backlash against early feminist gains created to rein women back into their proper place of performing for the masturbatory Male Gaze. A gaze men both demand and in some cases fetishize all in effort to appease their dicks or whats left of them as the case may be.
All creating a sick internalization of what it means to be a woman BASED solely on a male organ, and I am not talking about the liver! Lesbian is being co-opted by these hyper-feminized male fetishizers twisting and turning young lesbians against each other and against themselves. Young lesbian pride is nearly non existent. There is a deep seated shame in calling oneself a lesbian even if lesbian is completely applicable. Lesbian youth is seeking shelter from the Gender Straight Jacket storm in the worst available place, the Trans community. Seeking protection and solace from its drugs, its barbaric surgeries and its newly acquired gender laws by the very same men dictating and performing the woman/lesbian that they will never be, because she exists only in the corrupted pornographic fantasies of hetero-patriarchy. Instead of where they should be seeking shelter, examples and powerful lesbian pride, from us.

Lesbian invisibility is not merely invisibilizing lesbians, it is removing us from the planet in the guise of men. Be visible, make a difference to a lesbian whose life just might depend totally on YOU.



  1. Dirt, I completely agree with this post.

  2. Finally, someone bringing to light the horrible trans community for what they are.. molesters and rapist. They should all be killed. Who cares if they're a marginalized minority? IF they're making lesbians feel uncomfortable, then their ranks should be abolished.

  3. @Anon; April 10th

    Can't tell if sarcastic or serious...

  4. Finally, someone bringing to light the horrible trans community for what they are.. molesters and rapist. They should all be killed. Who cares if they're a marginalized minority? IF they're making lesbians feel uncomfortable, then their ranks should be abolished.

    Poor, sad, sarcastic person....

    I'm sorry....

    No one wants any physical harm to come to transgender individuals. On this very blog, I stated that I thought that transgender should be included in hate crimes legislation along with gay and lesbian. Of course, females are the only historically oppressed group of people who aren't included in hate crimes legislation despite being brutally murdered and raped every day. I suppose the murder, rape, and horrific violence against women is too common place to qualify as a hate crime. Having said this, it's usually the other way. That is, trans biological males and trans females who identify as men are the ones making the vast majority of the threats. These threats are directed towards lesbians, so-called rad fems, and any woman (straight, lesbian, or bisexual) who doesn't believe that biological males can be female, and who has the audacity to question transgender. Ask Suzanne Moore because she knows how it usually turns out.

    If they can't silence people through threats and intimidation, then they use the old, but often effective "poor is me...I'm more oppressed than anyone" routine.

    Women have never been been victims of violence, and lesbians have never experienced discriminating, coercion, and oppression. Never mind the corrective rape of lesbians which is well documented in South Africa. There are numerous examples of lesbians being raped in the U.S. In many Muslim countries, if two women are caught together making love, they can be whipped until the skin is flayed from their backs. If they are caught the second or third times, they can be executed along with the gay men. The government of Iran will execute gay men, and flay the skin off the back of lesbians, but it will pay for sex reassignment surgery. This is how Iran handles its homosexual problem. Lesbians experience mind numbing oppression, and there is tremendous pressure put on lesbians to become heterosexual.

  5. Patriarchy's Concerted Efforts to Destroy Lesbians...

    In all its myriad of forms...from violence, to shaming, to puberty suppressing drgus...

    "A woman who’s only “crime” is being lesbian was brutally gang raped in San Francisco, California. She was raped off and on for forty-five minutes on 13 December. The attack began when four men jumped her after she got out of her car, which bore a rainbow sticker, clubbed her with a blunt object, disrobed her, and began to rape her. When a passerby almost stumbled upon them raping her in the street, they bundled her into her car and took her to an abandoned building where the sexual attack continued until the men finally left her naked, and badly injured. Through out the entire attack, the men barraged her with homophobic epithets."

    November 2012

    "On Thursday, 23-year-old Mallory Owens of Mobile County, Alabama, went to her girlfriend's house for Thanksgiving dinner. She ended up at USA Medical Center, having been beaten so badly that her nose was broken, her cheek was crushed, and she may require plastic surgery on her face. The attack came at the hands of her girlfriend's 18-year-old brother, Travis Hawkins, Jr., who punched Owens repeatedly in the face, causing her to be unrecognizable."

    Violence against lesbians. Warning! This is a graphic photograph.

    Lesbians are coerced and pressured by parents, family, friends, and society in general to become straight. It's unrelenting, and its prescene is keenly felt. Even transgender men who still have their penis think that lesbians need to learn to love the penis. The sexist and lesbian phobic "Overcoming the Cotton Ceiling (as in sexual access to lesbians): Breaking Down Sexual Barriers for Queer Transwomen" which, by the way, excluded lesbians was just a new twist on the unrelenting pressure put on lesbians to love the penis. Instead of straight men, it's men with penises who wear skirts. The "Overcoming the Cotton Ceiling: Breaking Down Sexual Barriers for Queer Transwomen" felt like the rape of my lesbian soul.

    When raping or threatening us doesn't work, there are other ways. Sometimes erasing lesbian identity is more subtle, especially in western countries. Scientists have known for some time that many gender non-conforming children, if left alone, eventually grow up to be gay or lesbian. It's not a matter of whether or not "transitioning" is being used to erase lesbian identity, it's a matter of how many or degree.

    Puberty suppressing drugs at age eleven or twelve followed by testosterone at six-teen, and finally surgery at age eighteen. .

    "I would much rather see my daughter grow up to be a trans man and receive the respect that comes from being a man, rather than be steered into becoming a carpet muncher and someone who gets absolutely no respect in our society."

  6. Finally, someone bringing to light the horrible trans community for what they are.. molesters and rapist. They should all be killed.

    There is nothing in Dirt's post that says anything about killing transgender. Please read it before commenting. However, threats against Dirt, lesbians, so-called radfems, and any woman who disagrees with transgender are too numerous to mention.

    Transactivist Anthony Casebeer joke about bashing the head of a lesbian with a baseball bat. Casebeer resigned.

    ".....You are such a weak little old hag of a bitch. Get raped by a bunch of niggers you old crow."

    "You made this story up you fucking ugly OVER-THE-HILL sagging tits, fat ass ugly repulsive CUNT. You're just jealous that you're OLD AS HELL and can NEVER EVER transition successfully the way us young dudes do! We are the men you can never, ever be. Medical science, nanotechnology and genetic engineering is advancing in ways your tiny female, estrogen-dominant gossipy female brain can NEVER imagine. CUNT. And being 25 I will reap the benefits and you will just be a corpse. You're not even masculine, this shit you're doing here is totally female...gossipy manipulative psychological warfare. Why don't you take your fat, over-sized, child-bearing hips sagging cottage cheese ass back in the kitchen and cook your disgusting wrinkled, obese crew-cut trainwreck you call a "girlfriend" another Swanson dinner you useless OLD HAG. KNOW YOUR PLACE and stop treading on us. Stupid useless cunt. No wonder there is so much's because of bitches like you. Suck a fat one and get AIDS".


    "I hope you die in a fire."

    When trans folks come on here and go on and on about how lesbians and women in general hate on them it's like the proverbial pot calling the kettle black.

  7. I've been following this blog for quite a while and although I have seen threats here and there the majority of what people claim to be threats are actually not.

    There is a difference between a person making a threat and wishing harm on someone. Websters definition

    Definition of THREAT
    1: an expression of intention to inflict evil, injury, or damage
    2: one that threatens
    3: an indication of something impending

    Within this blog I've seen threats as well people wishing physical harm on someone coming from lesbians, trans and even straight people. It's not an acceptable behavior for anyone.

  8. I'm sickened by the way lesbians are constantly attacked by the culture. Lesbians are always pressured to date males. Lesbians are always told that their sexuality "doesn't really exist". Lesbianism is continually delegitimized. It's sad but I know we can overcome it.

  9. Very well stated. I frightens me that more people, especially women, don't see this as an attack on their freedom. By all means, if men want to wear skirts, let them! If they want to call themselves a woman because they are wearing a skirt, then they should be recognized as the misogynist, delusional men they are. The gender spectrum is indeed broad. It is wide enough to encompass an infinity of masculine and feminine behaviors, regardless of your sex. There is no need to "change" your sex or disguise it simply because it is at variance with your herd mentality interpretation of societal dictates. Be authentic. EM


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